Media and Society !?….

December 18, 2011

In this world, there are different types and kinds regarding the nature and ownership of the Media, in which they say, media is shaping most people mentality on way the actors of the media dictate. Hence, the thinking world is falling under the mercy of the owners of the media, mainly the politicians. We are asked to think in a way media dictate us. Thus, our life is directly and indirectly relate to what we hear and see in the Media.

There are different natures and characters of ownership in relation to the Media in which there are countries where private company and privatizations in the media sector is allowed; there are countries where ownership of media only belongs to the state; and there are countries in which the media is controlled by the government and the private sector according to the will and mercy of the state. While such drama of life is going on, one wonder and asks certain question in relation to media and the public, and could say, what is going on our planet?

What is interesting in here is that in those societies where media is controlled by the state and in few cases by the private ones, media serve as being as anesthesia. They inject the society to be in deep sleep so that the state or the politician can do whatever surgical operation they could do to the society so that they do everything in way they ask. This is like, a given leaders or state do use the media as anesthesia, and the society gets deep sleep. They do whatever thing they like to do. In this case, they could steal the lung or make a part of the society to malfunction, and they go. The next one comes, it tries to be genuine, and when it takes an inventory, something is missing. Then it gives another anesthesia injection so that they can function in good manner.

What is happening at the end of the day is that the society has lost all its parts and organs, start living by taking age elongating tables and medicines like those who are in HIV positive case and they live with taking different kind of pills so that they can forget their depression and oppression. One of the contributing factors for the most part of the society to live like parrots is the media and the actors of such media. The actors of such media are not doctors or lawyers, but they are called journalist, and they take various courses on journalism too.

The field of journalism state that the first obligation of journalism is the truth, and then next to it is loyalty to citizens. The challenge they face in this regard is that how far such journalists are truthful and they disseminate information that contains truth to the society. In fact, such station is not an easy step and station since it requires detachment and courage, it does not come by education, training, chance or luck, it needs conscious efforts, choices and decisions too. It needs determination and sacrifice. As we hear in the Medias, most of them lack determination, and their agenda is means of livelihood than being truthful and trustworthy. They prefer to be anaesthesia tablet or vaccine than awaken the mass to have vibration and dynamism in their lives.

There are others who try to be smart and take safe side in which they choose the field of entertainment as being engaged in the developmental journalism, in which the mass is dying of taking the anesthesia tables, but at the end, the mass has died of taking many tablets of anesthesia, they forget their role and their responsibility in which they assume that they are entertaining the society. A person who has been taking the anesthesia does not need entertainment, but taking the right surgical operation and getting cured from the disease one suffers, and when one gets enough time, one could need entertainment.

We live in a world where the end and the beginning has been intermingled in which most of the society is lost in the middle of nowhere, we need the right surgical operators and the right treatment before we wake up from the anesthesia most of the society is injected and taking and thus, one could make pause here and ask, certain questions about one’s reality, identity and the like…Who is guiding and teaching? Who is disseminating information, what is the motive behind and the like? It sounds nonsense and useless to hear in the public media where Angelina Jolie buys her underwear to a person who is striving to have one’s daily bread since the media belongs to such a person too?

It is also quite interesting to hear in the public media, which belongs to us including this man, about the soccer in the west in which it becomes more than and beyond entertainment since there are many jobless people. In order to entertain them, the media cooperated in making them forget many things. They say the great grand, grand father and mother of famous premier league soccer player forget their bag in the airplane; a famous player in London dates a models in Italy and the like, which put the media and the scope besides the pubic who listen to such nonsense information, under jeopardy and funny. It is quite useless and meaningless details they give to the audience besides the relevant information they deliver.

And one day, I was wondering, after observing the impact of such aspect of media on the thinking of society, what is going on this country? Who is leading us? And I asked one of the person whom I met accidentally, I asked him, while discussing such aspect of life in here, who is the leader of this country? And he stared at me, and replied with funny remark, Tony Blair is the prime minister of this country. Then I said I get the correct answer. And thank you for the remark. When the British mind is incorporated with the body in here, it is like having what we say in here, “kolo be kariya”, meaning, having cooked wheat with pepper. Life becomes like tan when it goes beyond its limit and the like.

