People and Experience!?

October 28, 2011

Over the past 12 years, world population has increased by 1 billion, in which as of now, count indicate that population has reached 7 billion. Based on such finding, it is possible to make wild guess here that over the past century more than 50 billion people have lived on the earth. Out of which few are inventors and thinkers, few are complicators in which they could say, he/she takes the idea from us/me; the rest is expounders and recipients and user group.

These numbers of people have their own life experience. They have something to share to the world. However, adequate records and peoples lack of experience in this regard do not make this world lucky to make us read and know such number of people life experience on the earth. We just let them go. Since we live with certain few mindsets, we accept those whom we like; we reject those whom we do not like, and we live up to now. But all are part of life experience this world has prepared to all. We should not deny this reality.

As part of such experience in life, the experience I had in my mind while I was living in Israel, working as religious volunteer, especially in the 29 months of my stay there was very special, strange and unique to me since it was different and so interesting, and put certain quest to my mind. Some of them happened true in recent past years; some of them are the dramas that are going on behind the mountain there; some of them are information about big people there; some of them are still a question, puzzles, mystery and thus, they are unanswered.

As part of information about people, the experience I had on Friday, February 10, 2006 at around 6-8 PM was very different and strange. A power like thing came to my mind, and makes me go to the auditorium of the compound which I used to work in. On the road I saw a car which belongs to two big people—husband and wife—behind on it, a white blond American woman, was standing, sounded checking on her, and the back gate of the automobile was open, sounded that looking for someone like me to get into it, but I ignored that arrangement and entered directly to the compound.

While being inside the hall at the compound, there was a different arrangement on the stage in which five and one chairs were arranged on the stage in a way Tuesday morning prayers were held there, was kind of tradition there, and I sat in the middle of the hall; then sound came to my mind and make me stand, then the sound of the old-Iranian, Canadian citizen, on a wheel chair man, whom I knew there as big man, came to my mind, asking me, “how did he look at me?”, which made me confused that this was like a different and strange experience I ever had in my entire life, past,present and future too. And such sound came to my mind, there was a kind of portrait in my mind that there were few people who watch me being on the other side of the room.

After I finished my conversation with that given old man in that way, then two youth came to the hall, and they asked me, what I was doing there. In a very fact, when I was directing to the hall, it sounded to me that there was gathering since it was Friday, and I did not go to the office the past week, and I had no access to my email account. I assumed that there was a gathering, but nothing like that happened. I had a chat with these two youth, one is from the Australasia—male, and the other was originally from Egypt, but a New Zealand citizen—female.

This drama was like putting certain quest on my mind in which it made me think that what was going on over me. I prefer to keep quiet until I departed from that given place. It created certain quest to my mind than accept such stuff as something good or useful or being special too; and I was wondering why this old man preferred such mechanism to inform me regarding his quarrel and difficulty with another big person there than using telephone call or other people around him. We live in different age and time and things are very different and I do not even belong to certain culture or tradition he belongs too, but I was somehow confused.

While such quest was going on my mind, one day, two years after such experience, being in here, I was somehow having coffee with old people who are retired. And in the middle of such conversation, a person who is not that respected or other people who make fun of him, was somehow telling an experience what people in the North here, particularly in Wollo, do on other people, which is equal to the magic power thing. And I was curious and he created certain interest on my side and asked him further question.

He said to me that these people are illiterate, they can make bring women come to their home and do sexual intercourse with them, they do many magical things without your volition and the like. This simple man answered my quest that was going on my mind for few years and I said to my self, this man is an angel, God send him to me, and I was relieved and he made me feel better and I obtained clarity on the confusion I had about that strange experience in my mind since February 2006. Every one has something to share.

People experience in life is not something simple, and everyone has something to contribute to other when there is communication and interaction between such people. People have their own quest in the process of life; other people have answers; thus we live sharing and molding with each other; thus everyone is important since we have something to share, and people live taking certain menu of life which they like and so on. Here it is not possible to say, do not talk this or that, but as far it is an experience, one has every right to share since it is part and parcel of an experience of life on the earth.

What is interesting here on the earth is the attempt that few people or institutions try to do perform to organize such informal and strange experiences with the motive and intent of “I have an answer” in which such attempt could be considered as one of the Mind Control drama in which they try to create authority and monopoly over others by collecting such experiences of life and organizing answers. In this case, Life on the earth has no recipe and there are no definite answers; but to make an attempt on this regard is not bad. People experience answers our quest to such drama and they tell better than what others who try to be organized could share and tell.

