The Social Engineering

February 20, 2012

We live in a world and time in which our whole reality is bounded by space and time in which both affect our daily routines, reality and dynamics. We cannot go beyond certain limits that are set, voluntarily and involuntarily, naturally and artificially. Although, there are people who claim that the sky is the limit which sounds a bit paradox and contradictory, even, in which a certain matter that has no limit is put in way it has a limit. Although, we understand, that it is just a saying and way of communicating to others that everything can be possible.

And one wonders and clicks to one’s mind the idea of freedom and right thing in which both are interrelated and interconnected aspects of our life, but they are not and do not function well integrated due to complexities of life in this world in which many things are put in complicated manner than being simple and straightforward. Although we live in the middle of things, we cannot go back and adjust them, but we can have the choice and opportunity to focus on the future after taking the right corrections and adjustments past generation has committed than committing same mistakes as happened before it is too late.

At this point it is not possible to think that this world is in a nice shape. One of the features of such argument is the problematic and the complicated affairs of human life in which even those who are developed nations face their own problems and challenges let alone the developing countries who struggle to survive and fight to resist the problems they face both internally and externally. And thus various groups of societies work day and night to eliminate such problems that do include eliminating those people who do not give them to take a breath too.

One of the major reasons, for this world, to be put in such a shape is that the struggle between belief and thinking that this world is shaped. This word is highly dominated by the belief and its accessories than rational in which belief have been dictating over thinking, since belief is powerful than what thinking delivers. Thinking believes and tries to be compatible with Reality which is progressive, subjective and relative, in cases very objective where as belief has lived being conservative, rigid and fanatic and it was not possible to change or correct it since it is already set. Reality means both the seen and the unseen; discovered and undiscovered and one discovers the undiscovered thru the passage of time. Those who are not discovered are Realities since what people lack is knowledge, acceptance and recognition to such aspect of life, but the unseen and undiscovered do exist in this world too.

While such drama is one the stage, one wonders, in here that are we free!? We are not. We are free as much as we can be, but it is still relative and subjective in which this freedom thing depends on the type of society we live in and the type of governance we face. Generally speaking, human being is not a free being since one is created involuntarily to any given family and other aspects one’s life. However, what one does is, one fits to whichever system and way of life one is exposed and accepted to live.

Such setting is on the way, the question of right becomes very intriguing in which everyone claims that I have the right to do this or that in which right is an element which needs the freedom to act, think and the like. Freedom and rights are mutually supportive to one another. They are integrated and interconnected; and their integration and harmony is directly related and proportional with one another. One’s freedom affects one’s right. If one has no freedom, one has no right. When there is less freedom, there is less right. The corner stone to any kind of right one claim is Freedom. Freedom is not only doing whatever things one wants to do or think, but the choice to do, thus we are not provided a choice to be borne at any given family or place too.

In such arena of life, there are many intriguing aspects one needs to figure out in which the concept of law, rules, policies and the like affect the amount of freedom and right one needs to possesses due to the very nature of such aspects, in which rules and laws are mainly characterized by; do this, do not do this, in which they command and put certain pressure on the side of the doers. Although, it is not possible to establish stability and order in the life of society without having laws, policies and regulation, they affect our reality and freedom and rights too.

As one wonders on the types of laws, policies and the like one faces, this start from any given home that has a family framework in which wives or husbands tell with each other, do not do this, or do that; then one goes to the office, turn on the computer or the light or then when one goes to the government institution, you have to bring this or that in order to get something. Our life is daily shaped with such daily routines, which snatches our rights, freedom and the like under the cover; you have the right to get something when you have fulfilled this and that thing.

Rights are in most cases conditional matters. When we are told by any company are government agencies, they tell us that we have the rights along with our obligations in which such rights can be respected when we fulfill certain obligations otherwise our rights cannot be respected and delivered. While our daily interactions are going on, one lives with tit for tat types of relationships with others. At the end of the day, one’s reality is somewhere else, but one still claims that one is free being telling others as if one has every right on others, by claiming, this is my right, this is my stuff and the like; in reality such aspects of one’s life are gone and shaped to different reality without even noticing them. Where is one’s reality?

We are somehow engineered to think and behave in certain way depending on the type of mindset, ideologies and other aspects of life one is programmed. Thus one claim that one is free due to the fact that one is better than others, but not from the real concept or point of freedom. As far as we live in a world where space and time governs, the maximum is told and demarcated, and the minimum is also told and demarcated, we live in the between lines and demarcations, and our freedom, rights and other interrelated aspects of life goes within this limits and boundaries.

