Accounting For Spaces

June 15, 2012

When a given person creates smoother relationship with another person, the space for conflict and the probability of getting in bad shape in terms of human aspect is less as the vice versa is true. Space is a reality that is created out of choices and interactions, and also, out of natural causes and destinies. And it has two broad manifestations, in which the first one is visible and, the other one is non-visible. The invisible have also way of manifesting themselves in most tangible aspects of life.

It is important to realize the different aspects of spaces that exist in this world of existence. Basically, there are two broad kinds of spaces, which are the human spaces and non human spaces and aspects of life that do exist in this plane of existence in which such spaces are created as a result of voluntary and non voluntary ones that do occur thru nature, which has its own arithmetic and mystery and out of actions and reactions that do people make in the course of life on the earth.

The space that exists between planets and sun and moons and stars are created naturally. Such spaces are physical one. They are out of control of any given mind. None has the right to widen or narrow the space that exist between such mysteries of nature, although many people try to understand mysteries, know realities and hidden secretes related to them. This is one aspect of space in which such space is very natural and none has control over.

The other aspect of space is between various levels and layers of existence in which such space has different way of manifestation and reflection. These are amongst soil, plants, animals, humans and other creations. Such spaces do exist as result of the fashion of the natural forces of attraction and repulsion in which such spaces are mostly manipulated and tried in different manners and ways so as to widen or narrow the gap between them by human beings thru various research and the desire to know such mysteries. Such spaces have different levels and layers of manifestations depending on the nature of creation and how they interact and communicate between themselves.

The other aspect of space is space that exist between human beings in which such space vary depending on the choices, opportunities and maturities and capabilities of individuals, the type of opportunities they are provided in life, the choice they make in life, decisions they do in their daily routines and other actions and reactions they do in life which is mainly dependent upon the free will and non freewill aspect of individuals. Thus individuals vary on tastes, colors and attitude they have in life and thus space is created between individuals.

The other aspect of space is the cumulative effect of spaces that is created out of interaction and communication of many individuals, which enlarges its circle to the so called community or societal and institutional spaces. Such spaces are created by the choices, values, thinking, belief, and related aspect of communities or societies make in their daily interaction and communication between other aspects of life such as individuals and institutions. Institutions do have same aspect of space as societies do and they create their own space with the rest of their world in relation to individuals, communities or societies and other institution too.

When such spaces and gaps are integrated and communicate well, there is harmony and unity between such given variables of life in this world; otherwise, chaos, frustrations, confusion will be kings and queens in the minds of people since such space are not managed and well coordinated and communicated between themselves. Space Management needs knowledge, skill, attitude, volition, desire, ambition, purity of motive and other aspects one should figure out otherwise a given society lives in confusions and frustration due to lack of awareness of the root causes of such spaces and their respective management knowledge too.

There is another aspect of spaces which is considered here in the human aspect of life in which an individual society or community or institutional aspects do create and are resulted to face due to their very nature of life and reality in this world. Such spaces are further communicated and broken down in to five major elements and ingredients of life. These are material [accumulation], physical [distance], intellectual, emotional and spiritual space that exis6 between individuals, communities or societies and institutions too. Thus people vary and differ on their look and perspective about this world and life on the earth depending on the type and amounts of things they have in life which is mainly dependent upon the mentioned factors and elements of life on the earth.

It is quite interesting to note the space that exists between a 60 second joy and laughter to that of sadness and morrow. The time factor is same and equal, but the intensity and flavor and the amount of effect such actions and reactions have in one’s thinking, mood and attitude in life cannot be equal and same. Thus, life becomes here quite mystery to note only time factor aspect, but also to figure out the consequences of life depending on the type of circumstances one faces in life.