One of the interesting thing I observed in here on the earth is that there are certain actions which trigger certain reaction without being directly related and interlinked, in which when a certain community or individual does something, one could hear and see the influence or same type of action could be done at any other given community without being linked or communicated. This makes me deduce that this world has mysterious dynamism and network one is interlinked with another in mysterious power.


The Special Matters!?

October 27, 2011

They say: money is the sixth sense organ. Movement and life is impossible without money. Money is a combination of ink and paper. However, when one goes into the details it contains, there are certain texts and pictures on it which indicate and signify other aspect of realities in which society, institutions and individuals have common understanding and framework and they interact and communicate with money. Money tells to the extent a personality and a status of individuals in which there is a class and society formed out of such combination and accumulations—tagging people as wealthy and the needy too.

When one just looks into what the money thing has by its outward appearance, it is simply combinations of ink and paper and certain stuff written and paint on it. When one goes to the mysterious aspects which is created out of interaction and communication by the society thru centuries and ages, and what the institutions justify, it is beyond ink and paper and it is a mysterious power and entity. Thus people fight and sacrifice their lives toward the obtainment and achievement of it. Many people have established their kingdom and empire upon it. It is becoming a magic power within every society dynamics and in the world.

When one goes further, the power of money is originally created by the people, but it is too late and is not possible to stop the power of money over people by now, in which none has the capacity to stop such mysterious phenomenon and power even if there is an intent by the so called authorities who have power over anything and most things on the earth. The trend and the mechanism in creating certain medium of transactions and communication in the world of economy is money and due to its nature and mandatory aspects, it becomes the center of attraction and attention for everyone.

Most of the things we have on the earth are like that. People create certain matter and they come up with certain hypothesis and philosophical views, and they put into the system as gesture and by the virtue of power they have on others, and then they cannot stop the process and system they install since most of the people and the majority have low capacity and have no deepened knowledge and information on many aspects of the world; we see them getting excited. They say one eyed man is considered as king in the world of the blind.

Karl [42] Marx [56] = 98 ; 89; : said, at the end of his life and stay on the earth, after writing and putting into place the revolution of scientific communism with his colleagues, who belong to different nations, claiming universal brotherhood, trying to create a communal economic system and inventing socialist society and the like—after realizing how political leaders buy his view and thought and promulgate such idea in to their thinking machinery—and after recognizing the many distortions and misinterpretations and misunderstanding it cause in the life of societies, institutions and individuals, he confessed at the end that if Marxism is like this, I am not Marxist since what he originally intended and what the practical and objective world translates his views are very different and are falling part.

There are many false and deceiving ideas that exist in our world in which they exist being as mere wish and desire of few people at last than being translated into truthful reality since they are impractical and unrealistic due to the no or less influence they have in the life of human society in which they were originally perceived as true and correct, and many people could sacrifice their lives, and belongings, follow their beliefs and values, but at last they are found fake and wrong due to many reasons. They are like mirages on asphalt road in a desert.

Martyrdom does not signify truthful aspect or validity of any reality. Most people could sacrifice their livers to the cause the have faith or belief in, this does not mean that they are correct and true. When these people have engaged themselves in a different profession they specialize, they could have contributed many things and solved complicated and sophisticated problems of our world than die just like gnat or a fly for nothing. In few societies, martyrdom is like a hobby; in other societies, martyrdom is like a profession; in other societies martyrdom is like great station and of great value.

What is important here is that we live in different age and century, in which people do not have to lose their lives to the idea they promote depending on the setting and society framework they live in. For example, if I have an idea which I think and believe that it is useful to the society I live in, I have to promulgate it when there is a freedom and chance the society or the government or whatever I live in gives permissions. If this is not working out, I have to find way out to another country and work on it than fight the system by living under or inside it.

Martyrdom to an idea or cause is an obsolete fashion and style and accent of life. There are many different ways and approaches to fight any given system in which there is no need to carry armaments to fight any given system. The most powerful tool in this Great Century of Light is the Power of Writing which galvanizes the entire human society with high spirit and energy. This is indeed a great day and a great century of light, compare to past ages and centuries, in which mortal eyes have never witnesses its parallel in the history of human kind.