Even if, one does not exercise the utmost freedom and right one needs to exercise, the very existence of such things gives comforts and strength to one’s reality in which such existence of freedom and rights creates certain form and way of life than the feeling of depression and stresses one is obliged to accept. Such existence of freedom and rights avoid the anxiety people could face in their daily lives and routines even if they do not practice. Otherwise they live with stress and conflicts with their own selves and the reality, by creating another field of study—the anxiety and stress management one.

Hence, as every given individuals has right, freedom, choice, beliefs or principles, obligation, duties and responsibilities while interacting and communicating with another given person, society or community and institution; every community, society, and institution has their own respective right, freedom, choice, laws, policies and the like. When there is a will and desire to create a better world and dynamics, respect, tolerance, understanding and forbearance are the key elements that are required to exist as a society and a community, and the maturity of any given community or nation is measured on how far it is tolerant and understanding with each other.

Mistakes are common in every individuals lives as it is true of any given community or society and institution. Even God makes mistakes, the point is we do not know, but we assume it does not, but there is no proof as to it, and the point in here is that, or the mistake goes on the original claim and assumption in which many could think as if they are infallible, whatever conception and interpretation is delivered towards it. All are subjected to err, the point in here is not on the mistake people commit, but on the perception ad understanding people have on mistakes. Mistakes are tools for learning and on the learning curve, but they are not path to hell.

The other thing in here, for instance, is connected to beliefs and values going on behind the stage. When a given nation wants to have prosperity in its domain and sets vision for years ahead, every community member has its own share, in fact the lion share goes to the mass otherwise the government or whatever institution cannot do it without the help of the public which consists of various members of communities and societies. In this case, prosperity is defined in having or possessing huge amount of material wealth so that everyone can have good life. However, when most of the rich people or those who make wealth or money are tied up with superstitious beliefs or associated or related with the witch-crafting stuff behind and they make money by opening or doing business in front as well, it is not possible to reach the desired point since the behind or the drama is different and the wealth is not healthy and nice. Thus a given nation suffers for centuries and ages since it is tied up with many superstitious beliefs and drama behind. the problem is not on the front, but on the drama going on behind the curtain.

Whatever systematic approach is designed, whichever ideology is entertained, whoever is the leader, wherever one resides, such aspect of life is one of the worst diseases such given community or society is suffering in which the cure is not an easy drug, the proper physician is not yet found, and the right prescription is not there unless the root problem and cause, which is the wrong belief, assumptions, and value making already installed in the minds of the many is totally removed without any precondition. Otherwise, the fate of such given community or society is crystal clear, and it will continue being slaves to idle fancy and vain imaginings that shape the present and the current, in which the future is crystal clear since future can not be built upon yesterday idle belief, but with today’s situation and condition which is inherited from yesterday.

Therefore, it is quite interesting to note in here that the idea of diametrically opposite approaches of understanding of problems versus solution things in which those problems that have vertical characters could be delivered horizontal solutions in which the idea and the way one understand such problems should be one area in the Social Engineering arena. In places and societies where belief and the way it is formulated and organized is the root problem, whatever systemic and organized solutions are devised, unless and otherwise the root cause which the belief system and the way such system is perceive is altered, there will not be any given change and significant move in that given society. The Greek thinker, Protagoras, said, “Man is the measure of all things”. It is not the amount of economy or the number of buildings that matter, what matter is the transformation of the lives and thinking of human society.



The Theater On the Stage

February 16, 2012

Life is mostly interpreted in this world in its objective sense in which a given person’s success is measured on what one accumulates and posses than what that person would look like of such and such things were provided or given, due to the fact that this world is more of pragmatic in approach and outlook and sense than being very realistic in which idealism is deprived but pragmatism is the king in every place and society.

While such theater is on the stage, there are three aspects of life in this world which are currently on the stage. These are ideas and views that shape the world in its past, present and to the future too. These are intermingling of various aspects in which religion and politics with their respective accessories such as tradition, culture and their respective propaganda are one aspect. The second aspect is education—scientific discoveries and inventions in which both are trying to make use of both natural and human resources, in which wealth serves them as best servant to them.

