The City of Truth

January 27, 2012

Responsibility has two aspects. The first one is a responsibility that is assumed and official. It has structure and public recognition. It has its own rules and regulation, and policies too. It takes and assumes office out of appointment and election by the concerned offices and agencies in this world. This is one of the responsibilities most people are aware and recognize; acceptances are offered by the public as nature of the gesture it bestows to others due to its form and shape. They are paid and the earn something for the responsibility they assume since they are accountable to it.

The second type of Responsibility is very different in which it does not have structure and form; there is neither election nor appointment in here. Few people take and move on such responsibility out of the concern, determination and conviction they have for something. There is no salary or any fee paid on this aspect, in which neither the public nor those who assume office could not have clue of what they do or think, but such people think and do something with the motive and concern they have for something. Such people who assume such responsibility does not seek round of applause or recognition from others since their motive is different.

And thus, it is possible in here to think that such responsibilities are derived due to the fact that this world has three aspects. The first one, it inherits something from the past at individual, family, community, society, and institution level. The second one, it adjusts and creates its own taking certain mattes by taking certain aspects from the past. The third one is, it creates its own matter in its own fashion. To keep its integrity and identity, this world assumes and opens various offices top protect and keep the integrity and whatever matter it seeks so that it needs various people to make the drama inherited in the past continue to the future at all levels.

For example, let one assume that there is a given community created out of certain vision and doctrine. In that doctrine, there could be certain conditions that are put and such conditions are required in order to protect the drama behind. And thus, there could exist certain lie or deception in order to protect the future of that given community. In this case, as the say, when false is told in repeated manner, it is considered as true. And thus falsehood become the king of that given community, it is juts an assumption. However, when one comes with certain determination and conviction that tells that what they assumed true is false, such truth us considered as madness and hoax. This is obvious matter. It is not a big deal too.

What could be interesting in here that when few people accept such truth as truth and tell the rest that such madness is the truth of such given matter; in this regard, the given community has three aspects? The first one is to reject the past lie and deception as irrelevant, but helpful to certain extents. The second one is to derive the future with the truth it needs, by making certain adjustments and corrections. The third one is to buy the entire truth, in which truth will be the fate and destiny of that given community. In this regard, such given community heals the sickness and diseases it used to suffer in the past, buy just buying and deriving the truth, using the past as prelude and means of getting and reaching to the point of Truth it needs to set.

In this instance, responsibility has two forms in such given community. The first one is formal, elected and appointed one; the second one is informal, not elected and not appointed. People work together with understanding and cooperation in order to arrive to the point of Truth they need to reach by creating certain grounds for agreement and reconciliation. There is no one to reconcile such contradiction, but The Truth itself is the point of reconciliation. There is no need to have an office, mediator, and other agencies in here that require costing and funding. It is the Truth that costs no single penny is the solution to every problem and malady everyone faces in here. There is no need to pay for air ticket, hotel fee, conference rooms and the like. The Truth contains everything. When one finds and accepts the Truth, the rest part is silly and irrelevant.

When false is inherited in the past, it costs to much since much time and cost and energy is spent in protecting such drama; where as when the Truth is inherited, there is no need to have an office, cost and energy since the Truth guides everyone and takes to the right point and creates the right future with the right mindset since it conforms to Reality and Time. Truth is not something that one tells to the other, but it is a Reality that is investigated and found as result of the volition, effort and choices people make in their live and with the concern, determination and conviction they have for something.Thus it needs capacity and capability. It is not the schooling or whatever that makes one to know the Truth, but the sincere motive one shows towards reaching to something that makes one to find the Truth.

On the way, there are two aspects of the Truth in here in which when given Truth is harmful to others, it is safe and better not to be shared to others since none likes an accepts such given matter. Out of one’s personal experience, it is safe not to share to others when such given Truth affects the ego, ambition, desire and vision of others since most people in most cases are attached to their self centered matters in life and they do not accept any truth when it is contrary to their wishes, desires and plans in life even if it is true. Most people have no inclination to such Truths since it destroys their fundamental aspects of their future and life too.  And it leads to bad ends and destruction and thus Silence is the best way to scape such matters. When any given Truth is useful and is found with deep investigation and research, it is indeed appropriate to share it with others when they like it in a way that is fit to them.