There are certain things that do happen in natural and evolutionary manner due to their mysterious natures and aspects of life. In here, it is not possible to fabricate one’s own device. When people try to eradicate natural processes and reverse and gamble on such processes of life in their own devise, put an enterprise whose end is not clear, we ask them to wake up, and smell the coffee inside their offices, and reflect and ask oneself, where are we heading?

Where Are We Heading!?

October 26, 2011

One year ago, when one just turns on western TV medias such as CNN, BBC and the like, one did hear a news and statement regarding Iran and Nuclear power, accusations and criticisms. However, when one tunes to TV broadcast of such Medias as of today and yesterday, there is no such a thing? Why were the western countries sleepless of Iran? Is Iran and the nuclear thing such threat to the world or to their agenda and hidden mission?

When Tsunami hits Japan, and catastrophic things happen to the nuclear power plant and station of that given nation last year, the world start re-thinking and re-considering such matter and aspect of life in which China stopped allocating budget to nuclear power expansion, but devised strategies on the preventive mechanism in which other countries buy such view and strategy. A single natural and catastrophic incident change other peoples view, which they took and consider as threat, but in reality such threat could be removed by such disaster.

This is not to ask other people to wait for miracles or magic to solve long-lasting problems and difficulties, but to discuss the trends and dramas that this world plays under certain covers and agendas in which there are always fake agendas and missions that are put as priority, but in reality, the priority is their hidden mission and objective which is concealed and found behind the curtains. A given nation which thinks and considers itself as wealthy and safer has higher risk and probability of feeling of insecurity in its administration since such feelings of security gives birth to be suspicious against one’s neighbors or others around.

They say rich people have many eyes and many ears. They do not see or hear things since they are far due to the boundary and lines they create with others. Thus, other people see and hear on behalf of them. Hence they become in difficult shape, what they hear and see could be distorted; thus they become victims of many errors and sins; many could hate them since they are far and away from many people. They live and work with their messengers. They never obtain first hand information and they have no clue of the motive of those people around who inform them. Thus, most of them are in bad shape due to the mechanism and style they choose and people around them.

Rich nations are like that. They live with mediators and these mediators are in most cases distorted and biased. They do not have clean and pure motive in most cases, thus they live distorting and making big biases to leaders these nations who could solve many problems in simple and easy manner. There could be many people who could make this world a better place to live in, could fashion and lead many nations in better way and safe manner. However, this world is not lucky enough to have such people in front and in power. Thus it pays the price and many people suffer due to lack of purity of motives and capacities.

Many of the problems we face in this world are artificial—Man Made—and thus they seek man made solutions since such threats and problems are created by people. Some of the problems are created due to lack of capacity—Perspective and Thinking difficulty and problem; others are created due to motive difficulty, others are created since they are natural process of life in which problems and difficulties in life are inevitable; some of them are created as result of synergetic effect of these problems. But, every problem has its own respective solution.

When a given problem is come, it originates in most cases from a single individual, and then touches a person next to oneself then it goes like to community level, and then it becomes institutional. For example, lack of proper education or health originates at an individual level; and at the same time goes like being epidemic ones. Afterwards, it gets institutional structure and form in which nations form institutions to solve such difficulties and problems that arise in such aspects of life in a given community and society dynamics.

One of our purpose of existence in life as human being is to solve such difficulties than being a difficulty or problem. Everyone has one’s own share and equal importance in this regard. In this case, every one has something to contribute and share than be seen as enemy, or a threat. When problems are center of attraction or attention, such feelings of enmity and threats are less probable to exist in any given community or society. However, the problem comes, when feelings and thoughts like my way, my idea is better than yours; and claims like I am the way and the life thing comes, people quarrel and differences become irreconcilable.

When problems are center, then people can work together to overcome such problems, in which the idea of our common threat is ‘poverty thing’ works out here; whereas when the idea of my way and my thing is center, people start thinking in their own way, and then many could forget the center which is the problem, and thus they fight since the center here is a different agenda which is the case of West and Iran thing. Thus people become suspicious against those institutions who lead the society which are called the government. The government here becomes like an island which does not belong to the public, but a representative and promoter of its own agenda and whatever.