As mentioned  earlier, there are five powerful forces that are on the stage in which they are performing strange and huge drama on the earth under the instrumentally of two tools, which have similar and differing nature and characteristics, which are owned by known and identified forces. There is yet another force and power which is beyond the conception of both two parties and entities due to its very nature and character, due to the limitations and imperfection and incompleteness both of them have. Hence, it is proper and accurate to categories the five forces under two broad categories as performers, but not as powers or forces on the earth, which is mentioned below. There is no need to see a physician or go to a hospital to classify and categorize the five under two broad categories; but there is intelligence to underline with.

The first ones deal with more of societal concern in which they place certain ideologies and practice and translate them on the life of individuals and society, and they face various contradictions and conflicts on such given processes of life. The second ones are trying to be systematic and deal with solving societal and institutional problems, and the dictate people and institutional lives due to the fact they are based with rationale and reasonable methods, and they convince others who consume and make use o them, as result of their practical influence and impact on the life of society.

The third aspect is very different and unknown in which neither of the above have clue, but they think that there is a mysterious power that is going on the earth, in which its working and function is unseen and mysterious. They define that it is unknowable, but can be knowable in way they think possible and have identified. They have drawn marginal lines and boundaries as to know its essence and identify certain possible knowledge about it. The call such unseen power as God.

While these three dramatic actors are on the stage, it is possible to observe certain contradictions and conflicts which reflect how this world is heading and the type of given drama which is currently underway on the stage. It sounds that the first two are fighting and struggling with the third one in which they are trying to know and tell who it is to it by telling or stating certain characteristics and aspects of it, buy the experts they deploy and the like. They are telling to the third entity, its color, height, width and its volume thru those people whom they think that they have knowledge of it.

In this instance, one wonders as to what the eye of God according to them mean in which if such entity is unknowable, its eyes are unknowable and indescribable due to its very essence which is unknowable. Or else, since there are people who assume and think that they know its essence thru certain criterion and conditions, such eyes could resembles to that limited and very narrow minded approach. How is it possible to know the instruments and organs of the Unknowable Reality with limited and very narrow mindset in world where instruments and organs are biased, prejudices and the like?

Is this possible to know the mysteries of the sense which is beyond the conception and comprehension of men in a tool which is very incomplete, imperfect and limited? A perfect eye sees both good and bad aspect of any features and aspect of life since it is not biased and prejudices. A clean eye sees both the dirt and clean side of any object since it sees things in their distinct way. A biased eye sees and knows things in different way and manner, also in biased manner.

When a given person is biased, it gives recognition and positive remarks and neglects the consequences and other side of the matter since it is biased, not realistic and the like. It gives positive remarks to what it likes; rejects and give bad comments to those matters one does not like. One sees things in biased manner since the relationship that exit in here is a tit for tat manner. Such theater has been the process of life and manifestations of human reality in religion and politics as of today. They define reality and give remarks based on what they think and belief, but reject those claims that do not fit with their belief even if they are correct and true.

In case of science—inventions and discoveries along wit its tool, education, it is matter of fact that such reality is dictated by the first two since any reality or understanding that does not go in alignment with the previous forces and powers are not to be entertained and allowed to be considered as legitimate due to the fact they are the leaders and they are the ones who give recognition and acceptance to any given Truth which they think is legitimate.

Thus, all of us live with being deprived of the Truth in which there are people who lived before their time because of their thinking, but are killed due to the Idea they come about, but in later times, we see their ideas are working and operating in the live of human society after they have sacrificed their lives such as the case of Jesus Christ and others are good examples. The unseen Power and Energy according to those who are thinkers of such matter inspire them with something, but those who think that we are the authors of such energy reject their claim, but, in the mean time, time will tell everything, those who thought they are authors of the unseen power fail, but those who are inspired of the unseen Power succeed…

Thinking Vs Sound

February 1, 2012

Three years ago, I have put an argument and hypothesis that thinking has a sound in which every thinking can be heard in a form of words. This means one can hear what the person next to oneself thinks about you and other people or whatever by any given person. I have proved such things and matter with my practical interaction and communications with other people, in which what I heard from them comes into reality in their translation to action. And thus, as of today, this hypothesis is prove out to be correct and true by other people in their scientific discovery and research in the United States of America.

While browsing the web, I found such hopes in the net,…By decoding patterns of activity in the brain, doctors may one day be able to play back the imagined conversations in our heads, or to communicate with a person who can think and hear but cannot speak. While today, while I was watching BBC, scientists have come to an activity that Brain wave can be coded to words. Brain waves are mostly connected to thinking and emotions in which their outward manifestation and reflection are words and feelings.

