People Vs Ambitions

March 17, 2012

Life is full of mysteries whose secrets are endless. As we go no hitting every day, it is new day, it is new learning; it is a new world. Life is a continuous process and it is very dynamic. There is no such thing that this world or our life as human being can be stagnant, since it is not possible. Everything continues since life is a process, not a result oriented matter. Everyone has life since one is walking, moving, and making certain motion in life.

As there are two types of people on the earth, which are process oriented and result oriented people, the magnitude and the field they interact make them to be in such aspects. When one is engaged in the business realm, one becomes more of result oriented since one seek to make profit at the end, whether one uses one strategy or not, that is not essential in here. The end result is money or wealth making, whichever strategy one uses. When one is engaged in scientific field, one seeks the result although one could be fascinated to strategies and approaches. Result is the one that makes one to be a scientist.

This makes our life on the earth as pragmatic since most give priority to the end result. In this case, this world in most case could be engaged with time based and time focused activities in which it gives more priority to the short term ones than the long term ones. This world is continuous. The more attention and concern is delivered to the long term ones, the short terms could be solved and be enrolled within this parameter. Thus, Process oriented approach is the best and nicer way of perceiving realities if there is a need to see this world as going concern.

However, most are ego centric and self centered, and they give more focus to the end since they are result oriented ones, and thus they devise many strategies and conspiracies behind and they live with doing sabotages and all kind of things behind. This is not about those activities or fictitious goals and visions that are set, and those processes which are given with endless promises, but when they fail, they adjust with another argument. In this case, such aspects should be stopped than give them another chance to deceive us again. Although the methods this world uses as of today are nice, but they are not enough and complete.

When one is involved in the political field, one tries to appreciate the process, but seeks the result as well. They say, the end justifies the means. However, there are only quite few people who could appreciate the process, than seek the result. Here needs a mindset and capacity. They know what can be achieved and possible at the beginning, although this could sound ridiculous, funny, strange or whatever at the beginning, thus they appreciate the process too. Any ways, politics is a bad business which I do not advise to anyone.

Hence, it is possible to perceive others in a way one’s consciousness and experience on life dictate; but it is not possible to impose to others what one perceives or thinks about others since everyone has one’s own way of perceiving others in a way their experience and perception on life dictate. Hence, life on the earth is not about formulating certain kind of recipe of life to the multitude which is a failed approach and plot.

The drama and theater regarding programming peoples mind and activity, no matter how powerful one is; how wealthy one is, it is not possible to shape others in a way one wants them to be since life on the earth in relation to human being is about free will, choice and in fact, goes beyond the imagination and conception of limited mind thinking and reality. Therefore, one lives with one’s own choice and plan due to the fact that one has a free will and free choice to go in a way one wants. Here there is no need to help others since it is a matter of choice.

In such process of life, one interacts with oneself, with a person next to one, with certain business or institution, with an activity, with social dynamics, with any government or another institution in one’s daily routines and activity. Based on such actions and reactions, other people judge us as to whom we are base on their perception and understanding, according to the belief or system of value making and the like. And anything as per that context is subjective and relative and contextual.

While such theatrical drama is on the stage, one wonders and views this world in a very interesting and strange perception, which could sound so unacceptable t others, but this could be true and the reality. Reality lives and exists in the down to earth people than those who assume that they have everything, since they have fake, superficial, artificial and articulated way of life, which try to deny the real human nature. For example, it is not possible to have the third sex, unless people have changed their perception about the existing sexes, which are two.

In this context, one perceives this world as more of battle field in many aspects than as it should be, life was suppose to be simple, clear, and plain, but it is not. Life is complicated and difficult due to the need few people come about, which is the power and knowledge monopoly, which result in colonization and decolonization factor at the cosmic scales. And thus one makes a pause, and asks: where are we heading? Where are we going to end up as one passes all the stages?

Life in this world in most cases is like mirage on the asphalt, in which most of the things are creations of optical illusions and dilemma of few people, and the moment they reach to the point they have devised in their minds, it is fake and empty. They keep on drawing another map and territory, and when one reaches to the point which is claimed to be the end of that given destination point, it is still empty in this case, disappointments and dis-satisfactions get birth in one’s mind, and here lies the maturity and capability of individuals in which the solution they deliver to such aspects of their lives is what make them who they are.

Life is full of secrets in which secrets and mysteries are unraveled in the world of curiosity. When one is curious to know something which one never had knowledge or practical experience of it before, one starts having doubt; when one doubts, one asks; when one asks, one receives the answer. Curiosity, doubt, questions, and answers are interrelated and interconnected aspects of thinking and human reality. When they agree, and are harmonized Faith germinates in one’s being and reality.

When there is a contradiction and conflict between them, doubt enlarges its volume and capacity, and answers cannot have a place in one’s mind in which the faith that is required or claimed will be denial. In this case, one lives with seeking and researching mood, waiting for answers and ideas as they should come in their own good time. In this case, there is no need to participate in radio interviews or whatever, one can read as to what one thinks in here only, but there is a need to seeking answers in one’s own way. Here, life becomes very personal and private matter than it becomes of other people concern.

In this interesting valley of search, one tries to be open minded, tries to be fair minded, tries to respect everyone’s belief and value as far as they do not touch or harm one’s value and belief. Respect and tolerance are the key elements and ingredients that make one to sustain in life since one has life and knows how to handle such matter and aspects of life in circumstances and situations like this.

It is not possible to make other people force or make them import to have faith in certain matters, since faith is very personal, contextual, subjective, and relative and in cases it is objective too. In cases related to God, it is quite a noisy aspect to make other people show the path or way to God since God is unknowable, which is the underlined concept and idea in most people thinking and belief when the unknowable becomes knowable, it become knowable aspect in one’s palm in which it is mere imagination and speculations of one’s own fabrications to that aspect of reality.

Hence, life here becomes a paradox, when the abstract is defined and interpreted in limited and very tangible way, which leads to superstitions, idle beliefs, wrong interpretations and understanding of such reality which could lead to misleading, deception, lie and blasphemy as most live in for centuries and ages to date. There is no book which God write—Past, Present and Future—, but there are many books which are written on behalf of such Reality, which we do not know and we are not sure about.

In this case, Silence is the best answer, remedy and wisest reply to the questions that could arise in this arena and scope of life. Silence means many things, but in a world where confusions and contradictions are kings and queens,; and lie and deceptions are princes and princess, Silence means rejection and opposition than any other meaning it could deliver. And it is not possible to force or make one to be a computer program, in which I am not a machine that can be programmed by any other people whom I have no clue and knowledge of them, and with what intention they make me or arrange I to be on the who I am thing, which I have no clue of the person they aspire and think, which can neither be a prince nor a king nor a slave even, whatever cost they incur, since they have plenty of money to expend on the sheet projects they have, which tell to who they are than who I am.

Silence is the true friend that never betrays. Confucius