The nature of such governments in history and in recent events in this world state that they establish their kingdom and palace in the capital, but they end up getting a refuge in their native and birth place, hiding and living in a cell. Before it is too late, there is always a chance and a choice to consider peaceful and lasting solutions and way of life to all.


October 24, 2011

The space that exist between a thinking and an act, in cases of difficult circumstances, could be equivalent to a distance that exist between two planets in which it is a formidable task to change certain behavioral actions that one is accustomed with since they are very hard to change and come up with different mindsets, and thus we need transforming and revolutionary thinking to narrow the gaps. But it is not a simple thing—to think and to act.

On the way it is better to add certain values than eradicate certain irrevocable behavior of the past one is used to. The more one have new and different ones, the more one forgets past behaviors one is used to. In this case one could assume that one has transformed to certain new ones, but it is not the case. The past are always are oppressed, but the moment one shifts way of life that make the past one to forget, the past stuff could manifest in new way or different manner. It is possible to change one’s past to certain extent, but not at all too.

For example, let us take an example of feeding habit many people could have in relation to pork, in which it is a custom and a tradition in few societies that to eat pork is a curse; but there could be various kinds of people in this regard. The first ones are those types of people who could say, I like to eat pork; the second ones are those people who still ask, but do not act on, what is wrong with eating any type of meal I like; the third type of people, I hate pork. The time frame that could take, from I hate pork and I like having pork in here, is very wide even if people obtain new mindset and thinking that made them change in this aspect.

To think and act is like a century here in which it is not simple to come up with revolutionary mindset and actions since certain things require thinking outside the circle and they require tremendous energy to think and act. In this regard, thinking by itself is equivalent to action and when such thinking is supported by action, it yields its noblest fruits on the earth. To think differently and new requires a mindset, since thinking does not originate like by holy water or magic.

Thinking here is an observation and analysis skills in which when few people think differently, they are somehow gifted with certain capabilities that are their own in which the rest are deprived. They are not weird people and weird thinking, but the idea and the quest come up is relevant, in which they go on further seeing things and they relate with other aspects of life most could not be able to see due to their capacity and looks they have in life. Thus such people have different way of understanding and perceiving realities.

They look into depth and root causes and behind factors than accept things on their face value. They see the hidden from the seen; discover the undiscovered and the like. They have their own eye glass that leads them to the investigation and analysis of the truth of any reality in their own way. In this case, they could be perceived as enemies, by those who do not like their views, but as friends by those who like their perspectives. Both are inevitable aspects of their life. They live in two worlds, crossing two lines in this world.

When one comes up with certain mindset as never has been before within a given community or society dynamics, one lives in an island which is not governed by anyone. Loneliness is the characteristics of such people since they have their own mindset and thinking. However such loneliness is in the outward world, but in the thinking realm, they have many friends, who could live in other parts of this world. They are not walking alone. They have many friends in another part of community or society.

When one thinks something, the probability and success such thinking could have in the action world is dependent upon two factors; the first one is the magnitude and potency of thinking and how such thinking is expressed, which they call the power of expression; and the second factor is the audience in which the capacity and willingness of its recipients. In my case, if I make you know that I can think, it is enough; but I do not even care and mind the rest of the society accepts since I am not revolutionary thinker or I do not want even to promote any kind of revolution because I do not have anything to do in this regard, I am not even a politician or a spy or whatever and I do not think that the society I live in deserve my martyrdom.

The point about life on the earth in here is that we have multiple natures and we govern such mysteries of life on daily basis, and we live the life we would like to have according to our capacities and capabilities. If you expect that I am the man who can come up with certain thing and followers, go and find a stupid person somewhere else, but not in me since I do not seek any follower or I do not want to create chaos or noise in my life and others too. But my daily routine and my life asks me to think differently on daily basis, and if possible to act as much as I can. Though both are difficult, I try.

Thinking needs a mindset and a different perception. It is not like baking pizza cake; it has no definite recipe, but our daily routines, communications and interactions force one to perceive certain things in certain directions and perspectives. It is one way of life. It is quite interesting and fascinating world too. It augments one’s desire for living since every day and thinking is new world and new life. It gives spirit to our existence. It delivers sense to our purpose of life. It shapes one’s reality in certain manner and condition.