In this case, solution and problem aspects of life are another aspect in which a solution which is delivered to solve a particular problem one faced at age 30, cannot be a solution to same problem one faces at age 40, even if that given solution was fruitful. Here, time is one actor, maturity is another factor, circumstances one passes thru the passage of time is another factor. A person who was identified and known by others as cowardice at age 25, could be found and could perform bravery act at age 40 due to many reasons; the first one should be their observations and understanding of that given person which was biased and wrong; the other thing could be, life and many things have changed thru the course of life. In this case, those who know such person as cowardice live like 15 years behind in terms of such given person since many things have changed and they stopped having life with that person.

In this case, spaces do exist as result of misunderstanding and misconception of people’s behavior and reality, thinking and concepts, due to lack of people understanding and way of perceptions and the like. Such space that exist between beings out of mis-communication and misunderstandings are even worse since it is being far and wider due to the wrong choices and moves people make in life, which result in disappointments and complications since they live in vicious circle of crisis and problems that cannot be solved by other people, unless they change and correct their behavior, thinking and way of understanding in way that creates harmony and unity with others.

Here, it is not possible to be unified for wrong cause, it is quite important to note here that The Truth is the Pivot Point and The Solution, whatever age and century falsehood is the king and queen in people’s heart and minds. It is not also appropriate to be unified for causes that envelop sabotages and conspiracies as strategies and means to unity; in which transparency is a novel, hidden secret and plots are the prince and princess in this world. It is not possible to create unified world in world harassment and stigmatization are considered as normal way of life and are taken as correct way and means to justice in world unity is claimed as necessary prerequisite for the well being of society. It is not possible to create unified field in this world by using injustice as means to justice and fairness in this world.

When any given space is created out of negative action and reactions, the space has many frictions to accommodate in which the environment and the atmosphere in such space is very noisy, and it creates a ground to accommodate noise pollution, and the like. When there is a smooth action and reaction that exist between people, there is space that exist between such beings as result and need of the privacy factor thing, but the space here is very healthy, and the medium of communication is tolerance and understanding, which gives to maturity and higher level of understanding and perception of things, life and about this given world. This is what it means by human, I suppose since it needs capacity and higher level of consciousness.

When many beings interact, there is an obvious space that exist between beings since such space is created out of background of many people, which is obvious. But, when many people have diverse background, there is the so called agreement which is enveloped under, let us agree for not to disagree, which is created out of the fear of something, which is not healthy and not positive in attitude and is not matured way of creating harmony since the agenda behind is going on. When people act and react to perfect level and state of agreement, this is the sign of maturity in capacity so that the space that exist between them can be smooth, and they can understand and perceive things in higher level. Agreement gives birth to insight, which was not revealed before, but it should be done with sincerity and without outside pressure.

Most people are not capable to have their own belief, thinking, and principles of life, thus, they are found captured by being servants and slaves of other peoples belief and thinking and they fall under their trap and mercy. They are incapable to be independent, and in order to reject their weakness and failure, they magnify and exaggerate those people whom they follow and give respect due to their egocentric and selfish aspects in life so that they live with fake faith and fake vision which is unending and keep on adjusting its with he need of the time. The point here is that they still do no admit their failure and stupidity due to the fact that they follow certain belief system or book or whatever. They fail to realize that they are programmed machines in which they live like being computer key board buttons; they live with boundaries and programmed way of life.  Here, they open big vacuum with their reality and others, which entertain their stupidity against few genius—one of the trend of life in this world.

There is also an interesting space that exist  between a given person past and present, and future too, which is directly related to time and maturity factor, but due to circumstances and situations in which a given person could shift from a given personality and identity, which is not predicted by anyone and unprecedented by even oneself to a different reality and identity due to situational factors beyond the control of one’s thinking, imagination and comprehension, which could force other people to perceive one in a different thinking and mentality due to their belief and thinking and exposure in life. This space is an interesting scenario to self and it gives a perspective and other dimension to life and make one create one’s own world which is not and cannot exist in other people world and thinking too due to the different identity and individuality one is bestowed by life.