It is also quite up surd to find spam in our radios, the moment we tune a radio or TV program, to listen or watch, we are forced to hear the ads of the sponsors than the regular program which is intended to the audience. This is creating laziness and we have observed the unpreparedness aspect on the side of the presenters and the organizers of programs. We cannot ably see their talent and skill in organizing and leading such programs since they are covered up and swallowed in the ads of the sponsors. Although, they cannot function without money, it brings tremendous stress on the side of the listener by being forced such ads without one’s own choice. There should be a kind of policy and regulation on this aspect so that the audience can get refined programs than listen the ads of sponsors. China has recently drawn a law on this regard, and the same case should be applied in here. We have to reduce the number of anesthesia tablets or vaccines we take per day.

Rumors indicate that there are certain conspiracies and sabotage going on behind in which there are certain programmers which are deliberately designed to attack and destroy the reputation and good will of others in which there are certain individuals, group of societies and institutions that are targeted under such plots. One of the reasons is personal and selfish interest in which money is the core issue. The other reason is envy and jealousy. The third factor is power monopoly factor in which there are certain individuals who confuse personal interest against public interest in which they us to promote and promulgate personal hidden interest on others.

In most of the programmers that are aired, guests and honored people are artists and the like in which most of the programmers are tried to catch rapt attention due to the powerful aspect of the art and the very nature of the art is endowed. This is like given nation have abundant fuel, but there is no automobile, which is designed for use, although other possibility could be in here to export fuel, but that is not the case in here. A given nation could desperately need scientist, thinkers and the like so that the public and the next generation should learn and take something from the present. In this regard, media plays profound role in translating and passing such information to tem as. What we hear is the names and sounds of the arts than that of scientists and thinkers. One should pause and think what is the drama for?

It is also quite silly to notice the failure in the usage of the language itself in which most of the program organizers forget the native tongue as the medium of communication, and they use foreign language in the middle of their programs and conversation, and they also advise the public, on how to preserve their national identity. The paradox and conflict of personality in the program coordinators which are aired are creating some sort of quest to our minds in which, few are heard, and what are these people trying to deliver? When there is no respect for others, others might not deliver what is intended too. Informal conversations and the media programs are two different aspects of life, and none tunes to hear or see chaotic or disorganized program on the TV or Radio. It is high time to make media system overhaul as one of the reforms that should take place in terms of the organizers, presenters and the whole format as whole.

We need great thinkers and thinking that shape our reality to the future and the next generations. Even if there are such people in the Medias, they are requested or they focus on certain and selected agenda and mission in which they focus and promulgate the political drama, which we have no clue or take the majority to the island as the former regime leaders take. Life is becoming same old style stuff in which they did as the present one is doing and we see much similarity in character and style in which they both focus creating their own territory and island, by diverting the attention of the mass by the selected program they air, in which art is playing its own game in here. We do need profound thinkers and liberal minded people than such number of artists aired, though they are also important too, in which art is simply tool to transmit such thinking. But the drama looks very different. The less relevant things are considered as the most important ones and they take much time.

Diversity means not only in culture, ethnicity and the like, but also in thinking world in which there should be enough ground and atmosphere that accommodates all types of thinking than having a threatening environments on others. When few people try to think something different, they are labeled under certain tag; they are not given privilege to take media programs too, but they could be categorized under certain categories of people such as terrorist, enemy and the like, and they are removed from the list of the nation. Such approach does not lead any given nation to true prosperity and happiness, but if there is a strong conviction and determination to change a given nation to true happiness and prosperity, things should be free and everyone should be given the psycho make up, courage and freedom to express one’s thinking before others in free manner, without harassment and stigmatization too. We lived and are shaped with stressful psycho make up both past and present, and to expressing oneself before others, we have been shaped with different threats such as culture and society and make up, besides the political pressure we face, and thus one is frightened to express ones’ thinking due to the fear and psycho make of that given nation.

Bearing this in mind, there are two types of eyes that are equally important and essential, in order to have nice and bright future. The first ones are those eyes that are positive and optimistic on what is going on; the second ones are those eyes that are critical ones in which critical thinking is the core item and balance of such given nation. Otherwise, prosperity could be a chimera and a fantasy, and idle imagination, since there is no prosperity that comes out without the clash of differing and contrasting opinions and thought. The concept and idea of Justice comes as result of seeing and investing ideas and views from various perspectives and directions. Justice is one of the important aspects of given society since it creates certain balance and norm in the life of society and its dynamics in general.

In  this case, a given society is asked to have a different mindset and perspective. Maturity of given nation and society means on how far everyone is tolerable and understanding to the other. For this, there is no need to have PHD or ink and paper. One shares according to the responsibility one feels and thinks and assumes; and it does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out such dramas and theater since they are so childish simple to figure out. From the fear of having a next generation which assumes survival according to the number of laughs and around of applause it makes when the big boss makes remarks in the parliament, one shares one’s concern in here.