In a world where freedom is still a question, to think by itself is one step to revolution. And to act is the next stage people could take since both go hand in hand. When a well created vision and perceived thought is made in health mindset, the fruit it bears is long-lasting and tasty. However, a spontaneous and non-organized thinking and views yield souring fruits and their absence is better than their presence. Hence one needs to have a complete and full knowledge and information about what one thinks before one puts many people into worse darkness in the thinking one originates.

Most tell the end of a path and the culminating point of certain visions, but they do not tell and state on how they reach to that given point, thus most people become victims of manipulation and deception under the cover of reaching to the last point, giving false promises and endless hopes. In this case, I just woke from my slumber and inform others that do not be stupid, and do not be foolish, but think and think. Think deep and further before one acts and acts. Change comes as result of evolutionary process of life than being over ambitious.

Friend and Enemy

October 22, 2011

Reading an article stating feelings of enmity and friendship people have in their daily routines and courses of interaction and communication, that given article puts a wonderful remark that state, “none lives with out enemy even God”. This indicates an aspect of human reality in which there are certain beings who quarrel with an entity they do not have clue or know. This is quite interesting aspect of human nature—the desire to be contradicting and opposing.

While investigating such aspect of human reality further, such people are not quarreled with the Entity called—God—but with interpretations and understandings derived by those who claim that they are vicegerent of God. In this case, it is necessary to separate and see the looks of such people in which they are not trying to create feelings of enmity with the Absolute Reality which is abstract and non tangible, but with those understandings that try to be objective and blasphemous to a reality which is beyond everyone’s conception.

Sometimes, it is bit contradicting to find statements by such figures who claim that they are messengers of God, in which they tell God is unknowable, and at the same time, such unknowable entity is addressed thru them and they serve as mirrors of such entity. What if the mirror is reflecting or passing their own fabrication or understanding than the unlimited being, how does unlimited reality as agreed by many prefers to manifest its reality thru limited beings, by choosing certain individuals from certain family root or whatever?

The idea of God which can be agreeable to all is “unknowable essence”, but its know-ability depends on the type of eye glasses people have on their eyes and looks; in this regard, what could be different and interesting here is that the looks people have which depends upon the cup they have and they fill. When a limited being tries to define unlimited being, it is obvious how far one can go no matter what type of claim or infallibility one possesses. And the moment the unknowable essence becomes knowable, it is the product of that knowable and limited mind and perception than being to that of the unknown reality.

When God becomes knowable, it stops becoming God since it is unknowable, and the underlined concept and reality here is its unknowable essence, in which whatever virtues and claims that are attributed on behalf of the Ultimate Reality to the knowable aspect is purely imagination and result of limited perceptions of the limited mind. Thus conflict, contradictions and various types of feelings are created due to the unknowable aspects and they are obvious to happen under such compartmentalization’s and divisions. Then split is a must thing to happen between societies and people since they differ in understanding and way of perceiving abstract realities due to such reality of human beings.

Various theories and hypothesis can be developed under such subjects and they become the source of contradictions and crisis in history. This is not a simple subject and easy matter. It is one of the subtle issues in human society due to the existence of many mysteries that do not have sufficient explanations. In few societies, God is considered as magician; in other societies, God is perceived as the most genius and intelligent being; in other societies, it could be considered as hybrid being of magician and super intelligent being. And it is not possible to furnish certain explanations on behalf of unlimited and unknowable reality with limited perception and mindset although many are sedulous on this subject.

Such aspect of life in this universe could be tantamount to an elementary school student explaining facts and statements about the subjects that one face at university levels and the mysteries of universities. It is possible to explain and tell others regarding what one thinks one knows about the unknowable reality, but it is not possible to claim some sort of authority and power on behalf of such subjects due to its nature. However people could agree to certain conceptual aspects of such reality and create their own systems of belief since such matters are agreeable to certain extent and it makes them live together.

This does not mean that they know the Absolute Reality, but they have agreed on certain conceptual frameworks regarding the abstract phenomenon. This unity and belongingness is reflection of their conventional agreement than that of true concepts and understandings regarding the Absolute Entity. What we see in our world is that there are few individuals who have excelled others regarding such aspects of life, and they have come up with certain causes in which they address their beliefs and understandings, and many people follow them.

