What is Change!?

November 11, 2011

When Libyans live under the 42 years of Muhamar Gaddafi regime, they were asked to forget their past, if any, and focus on the future. One of the strategies of such leadership was to make them delete their past. Amongst such strategy was the change and shift of thinking and belief they have, by changing the national flag, and their national anthem to a different and a new setting which the regime sought to be. And they did so for decades. They tried to change their thinking and belief to a different setting as asked by the leadership.

They changed the three colored flag to one, by having green colored flag that shows prosperity and happiness of a nation. The color of the flag is pretty nice. What was different in here that after four decades they cannot change what the rest of the population think and have a belief in, and the public bring back everything to the point that was 42 year ago. The leadership cannot win the hearts of the public although they did great works to that nation and people.

What is interesting in here that the public was silent for decades until they get the opportunity and chance to tell what they think and believe in, and the public demonstrated and manifested to the world that they continued from where they stop. The public continued after September 1 1969, in which they start their own values and thinking on September 2, 1969 although the regime had been overthrown after 42 years. They change their flag and national anthem back to when they stop and they start their own thing after wards.

The point in here is what when leaders or politicians try something strange or different which is kind of alien to the entire society, society has its own way of acting and reacting based on the strategy leaders devise. In this regard, Libyans are good example. They prefer to be silent and passive until time is come and when the time is come, they tell who they are in their own mechanism and fashion. Nowadays, none can stop Libyans from what the think and have visualized about their nation and their future too. It is indeed a new day to Libya.

The same is true to other nations that are formed and established under such styles of leader and followers style. One of the interesting aspects of African leaders is that once they are put to power, they forget everything, but they justify and put arguments not to lose power or the authority they already established. This is a trend that is getting removed by now, in which things are very different today. Staying in power for decades is becoming an issue no matter how good a leader is or no matter how fair a system is; people and other nations do not like such styles of leadership.

The progress of a given nation is dependent upon not only on the quality of leaders, but also with the style and fashions it chooses in which the public is designed or asked to think that shape a generation and the future too. Although there are many excuses that are made under the cover, “The Constitution”, this is also designed by people, which can be corrected and rectified by people too, which should ask any given leader to assume an office of a particular nation for not more that a decade. Leaders should re-think on such aspects.

The psycho make of people and leaders in few countries is quite interesting. Society has its own way of acting and reacting to its leaders. In societies where the question of freedom is becoming an intriguing quest, silence does not mean not acceptance, but rather it is means of expressing one’s disappointment and dissatisfaction to the system one is governed with. Silence in here is a big noise and big opposition party than any other thing. When suitable environment is come, and the time is ripe, it has its own way and means of manifestation to the objective world and to that given system too. Silence here manifests in violence.

When people are silent, it is not possible to tell what it is, since there is no outward manifestation in terms of actions and reactions. Silence and being passive are two different realities. When people are passive, there is a way of acting and reacting; but when people are silent, there is no action and reaction; but there could be a drama that is going on behind. Being passive, in cases, could be supporting a given system when opportunities are provided, but when people are silent, there is no way such people could support such system.

In this case, people could take a break for certain periods of time and take a breath so that they come with new energy in a different setting, in which time it is not possible to tell specific duration or period of time. It is just having a break. People take a break to be active member of specific or particular given system for many reasons. The first one is obvious. Hence they do not like the agenda. The second one is when they seek transformation and an overhaul process, and such proposal is not accepted by others. The third one is they have enough of it.

While such processes of life is going on, every society and community has its own peculiar characteristics and patterns it develop depending on the fashion and style a given community and society is designed. Few societies stay for centuries and ages, few stays and survive for few decades, few live for few centuries and but they all have one thing in common. All of them try to make their survival longer by changing structures and adjusting certain aspects of their doctrines and way of life. This comes as a desire to exist as society.

Shift and deviation from past is norm and way of life to exist as community or a society. What is interesting in here is that leaders and the public live with misunderstanding and misinterpretations within themselves, due to lack of trust, and suspicion with each other, which is clarified thru the process of time. When the fixed time is come, which is relative and subjective, and depends upon the cultural, social, political setting and framework of nations and people, such confusions and contradictions are cleared away in the processes, time only tell than what the actors of such drama think and believe.

Presumably, there are three types of changes that visit our life. The first ones those events or matters that are like chewing gums, in which they have temporal impact and influence on our lives; the second ones are like those events or matters that visit our life and stay for certain period of time, and they affect us until their given time is off. And then they are not part of us or the cannot represent us since they stop making an influence on our reality and thinking too. The third ones are those events or matters that stay with us until we end up or stop living on the earth in which they are manifestations and reflections of our reality and personality.

For instance, at a given individual level, when a house renter asks one to find another home, or the company owner asks one to find another job or when one change or resigns one’s job, such change or shift have an impact on one’s which is equal to the taste of chewing gum in which a chewing gum has different taste at the beginning, and the more it stays in one’s tongue and mouth, it creates kind of buzz to one’s mind thus it is important to have such shift or changes in one’s life though not frequent, but such changes are necessary and one could do it in frequent manner depending on the type of one’s situation and setting one is shaped in, and they add certain flavor to one’s life.

In relation to institutions, for instance it is quite important to cite an incident in here. When the Catholics wanted to universalize their synod, what they did was to create American Cardinals and make them have positions in the assemblage. They did this very successfully. Although the Americans have failed to date in having an American pope, due to the fact that there is a misconception and bias regarding Americanism and Spirituality in that given congregations, it is still a challenge in such aspects of their life although they have succeeded to certain extent in making it universal in way they wanted things to go due to certain changes they have made in their synod.

Society is an enigmatic force which exists between institution and individuals in which the cumulative effect of many individuals and circumstances an institution face shape the reality and personality of any given society. When many individual faces circumstances related or like to the chewing gum things as the house rent or the job thing is, and when such matter ad aspects of life differ from a given to individual to another in which various circumstance hit many individuals, and any given institution devise a strategy behind to devise its own way and administer its own affairs as mentioned in the above affects the dynamic and color and shape of any given society.

When few individuals conspire and do certain sabotage, the rest could follow including the institution in which such lie and deception could be known by few people, the group which are part of the society and those institutions that are formed to lead a given society which was formulated out of lie and deception is another strange and exceptional element in which when few individuals take certain initiatives, and form such a given society, this society lives under certain circumstances and strange island in which most think that what they follow and know is true, but that is not the case, and thus. In this case, the idea of individual, institution and society could have various feature and faces when the truth becomes out to the eyes.

