Business and Ideology

August 18, 2012

They say, “Business is a legal robbery”. It is a kind of exclamation that tells how people are robbed in legal manner in which such people who are engaged in the area of business do affect the life of many people, which are called as consumers, in many ways, and they, few business people, become masters and the rest become slaves to these people who are very few in number.

Informal researches state that the more than 80% of the world wealth is controlled by less than 20% of the population and such 20% of these people are controlled by less than 2% of the population within this kingdom of rich men. While in this circle of wealth, the entire world is captive of these 2% and 20% of the world population who are masters of the entire cosmos. They assume that they have the manual for the daily operation of this world.

While wondering in this arena of capital production, although Karl Marx advised and none listened as to where such chaotic world is running up, most are entirely live with being prisoner of social expectation and being slaves to these masters in which the failures of political ideology is reflected in the economic and social justice it offers within particular setting.

A given political ideology, is right or wrong, depend upon the type of economic and social equity and justice it delivers within its own setting. Having said this, one could say that there are relative growths in every social setting or system, there dwells clear and plain truth that tells that none of religious or political ideology have succeeded in putting and setting economic and social justice except giving advice and telling others to behave this way or that way. In this case, one should make a pause and smell the coffee than tell others to go this way or that way.

While such theater is on the stage, one could view those 2% of the world population, which are called as rich, or business people in different categories. The first ones are business people who integrate business into politics in which they confuse their political ideology with their business and live by integrating such aspects of life and try to impose their ideology on others due to the virtue of wealth they possess.

The second ones are those business people who integrate particular religious ideology or doctrine with their business and they try to integrate in their daily lives and try to impose or deliver attention and attraction on others and try to justify that such wealth is accumulated as result of following certain religious ideology and try to create certain attention towards other poor people so that they can attract many people in the religious doctrine they follow or practice.

The other types of business people are those business people who do not confuse business with any political or religious ideology. They are primarily concerned with the profit making they want so that they can have more wealth and possession so that they live with money making and wealth accumulation theory and story of life in this world.

The fourth types of business people are those people who confuse business with politics and religion in which they try to integrate business with particular political ideology and religious doctrine so that they can influence the society and tell others to behave this way or the other way due to the wealth or possession they have and justify their accumulation of wealth with their belief and try to put pressure on the society due to the political ideology they support and follow.

In this case, one wonders as to what motivates and influence others. Is this wealth or politics that has power over the society? In a very fact, there is the so called “The Power” that serves as bridge between both in which it is the power that is created by the virtue of both that drives this world and its people. What is Power? Is Power a fictitious force that operates between and within people? Is power an illusory force that operates and functions within society as result of the fake gesture of few people create in the society? Is power a shadow or a reality? This is something that those who exercise it should comment.

Wealth is an interesting enigma that makes ideology to sustain and get widespread as every idea is a cause for wealth production. This is like the chicken and egg thing in which there are people who have wealth at the beginning and come up with an idea later; as there are people who have nothing at the beginning, and because of the idea they are engaged in, they become prosperous and wealthy. This is up to the human reality in which the so called, the human mind, the thinking machinery, is the most important matter than any other thing. Hence, business is one of the instruments that help ideology to survive or not due to compatibility of thinking versus wealth in this world.