When one comes up with certain findings, hypothesis and theory, numbers and the like, it is not from the point view of having ownership or asking for patent rights, but it is from the point view of helping society and institutions to arrive to certain truths in which one can derive the hidden from the seen, discover the undiscovered and the like so that future generations can work on it and come up with certain mindset and perspective. This is from the point view of contributing something to the society at large, by lending a hand to lay a foundation to the future generations as per personal experience and observations and as a responsible citizen too. It is also a mechanism that can help to figure out certain truths in places or societies where controversial issues are there in.

It is possible to agree and have certain conceptual frameworks regarding abstract reality under a tag called, belief or faith,—system or way of life—but it is not possible to define and derive universal truth and definitive understanding regarding the Unknowable Reality since its nature is being unknown and unlimited. What we know is just fabrication of our minds than any other thing.

Dictators and their Fate!?

October 21, 2011

42 years of brutal leadership, which commenced on September 1, 1969, by revolutionary mindset—a dictator man, former leader of Libya, Muhamar Gaddafi—era has come to an end on October 20, 2011, in a cell. “The Green Revolution”, “The Third Way”, was the motto of such leadership that tried to reconcile contradictions between the two ways in this world, but based on the second way, delivering no perspective, but by itself is confusion at last, which commenced with huge ambition, but end up with desperate spirit in a tiny cell.

Such leadership has its resemblance to that of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, who lived with disturbing and annoying spirit, creating chaos and disappointments to the West and in his native place too, but at later times, he also ended up like those leaders who were like him before his time and the like. This brings to the attention that this world has developed certain pattern in terms of such styles of leadership in which the keenness and sincerity of any given leadership is known by its end than its beginning and its middle.

It sounds that there is a trend in this world in which one is a reflection of the other not only in terms of given individual life, but also in terms of society and institutions too. Within a year, Arab World face profound change in terms of social evolution and revolution; the public becomes the author of its own revolutions, which comes as an outburst from the oppression it faces from its leaders such as Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and the like.

Western society has taken the lead in terms of social revolutions many decades ago, and it is commendable that such pattern continues in this world as being a reflection and continuation such processes of life in this world. Arab world continues and the rest follows. It is a wild guess here to presume that Africa is following and taking the next step. The point here is not the revolution or seeking change, but what is going to come next? Is there any ready mindset on the side of the society? Most want and seek change, but they do not have ready mindset on what kind of change or future they are seeking, but what is in mind and they share, they are bored of the existing ones. This has its own danger.

The trend is clear by now. Every dictator leader and system has its own end, but it is not possible to be precise here, no matter how sophisticated military and intelligence system they have, no matter how complex satellites and spying mechanism they have, they have an end at any given point, which they even do not realize. This is definite and crystal clear. The funny thing here is that one does not take a lesson from the other; they have same fashion and style since they are dictators. They do not accept reality and thus they face crisis at last.

Although most of them take China as good model since they have come up with their own revolution and mindset a century ago, it should be noted here that China has its own cultural values and social framework that was constructed before 100 years ago that help the present revolution to survive for such long years of existence. Every nation has its own unique characteristic, and when a system is employed something alien to that social framework of that given nation, that given system fails since it has no sufficient backup and strong background within the social dynamics.

What is interesting here is that the Gap that exists between the public and the government is not even realized while such processes of life are going in its own way. The moment the state realizes there is such a wide gap between society and the state, the state passes away. However, the state presumes that everything is okay and fine since there is seemly peace, fake gestures of understanding and communication between people and state officials and the like. This is the trend of dictatorial leadership in which it creates fear and the psych of fear in the minds of the public, and the public remains passive in many of the functions and operations of the government.

Coming back to the case of Gaddafi, it is quite interesting to observe the paradox of his life in which the vision is buried in his own shell, a man who was determined to change the world ended up in his native town, in small shell without transforming and changing the lives of his people in his own nation. Where are those hundreds bodyguards by now? Where are those gestures of pride and fake glory by now? A man who pretends all his life as “ I am king of kings” being ended up in small cell as described by one of the former leaders in the United States of America, Ronald Reagan as “mad dog”, as being a prophecy fulfilled in that given soil to that given person.

Ambition is good, but when it exceeds its limit, it consumes oneself and creates disastrous results not only to the vision one has already set, but to the surrounding society and environment in which that given vision is set. It brings disappointments and complications to one and those who are in the surroundings environment. However, the ignorant and the foolish ones could cry and shout loud since they carry ignorance which gives birth to arrogances. It is not what one says and claims that matter here, it is the trend and certain patterns of life in this world that live under universal and natural laws do matter. They are irrevocable. No force on earth can change such aspect of life in this world.