This is like, when a given community had fabricated a leader.. *66+43*..in the past in which a given community could be formed out of fake leadership and authority in which such community members suffer without their knowledge since they had no clue that the leader who used to lead them in the pas is fake and is not a legitimate one, which is beyond the knowledge and authority of the given charter, if any, they assume. In this case such community suffers much since it s working on fake vision. Credibility germinates out of legitimate authority in which such agenda is known by the many as if their leader in the past is legitimate and correct. In this dilemma and confusion, things are not going and working right since there was a drama done on the stage long time ago. Reality proves them wrong though they justify with many other reasons and analogies. The truth is different and way from the Point.

In such given circumstances in which all of them are misdirected and misguided, there is huge similarity and close mindset  that is created at all level in which what a given individual, the institution and the society think and lives in same fashion, in a way a bit different from others since such given community focuses more on protectionism, and pays whatever it asks to protect the fabricated claim it does. The funny things in here is that when individuals govern the truth in their own good time, most of them leave such groups or societies and there are certain individuals who could stay in it by making a compromise. Such communities are well known in giving tag and label to individuals who think differently.  Such communities suffer due to the agenda they have in which they change from time to time and adjust and survive in different shapes.

While living in such close community and mindset, the idea of change and other ideals like justice and fairness is bound by certain margins and boundaries. Since there is margin and boundary set not to pass, the idea of change and transformation is acceptable with this range and this makes life difficult for few who think outside the box and other transformational things yet to come. The truth cannot be dictated by the voice of the majority since the truth is crystal clear matter. The sun gives heat and light, and we do not have to agree or disagree on the subject since it is truthful. However, when there is a need to get rid of someone from a given community, here we need to have an agreement in this agreement does not comply to being truthful or correct. It is just agreement in which voice of the majority could be considered as being sheet or stupid than any other thing. They say, the mass is always wrong, which is the case here.

Any change or vision that is encompassed and the actions and reaction in such communities, even if they stay more than 1000 years, is like a chewing gum thing since they cannot go beyond certain boundary already set. While residing in such community and society, change and transformation are possible with limited version and setting, one can conclude in here that the whole world is like that given community. Such communities are like drop from the ocean in which in most,  in fact all of them are founded up on lie and deception in teems of higher level of thinking and understanding in which when people go up, they find that everything is like on the mirage on the asphalt, and the basis and foundation is just fake. In this case, they become the cause and lead to other people who are identified by others as “deep thinkers”,  “global thinkers”, in which they create and come up with another perspective and ideas that keep the balance of this world. When people get to certain level of thinking, they understand without talking and conversing with each other since they share the pain and the idea and the perspective too. It is just a matter of station.

The idea of bringing to attention the analogy of the chewing gum has three aspects. The first one is time. The second one is the taste and the flavor. The third one is the impact and the consequences of what the taste delivers. In this regard, when one takes a chewing game, it is sweet for brief period. The taste is nice in its introductory stage. The time in here is brief moment. However, as it goes on, it could hurt one’s mouth and tongue since its taste and period is over. Compared to eternity, 1000 years could be brief period and time as the chewing game as history of creation is told billions years of age in which none has found out when the creation is come to existence.

The second aspect of Change which is mentioned in here is that such changes have significant impact for certain period of time at individual, society or community and institution level. When an individual acquired a profession or chooses certain life style, which sustains one’s stay on the earth to certain significant period of time, such changes affect one’s reality to certain extent, on the way, what, how one thinks since such aspect of life in most cases determine as to whom one is. In this case, to find and lose a job is not that important as far as one has a profession which makes one’s life more sustainable in this regard. When one joins certain political party or religious party, this makes life possible to certain extent too. Then life goes on by its own means. When a given individual changes profession; the same is true as the previous ones.

Inventions and discoveries bring profound change on the life of human society. Unless and otherwise a new invention or finding is come, the existing inventions and discoveries shape our reality and thinking in many ways. They affect our thinking machinery in terms of institution, individual and society level. Thus, they continue bringing changes as far as they are true and legitimate, in which they design our thinking and way of life in many aspects until the new ones are due. Hence, they are essential and important since they make us govern realities and secrets of cosmos. In this case, it is not possible to say in here that a person whom we think is difficult or we do not like come up with a new concept and look, it is not useful or important as far as such discovery or theory brings CHANGE, people should accept and will be forced to accept since such matter is true and correct.

In this process there are always struggles going on to falsify or reject such claims, new and different inventions and discoveries,  which is part of the process of change; and as far as they  are correct and true, one should deliver recognition otherwise there is another aspect of corruption which exist in higher level which is tantamount to corruption in thinking realm, in this regard. One of the interesting aspect of those changes that come in such aspects, they are not easy since they ask a paradigm shift and they bring profound change at institution, community and individual level.

Let us assume in here that a given person is born and raised in Africa. And thru the process of time, one goes to the West and lives in there and acquires western citizenship. Identity and nationality are two give aspect of such a person in which one’s identity is shaped by the culture, thinking and language, where as one’s nationality is determined by what is on the ink and the paper, in which the passport is a given case in here. In this case, the identity is something that is staying to one’s life until one’s end, but the nationality has two given features in which this depends on the policy and laws of given nation, which is beyond the person. And we see such given people acting and reacting in circumstances in here, the so called—the split personality stuff—in which they show two different cards depending on circumstances they face.

One of the things they have in here, the identity is not something that given person can change unless and otherwise one change one’s culture, thinking, language and the like, but nationality is something that can be altered according to the opportunity one faces. In this regard, life has two colors in a given individual span of time in which nationality is a given factor which stay for certain period of time and changes one’s life situation and condition to a different flavor and color accordingly. Change in nationality in here is change in the ink and paper thing; where as change in the culture, language and other realities is a formidable task, but one can mute it when one does not like such aspects. Change in nationality does not mean that change in identity which are two different aspects of life since identity is something hat is inbuilt and comes as result of a given family where one belongs and developed thru time.