Every day is a new day; every age is a new age; every age one finds the truth of the past, and have one’s own Truth of the present, and shapes one’s future with such mindset. In this case, when people reach to certain point, they meet at cross section that makes them one and get united as result of their daily volition and efforts. In this given circumstance, truth is not discriminatory, and selfish, it combines and integrate all since they share and reach to same level and height of thinking. Whoever lives in this city of The Truth, one live with the right mindset about oneself, about the environment and community and the destiny of one’s future and the world at large. Thus, there is nothing scary and frustrating since one knows and identifies The Point of the Truth.

The city of The Truth has power and light in every 24 hours. There is no darkness and fear. The Truth expels each darkness from one’s reality and guides everyone with the power and energy one seeks for life. It generates confidence and trust. It helps one to live with the proper attitude and appreciation of this world. It rejects false claims and accepts truthful aspects and realities. It sees both good and bad aspects of life. It is very practical and realistic. It is the source of life and energy to this world and life to everyone. It is the source of confidence, guidance and hope to everyone. The Truth resides in everyone’s reality, but this depends on the amount of confidence, capacity, capabilities, courage and conviction one have for life and the world.

It is not possible to claim that the city of the truth has an era or epoch in which The Truth is like the Sun in which the Sun gives light and heart as the beginning of its creation, and continues forever, and there is no need to put time frame such as 100 or 1000 years as its renewal. It is the human mind that limits such matters due to the greed and self-centered aspect of one’s life. The Sun is generous and gives light and heat to all without discriminations. Although there are people who give time limit in such cases, which remind me to a book, which is entitled, “the mind of God”, which can be understood in here as the mind of God according to the author’s view and understanding. How can an unknowable matter have a city and a city with time frame which sounds blasphemy, except that given city is a mere fabrication of such people tantamount to the author of the book, mind of God ?

The Truth is about Reality of Past, Present and Future in the world in which, Confidence, Trust, Faith, Courage, Hope, Vision, and the like are the Corner stones that one should posses while living on the Earth.


The Twin Aspects

January 25, 2012

Human being is not created to be a machine. Human being is a creature that is endowed with freedoms, rights, choices and free wills too. It is not possible to make one to have faith or make one think to go in certain manner unless and otherwise tat given person has willed. It is possible to force and put certain pressure, but it is not possible to change what one thinks in one’s deep inside and try to create certain catastrophic matters in one’s reality, which is not possible at this stage and time of history of this world.

To think and to believe are two different aspects of our life as human being i9nwhich thinking dictate our belief or faith, and vice versa too. When thinking exceeds the amount of faith one has in deep inside, doubt germinate s in one’s being and questions everything and the type or the amount of fait one established in one’s being. When faith or belief exceeds the amount of thinking, superstitious and irrational thinking takes the place and make the system of belief or one’s faith to be unrealistic and complicated which could create other complications and distortion in one’s being.

When thinking and faith are in balance, certitude and certainty germinates in one’s being. However, is it possible to have certitude in this world in any matter unless and otherwise one has certain grounds like scientific experimentations in many aspects of life in which one has proved certain matters with practical experimentations? This is still a question to all. Although thee are mysterious aspects of life in this world which are true and correct and cannot be proven due to in adequacy of human achievements and limitations of the tools in the laboratory, which are very relative, subjective, personal and contextual too. Such aspects of our life are subjected to manipulations and deception in which many are tricked due to the nature of such subjects and matters.

In this regard, it is possible to create certain spaces in form of systems of belief in which certain communities have come with systematic approach to accommodate such gaps and spaces in thus world and formulated certain society, but this does not mean that they are complete, perfect, infallible and absolute. They are useful to certain extent, but they are not useful when the moment one hits certain ceiling which is beyond what they have put as the final point or stage since one cannot find answers to the quest one has. In this case, one enters to a different city and stage of search which can be found on personal basis and could be useful to others when they share same pain and quests too.

