Searching for Meaning

(A Glimpse from the first book)

(Completed in December 2005, Haifa, Israel)

Governing the secret of our existence on earth is a duty every human being should perform. Discovering the features of realities is a precious responsibility one can assume. Searching for meaning and purpose of life is an intriguing personal quest for anyone. To reach at a point, which makes sense, and gives clarity to one’s quest is the prince wish one can make. Such venture is indeed challenging when one does not know where to start. At this point of time every one is accountable and responsible for seeking one’s purpose of existence on earth so that life would have meaning.

The purpose why we are created as a human being is manifolds. Human being is a mysterious creature whose fate and destiny cannot be predicted by one self, but through the happenings and circumstances of life, one can see, one’s fate is always determined through the choices one is making which are manifested in one’s behavioral actions and reactions. Our reality is manifested in our deeds, and in our thoughts. Our destiny is not only in our hand, but also in a force, which is hard to describe.

As a matter of our choices in life, we can change the color of our destiny from one color to the other, but it is still the color. To govern the many secrets we are endowed within our reality, and within the entire cosmos is a great experience and learning one can experiment and have on the earth. Human beings are designed in a very mysterious way, in which the learned have failed to describe and explain. What one can know about our reality as humans is from the manifested actions and reactions, and from them, one can tell the hidden. This needs greater capacity.

The seen can give a clue to the hidden. The interesting aspect of our life is our reality mostly lies in the untold, unseen, and undiscovered one. Wise are they who can see the hidden from the seen, and discover the undiscovered. From our interactions and behavioral actions and reactions, one can tell, we have many contradictory natures, which exist in our reality. Good and bad, holistic and evilistic, knowledge and ignorance, spiritual and material, religion and science and so on.

Human being is originally created with contradiction. The soul is not governed by the physical laws and rules, and not influenced by time and space; where as the body is governed by physical laws and managed by time and space. This original nature of our duality creates our whole reality to be originally contradictory, which manifest in our reality, in our characters, actions and reactions. Here, one could need a different perspective to shape one’s reality in more productive way.

The purpose of one’s existence on earth is to realize this contradiction, and reconcile this contradiction with convincing, articulated, meaningful and appropriate answers. This is something achievable through the search one starts at one point of one’s life. This contradiction manifests in the process of life in a form of confusions, inconsistency, realizing limitations, and fear, which leads to disappointment and revealing to doubt at a point that can lead to have sea change occurring in one’s life. . When one starts feeling, thinking and observing one of these realities happening in one’s course of life, one may need to figure or to contemplate on something.

The origin of contradiction is originally entrusted in every human being. In the process of life every one is entitled to realize and figure out it at some point. When one recognizes this point, it is a turning point, which tells our reality is something beyond physical being. That is why all of us are here on the earth,…, to figure out there is a contradiction within our being, which can be reconciled through our volitions, constant efforts, and by the daily interactions we are having within the self and the environment. As a matter of our own deliberation, we will free our reality from the confusions and contradictions in our lives. This is an enigma of our life. It is not easy.

Perfection means absolute reconciliation of contradiction exists within the original self. Human’s perfection is measured to the degree to which the confusions, doubts, conflicts, and limitations are cleared and released away. One’s true individuality is realized to the degree to which one’s contradiction is reconciled. The type of personality one creates affect the type of individuality one wishes to be, which is mainly dependent upon the choices and decisions one makes in life, and influences the direction one has lined up for life. Here there are setbacks which one needs to overcome, both internal and external factors.


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