The Twin Powers

January 23, 2012

Immanuel Kant said, “knowledge is gained out of experience”. This is an interesting statement which makes knowledge very difficult to achieve it since it is gained thru passing certain practical experiments and circumstances. Knowledge is not something that one picks up from the department store in which the knowledge of the law of gravity is much harder than the knowledge what we grasp in the book learning since such learnings are guided and shaped by other people before us.

Likewise, we receive knowledge and information from family, the environment, schooling and the like. We think that we know certain things according to the context we have been brought up and molded up. In this case, what we know is mostly what we have been shaped by those people before us since we live in the middle of the thing and the process of life too. What makes what we know is handicapped and dependent since we are shaped and guided by other peoples mentality.

In this context, I wrote a book in December 2005 in which I was somehow made my own personal reflection based on the thought and idea I was shaped according to the belief system I was made to think. In that given case, I used to think that human reality is about body and soul, but later I came up with an idea that such idea is somewhat creating certain confusion and contradiction in my thinking. Whilst in this valley of confusion and contradiction, I tried to write my personal reflection and confusion in form of a book. However in February 2006, certain experience—Paranormal Activity—hit my reality which shifted the way I think about myself, people next to me, the surrounding environment and about this given world and other mysterious aspects of life.

Afterwards, I delete to think that the body and the soul thing is a confusion, but rather I make my personal research and come up with an idea that the body is a tool to certain realities which are going on this world in which human being is such complex and sophisticated creature it is because this world is very complex and dynamic and what we know up to now is what we know, what we have revealed and what we have been communicated. And thus, I come to an idea by now that the idea o the body and the soul thing is very traditional way of perceiving human reality, but the body is considered as tool to be used for manifold purposes as mentioned before.

One of the interesting experience that hit on my reality in February 2006 is a sound of the Person who lives in the different world which we think and assume is that that given Person is dead. Such communication is considered by others as demonizing, by others as hoax thing, by others as irrelevant and useless, by others as stupid too. Such communication is still underway and is going on. This is one of the interesting relationships between different worlds in which body can be used for such purpose besides the regular routine and daily lives we undertake.

This brings to an idea of faith and belief matters in which they are like receiving and creating certain relationship with the power house. Let us assume that a given city receives light and energy from one power house. This main power house distributes light and heat according to the capacity of every house in which what every house receives a given light based on the number of bulbs and watts it asks from the electric corporation. In this case, the power house is a collective source in which belief can be connected to such main power house since all share same thing, where as faith is personal and contextual in which what a given house receive is according to the number of bulbs and watts it receives in a given house.

When the power is cut, the power is off in which belief and faith has interesting relationship. In this case, certain individual can use alternative energy or power houses in their given home in which few could install generator so that they get light when power is gone, others could use candle, others could use lamp, others could share other peoples generator or whatever, and those who are entirely dependent upon the main source of power lives in darkness since they are dependent upon such power sources. However, the Sun is never set, but changes direction since it moves from East to west, do not forget that.

This depends on which part of the world one is living in which when one resides in a place where the sun is on 16 hours, there is no fear and threat when the power hopes fail to give power since one could arrange one’s sleep hour so that one can have six hours of sleep. And in every place where ever one lives, one could develop certain mechanism to control and manage such situations. Although there is big failure this world has done in relation to consuming the power that is directly emanated from The Sun itself, and when such challenges are met in the future, as the capacity and capability of everyone grows and develops to higher level, such needs could not be that an issue to everyone since one can receive light and power and heat directly from the Sun itself.

Belief has communal system and communal character in which certain given system or ideology is enveloped under the form of a given belief, but fair is very personal thing and contextual in which faith is something that given person creates mystic relationship with the Absolute Power which is conditioned by the Person and that Absolute reality and thus it makes a mysterious phenomena and reality which cannot be conditioned and dictate by others since it is a very enigmatic reality and aspect of human life.

Whilst such drama of life is going on, one could wonder and ask, the Absolute Reality, O, My God, Increase my wonder and appreciation for the world, since such aspects of life is full of mysterious aspects, theatrical events and greatest spiritual drama of human life due to the unknowable aspect of such life and the mysterious connections individuals create with the Absolute Reality. When a given person tries to tell the faith and fate of people or other individuals, here is the point of dilemma and the point of confusions due to the fact that one cannot even know one’s fate in this regards, forget about knowing other peoples connection and mystic aspect of such reality.

In this drama, Silence is the answer and the wises way of perceiving things than giving lifeless and useless words and ideas since they are beyond one’s comprehension and understanding. When people try to judge others in such mystic connection and realities, they are becoming like, a person who specialize in the electrical engineering is trying to cure the disease of a person who is suffering by the cancer by giving electrifying moments and shocks, which create another traumatic and adds further consequences which cannot quench the fire that is already set on the stage.

Faith is a personal reality where as belief is something that people could share while belonging to certain or a particular system of belief or ideology. In this case, both are mystic realities and phenomenon, but they are subjective, relative, contextual and are very personal due to the fact that they both try to create mystic relationships with the Mystic Phenomena and Reality, which is the Absolute Reality, the Unknowable and Infinite Reality.


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