Therefore, to be stead fast in wrong places is tantamount to blind imitations, and shuts the power of quest and rational faculties in which one lives with utter confusions and contradiction. In this case, one prefers t ascend to better realm by residing in the valley of search in this world in which quest is a reality and a thinking that has no end point and one lives with wonder, research, investigations and appreciation of the world by unraveling different mysteries which are not revealed to one thru the volition and choices and efforts one makes in life and thus the doors of answers are always opened when one opens the gates of questions. And it is opt possible to expect answers from individuals or whatever book revealed to date as they are useful, but all re subjective, relative and incomplete. One asks and one finds answers in different ways and methods too.

One of the interesting aspect of our life as human being is belief and thinking in which thinking dictate our belief and faith and the vice versa too. They are like chicken and egg story in which it is formidable to tell which comes first unless history and anthropology provides certain clues, in which both have failed to date regarding such aspect of human reality except the vague perceptions, and due to ignorance of the subject matter they have. They do not have the grasp of the origin of human history and the evolutionary aspects except mere speculations they deliver to date.

Whatever explanations is delivers on such aspect of life what we know up to date is that they are interrelated and interconnected aspects of life in which thinking has an impact on our belief and our belief systems and vice versa too. When thinking overrides faith or belief, doubt germinates in one’s reality and destroys the faith or belief one has established and constructed for years. Thus many people are scared to think outside the box and they are careful in what they think since they are scare. Fear is another threat people have in such connections and interrelations since they are shaped or threatened the consequences of thinking n the world of faith or belief.

To think needs capacity while living in the world of belief. Belief in most cases handicap and paralyze the worlds of thinking in which it asks one to shun the power of reason. It makes one to think in certain perspective and direction and whatever things that exist outside the box is set is considered as repugnant and useless. Thus they live in paradox and confusions when the moment one hits certain aspect of life contrary to what is set within the box. For example, I tell you to have system of belief that state, both man and women are equal, humanity is one; and again I ask you that there is a system governing my belief system, which are called the leaders and I ask you to be obedient to such people. I again ask you that women are not elected on the leadership status. What a contradiction and confusion inhere in which belief system dictate the thinking aspect of one’s life in here?

While talking about such aspects of life, there are certain belief systems tat are set on the stage to date, they are useful to humanity to date and they shape one’s reality to certain extent; they offer certain perspective and direction, but they are not complete, absolute and perfect. In this regard, one takes the good from them, and fills the rest and unanswered questions and quest of life thru different mechanism and other aspects of life. Life has always certain vacuums at any given age, and one fills such gaps and vacuums according tow hat this world has delivered and provided and with other mechanism which one is to come about in the processes of life. Life is not and cannot be complete in whatever age, whatever situation and condition one lives. What mater in here is the perspective in filling such vacuums and incompleteness of life which vary from individuals, societies, institutions and the like?

Thus, the idea of freedom, free will, choice, rights and the like affect our belief and thinking models one is to come about and thus individuals have the right to exercise such natural and imposed matters which are limited and unlimited under certain circumstances, which are relative and subjective and their manifestations to the outward reality are dependent upon the social setting one lives in.

The Twin Powers

January 23, 2012

Immanuel Kant said, “knowledge is gained out of experience”. This is an interesting statement which makes knowledge very difficult to achieve it since it is gained thru passing certain practical experiments and circumstances. Knowledge is not something that one picks up from the department store in which the knowledge of the law of gravity is much harder than the knowledge what we grasp in the book learning since such learnings are guided and shaped by other people before us.

Likewise, we receive knowledge and information from family, the environment, schooling and the like. We think that we know certain things according to the context we have been brought up and molded up. In this case, what we know is mostly what we have been shaped by those people before us since we live in the middle of the thing and the process of life too. What makes what we know is handicapped and dependent since we are shaped and guided by other peoples mentality.