There is the so called the generation space, which results due to time factor and value making difference which appear due to the ins and outs a given generation is facing in which a generation thinking and value making is different from another given generation. It is like fashion and styles in clothing and dancing styles, in which a given generation wears in certain style, and another generation has a different style of wearing style, which is a reflection and manifestation of a given generation thinking, in most cases. This gap and space is a normal routine which is resulted out of seeking new and different things in life at individual, community or society and institution level.

One aspect of space that exist between people is the space that exist between them as a result of their professions and background in which a person who specialize in natural science and a person who specialize in social science has different way and method of perceiving realities in which those who specialize in natural science believe in laboratory and experimentation and they tend to believe in objective evidence; where as those who specialize in social sciences believe and think in theories, policies, assumptions,standards, rules, regulations and conventions, which took the upper hand since politics is part of such drama. This world tends to live in confused enigma than any other thing, which create certain space between these two huge camps and their respective denizens too.

There is also a third reality which cannot be proved by the two sciences—natural and social sciences—which is the science of dreams that can be neither experimented nor prove and controlled by policies and rules, which is the science of dreams and other related truthful realities going on many peoples reality. This is one of the truthful aspects of human reality which doe not seek laboratory and laws to make such thing s to happen, but they just exist and happen due to our nature as a human being. Dreams have three features. The first one, one knows future events; the second one is, it gives one to take the necessary precaution before anything bad occur one’s life. The third one is one welcomes good as they appear in the dream. This does not mean that one waits for dreams for anything to happen in one’s life. This is one of the enigmatic aspect of human reality.


The Confused & Enigmatic History ?

June 2, 2012

We live in a world where by events and decisions that are made here in this world are dictates of few people on the earth, in which such decisions and choice are interpreted and misinterpreted by others in way their profession, knowledge and experience on life dictates. Hence, life becomes a confused enigma in which this world lives in a matrix hard to get out, but a challenging task to face, since there is no choice and there is no other solution than facing and coming up with a perspective to overcome battles and challenges facing humanity ahead.

It becomes a routine task to find a solution to the problems facing to date, but it is not something that can be arrived at a certain definitive recipe and formula since it is not a joke and game. It needs constant thinking and effort, and that is why we need skilled and professional people in all fields. What if, the whole world lives with such people with corrupt thinking and attitude in all scopes, and in this case, the world need constant re-thinking and revision of its thoughts since the beliefs and thinking humanity has till to date could need certain remedial actions before everyone is treated with wrong physicians with wrong treatment and medicine.

It is quite interesting to note the struggle humanity is making to date, in which such struggle in life is relative ad contextual. Everyone lives with struggle, even those who claim that they are not, but they still live with struggle, atleast with their own vision and their goal they set in life, although they claim that they are not, since they compare with those people who seemly are below in all kind of things they consider.

Basically, this world is dictated by belief than thinking in which the balance is belief. They all consider their book as the end of everything even if they do not say it louder. And those who lead the rest of their people have certain form of belief in which they cannot accept any thinking which is contrary to what they think or belief since they are not sure where they are going to end up when they accept new, or the so called strange thinking. They are tied up with beliefs in which their thinking is the machination of that given belief behind since they are scared to get out of the comfort zone they have devised to themselves and to their people.

In this case, the whole world live with handicapped belief and thinking machinery, and the consequence of such mechanism is what we see as its reflections on the problems we see in our objective world. Thus, they ask us to change our attitude and thinking without changing their owns too. The root cause and problems is their thinking and belief systems in which leaders have to rethink and reconsider many things before they advise others so that they can be listened and well understood. Since they have created certain trauma in the mass in which they use this space created between themselves and the mass.

This is not to deny that good things were not and are not done. Yes; there are and there were, but they are not enough and complete. There are other perceptions and way of understanding realities that could be better and different than the way we think and most get used to do since perceptions and understanding are relative and contextual. Through the evolutionary process of any given idea, an idea could mean different thru the passage of time or could be perceived differently by others since idea is progressive or what people think and how they perceive realities could change from time to time due to the evolutionary and inescapable aspect of human reality. In this case, to listen or accept other people perception and way of understanding realities could be not only a choice but also a necessary reality and facet of life than oppress them to perceive things in same old fashion or style of thinking and understanding.

