Dreams and Tricks

September 23, 2011

Dreams have different forms of existence in to this objective world, in which most dreams are not only dreams that we see in our minds, but also they are mysteries whose translation to this objective reality depends upon many factors amongst them are time, space, place, settings,  and the like. It is possible to say that there are certain matters that happen to our dreams which do have mysteries; it is also possible to say such dreams could be just one’s nightmares. There is also a trick and game in this regard.

This is just like thinking circles in which certain individuals who have higher level of understanding can win those who live in the lower circle of thinking and understanding. The same applies in the world of dreams, in which there are people who could have an impact on our dreams, in which they can show us certain psychic things that can be translated to this objective world as per their mercy and blessings since they have money, prestige and the like. This is what they call joining partnership with God. The crux here is capacity and capability whether to be tricked or not. It is just simple to overcome it too.

It is like there are certain individuals who have developed expertise in certain scopes out of practical exercise and experimentations, and such expertise could be something alien to others. In this regard, there are people who have acquired and come to define certain field in which they have certain mind powers like psychic and related and they try to configure and map other peoples mind and brain using both physical and mind tools so as to control the minds of many other people, and governing and programming them like machines. In this case, individuals could be confused and confounded since such experience and practice is strange to them. Thus, they need to be awake at any given point that they can be tricked by mind mappers and programmers at one point in their life. Religious places are conducive places for practice of such exercises and practices.

Most people who have low level of thinking or slow in understandings tricks and games could be deceived and tricked in which they could assume that such things are God sent ones, but it is not possible to think and believe in my case since there are people who have issues in relation to me since I know certain psychic drama they perform without being on the stage.

It is possible to expect mysteries in such aspects of life; it is also possible to expect corruptions in such realm in which when such things do happen, it is important to filter out whether such matters are from the assumptions many people claim, God, they have to be translated; or it s a trick or drama of other people. Silence is the best instrument here. We live in a world where there are many tricks and drama that is going on many aspects since we know very limited things to date.

Once silence is observed, the next step could be taking real life variables in which most of the things do happen here in relation to marriage thing. One does not have to get married to another person since one has seen that person in one’s dream, meaning, that person may not be compatible with one’s character and thinking. Having seen a dream could mean, being a nice person or alerting one to go to certain direction or whatever in which when such matters come to one’s life it needs quite capacity to contemplate and arrive at correct understanding before one arrives at certain and definite conclusion.

While observing in real life, when those dream does not go in conformity with the dream, one does not have to suffer here; but there could be certain mysteries or other aspects one could not figure out. In this case, few people could attribute as failure, but not the case. It is not a failure. There could be tricks or other aspect which is not figured out. In this case, it is wise to contemplate before harsh decisions are made. On the way, it is also possible to make such things happen to objective reality as far as both parties make open consultations and communication so as to arrive to the point they want to reach even if they are tricked.

In my case, I have been showed three female in relation to marriage in different tricks and dramas in which three of them had an opportunity to be in contact with in physical means, but I refrained to stay away from them since there was suspicion in my side that these female are shown to my mind with intentional purpose and mission. The point here is that how can a person who comes to my mind at night can be a person whom I am going to decide to live the rest of my life, while I am struggling to make my own personal life survive in which such aspects are not realistic and practical since I know myself and the type of life I have.

Since I do not want to gamble in other people live I refrained to make any further communication and interaction with these people since I am not interested to play with innocent peoples’ lives and I am not sure about the dreams that come to my mind, which are reliable and trustworthy sources. It is advisable and wise to make no decision with experiences related to such aspects of life since we do not know the source and there are many tricks in this regard.

Although dreams have mysteries, it is quite commendable to take time and figure out as to their operation and function in our practical reality since everything in this world happens base on our choices and actions, but not with nightmares and type of stuff we have in mind while we are asleep and passive.


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