There are certain changes that come as result of the choices many individuals make that have an impact on how institutions and society function in which case, the case of migration in population do have an impact on the structure and function and thinking make up of society and institutions. In this case, more hybrid people and mix of culture and thinking occur that result in the change in terms of thinking machinery and the future of any given society and institution, taking the above single circumstances of the nationality and individuality aspect of many individuals. New rules, policies and the like emerge which result in shaping how society and institution function. In this case a given society and institution could take new and different structure which is totally different from the past. Individuals, society and institutions are interrelated and interconnected.

The first two aspects of changes that are discussed in here are come by the choices and decisions individuals, institutions and society make as result of their daily routines and interactions. In this case, a given individual has freedom, right and choice to accept or reject any kind of opportunity one is provided in life, and given institution has every right to accept or reject any of the circumstances it faces as result of its own way of functioning, and a given institution has every right to draw a rule or not regarding any circumstances one faces in its daily routines and functions. Choice and capacity plays significant role in bringing change in this aspect than any other matter in here.

The other aspect of Change, which is the third as mentioned in here is that it is  a change none has control over in which it s both natural and comes as result of the consequences of choices people make in their life. For example, growth has no human interference in which any given matter which has a birth is subjected to grow. And there are also certain things that come to our life as result of choices of few people make in their life. For example, when a woman gets or cheats her husband, such act and reaction brings another backfire to the man side or the vice-versa case, in which she could end up in divorce and such act do have an impact on the rest of her life too. A single act and choice people make have an impact to the rest of their lives as result of such consequences in life and the way this world has been shaped.

In terms of any given society, when a given society accepts or chooses to follow certain belief system, this given society has already decided to accept the consequences of such actions and reaction in which it follows whatever such acceptance and recognitions entails and delivers. For example, when the king of Ethiopia in the 4th. Century accepted the belief of Christianity; this decision has shifted and shaped the belief of that particular society and the society that comes after it, which is up to now. Although there were few people who follow such given belief before him, but the decision of that given king shifted and shaped the entire society up to the way we are now. Thus life and way of life is shaped to a different afterwards and the way this society is shaped as of now is originated by the decision of one king, in which case, today most of the members of this society considers and thinks to the extent Jesus Christ is born and raised in here in the northern part of Ethiopia. This is just one incident on how, and when people do make choice on certain matters, such actions and actions change and affect the dynamics and structure of any given society.

Whatever belief system or thinking any given society accepts, the balance is on its impact and influence a given belief and system of belief has on the nation, people and individual lives. When a given society has accepted a given belief like few thousand years, another given society could accept and admit another system of belief in few hundred years ago, the impact is as we see in our days in the gworld; the touchstone is how far such forms of beliefs solved the complex problems of society than the politics or the type of forms and structure it gets within a society, going on all over although they have thousand years, the impact they brought on the life of society.

As we see today, such given form of belief has many different sects and forms of beliefs within it that are introduced and is by itself becoming a problem and a cause for the division and separation of people, which were supposed to live under one form of belief system. Thus this requires another matter or aspect to solve than deliver a solution to the problems of the society. The introduction of such given sects and forms of belief give birth to new and different types of problems which has never been in the history of the society.

Problems change as way of life changes too. The question of unity comes under the mercy of tolerance and understanding than come by its own if all belong under one given belief system. Then, the more they add other forms of beliefs, they add another confusion and contradtion than getting closer to one another. Since most people get accustomee to the way of life as going by now, they think everything as forgranted which should not be the case, but in reality, the way of life and the values of society has got depleted and changed to a different setting and environment to such given systems of belief dictate. At last, this could be too late to figure out as time goes by since they have alraedy surrendered their identity and reality to such form of beliefs.

Hence, there are people and nations who consider tolerance and understanding as part of their identity due to the fact that such choices were made by those who were before them, which should not be the case, if another choice and decision was made before them. They consider pride as one of the merits such virtues give birth, but in a very fact, such attitude and thinking do have negative consequences on the future of society and the coming of civilizations yet to come. Therefore, society becomes captive of past thinking and beliefs and lives with social expectations and promises than creating its own identity. In a very fact, when one considers item by item on the virtues claims, they exist in another part of society and culture too. Then one would ask, who are we, where do we come from? How was our roots formed and how are we going about to the future?

The question of identity in here becomes complex and subtle since there are certain things we share and we do not share with others. Although there are fundamental things that we do not share with others, such attributes should help the society in bringing better prosperity and well being to the mass than making the mass being captives of tales that are made out of such historical backgrounds. When historical identities are reinforced to the present generation, this should be with a greater motive of changing historical bad things to the good of the mass than just keeping history and story as treasure. History and identity should be justified from the point of present prosperity and well being of nation so that better future can be created. Otherwise, history and story becomes a hindrance and obstacle and could need an entire overhaul in this regard. Change has to come to create better future by bringing to attention, Past and Present realities.

There are two major and significant matters that contribute to Change in everything. The first one is how one observes and understands a given matter; the second one is the object of understanding. When one changes on the way and applications on how and what one understands, this is what they call, the paradigm shift thing occurs in a given man in which experience and higher understanding level matters in which a given person acquires certain shift in one’ s thinking due to passing certain experience. The second one is what a given object f understanding changes, we say, change takes place, it is like, in a place where there was no grass ten years ago, and when we go now, we find grasses and greenery, and we say, there is a big change in that given place.

With regard to our understanding and perception, one could cite an example in here in which a given person could be perceived by few people as special person and after few years, this same person could be perceived as ordinary person, and after few years, again, this same person could be perceive by such few people as bad person, where as the life style of that person in these years are all the same and there is no change that takes place in the life of such person. Here it is how they perceive that given person change and thus, this person lived and died in their imaginative worlds of such people than any other thing occur in one’s life in which the reality of such person remains constant as days goes by.

Basically, there are two types of changes that occur in life. The first one is mandatory. The second one is voluntary one. Whichever change is come, change is a necessary aspect of life that visit one’s life at individual, institution and society level. Hence change is necessary whether there is progress or regress at institutional and society and institutional level. Change is something that shifts and shape one perspective, thinking and way of life to very different and unprecedented ones are necessary since we need new things in life. This is not a sign of being desperate, but a sign of maturity since change creates better opportunity and way of life since the existing systems and structures have failed in many aspects of life though they have created profound impact on the life and dynamism of society and institutions at large.