It is not even possible to reverse certain things here on the earth; it is not possible to change or remove the directions of the sun, the moon and stars as well. What is possible here is to partaking one’s share from the heat and light the sun provides, which depends on capacities and capabilities. It is not even possible to replace the amount of light and heat the sun provides too.

Priorities and Life!?

October 20, 2011

Every one has a priority in life. There are certain priorities which could be equally important and relevant to groups of people as there are not. There are certain priorities that are equally and essentially important and relevant at individual levels too. In this case, it is quite commendable to identify priorities in life which are based on personal, contextual and relative aspects for life. Thus people, events, ideas and the like play significant role in identifying and arranging our priorities in life. What is a life and death thing to a person could be less important to another one due to personal and other factors.

Hence, there are various types of priorities which vary according to their relevance and importance to one’s life. These can be classified as follows. These are non-important, less important, important, more important and most important ones. For example, when I write here, it is important to me, but what others read is less important since they could manipulate and misinterpret what I write so that they could paint wrong picture and image about me to others. I see it as less important that others read since that is not my intention.

When they delete the entire write up here, this is not my life and death aspect of such matter, meaning I can write many other pieces and can post it up here or somewhere else in the future. Since the writing here is more important than what has been posted to date. The daily routine continues since the audience here is less important than the act, which is the writing. The intention of writing here is not only communicating and interacting with other people, but it is just a way of life. It is one of the important activities one does on daily basis.

What could be the most important aspect of one’s life here could be seeing things happenings and watching and observing them practically happening on this plane of objective existence; they happen; this becomes the life and death aspects o one’s life since such aspect of life creates intense desire for living and life. One lives with great interest and enthusiastic spirits as to waiting things happen, making personal research on how such things are operating in human way, and the like. Having jobs and the like are important but they are not the most important thing in one’s life since they make one survive, since such aspect of life does not create intense desire for living.

Thus, one could categorize many aspects of one’s life as like non important, which are not in the mood and interest of one’s mind, such as, working or belonging for/to any political or religious group as a case here. Listening to what other people say and suggestions are considered as less important matter and things that have less space in one’s mind and life. Writing and the act of writing is an important element in one’s life as equal to having job for living since both affect one’s life and existence on the earth.

What is more important here is that working for the good and betterment of human society at large at cosmic scale then being confine to a particular group or society or nation too, when there is a chance and an opportunity that is opened up or come, I grab that, which is equally and essentially important to one’s life and existence on the earth. And of course, the most important element in one’s life here is that making personal research on the interconnections and interrelation that exist between abstract realities with tangible and visible realities. This is done in one’s mind and no power on the earth can stop such function and operation since it is very personal and is of great interest to one.

When there are certain priorities in life, one’s life gets nice color and the like. One could taste the fruits of life in such area of life as one hit mysterious events and mysterious phenomenon with something practical and tangible aspect of life on the earth. The rest are processes and by products of life that add certain flavor to one’s life and they make one’s stay on the earth very spicy and interesting too. Priorities are essential and they are relative and contextual in which it is not possible to say here that a given person life and death thing as a priority should be same as the priority of the rest.

Life on the earth in most cases is like mirage on the asphalt in which there is a reality that human minds create since one looks and perceive certain matters at distant, but the moment one reach to the spot and the place, it is just creation of the mind; it does not exist in the outward reality and objective world. Most of the things many people seek in life, and they consider as a life and death aspect of life are like that, since they are not reachable, people are eager and expect with great enthusiastic feeling so as to reach to the destination point, but the moment they are there, it is just fake, and empty.

In order to protect and prevent future generation and society from such deception and misleading concepts of life which stayed few thousand years of age in human history and still a process underway, one needs a guide and tutor in life who tell certain practical and realistic aspects and approaches of life that the human imagination ways and approaches of life in the past should no more dictate the minds of others in a foolish way. In this case, families and communities play significant role in protecting their children and those people around them from such huge manipulation and deception going on all over the world. However, all require capacity and capability. Where can they obtain such capabilities and social skills of life is still a question unanswered!?