In this context, I wrote a book in December 2005 in which I was somehow made my own personal reflection based on the thought and idea I was shaped according to the belief system I was made to think. In that given case, I used to think that human reality is about body and soul, but later I came up with an idea that such idea is somewhat creating certain confusion and contradiction in my thinking. Whilst in this valley of confusion and contradiction, I tried to write my personal reflection and confusion in form of a book. However in February 2006, certain experience—Paranormal Activity—hit my reality which shifted the way I think about myself, people next to me, the surrounding environment and about this given world and other mysterious aspects of life.

Afterwards, I delete to think that the body and the soul thing is a confusion, but rather I make my personal research and come up with an idea that the body is a tool to certain realities which are going on this world in which human being is such complex and sophisticated creature it is because this world is very complex and dynamic and what we know up to now is what we know, what we have revealed and what we have been communicated. And thus, I come to an idea by now that the idea o the body and the soul thing is very traditional way of perceiving human reality, but the body is considered as tool to be used for manifold purposes as mentioned before.

One of the interesting experience that hit on my reality in February 2006 is a sound of the Person who lives in the different world which we think and assume is that that given Person is dead. Such communication is considered by others as demonizing, by others as hoax thing, by others as irrelevant and useless, by others as stupid too. Such communication is still underway and is going on. This is one of the interesting relationships between different worlds in which body can be used for such purpose besides the regular routine and daily lives we undertake.

This brings to an idea of faith and belief matters in which they are like receiving and creating certain relationship with the power house. Let us assume that a given city receives light and energy from one power house. This main power house distributes light and heat according to the capacity of every house in which what every house receives a given light based on the number of bulbs and watts it asks from the electric corporation. In this case, the power house is a collective source in which belief can be connected to such main power house since all share same thing, where as faith is personal and contextual in which what a given house receive is according to the number of bulbs and watts it receives in a given house.

When the power is cut, the power is off in which belief and faith has interesting relationship. In this case, certain individual can use alternative energy or power houses in their given home in which few could install generator so that they get light when power is gone, others could use candle, others could use lamp, others could share other peoples generator or whatever, and those who are entirely dependent upon the main source of power lives in darkness since they are dependent upon such power sources. However, the Sun is never set, but changes direction since it moves from East to west, do not forget that.

This depends on which part of the world one is living in which when one resides in a place where the sun is on 16 hours, there is no fear and threat when the power hopes fail to give power since one could arrange one’s sleep hour so that one can have six hours of sleep. And in every place where ever one lives, one could develop certain mechanism to control and manage such situations. Although there is big failure this world has done in relation to consuming the power that is directly emanated from The Sun itself, and when such challenges are met in the future, as the capacity and capability of everyone grows and develops to higher level, such needs could not be that an issue to everyone since one can receive light and power and heat directly from the Sun itself.

Belief has communal system and communal character in which certain given system or ideology is enveloped under the form of a given belief, but fair is very personal thing and contextual in which faith is something that given person creates mystic relationship with the Absolute Power which is conditioned by the Person and that Absolute reality and thus it makes a mysterious phenomena and reality which cannot be conditioned and dictate by others since it is a very enigmatic reality and aspect of human life.

Whilst such drama of life is going on, one could wonder and ask, the Absolute Reality, O, My God, Increase my wonder and appreciation for the world, since such aspects of life is full of mysterious aspects, theatrical events and greatest spiritual drama of human life due to the unknowable aspect of such life and the mysterious connections individuals create with the Absolute Reality. When a given person tries to tell the faith and fate of people or other individuals, here is the point of dilemma and the point of confusions due to the fact that one cannot even know one’s fate in this regards, forget about knowing other peoples connection and mystic aspect of such reality.

In this drama, Silence is the answer and the wises way of perceiving things than giving lifeless and useless words and ideas since they are beyond one’s comprehension and understanding. When people try to judge others in such mystic connection and realities, they are becoming like, a person who specialize in the electrical engineering is trying to cure the disease of a person who is suffering by the cancer by giving electrifying moments and shocks, which create another traumatic and adds further consequences which cannot quench the fire that is already set on the stage.