We are bored of existing one and we seek new things in life. This is healthy thinking and perspectives since change bring dynamism and vibration in the life of human society. Russian proverbs state, when money speaks louder, the truth becomes silent. Hence we need the reverse to happen since money speaks louder in every tongue but the truth is muted everywhere in every tongue. We need a revolutionary mindset that shift what is on the table to a different paradigm, but for the good of the whole than being concerned for the advantage and betterment of the few. Past structure and way of life create few to rule the majority in many things, but the reverse should come true.

In order to bring fundamental and significant change in the life of any given community or society, there are two basic criterions and conditions people should fulfill, otherwise to think of a change that is currently going on is tantamount to changing the seat arrangements in a given room, and this does not bring any observable result and fundamental transformation in the life of human reality since as the law of thermodynamics state that it is easier to do things in wrong way than doing them in right way. And thus most systems are accustomed to such practices in which they do the wrongs than the rights since it is very difficult to practice and act on the right things and matters.

The two conditions and qualities people should fulfill in order to bring fundamental and significant changes are courage and detachment in which people should acquire virtues like courage which is not an outburst of ignorant emotions, but conscious and thoughtful actions that are based on knowledge and skills. The other one which is the very difficult approach and thing, s detachment since it requires and contains many things within it. Hence, change is not something that comes by magic or holy water, but rather it is a process that starts at a given point and continues towards to the achievement of its own goals and destined point in which vision is the basis and the pivot point.

Presumably, there are two processes and types of Change that occur in the life of human society especially in terms of given individual, and society, and in cases, in terms of a given institutions lives. The first one is the spontaneous ones like the case of one Tunisian—Arabian Youth—being a martyr and sacrifice and then the rest part of the Arab world becomes transformed into social evolutionary and revolutionary process that is set on the stage and on fire which is currently underway. The other is a Change that comes with deep contemplation and reflection of many aspects in which various discussions and consultations have been undertaken and come to an agreement to change to a different setting and environment.

The Case of the Soviet Union and the fate of Socialism are found illogical and impractical, though the idea seems very nice. Then the break down of Soviet Union to different autonomous states and nations become practical. Both have their own impact on the life of society and nations too. Both have their own nature and character but the have one end in which they are determine to change past to a better future though the consequences of such changes could be dark or bright which time only tell. There is one thing which is underlined in here, society was bored of the existing systems and structure set for decades and then society come up with different thinking and system of belief in spontaneous and non-spontaneous, consultative approaches in here.

When change is come in spontaneous manner, the end result in most case is not well and good since such changes could satisfy certain emotional wants and needs, but lack certain intellectual ingredients so as to make a vision work out true since they are in most case result of out burst of emotions in which oppressions and depressions are the contributing factors for such types of changes to come. They are the result of dislikes of the exiting ones with the hopes and wishes of creating a better ones in which the reality could be contrary to what many people think and assume. In this case, they say, a well known devil is better and nicer than the unknown and unidentified saint and angel. Thus, people are heard saying and complaining and preferring that such changes would not happen and should not occur.

When change is come in evolutionary manner, this sounds better and calmer than the one that is come in spontaneous manner, but there are still other ingredients that need to be fulfilled before the desired result is come. There are certain nations that try to bring change in like an elephant walk in which the progress and growth they claim could be fast, but in reality, they are too slow and frustrating too. For example, a given leading political party could claim its growth and acceptance in the nation by the number of followers it collects from all over the country as one factor. In this case, the party could have 100,000 members 10 years ago, and as of now, members’ number could reach to 10 million since it is the governing party. As such is the number of party members, the number of people who face food shortage and famine could be 10 million too in this case, the victory and success and change a given leading party claims could be under big question? It sounds that every member produces one person who lacks food.

Most people are scared of having changes in their life since they think that new and different things could destroy their life and he world they have built. Hence, any given change, which has profound impact on the lives of society, passes four different stages and levels as every truth does. Since most people are pessimistic—the core aspect of their thinking and attitude—they compromise not to accept new things in their lives. When any given change brings and has the tendency to influence most people and others thinking, it passes shocks, and many different challenges depending on the magnitude and potency of the change is going to come about. Thus, Change is not an easy concept and phenomena. Hardship and tests are the fundamental natures and characters of Change since society and institutions put huge resistances and forces against any change that could bring certain shift in their way of lives.

In this case, patience, perseverance and other aspects of life are important variables to consider and those who are the authors of such changes should expect and understand that change is not an easy step, but a bridge everyone can think of. It requires systemic way and approaches of life. It requires certain disciplines and has its own principles depending on the nature and character of the change one is thinking of. It needs pattern and has its own mechanism which is dependent upon the character, nature and capacity and capability of the author of such changes. Thus, Change in here is a phenomenon that requires certain mindset and thus it needs its own tactics and techniques which is left to the authors of such changes due to the fact that they are the ones who know things and other aspects much better than the rest who follow or opposes them. Thus, it requires its own mindset than follow the dictates and rules of others who have less knowledge and information about such matters.

Change has four different features that go in conformity with the human reality in terms of human beings in which such changes could occur in both positive and negative manners. These are physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realities. These changes could extend their character and identity to society, communities and institutions level depending on the nature and character of every given object. Hence, change has two different colors; one is a change that occurs to particular society or community or individuals or institution and the other is the change that occur on a cosmic scale, in which the summation and cumultaive effect of change in individuals, communites and societies have synergetic effect on the change that is to come at universla level. Thus the change at agiven or particular object could be fast where as the change that is to come at universal level is very slow, and takes great deal of time.

In this regard, there is no need to conisder other variables when change at universal scale is going on like the case of bringing to attention different parts and particular objects that face changes since such changes like at univesal level do occur, they are result of continuous process and changes that happened in different parts and units and thus, the universe is found at a given point as result of such shifts that do occur for years and within different parts of the world. For example, there are two ruinous wars namely WWI and WW II  that did happen in this planet after the year 1900, and thus such actions and reactions could have a reflection and another scenario in another parts or communities in this world such as, there were two figures who established a community and traveled from east to west in this century.

Though, it is very hard to furnish and give specific explanation to this matter, the war could tell something and the behind cause and effect matters that do happen at that given period of times; it could be a reflection of such reality, in cases.  What we know and what historical theories do provide to us different versions and few peoples understanding and interpretations of such realities in which such aspects of life could have different versions and the truth could be totally different from what we know and what we have been provided to date. In this case, one could be forced to perceive such truths and aspects of life to a different version and understanding since understanding is personal and contextual too. However, one come to a definitive conclusion in here that every action has equal and opposite reaction in which certain actions trigger another reaction at a different place depending on the magnitude and potency of the act.

