Spaces and Contradictions

September 14, 2011

A Muslim man, one day, explained to me, while I was on a taxi, sitting next to him, to a conversation which was opened accidentally, regarding the religion of Islam, the following. I asked him, what is the major difference that exists between being a Sunni and Shiite Muslim? And he replied the following. He said. Sunni Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is the true Prophet of God; where as the Shiites believe that Angel Gabriel was mistakenly addressed the message from God to Muhammad which was supposed to be delivered to Ali.

I have no idea as to whether this idea conforms to what the rest of the people think, but I use it for this very purpose and consumption. We live in a world many contradictions and conflicts in thinking and other aspects of life in this world are underway, which is crystal clear. The point here is that such contradictions create some sort of space between peoples, nations, societies and institutions. And thus, it is mandatory to believe here that beliefs and thinking we have in this world to date are not enough since none of them are successful in resolving such contradictions in substantial manner.

One of the major reasons for the existence and continuous aspect of such contradictions and conflicts here is that the paradox that exist in this world. For example, let me assume of the case of the Presidents of the United States of America. A given State claims that all men are created equal and declare that every citizen has every right to think, worship and act freely as per consistent with the constitutional rights addressed in the book. This is nice and fine.

However, most presidents of the United States does belong to a certain group of religion—even not a single woman in here. It is election that makes one a president that is obvious, but it is the thinking machinery before election in which society is shape that govern the election too. Society is shaped in way what nations want or master minds behind every nation think so that the election machinery functions in accordance with the thinking machinery. Any thinking that goes contrary to such trend should be removed; that is how they operate and we watch such things in their movies and theatrical events they show to us.

If all human beings are equal, the way society is shaped here is by different thinking machinery which thinks differently as put contrary to the Constitution, here there is a deliberate plan that is going on behind to shape society to behave in certain mindset though the Constitution asks everyone to be free. Such aspects of life could be considered as to an analogy in which, most people do not understand that ambiguous aspects of law of every nation since such matters are in most case are subjective than being objective. Something is missing on their political moves and that is why they fail in their foreign policies and strategies.

For example, let us take a given society here. The society has a problem in resolving certain difficulties here. This could be about wheat. In one article, the law could state that it is possible to sow the seeds of wheat. Whereas as reading and going further in that given proclamation, one could find an article which state that it is not possible to bake or eat bread. This is just an example. Most of the things that are going on this world are like that. It is full of paradoxical events and drama in which there are times where people could not find where to go or what to think due to the countless regulations and policy they face.

In most cases, religious views are intermingled with their political agenda, and it is not possible to say religious view are separate from political stands in which politicians and experts background affects influence more than what they think and believe at certain instances. This does not include those nations who have clear stand that their religious ideology is the governing principles of their political principles. These nations are honest and they know what they are doing and where they are heading since they have clear and straight forward stand.

When new and different incidents hit, the fear and frustration goes to such sectors of given social dynamics in which when there is no clear stand in politics and religious agendas, such given political institutions always live with danger and that given structure always lives with suspicion and does not trust others. It could have strange acts, behaviors, thinking, change from one feature to another, instantly and constantly, is not consistent, can not be a friend to anyone since it can betray anyone at any point, it could be deceptive, misleading too.

In this case, such given structure could require to a system overhaul in its own thinking machinery and take a time to review its own beliefs, values, and thinking, doctrines, if any, than try to interfere on others value, thinking and belief since such matters are personal and they do not even deserve to give advice since they are not worth enough and qualified to give suggestions unless they are invited or asked. Such given structure is restless since it is founded upon suspicion than trust. Such given structure should smell the coffee in its own office than tell others on how to behave.

This reminds me to an idea I heard about a hyena here. They asked why does a hyena goes out to the field at night while all are asleep and another one answered, since it knows what it does during the day time. Further elucidating this matter, since the hyena does something bad in the day time, it hides from the eyes of others so that it cannot be seen or known or identified. When anyone does perform something un-shameful and very confident act, there is no need to hide from the public. When anyone commits something bad, it goes with covers, behind and has guards and other people who protect oneself.



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