Faith is a personal reality where as belief is something that people could share while belonging to certain or a particular system of belief or ideology. In this case, both are mystic realities and phenomenon, but they are subjective, relative, contextual and are very personal due to the fact that they both try to create mystic relationships with the Mystic Phenomena and Reality, which is the Absolute Reality, the Unknowable and Infinite Reality.


January 17, 2012

When God created this world, as they told us in history, it took six days, and in the seventh, God took holiday leave in which he was at rest and took nap since God needed it. In this six day of creation process, God created Adam, and Eve, but not money or whatever they need or live except nature itself. Unfortunately Adam sinned and we inherited that sin to date, they also tell us. When we sin, they give us nice escape goat since we are destined to commit sins, in history and they told us too.

What is interesting in here that money or whatever related to money, wealth is not created in six days, but the tools to make money is created in six days in which nature is bestowed to the world of creation that man can create one’s own wealth as per one’s own context, although natural resource is by itself a raw wealth too. Thus, in the middle of communication and interaction between beings, there are certain realities that come as result of the need and the exigencies of the time. One of them is money.

In the beginning, man created money, but later, money recreated men. This is one of the interesting communication and interactions that exist in this world in which this can be correlated with one of the Japanese proverb, which state like, at first man takes the drink, and next, the drinks take the man. Whatever man creates in this world are in turn recreating the man himself in which we live in a time where by many of the things that are create are not simple enough stop them, except submitting ourselves to wait the end where they take us, by making certain adjustment and rectifications so that past and future can be interconnected.

In this case, it is not possible to choose regress, but progress since there is no choice and also it is a need. What is important in here that we live in the middle of a thing in which there are many ins and outs that this world has face to date, what is possible in here is tat removing those that are non essentials, and taking up those essentials and important ones to the future so that one’s future can be nice and has some sort of sense of purpose too. In this regard, it is quite necessary to make a pause and reflect on the point where we are by now, and meditate on certain aspects of life and human beings perceive money at this point of time. Where are we by now?

Broadly categorizing people and money, there are basically two types of people. The first ones are those types of people who are slave to money and the power of money. The second ones are those kinds of people who are Lords over money and the power of money. Such relationship is created out of the attachment they come up with the realizations and recognition of advantages and disadvantages of money, the capabilities and capacities they acquire in life in which confidence play significant role in life and understanding of human realities and natures as well.

Hence, it is possible to find many organization that are established under different themes and visions in which whose core value is money generating; there are also other organizations who counsel on the instrumentality or the tool aspect of money and the wise usage and benefits money deliver to individuals, communities or societies and institutions too. This defends on the type of perspective and attitude they develop in relation to money and money making too.

Whatever analysis or interpretation is delivered, whatever conceptual frameworks are represented, whatever dynamism is bestowed on money generating aspects of one’s life, and money cannot escape being a mere tool to facilitate our need nicely. It cannot control or govern human reality. In fact, money can buy stupidity, pride, arrogance and the like but it cannot buy intelligence, knowledge, nature and other essential aspects and ingredients of life. It is a means where by one can smoothly facilitate one’s own need when one acquires it nicely.

What could be interesting in here that most people are engaged and waste their time in money making thinking and the like, which is nice and better than spend one’s time for nothing. However, it is still a just a time and efforts that is spent in satisfying one’s nature as human reality which is the material aspects, which put this world to be a prisoner in the world of greed since it lacks other ingredients such as intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions which put our world as of toady ion huge jeopardy.

And last week, I went to one of the companies in here, which helps individuals to increase their income so that they can make better life too. The idea and the type of strategies they try to establish is nice, but the end goals is a disaster. It is because, it is self centered mechanism in which in that specific gathering, the ideas or views of those individuals who have failed and suffered is ignored, and are considered as garbage thing which is very erroneous and biased approach and strategy they implement in there. There should be a mechanism and strategy to help those who have failed in participating in such drama of the network marketing than consider tem as rubbish and useless people.