The question in here is not only about past and present, but also future direction and there will be no future when past assumptions are considered as true and correct while there was a drama and mess going on behind in which lie and deceptions are the base. In this case, there is no change that is yet to come unless the truth is out since future is a reality that comes out of past and present facts and realities. And it is no possible to expect any change and any new thing in world deception is considered as legitimate and correct. The solution is crystal clear in which admit the past wrong and work on the future truth than dwell and live having plastic surgery and taking tablets and medicines that prolong the survival of the entire community with the fear of telling and admitting the truth. Here in fact money talks louder than the truth itself.

Passion and hope are important element that add certain flavor ad spices to one’s stay on the earth in which there should be certain activity or something that create certain passion in one’s life in which hope is borne in this arena of life as the passion gets stronger. When there is passion, hope takes place in one’s endeavor in which such ingredients of life are important and essential factors in order to bring fundamental and significant change in one’s life, community and society dynamics and institutional perspectives and guidance. Thus, it is important to keep or create these elements in life so as to make one’s stay on the earth interesting and a life that is full of vigor and strength. As an individual, having an activity is a key element in such arena of life.

Besides passion and hope one is doing in this regard, the mindset, which is the —the Change—is important in which one need to set up such mindset so that no disappointments or one could reduce the amount of dissatisfaction and disappointment one could face in working or operation one is undertaking. There is nothing constant except change itself in this world, in which motion is the very nature of the world and progress or regress are part and parcels of life and thus, those who think they are far beyond others could be found being backward or going backward and the vice versa is true as well. In this aspect of life, change is not luxury item, but mandatory since it is inevitable and surely come to pass in everyone and everything too.

Change is a necessary aspect of life. It is not a luxury item, but rather it is one of the natural laws of this universe. Change is not only something that leaders of the world can bring about, but also is a force that they are obliged to accept and be submissive to it since they cannot escape from such huge power and fundamental reality of this world. Change is about a different and mysterious reality. And it is possible when there are three things in coordinated manner and these are readiness, determination, and conviction towards a certain objective and goal.

Change has different nature and characters according to the context and nature of society in which it differs from society to society. For example, for the western society in relation to the political realm, change is not about power-sharing and transforming in which they have already established a system and culture in their election process and procedure on how to do that. Change in this context could be needed in developing nations like Africa where few leaders assume power and office to eternity. In this regard, such nation could develop a system and culture to transfer power to others in peaceful manner, without single bloodshed.

Where as the western society or others who have established such mechanism require another level of change in which change is not something that stops at any given point, but it is the only constant element in this world which vary according to the need and exigency of time and that given nation and society too. Hence change in here has no specific formula the whole world needs but it could have two broad categories which is related to the universal realm as a whole and the other is something related to a particular society according its own context since we share this world together and there are certain things we do not share too.

When change is made at universal level, it is mostly connected and associated with changes that are going on in different parts and component in which the changes that are going on various communities’ and societies and their synergetic effect bring about change at the cosmic level which becomes a change at universal aspect of life in this world. However, there is also a change that should originate at the universal level and comes down to various communities and societies in which here is required a central organ and component like the current United Nation structure, which can bring about or become the author of change and brings other kinds of change to different components and elements. Hence, both are part and parcels of a given change in this world.

Most changes in this world are going from to top to bottom, few to the mass and that is why most of the processes and things are going in slow motion. We live in a world in which most changes are authored by few people in which the majority and the mass is the advocator and promulgator of such changes. In this case, understanding and perceptions play significant role than any other thing in which most of the changes are misunderstood and misinterpreted by the mass and thus they are translated in wrong way and manner to the extent they destroy the authors of such changes as well.

Most of the changes that are come in the developing nations especially in Africa are in most cases imported ones due to economic and political reasons in which they are dependent upon the mercy of the western countries and thus they do not yield their noblest fruits since the originators are external agents. When any given change is come by the authorship of the mass, it has tremendous and profound impact on the dynamism of that given society. Thus those leaders of such changes which are imported by the external source are puppet leaders and parrots of foreign policies, doctrines and philosophies and they do not have confidence and trust on the mass due to their nature and character. Since the ignorance of the mass plays it significant role for such changes, they play games and they gamble on their respective society on the behind stage and curtains of their theaters. Hence they need a general overhaul on the system.

In this case, society needs other thinkers who make the mass to think and think more and deep since the society is injected in deep sleep and is taking tablets for sleep on daily basis, and lives under strange leadership and system that does not belong to one’s way of life and system of life. Society is getting colonized in different fashion and style in which due to economic and other political reasons most are unaware, their leaders have submitted their will to he foreign powers and becomes captives of foreign manipulations and deception.  Hence, the mass has to wake up and smell the flavor of the coffee which is not natural, but artificial in which the natural coffee that is exported to the outside is imported again to one’s land in different flavor and variety and comes to one’s mind with different perspective and perception. And thus, one would ask, who are we? Where are we heading too? As others before us do ask, we ask same question here.

Change is not something like a commodity item in which a commodity exchange type of transaction is taking place but rather it is a natural phenomena in which it is something that is surely come to pass, and is very contextual. For example, in recent events  and circumstances, we have seen how one courageus Arabain Youth become the cause and success of the Arbaian Social revolution in few contries in which others are yet to follow same example. However, in countries like other African countries, other type of revolution with different type of mass rally can take place. It is not something that is similar to that of the Arabs since social revolutions take place as result of social maturity in which the rest are silent since theyare not socaily matured and active enough to reach to that level and stage of social maturity.

In this case, here is required to have a mindset ready for CHANGE in which change is a process and a point that have a beginning and an end too. And thus it needs its own certain discipline, attitude and character in which those who are rebellious in good manner and go against where the wind blows are in most cases the author and owners of significant and profound changes that are going on our planet otherwise one could see most people being submissive and obedient to the existing systems under-way without bringing and having caused any important and essential changes in the life of human society at large.

