Observation And Understanding

July 11, 2012

Observation is one of the profound gifts and skills of human reality in which it is one of interesting aspects of life as a human being whose manifold secrets and mysteries are left to the way one observes and how one observes and what one observes. This depends on one’s observation skill and capacity in which there are people whose observe certain reality as banana but in reality that matter could be a carrot. In this case, people should upgrade their capacity of understanding their object of understanding and how they observe specific reality.

For instance, when one knows certain confidential matter of a given organization, one is considered as spy than a psychic since such information have their own backfire in life, and put one to pass certain circumstances of life which is evident. When one was living abroad, on could sense something in which certain building is wired up with explosives; and one could also understand that if one informs this matter to others, they could consider and understand as if one is mad or lost. The building could be wired up by CIA or MOSAD, which one had no clue, but sensed that something is wrong going on behind, not only with motives and hidden agendas, but also with hidden bombs.

Everyone comes by and visit that place, one could say that wow, this is cool, this is wonderful, I feel I am in heaven, I feel I meet God and the like. In reality, there is nothing that could make one feel that way, when they could see the hidden truth, which is suicide bombing which could let everyone go to hell than the heaven they claim. In this case, people live with confusion since they could understand the paradox of that given place in which what outsiders claim, and what insiders know is falling part and different.

The world we live in is like that given place in which the outside and the inside is very different and there are many assumptions and conceptions that go allover since they find many paradox in many places and situations that force many people to live with contradictions, and confusions. In such world to claim that one has very nice and comfortable life due to the fact they follow certain belief system, or they live in certain given place sounds bit up surd since they are not holistic and they are self-centered; but they claim that they are like happy and free since they have misconception and misunderstanding about such huge concepts that are interconnected and interrelated with everything in this world.

This remind me to an incident in here, in which I paid a visit to an old man home who has nothing in his home, but his home is crowded with many quotations from the Bible. I was wondering to the driving force to what makes this given old man make his home decorated with many beautifully articulate and painted verses put on the wall of this given man, in which I was somehow making a calculation on the amount of money this man spend on buying such matters and they type of lifestyle this man has in this given home. I said, what a paradox!

When we entered to the old man home, we delivered greeting in traditional way, and the man replied, thanks to God I am very fine. This made me think further on the things we utter and what our life looks like, in which that given person’s perception and perspective on life is very different than what I think since I was wondering here too, why do I thank God while living in such given and very poorly manner, but I replied to myself that that man must be comfortable with this lifestyle since he might get comfort, peace and security while living in such poverty since the beauty of life depends on the capacity and type of the beholder.

When people observe certain realities from the outside, they can take more of superficial matters and understand superficial realities, which is void of experience and practice that is another world. For example, I can be a person who write a book regarding the essence and qualities of fire, without practical experience and knowledge of fire since I have prepared questionnaire, interviews, I conversed with many people who have expertise on this matter or I may be working on my PHD paper regarding fire; but in reality, a person who has ten second experience of the burning aspect of fire has reliable and trustworthy experience and information to what the writer tells. Both could tell the truth, but the person who has practical experience knows something that cannot be adequately be shared and explained to others.

This can happen for two reasons; the first one is due to the capacity of the person who has tested the fire; the other due to the low receptivity and no-knowledge on the side of the recipient since they are void of such experience. Experience is a different world in which those who practice and make certain experience can communicate and share otherwise, the pain of a given person could be considered as abnormality or madness due to lack of such experience. In this case, others could comment, what is he talking about, I do not understand this or that, which clearly shows their lack and absence of information in this regard since they have no experience and info.

How could a given person expect another person, in which a former person could give electric shock treatment and psychic fraud thing to the other, and ask him to get back to the point one needs to be to the later; in this case, a later person must be stupid and foolish so that one could get back and work together for the common cause they claim, which is nonsense, sheer stupidity and the most awful thing on the earth. Life on the earth is not a scary thing. This depends on how one handles and treats every circumstances of life. Every circumstance is a learning tool to pass the other ones yet to come. The more one passes on such circumstances, the better strength one obtains, the more confidence one develops in life.

Observation in most cases tells superficial realities and truth, which needs interpretation and understanding gifts which vary from person to person, depending on the exposures and experiences of life people undergo in life, which is very subjective, contextual, personal, and relative. In this regard, observation is one thing and a tool, but it is not complete and holistic since there are others tools that one should use in order to arrive to the complete truth. Thus, the hub becomes very different which can network and connect such people who know such hidden truth thus, they have their own way of communication and understanding between themselves. When few people become victims of the so called “God’s therapy”, they prefer to be observant and watch such drama on the earth since the world becomes a noisy place to them.

If God is like the way human beings think and how it is articulated in all religions in here, no creation would survive on the earth. The point in here is that the moment what they think or claim is from God, this becomes their own creator or fabricated God’s look than the one they really claim since according to their claim, which is unknowable essence, which is beyond the conception and imagination of limited beings. Thus, they live in such paradox, but the thing in here is that they have powerful money that speaks louder than anything that can create their own God under sabotage and conspiracy. In silence, one thousand words are spoken, one thousand speeches are made, one thousand profound utterances are done and melodious songs are song to the noisy audience. Silence is the world which tongues give their praise and thanksgiving due to the mysterious power it contains.

Therefore, in silence, shyness has no place, but wisdom is the city and knowledge is hidden in it. To be silent is not to be dangerous, but rather one enjoys the beauty, serenity, and calmness it beholds. Silence has no language and it speaks louder in every tongue. To be silent is not to be pretending wise, but rather it is a sign and station of maturity. Silence delivers a golden opportunity to watchfully listen the melodies and noises of life so that one observes this world, the people around, about life, and the world at large in a way one never perceived before and makes one to come a perspective and a concept that is very necessary and different than the way it was. In silence, profound thinking are hidden, articulated sounds are enshrined, unheard mysteries are listened and beautifully orchestrated and composed musics are arranged and sung.

However, silence does not mean that no conversation and no talk with other beings, but silence is a beautiful city one visits and enters after having spoken any conversations and contemplations of many thinking and the like. Thus, here it is a station and a city those who reach to certain level of thinking and maturity does. While living in such noisy world, one wonders as to what the SILENCE delivers, which could be considered as wrong, but Silence could be misinterpreted and misunderstood. The power it bestows is beyond conception and understanding since the melody of silence cannot be orchestrated and composed by even any proficient composer in this world, and its music cannot be sung any singer on the earth.