Most companies that are engaged in such fields do fail at last since they have a motto while creating such motivation and creativity to individuals fail in those who give them critics since they have one sided and single minded approach which is money making and thus they fail in creating inclusive community as others do in other arenas of life. Survival for years does not tell success and making few individuals prosperous does not make a given company successful, but due its limitations and narrow minded approaches it follows, such companies could have benefited large number of people than what they claim in their bulletins or proclaim in their public relations, if they would have corrected their own strategies and doctrines of their company which could create wide wealth options and sources.

Thus such companies could nicely facilitate the benefits of few individuals, but could handicap the future of communities or visions of a nation since it is not directly focused on creating capital which is not linked and integrated with the need of a nation. For example, when such aspect of life is becoming a core of life in developing countries that are in dire need of foreign currencies or whatever, export sector should the concern, but the more people are encouraged and are motivated to spend their time in such sectors, the money aspect and its movement is just like other sectors, which is from left pocket to the right pocket, which does not have greater impact in increasing the nations capital by producing capital which brings foreign currencies to such nations.

Money is becoming a six sense organ as they say in which it is not possible to interact and communicate without money. The attitude and thinking people have in relation to money is very interesting and they have bias in listening and understanding to the thinking of rich man and poor man although they think and speak same words and thinking. When a rich man speaks something which could sound like rubbish, most people could say, he/she has a point; where as when a poor man speaks or thinks something very revolutionary or whatever, they say, I do not understand what he wants to say, it is vague and the like. Money speaks in every language, and wealth listens to it.

Most people listen and understand what is expressed in tongue or written in whatever language, but they listen and understand the wealth money have so that whatever thing one say or think does not matter unless and otherwise one has certain matter behind, which is wealth. A person who has bag of money is not a wealthy man, but a person who is wealthy has lots of money too. Money is one of the tools to acquire wealth, but wealth needs certain capacities and integrities which the possessor should tell and state than what other claim on behalf of such people too.

The Idea Vs The Concept ….?

January 10, 2012

It is quite fascinating to see how the world of creation has come to this point of existence, after passing all such processes and phase of life in which assumptions, speculations, theories and ideas shape our world to date. This world is an interesting enigma and force in which many have speculated and perceived nicely as many others have failed to give us clues of life and how our world should look like and would look like.

What is more interesting in here that various forces have shaped our world as of today such as politics, religion, education, wealth, culture, philosophy and the like. They have played profound roles in shaping our thinking and perception towards existence and our perception on our reality and about this world at large. Hence, they deserve respect and reverence due to the contribution they make in our life and our existence to date.

However, there is only one element which is still debatable. Who is the Creator of such orderly and dynamic universe? We all do not know, but most people agree that there is one Super natural Power, whose name is called, God who create such universe. And they further state that He asks us to worship him in this and that way, and He deliver us strategies and the like. He sends us Prophets and other chosen people to receive guidance, they also say.

Although it is very hard to argue and discuss about an Entity we have no further knowledge, since it is unknown, it could be wild guess that there could be certain assumptions and speculations could be there due to certain traditions and cultures people have been shaped thru past centuries and ages, in which most assume that such knowledge and information about the Creator is correct and true since culture and tradition dictate most people than what Reality and Rationale does since Reality is in most cases relative and contextual.

It is possible to make suggestions and ideas regarding our Creator but it is very hard to give conclusive ideas and knowledge regarding such Huge Power since such Reality is beyond our comprehensions and Conception. This does not mean that one is atheist or whatever, but this means that there is a conclusive idea which is underlined that there is Creator, whichever name or title is given, but the debatable aspect is the strategy or method in which such Power cannot only use one method or way to be reachable as was the trend in the past dictate, in which most people define and understand, Religion is the only and chief instrument to reach to God, which is not the case in here. It is just one way, but there are many other ways which are personal and contextual and relative too.