Bearing this in mind, ther are different conceptions and thinking that are currently underway, which govern society, individuals and institutions. Amongst them is the concept of God in many societies in which it vary depending on the system of belief one have and follow. In this regard, God is something defined by the books and followers everyone follow in which it is in most cases contextual and relative. One of the things we were told about God is—closer than your life vein—if this is agreeable to anyone, one could say that  one doe not need any tutor, educator, trainer or messenger to tell about such entity; since they also told us, God is unknowble thing. One go after one’s own fashion since one knows what is good and bad at this pont of life and time. Why do one need advise here?

It is not why you think and what you think what matters, but how you think in which most of the society members in every land are fashioned and designed to be like parrot than being asking and thinking people in which education, politics, religion and the like matter to who we are as of now. For all the mess and the wrongs we have now, it is not only leaders who are accountable and responsible, but also the mass that were passive, silent and let things in way we are now. Thus, we always need to have two powers in which both positive and negative forces for any action and reaction is on our veranda; when there are enemies, it makes one to be vigilant and walk in the right direction for the sake of protecting and justifying one’s way and path. Thank God I have enemies that help me walk in the correct and right way than go and take the wrongs. And thus one receives protection from the unseen world too.

Although the majority is accountable for the failures and the mess to date which is inherited in the past and is going on the present world, the leaders and those decision and policy makers take the lion share in which they are the ones who were supposed to create better world, who hold the key to prosperity and happiness of nations and societies at large. The first failure in here is that on their perspectives they buy to date and the second failure goers on what they do and they did. Though they have stronger power in here, none can question them, but they have their own way of receiving justice. When a leader and its system are worse, they get penalized by others as dictators in this world had and that is how they receive justice.

This does not mean that very profound and important changes have never come, Yes, it is indeed that this world has paged itself with miraculous and very great changes that solved our complicated problems with the help of great leaders scientists, thinker and the like., The argument in here is that it is not enough and there are misconceptions, and corruptions that exist in thee world of minds and understanding in which certain thoughts have been selected to transform the world since they are favoring certain group of society or they are selected since hey merit certain belief system. This does not mean that certain thinking that does not go with belief systems and certain group of society are wrong which is the case in here.

There is  a traditional form of belief which goes like any given leader or king is appointed by God, but it is very hard to believe and trust such form of belief since there are huge amounts of money invested in the election process and various forms of fraud are going on the election process that made one to think that any given leader is self appointed by conspiracy and sabotage and the public at large otherwise God is going to share in here the corruption and the crime that is going on such process, which is not the case to be and thus such form of thinking and belief has to be removed from the society so that free thinkers and other useful ideas could be permitted to be entertained on our world. While such drama of life is going on, is it legitimate and wise to be obedient and loyal to systems that are elected and established on conspiracy and sabotages, and how, and why? This is like as having new clothes on the bad body in which when one tries to be loyal to a bad system, such action is tantamount to adding and cooperating the injustice of that given system.

This is not from the motive and intention of creating stupid generation and community, but with the intention of abolishing unjust and tyrant administration from the world in which every tyrant and unjust administration and system has tendency and character to tag its citizens and followers under different categories and classes and collects many followers with different and better advantages and benefits it offers to them, and make the rest of the society members as an observer of such drama since they do not belong to such category. Every unjust and tyrant administration and system has also tendency to create its own island in given territory by collecting its own adherents and community members with its own agendas. Those who are members and promulgators of such agendas are the ones, who cooperate and aggravate the injustice and oppressions of such drama, but the rest of the society has standard since every action and reaction affects and influences one’s neighbor and the person next to oneself.

In this connection, there is a need to cleanse the bad body using detergents, clean water and the like before new clothes are put. And thus, there needs a requirement before one claims that there is significant change on the bad body which is to purify it which could take various years depending on the amount of bad one is having. And thus, the need to have clean body before putting new cloth is requirement before one claims that one has a clean body with clean cloth stuff, which is not a simple task and journey. The analogy in here is not like physical body and physical cloth but clean mind and clean spirit in which society and institutions are formed, in which none has such matter in this world.

What is interesting in here that most live with assumptions and conventions which can be checked thru the process of time in which it’s not possible in here to say that when any given matter or assumption is proven wrong in due time, such aspect is wrong. For instance, when people say, o thou kind Lord, and when they also say, God is unknowable matter, here such aspect of our life is so contradictory in which the unknowable matter is clearly defined and explained, but since there is an assumption and convention most agree in this regard, all live with agreements and without any pause that God is kind, but in reality we all do not know God, due to the fact that past has told us something we proceed with such aspects of life without negation, though there is no problem with it, but in reality, such aspects of our life have contradictory aspects of life, actions and reactions which we see everywhere in this world.

They also say that this is the end of the times in world where nothing has been started, how come one expects end of days, in which as we see everything in this world that everything is in the middle or in few places like Libya, Egypt and the like, things are starting, but they claim, this is the end of the world, where nothing has been started? It is quite interesting too note how few people perceive this world, which was written in few thousand years ago in which this world has shown dramatic shift and change since then even the books are no even aware, but they try o understand by connecting and disconnecting things which is the quite drama that is on this world.

And this reminds me to a story I heard before in which there was a person who was preaching that this world is going to vanish in 1960, and at the same time he was building a house in 1959, and they asked him, if the world is vanishing in after a year, why do you construct a house by now? He had no answer. And there was a man who heard that this world is going to end in few years, and what he did was he got drunk with all the money he had, and ended up in nothing, at last he died of regret. What are all these stupidly are leading this world, and what is the motive behind such curtains? By the way, where did that man in America go, the man who prophesized this world is going to end in April 13, 2011 and then, on October 25, 2011? Is he dead or alive?

Change is not something like putting a grass or tree on a barren land since it is simple to make changes on physical matters in which trees or grasses have no choice except going by the will and choice of the gardener or a man, but when it comes to human reality, unless people are derived by ignorance and stupidity it is not simple to make and shape human minds and hearts without the will and choice of human beings, which is the difficult case and aspect of our reality as human being is. Thus, it is only those transforming thoughts and timely ones who have the chance to survive in the mind and hearts of men, than the stupid ones in which there are ideas who can have 5 million followers while being old a century or very less and be stagnant, and there are ideas that have billions of followers, but what is important n here is not the number in which a given person idea could be better than these but no follower could be there, the point in here is the capacity and capability difficulty and the driving motto. In this case a given hundred people could be worthier than 6 million foolish people too.