Most people prefer to live in comfort zone since they like to stay in the warm room they have devised for themselves even if the house they have built is founded upon ice foundation on which when the strong sun comes, the ice melts down and the house will no longer survive including its denizens since all of them live in fake house and they live in fake shelter and stronghold. One of the major reasons why many people prefer to stay in such fake shelters is due to the fear they have been induced and in which fear in here is inherited as wealth. The other aspect is in fact ignorance.

Fear is the king and queen in many peoples reality, and political and religious leaders use and manipulate such fear so that they can live longer and stay in power for years and ages. How long they can stay and live in making fear such commercial and as their best friend and company, it is up to the mass who should answer such question. The mass lives with ignorance which created certain psycho traumatic pains in their minds that depress and delete courage and uprightness as the correct value so that most live with feelings of lowliness and submissiveness to others.

Hence, manipulative and tricky minds operate in this given world, which we call leaders and agents of change in many aspects, but in reality, they use the space created in the public and manipulate such spaces and take advantage of it, and thus they become kings within the society as result of the space the society create due to its ignorance and fear. To be kings and queens in such given setting of society and community, it needs manipulative and tricky minds and attitudes than any other thing. There is no need to be rocket scientist and atomic power researcher in this regard.

We live in a world where by, what we see today and tomorrow are falling apart from what had been foretold or promised in past days, in which there is constant struggle and fight to make this world go in way most peoples belief dictate. The world cannot end at any point. The third world war is not happening and will not be happening in the future. In the contrast, the whole world is going in a different direction as not foretold by the beliefs and their respective systems dictate, but all fight to make this world go in way their belief and thinking dictate.

In this regard, one need to create one’ own hope than live with endless and non fulfilling hopes and dreams that could not be neither seen accomplished or fulfilled, but get postponed for centuries and ages. It is possible to create and come up with certain forecasting model for one’s purpose based on past and present variables and situations, which should not lead to deriving a formula or recipe—most go by the wild guess or others go by scientific predictions—as it is going on in the present world since what is put in books and belief systems are not complete and accurate. Hope is something that can be derived out of person’s conviction toward something and to the future.

Hope is something that can be created within self than it gets imported from the outside party. It is a conscious effort and knowledge of the individual that creates the future of oneself than be told by other parties who have no clue of oneself. It needs quite a capacity to reach to such level of creating hope to oneself in world confusions and contradiction surrounds the environments since vision is set by the feeling and consciousness of one’s reality than being imported from others.  Hope is not something that can be received by aid or others. But it can be shared to others and from others too.  It is not possible to hope something unrealistic and impractical. I can not hope to be a prime minister of this country since it is not possible unless I become someone in the military or some one close to the prime minister. But I can hope that any given prime minster will fall due to the fact that every given system has beginning, it as also an end too. This is not something I create, but part of the history of the world.

It is ambition and fictious hope that lead the world than facts and reality since belief play significant role in shaping our world in past and present, but how long such actions and reactions will continue is something that the people of the world will come at concrete choice and decision in the world. However, it is not simple and easy job. But, when the time comes, most realize to accept their own ignorance and bring many matters and aspects of life in to the round table so that they can arrive at concrete truth.

Beyond all reasons, we live in a time, in which when someone is willing and with good intention wants to sacrifice one’s life to the good of the whole world, there are many people who could say: who cares, it is your fault, than appreciate or accept such suffering and a scarification into the motive of that given person’s own eye and the like. This is a sign that the future of this world needs a different mindset and a different perspective since CHANGE is the fate of this world and an inescapable reality in the life of human society.

