Game and Reality

September 8, 2011

The point about life in this world is that most of the activities in this world start from simple acts, but could end up being complex ones up to changing and transforming lives and designing a future. For instance, when soccer or football is started, it was for fun historically. Now it gets its own form, and design, rules and regulations. Besides being an entertainment, it becomes a profession for numerous individuals, and as a whole it is one of the giant industries in the world and great contributing factor to nations’ economy. It is a huge force.

There is an Arabian Social Revolution in Arab countries in which a young Tunisian did perform an act to martyrdom, and that given act creates vibes in the surrounding environment and changes the nations setting. A Face book revolution in Egypt bring about dynamism in the hearts of Egyptians , and courageous people move in mass rally and overthrow a system that was untouchable for three decades. All of them have similarity since they are initiated by single move but end up being a huge dynamism in the life of society.

Arab countries reach in terms of societal maturity to that of the western nations in which westerns countries have like the French Revolution and the like that set certain pattern in the life of societal movement and their respective direction society moves as individuals passes too. Society shapes institutions and makes any given institution to be alert while they are asleep. The noise society creates some sort of shape and form and direction to the institutions too.

When society is dull, institution cannot be active and take many things for granted since society is okay with the oppressions and depressions it faces to the extent it could forget there is such a thing. This is like taking shower with cold water. It is the first cold water touch to the body that makes one to shrink, but as more cold water goes on, one could forget that it is even cold water that is going on one’s body, could consider the more cold water as if it is warm. When society reaches this level, it lives in jeopardy since it sleeps in day time.

Dreaming in a day yields in many nightmares that cannot help one to have enough sleep when the night is come. This is a crisis in terms of needs, wants and thinking and even in metabolism. When individual faces such disturbances, society and institution lives under such circumstances. In this case laws and regulation could be designed to create noise than establish an order. Few people could ask which toilet room to go and if there is any law written regarding which dinning place to eat or not.

The more laws, policies or whatever any society have, the less freedom of choices one is having, which is not consistent with the universal declaration of human rights every nation has accepted such as the freedom to talk, write, share one’s opinion and the like. In this case those who are in authority become the ones who break the laws they formulate. As they say, law makers are the first to break the law; they break the laws since what they have formulated for years could put them in their jail due to ambition and ego stuff.

Rules, laws, policies and the like are important as far as they create moderate atmosphere than tension and stress in our daily routines. When they start creating noise in any given dynamics, they are bad signals to failure and inadequacy of good governance and administration. Meaning, if one has to ask regarding one’s move any law written in relation to this or that, one is not free, which is to mean that one has accepted oppression undercover of policy or law. This could lead to madness or stupidity since one live in sheet circle.

For example, when one takes the marriage thing here, I do not have to ask any given institution which person to marry or not, but I could ask that given institution on the ceremonies that given institution delivers since such a thing has its own structure and regulation. When any given institution interferes in my choices of partner, here, this sounds ridiculous, nonsense and stupid since one override on the right and freedom of others. In this case, individuals have forgotten and lost their capacity and maturity and they prefer to be machines when they do involuntarily basis.

The nice thing is, this never worked out and failure is still 50% in which they get divorce rate per annum. Marriage is a natural phenomenon and it requires natural bond in addition to other requirements surveys and researches indicate. Both are necessary and essential. In this regard, when a person is minister an tries to involve in marriage thing in individual lives, here one forgets one job and needs a reminder that could state that you get back to your office and smell the coffee inside your office than look after a meal of other people in another table.

This is how a given society could be in which this gets worsen if they interfere and try to enter your home they will or gossip you to others about your personality and the like. They claim there is a law, but they over ride that given law; they try to make fun or joke on your life. Such character is called sadist behavior. We live in world a trained or untrained people live in garbage.


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