Interesting and Unprecedented

November 10, 2011

Life becomes interesting and spicy when future becomes unpredictable. When we do not know what is to happen to the next seconds of our life, our life has certain flavor that makes our stay on the earth spicy. What makes one’s daily routine very exciting is the unpredictable events and circumstance that visit one’s life than any other thing, which many call, surprising events and aspects of life.

If there is no surprise in one’s life, life becomes boring and routine. Most people attribute surprise as gifts they receive from many other friends they like. But, life have many surprising events to offer us, it is matter of revealing and realizing such aspects and phenomenon of life. We live in world where our way of life is attributed on what and how we think in which in many of our circumstance and situations we face in life. Many things are connected with our belief values and systems and we tend to neglect various matters that go beyond our imaginations and conception. Thus we narrow the wide subjects and matters in here.

It was in place where I used to live in which there was a beautiful lake on the side of it. Many people go there and have their own recreation in their own fashion. One day, as I was watching across the lake, the lake has an end, meaning one could see the end of the water side in which there was trees and other hings one could see at distant.  The end can be seen from being on the other side of it. This lake was not that interesting than the lake I had seen before it in a different place since the view is different and the sky and the end of the water looks integrated. No end is in here, and creates certain conceptual image and imagination to one’s thinking. This view and scenario of the lake is pretty nice and very great.

When end is known ahead of time and identified at the beginning, life is not that great and does not look quite interesting since the end is already known and identified and there is no purpose of living and staying in the middle except waiting for the end. What is quite interesting in here is that even if the end is known, the processes of the end are quite fascinating aspects of life. This could lead us to conclusion that can we stop living since we know we are dying at some point? That is not the case in here. The point in here is not about such aspect and matter but those aspects that could create certain buzz to our life.

Further elucidating this matter, it is like when you go to the soccer stadium, and when two teams play, it is quite predictable in here that one team loses or wins, or both draw equal. If the result of this match is known at the beginning at every time, foot ball or soccer game would not be an industry by this time and will not be one of the fascinating fields and greatest entertainments in the history of this world. Thus it is nice that such things are not known ahead of time.

There are certain things that should be known at the beginning but guess and speculations could be there. In this case, speculations become part of the suspense drama and we like such prediction and consider them something that add certain flavor to such arena of life. And thus the desire to know the future becomes part of the game and drama in such aspects of life than consider them as being legitimate and truthful aspects and fields which people should open office, which could be tantamount to a stupid drama.

If a given person knows where the 7 billion people could end up, how, what, where and the like, life becomes very boring and quite scary since there is no purpose and intention for such people to exist as human beings who are created with free will and choices. This put everyone under control and under the will of a person. There is no purpose and point to have these billion numbers of people when their fate is in the hand of a person.

There is one thing which is agreeable in here in which there are certain patterns and trends people follow and take as result of lifestyles and way of life they choose in life, and such patterns of life indicate certain end results in the past which could be true to the present and the future too. This is even not holistic since no two given individuals can be the same and exact in many things in following and practicing ways of life. There is always certain deviations and variations due to individuality and personality factor.

For instance in my case, the things I do in here when I sued to follow certain religion and when I stop following that given religion, there is a shift in place and certain characters to replace what I used to do in which I changed place where I used to spend my time outside the working place, and I also replace certain activities which I used to do. Change of places in here are cinema places, going to soccer stadium, watching soccer games regularly, and having glasses of beer occasionally, reading other thinkers book, and the like. I stopped going to that religious place and hanging out with those likeminded people and reading their books and making their prayers too and stopped thinking in the way they think and cancelled my belief system and thinking machinery regarding the way I used to do .

When I overview the processes of life as I had seen it from such perspective, when I used to practice certain religious way of life, I was somehow narrow minded and I have many boundaries and limits and dos and do not dos in which they create perilous stress in my thinking and observation of the world. Now, I have a better grasp in understanding and observing life, people, activities and events with better understanding and perspective in which I try to be open, fair, not biased and not linked to certain group or perspective.

It is possible to say in here that future is something that can be created out of past and present, in which choices and efforts individual makes and opportunities the external environment provides matter than being foretold and prophesized by others since free will is the major factor in here.

The Meeting and Its Accessories

November 9, 2011

They say business is a legal robbery. And they also say worry is an interest paid by those who borrow trouble. The above two statements tell the reality and various aspects of business men in many aspects in which they tell basic grounds and daily routines of many businesses and their respective owners. Although it is not possible to think of progress of a nation without businessmen, these people suffer due to their own complications, system underway and other factors which we heard of them complaining in the many meetings organized.

Yesterday I was into a meeting which was concerned on the progress and functions of an association, which the company I am working in is a member. The gathering consisted company owners and their respective representatives. It is about the garment and textile sector in here. One of the things I observed in this gathering is the looks people have when one represent a company and when one owns a company, but the issue they carry is same and equally relevant to the companies and the association. This is one of the signs of immaturity of the company owners on the look they have on the respective representatives.

One of the interesting things I faced was a hot debate and confrontation between few members, which sounded like a teenage character. And I was wondering as to how such people administer their companies effectively and efficiently and make it achievable on the challenges and crisis most of them are in. However, there are matured and far sighted individuals who tried to make everything calm, but those owners who were like into hot confrontations and unseemly characters shows that this given association has much things to do in developing codes of conduct in doing its meetings and handling its own affairs.

It is also a reflection and manifestation of a feature and face of the association in which personality and other hidden interests which few individuals carry are reflected in the meeting. Association is about communal goal, concern and factors. Where as, in here, it is clearly observed that few individuals power monopoly in which they assume that if such people are not there, everything is over and dead. This is one of the wrong assumptions many people and institutions in here have. This is like conclaves we see everywhere in which few people are always considered as life savers and the rest is just observer. NOT.

When associations are formed, it is from the motive of obtaining equal benefits and advantages to all members in which there are no big fish things in here. All are equally accountable and responsible to the associations, but in most cases, we observe it is more of exclusive groups in which few people dominate the others and there are always few who are indirectly and in unwritten terms, who are sole leaders and decision makers of such clubs. In this case, issues are same and the styles and way of looking at things is routine and similar in every year and terms. The good thing in yesterday was they add few young entrepreneurs to the former leading committee so that they can bring about change.

