Speculation Vs Objective Reality

October 3, 2011

Categorization of people according to their thinking and character is one of the fields in which the scholars have been engaged in defining people and their lifestyle. This is indeed one of the interesting fields of study as far as their survey and study is truthful and not biased. The point about life In this regard can not be complete and precise for two major reasons.

The first one is the researchers’ limitation and limited capacity in perceiving realities and things related to human reality. The second one is such aspect of life is mysterious and it is not possible to make accurate prediction of human beings destiny other than the obvious ones and methods of life such as growth, death and the like.

It is possible to make a study on patterns of life of many people in which there are certain predictions and fore castings which are done based on other people interaction and communications in life and other life and there was a trend in defining peoples destiny and future by having a look at their education, background and exposure in life.

It is necessary to bring to the attention the dual aspects of human reality in which there is the so called—individuality and personality—everyone has in which one can share personality with others as result of interaction, communication and social setting; but that of the individuality is something peculiar to the individual in which every individual has distinct reality and individuality.

This is like assigning social security number to every individual no matter two individuals could have similar names up to three levels or whatever, they are twins or whatever; the government assigns and identify them as separately. Life is like that there are certain things which individuals share; there are distinct matters individuals do not share in this regard. Here choice and decisions matters.

Life is not like watching a theater or movie in TV or a film and translating this into real life. In fact there are people who consider and take what is the drama to their real life. There are people who take such things as pastime and entertaining. There are people who could be interesting on the motive and drama behind the scene of every drama or TV and theatre on the stage. Individuals vary on their thinking and capacity and on how they consider such matters. Such dramas could contain silly, non-sense and useless agendas behind as they are informative and educative too.

The point about life on the earth and the pattern of individuals thinking and character is that it is the individual who’s the holder of the key of one’s own life than one’s fate to be told by others no matter how difficult circumstances one face. In reality and surprisingly, circumstances and tests could serve as nice bomb-shelters to individuals since they cover and hide in their difficulty by detaching themselves to the noises of the rest of the world. One should know how to handle tests; in which when one passes the test, it feels nice; otherwise tests could kill you if there is no capacity to overcome.

The funny thing about life on the earth is that most people are very paternalistic and they are nice in delivering advices and suggestions to others, but when they face the same tests others do face, they do not practice or they fail in passing it by the advice they recommend others to perform. This reminds me to a book written by an American, Psychologist, writer, entitled, “why do people commit suicide”, but he ended up by committing suicide at later times.

Thus we call or define such people as counselors, experts and the like. They could be divorced three times in their real life, but we could find them as marriage advisors by assuming offices in counseling others too. What paradox and contradiction one sees in the life of such individuals and it s just like having meal which is diametrically very opposite one to the other. It is quite funny indeed.

The point about life on the earth is that life is not like baking pan cake or pizza cake in restaurant in which life has definite recipe. It is not possible to tell others or say to others, if you go this way, this will happen; if you go that way, this will happen too. It is not possible to define the destiny of human beings in world where free will and various choices of life do exist. It is possible to give possibilities and opportunities, but it is not possible to decide their fate on behalf of them.

Hence, individuals could share same thinking and behaviors as result of being designed to live in same nation and country, and thee are also peculiar characteristic and thinking every individual could have. This is normal and obvious. But it is not possible to force others to behave and think same way as others do. I could be a person who listen foreign music using could hear phones in the middle of the crowd than  a person who listen to noisy and irritating local music.



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