While I went on reading what is on the BBC Website, I find the following striking statement which is read as follows, Researchers have demonstrated a striking method to reconstruct words, based on the brain waves of patients thinking of those words.

It is possible to hear what other people think in deep inside, but they could not outwardly manifest and reflect too. This is possible, but could need certain gifts and capabilities since thee are misleading and other deceiving activities that is going to happen due to the fact that most people are mischievous in which what they think and what they practically manifest could fall apart and are diametrically opposite due to many factors. Human body is not simple matter in which it has its own special bestowals and profound nature, and one manifests qualities as one governs more mysteries too.

It is quite fascinating to see how our nature as human reality in which as one governs certain mysteries, one’s intense desire for life and appreciation of this world augments for two reasons. The first one is the desire and the need to know more mysteries increases as days goes by; the other is the one’s conviction to accomplish certain tasks and missions become more inevitable and necessary and thus the urge to do something comes in greater magnitude than ever since one prove certain hypotheses or findings as proven out to be true by other people in other parts of the world.

The whole drama of human reality is very special and everyone one governs mysteries and one’s nature depending on one’s capability and capacities and sills of life. The technological advancement and the daily inventions we find in every where in this world augments our keen desire for living and delivers special interest to our nature as human reality in which human being is not only a mysterious creature but also a creature who can know one’s mystery, appreciate one’s mystery and make use of such mysterious realities and powers latent in one’s being into practical reality and world.

This makes our life as human being very fascinating and interesting as we know that what we think and feel or imagine comes true and find out true in scientific method and approaches too. In this case, one governs more mysteries as days goes by, seeks more secrets of life and find out more meaning and understanding about one’s self, the environment and the world at large.

The same is true for that of emotions in which it is possible to know what the person next to you and other people feel about you without knowing them very well and getting in touch with them. Although there are general facts and matters in which certain category of people do not like those who belong to other category; but this is not about such general and obvious aspects of life since they are already known and there is no need to calculate and make research about such types of things, but there are cases in which many people manipulate and deceive others due to the fact that they think they are smart or whatever. Knowing such given mattes ahead of time protect innocent people from being manipulated and deceived by such types of mischievous people and thus it needs certain gifts and capabilities in this regard.

When such psychic and other gifts are combined and integrated with fields of studies such as Intelligence, Journalism and the like, one could save airplane terror attacks and save the lives of many innocent civilians due to such causes, one could make unprecedented and catastrophic things not to happen, and one could be of benefit to the humanity at large. It is indeed so shame to see and perceive such gifted individuals as being cursed, useless and garbage too. Any given community or society should know the talents and gifts of its citizens and should provide opportunity and privileges to all in equal manner than see or perceive such individuals as demons, devils and try to get rid of them and complicate their life with sabotage and conspiracy. The only fault of such gifted people is they know the drama behind the curtain and what is on behind the stage. And thus one could protect the mass from hidden dramas and plots on the stage.

Hence, it is possible to know what a person next to you think about you, and this does not mean that one knows the ultimate relationship other people want to establish with the Absolute Reality like God. One can make conversation or communion with a person that live in other worlds other than this; this does not mean that one make communion with God. There is a clear distinction between making communion with another object like one self and that of the Absolute Reality such as God. It is possible to say inhere that most people could misinterpret and misunderstand such communion for example with a person from otherworld with that of God and could claim that they are special beings due to lack of proper understanding, misconceptions, misinterpretations that could result in wrong deduction and conclusion and do mislead many others since many others have limited knowledge and are ignorant on such matters and subjects too. Life is not about seeing light and darkness with other peoples movie like artistic magical experiences on others while making prayers in shrines; but it is about choices, efforts, opportunities and free will of individuals.

A Philosopher is one who knows something true, but hard to find out what it is in scientific method. A scientist is one who has the technical knowledge and detail on the methods and approaches towards what a Philosopher knows and can not explain to the audience and others in a way they can understand and perceive. A philosopher tells the possibility and deliver an idea and thinking, and a scientist paves that given way and path and tells how to reach to that given point. In general, a Philosopher tells the end point, and a scientist tells on how to reach to that end point. When both are integrated and coordinated, this world yield its noblest fruits than ever.