One of the other things observed in this gathering is that there are many company owners who are members. Most have same issues and problems, they took loans from the bank, and they could not pay back since there is no market, raw material or adequate input supply, and policy issues that hinder their activities. There are also owners who have no issues like such companies, they go beyond such things. In this varied circumstances, there is two possibilities in here to exist in as association.

The first one is to have a separate association for the two sectors or companies after identifying the relationship of their issues and circumstances they face and how far they can be integrated. The second one is, if they are supposed to go in one association, the need to be tolerant and understanding between such two separate entities, in which they should compromise than being concerned with one’s own interest and advantage. The need to consider one’s neighbor problem as one’s own is a necessary prerequisite in here. Otherwise, they could be seen as rats and cats every time they meet.

The point regarding associations is about communal interest and concern which gives birth to common vision and goals to the future. If members of a given association do not share the pains and visions they have in acceptable range, they live in two different realms which is irreconcilable. When they share same difficulties and challenges, they could have fruitful vision and goals as far they have a patience and perseverance to reach to point they should reach which requires determination and commitment from all sides.

Most associations or clubs are born and die at the same date in which their date of establishment is tantamount to the date of their burial due to many factors. The first one is due to lack of committed workers and members to it. The second factor is due to lack of common interest and concern they have for the achievement of their goals and objectives. The third one is due to lack of clarity of their vision. The fourth one is due to lack of the knowledge and information in terms of accountability, acting as an individual and as member of that given association in which personalities take the major share than the vision.

While such aspects of our life is going on, after the meeting, I went back to my personal concerns and the result of such meting have in my daily routine, and I said to myself, nothing except listening to peoples opinion and concern. When such concern becomes my personal interests, I pray that good shall come and they have a nice and a prosperous life to the future.


November 4, 2011

Over viewing the entire processes of life on the earth on cosmic scale, there are three areas and scopes in which everyone in this world could be interested and be engaged with. The first one is related to people. The second one is related to activities or events. The third one is related to invention of concepts and related aspects of such life. When one is out of these three aspects of life, one has to figure out something else, and one should share it to us.

It is quite interesting to note inhere that when people are interested in people, it has dual aspects, the good and the bad, the friend and the enemy, and thus peoples interaction and communication has its own shape and size and thus people draw certain margin and boundary as to the interaction and communication. When they like others, they mingle; when they hate others, they gossip them bad and try to create complications in others life.

When people are interested in activities and events, they organize and work hard in creating certain events such as movies, theater, soccer games, and meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences and the like, they get engaged in certain activities, they talk about such aspects of life, they try to be agents of changes and the like. Then they find certain company and clubs according to their desires, ambitions, hobbies and the like. Activities and events are the center of attraction to form certain associations and club. Thus people interact and communicate since they have something at the center.

The other aspect of people is the Idea. There are people who are interested in activities relate to idea governing and sharing, in which they dwell much of their time in putting and inventing ideas and discoveries, which exist in both social a natural sciences such as philosophy, religion, computer sciences, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, medicine, finances, public administrations and the like. Their main concern in here is idea generation. They live and die with ideas and the core value of existence of such people is the Idea.

While such processes of life are going on, there are optimistic and pessimistic aspects that exist in these three aspects of communication and interaction of people in this world. This is the ambition factor. This is the power factor. This is the ego factor. This is the selfish aspect of life factor. When these aspects of life are hidden in one’s desire, but is not reflected in the outside world, manipulation and deception could exist in one’s being. In this case, corruption takes place in these three core means of communications and interaction, thus they poison everything and everyone. Everyone becomes victim of such processes of life.

When people focus on people, life becomes very annoying and disturbing since gossip becomes the center of attraction and communications. This creates perilous stress on the life of many people and life becomes too costly since everyone pays the price of the gossip. Those who originate the gossip, those who discuss and distribute it all over, and those who receive and do same thing to others, will pay the price afterwards in many ways. Such aspects of life put many people in vicious circle of crisis. This is very contagious and many do not realize the complications of it even if they are paying the price for it.

When people are attracted with people in relation to activities and events, it is temporal. They are connected and linked with certain activity. Their company stays depending on the length and duration of such activity. When one meets someone at work place, the company is related to the work and the relationships that exist between these people stay until work is done. Afterwards no such a thing exists between these people. When people are attracted in the stadium, their company and relationship is based on the soccer game, when the game is over, their company and relationship is over.

When people are attracted on idea based their relationships and company is based on such ideas. Ideas by their very nature have eternal and long term basis of life and thus people could interact more and better since ideas are the core. Ideas have universal characters. Idea creates optimistic views of life; idea creates intense desire for life and living; Ideas create enigmatic and enthusiasm aspects of life on the earth. Thus those people who are interested and connected with certain ideas have healthier relationship and company than what the rest provides to people and the world at large. Idea changes what one thinks in past and create a better social setting and dynamism in the life of society.

Therefore, when people are attracted in people, what is important and crucial in here is what makes them united and have something in common; as far as they have something at the center, they stay longer together. When they are connected with personality and individuality factors, they have certain connection thru the personality of people at the center. Whereas when they put ideas at the center, they get energetic and greater unity due to the nature of ideas that induce higher energy in the human frame, by their very nature of that given idea. Idea in here means something universal that have greater magnitude and potency which can be detected by the influence it exerts on people.

Basically, ideas inspire people, and in due course of time, when they get proper facilities and time permits, ideas get translated into activities and events. In this process of activities, people are engaged in which ideas create activities and people as center of attention and attraction. When people are getting obsessed with activities and people, such aspects of life tell who they are and how they are going to end up. And thus, ideas, activities or events and people are interlinked and interconnected, but what is important here is the focus and the center which people choose to dwell on.

The cumulative effect of these three factors and components of life do create certain personality to every one and tells to who one is at the end of the day. This creates certain network and circles of people, in which people interact and communicate based on such level of creation of oneself. This is one aspect  of human reality one needs to figure out in which compatibilty between individuals, communities and institutions in terms of character and thinking is a result of such interaction and communication between beings and objects of understandings too.

The Greatest Scientist humanity has witnessed in its history, none is parallel to his finding and discovery, Albert Einstein, said, great people focus on ideas; medium minds dwell on events, and small minds discuss people. He further discussed other aspect of life, on the way he was writing about scientific religion after certain experience and quest he has on life, he concluded, doing good is my religion. Both are great ideas to humanity at this age and to the future too.