Bearing this in mind, the conception delivered to us regarding human reality—the body and the soul—forms certain contradiction in our thinking and perception of human reality and the environment, due to the basic nature both share in which body is a reality that is governed by time and space and where as the soul is not, and thus such combination creates certain contradiction in our reality. And hence, one argues here that human reality has as conventionally agreed, four basic natures and these are material or physical reality, emotional realty, intellectual reality and spiritual reality. The body serves as a tool or instrument to these four elements depending on our efforts and choices and opportunities people are provided and they make in life.

There are other aspects of human realities which cannot be categorized under the above mentioned four categories in which they could be realities few people could only share as result of their volition, efforts and opportunities and other factors they are provided in life. This is like the paranormal activity in which there are only few people who could share and experience that and they could not be understood by the mass or others as result of lacking or absence of such faculties in which our body is instrumental to such powers and knowledge. This is something few can excel others as result of many factors, but the body is still instrumental to such realities and aspects of life. This reality in most cases is considered as one of the hoax things due to many reasons.

Like wise there are other actors and participants on the drama of life on the earth and these are the family, community, society, and institutions. They have also their own four respective needs as the human reality does—the individual. These are material needs, emotional needs, intellectual needs and spiritual elements too. When they combined and integrated such needs in harmonious manner, the better integration and bright things yet to come. When such needs and realities are not combined and integrated well, the more noisy things we hear, the more confusion and contradictions they face in every where.

It is also possible to consider the family as one of the institutions in which human beings interact and communicate life in this world considering it as sacred and holistic approaches towards life on the earth. This component has its own need such as material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs. Satisfying such needs delivers joy and happiness to any given family and this is one of the processes that everyone is doing at every corner in the world since its dynamics is a mystery. Thus such component needs care and wisdom in handling its affairs since maturity is one of the requirements and it requires its own social skills.

Every given society has material needs as every given community does have. In every given society, the integration of culture or harmonious interaction between various cultures could be a need in here. On the way, culture here is an emotional and intellectual need and reality. Where as, in every given community, unity of diverse individuals could be a need. In this case, institutions do work to coordinate and make such diverse background to interact and communicate well so that they can create a better world and dynamics within their domain.

The synergetic effect of such needs do create certain other needs and we look forward achieving and integrating such needs in life. The more and better integration of such needs at the four levels or entities such as the individual community, society and institution levels, the nice and bright future we have in this world. This is the argument in here in which there is no need to bring to attention and perceive human reality as body and soul, but rather the body serves as being instrumental to these four human realities and other invisible entities do share as single human reality does share too.

As such theatrical events and drama is on the stage, life is a continuous process. This world is looking forward to such direction, in which it is going on by identifying its priorities and needs at a given individual, community, society and institution level as the time permits and as the time changes. This world never stops, and it is a continuous process and power and force that is emanated everyday from unknown source that makes our world and universe survive and exist and we get life from such Profound Power Source in every day and at every walks of life.

People and their superstitious beliefs and thinking pass away like the clouds in the desert, but those Realities that are True and Correct live guiding humanity to Centuries and ages since Time and Reality prove them right and make them life giving and serve as torching light in which we can see tomorrow by the torching light we receive today by such people. Tomorrow has its own eye, and we get an idea on today, and we shape that given idea depending on the need of tomorrow since today and tomorrow are inseparable and can be integrated.

The Psychology of Ideology

January 6, 2012

Khalil Gibran, in one of his works entitled—The Prophet, said :

Your children are not your children
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself
They come through you, but they are not from you
And though they are with you yet
They belong not to you
You may give them your love
Not you thoughts
For they have their own thoughts…

Ideology is a system of belief serving a social group. It is quite interesting to note in here that how a given ideology is interconnected with its groups of people, in which people justify the correctness, validity and reliability of any given idea with the group of people who claim that such given idea belongs to us and the like. This is one of the interesting dramas in this world and there are various types of communities and societies that are formed and work under leader and follower style of life.