While such theatrical actions and reactions are on the stage, one wonders, and it is high time to reconsider and revise the idea of thinking versus belief before wrong and misleading conclusions and ideas are entertained and internalized as was the case in past and the present world too since we have very limited knowledge and we know very limited truth until to date. As they say, I have many things to tell unto you, but you can not bear them now, which is an indication and reflection of the present world too, in which truth in its absolute sense is relative and contextual too. The root cause is still the fear induced in past ages and centuries, but not with the new truths.

Fear is of two kinds. The first one is the fear that one could have with the unknown reality, which most assume and think—God; and other objects of understandings that one gives great value and admiration. This fear can be related to family, husband or wife and other human related things. This fear is created out of positive actions and reactions in which this is created out of relationship and interaction with other objects that can be tangible and abstract entities. In this regard, it is mostly assumed that religious leaders manipulate such fear for their personal and other related consumption and use such fear to promulgate their hidden purpose and agenda. They play their own game in here under many covers like proverbs, books and mysteries and the like.

The other kind of fear is a fear that is created out of the fear from bad consequences it entails in which fear from oppression; fear resulted out of the bad actions and reactions many people face in their actions and interactions as result of the actual findings and interactions. For instance, for many people who live in Africa, political leaders induce such fear into the mass, in which the mass is silent to accept their leadership; it is not because leaders are nice to them, but most are scared of the consequences if they move against them. This fear is created out of negative actions and reactions between those who induce and those who accept such fear.

Hope dispels every fear one has or has been induced. But it needs conviction. It needs faith. Knowledge dispels every fear. The power of knowledge gives birth to courage. Courage is linked with determination. Determination leads to practical actions. In this case, a person’s life becomes complete and is filled with light and bright destiny; these are the components and essential aspects of life that galvanize human reality and give sense and purpose and meaning to life on the earth. Material things are facilitators of such essential attributes of life since they are not the end of everything.

In most cases, belief delivers fear, confusions, faith with void of rational, and creates despair and depression when things go wrong or things go contrary to many people’s wish and dream, in a way their belief have been put is testified wrong or false ,as they could say, when you claim that we believe in God, do you think that your faith shall not be put to proof. This is one of the interesting scenario people should have to consider. In other case, knowledge gives courage, dispels fear, shows direction and creates focus to one’s life and leads to know oneself in better manner tan others could tell, and it is indeed the source of contentment and goodness in life.

We live in a world which has tried its best to be stereo type in many aspects, in which majority of the population is designed and expected to pass certain trends and style of of life which are underlined and marginalized by few people, by the past and of course, with willing submission of the mass since its silence signify acceptance in here; it is quite interesting to note the struggle systems do with their own beliefs in which they  claim something is unknown, but they tell to the majority that the direction of the unknown is known by a person, who came from the unknown, who knows the unknown, which is a bit paradox and contradictory to what they say and claim.

Hence, this world is destined to be confused, in which conflict and contradiction in many aspects of life has already become the very nature of this world. While living in such world, it is quite unnecessary and useless to interrelate and create argumentative field for  ideas thru humanizing them, which is not the intention of this man, but to conceptualize and think further is the  main purpose of the life of this given man at every aspect and every level and every age.

Humanizing ideas could lead to degradation and misunderstanding of the nature of ideas, which are indeed abstract and intangible, and handicapping ideas since ideas are an imaginative entities, and when they get humanized, they fail to meet and achieve their goal due to their very nature of limitation and their manifestation of the media, which is very limited and tangible. However, it can be possible to express them in any given field available which could make them abort, but due to the very limited aspects of people mentality and capabilities, who have limited level of understanding and perception too. in this given case any given idea is a summation of what is manifested, and what is potentially to be manifested, so that any given mind can perceive them from what is manifested, which can be interpreted correct, but also at times to the very contrary, and incorrect due to many other factors, which can be related to any given person’s weaknesses such as will or volition, choice, bias, prejudice, ego, ambition, selfish interests and motives, hidden desires, and other related factors. In this case, every given idea can be translated into this objective plane of existence, but what matters is time, which can be slower or faster due to receptivity factor and passing those mentioned threats and challenges.