What if any given idea works and operates the way differing from the claimed communities or societies that are formed under it, or whatever, is there any other way such deviance or deviants could be justified? People say, the chief error relating to the application of the ideology might be called “the totalist illusion”. It consist of thinking that the entire context of social though is socially determined in the sensed mentioned of a dependence on relation to the groups.

It is possible to connect certain idea to certain group, but it impossible to wholly claim that a given idea operates under certain form and shape since idea is an invisible reality which could progress or changes thru the passage of time as result of its natural character and processes of life. For example, art and science are very interesting aspects of our life in which most ideas are categorized under these broad categories. Science is a technical means towards satisfying growing desires and needs for stable life, characterized by universalism since it is associated with human reason and material and social needs, whereas art is a mode of expression translating activities of human community or nation, national since it as links with the soul of a given nation, its heritage, history and conditions of life.

Both have their own methodology and way of operating due to their nature since they have different character and nature. The use of telephone cannot be connected to certain group of people since that given scientist is from certain nation, but the nature and needs belong to a universal reality since connection is what everyone needs as human beings. Where as a paint of certain person who belongs to certain nation reflects certain heritage of a given nation belongs to certain types of people. Bearing this in mind, there are many systems of belief formulated in this world and they change in character and shape as the time goes by due to many reasons. As islands are created out of certain volcanic activity, any given system that lives under certain crisis either changes or vanishes after that given circumstances too.

As such theatrical events of life is going on, there are various groups and categories of people who function within and outside a given circle of community or society or nation. These are seven types or categories of people who live in nay nation or community, but they have different kinds or types of ideology or may be none, but they live in one or the other types or categories of people in every land and in this world too.

The first ones are the so called, leaders, who could be elected or appointed, and they have their own inner circlers and hey are the prime architects of their group or community. They devise strategies, plans and they make everything in front and behind and design the looks of the people and community they lead and guide. The are the most inner circle since they are the planners, and decision makers of the nation or community they belong or they want to create.

The second ones are the implementers and supporters of such leaders. There are are quite larger in number and size of the former ones; the primal function of such people is to follow and promote the agendas o the so called leaders mentioned on te above. Obedience is the link that integrates the former and such ones and they work together to implement the goals set by the so called the leaders.

The third ones are those types of people who support the first and the second types of people with out rational and reasonable arguments. They just follow then since they obtain certain advantage and personal benefits. They do no care what they think or plan behind, but they support them blindly since they are beneficiary from tat given system or whatever. They do not have enough capacity to understand their claims.

The fourth ones are the indifferent ones in which they are not sure where they are going; they do not support what the former groups of people say, but the try to be fair, neutral, and try to balance things in their own mindset and thinking. They think that wisdom is the best method and approach in life in which they try to be wise in their own mindset; in reality, they are cowardice and they do not have a stand since they do not have their own perspective and stand in life. They claim they are positive, but not.

The fifth ones are those who totally oppose what the first and second types of people claim and they are called opposition parties or in cases as ,“enemy”… whatever due to the fact they oppose and they have reason, rational, and they justify that the first and the second types of people are wrong in their own method and approaches of life. They have their own mechanism and way of seeing things in away different from the first and second types of people. They have their own arguments, proofs and rational to justify that such people are wrong and they need advise and help. These people are very important elements and ingredients of society since they have rationale.

The sixth types of people are followers and advocators of the fifth types of people in which they implement, support and participate in the plans and visions of the fourth types of people. They are active participants of their drama since they think same way as they do and they cooperate in their plans and dramas too.

The seventh types of people are those who follow the fifth and sixth types of people since they meet their personal advantage or their personal advantages are put to danger due to the first and second types of peoples.

Modern ideological theory draws a distinction between two major kinds of approaches, researches in the field states. These are the theory of interest and the theory of tension. According to the theory of interests, this is related to psychological phenomena as the perception of advantage and to social situation, in which theory is mask and a weapon in here. According to the theory of tension, it is mostly related and connected to psychic pole [collective state of anxiety] with a social one in which it is considered that theory is means of avoiding anxiety. In both aspects, theory serves as a bridge connecting past and future by creating its own island and seeking its own dwellers too.