Fathers and Philosophy

September 30, 2011

As part of personal observation and experience, I have interacted with four types of fathers in general in which they have different characters and thinking regarding their family makes up and types of responsibilities they assume as they have similarities in many aspects. Most of them are well prepared to be good fathers, but they end up by being bad husbands and the same is true to the wives as well. They have indeed their own peculiarities as they have made up their minds; they have designed their own look and perspective of their family philosophy regarding family make up in their respective homes.

The first ones are those fathers who wanted to control and monopolize the family in every thing and they do that. They are the source of finances, rules and regulations, policies and the like and they are the sole creators of the family. Others call them as dictators in which they are major contributors and responsible person to the failure and success of that given family. They think that they are accountable for everything and they try to associate everything with their belief systems that dictate like man is the head of the house or man is the bread winner of the given home.

These types of husbands could go further up to designing and scheduling time table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the types of meal every given family member needs to eat and the like. They could ask every given family member to raise their hands before they express their opinions before them. They are oppressive and dominating ones. They think that the rest of the family members do know little about many things and they know everything; but, in reality, when one asks to such husbands like, who is the President of the Unite States of America, they reply, Nelson Mandela.

The second types of fathers are those fathers who say to their children whatever thing children ask, they tell them like, ask your mother, tell your mother and the like. They do not want to assume any kind of responsibility and they forward everything to the mother, in which they do not want to be involved and they are mostly concerned about being source of finance to the family and they leave the rest to the wives or mothers. Such fathers are the ones who receive most complaints from the wives and wives are heard saying that he is not helping me and the like. Such husbands are in most cases in bad shapes.

The third types of fathers are those fathers who try to be nice to the family in which they create some sort of discipline to the family; they try to integrate everything in harmonious manner. They try to be democratic and free thinker within the family dynamics and they give enough freedom to the members of that family than being aloof from the family or being to controlling and dominating too. This depends upon the thinking and education level and also with few and different gifts they have regarding on the looks of life.

The fourth types of fathers are those who are totally contrary to the first ones, in which they could even forget that they have a wife, children and the like; they live with excessive freedom and exercising their own personal interest and desire than caring to the rest of the family they establish. This is not only out of negligence but also out of ignorance and the like in which education plays significant role in rectifying such conducts and behavior and the like. Religions and other community development works play significant role in shaping such people to the standard which is acceptable to the common good.

Basically, when one decides or chooses to be a husband and a father, here needs a capacity and capability which is not thought and gained in any schooling and the like, but such social skill comes out of observation and seeing the environment. Most people fail in the Vision. They do not have a Realistic Vision, what type of family they want to establish, but they go with where the wind blows; and they suffer. They fail and frustrate since they consider such aspect of life as seen in holy-wood movies. They become burden to themselves, person next to self which enlarges itself to the society and the state at large.

On the way, being husband and a father are two different responsibilities as being a wife and mother is very different too. There are individuals who are good fathers, but they are not good husbands as there are nice wives, but they are not good mothers. In this case, it is important to keep the balance and harmony in which it is necessary to be good father and husband; good wife and mother to the family that most families have interesting dynamics and nice looks since both are combined and integrated.

Every given family mix has its own unique character and thinking, which is inherited from fore-parents, friends and there are also certain dreams a given individual one have to oneself in which one dreams certain aspects of life to be like this or that. In my case, though I know myself, I prefer to live like buying a kilo of banana and taking my own meals every day than having a wife, who is not well educated, not free thinking, not well mannered and the like. I like a person who has one’s own integrity in life than being wealthy.

The point about life here is that it is not what we intend or plan that matters; it is how the ship that carries the destiny of our life takes us that matters. A friend of mine once told me, “I do not worry about the type or name of a person whom I have to live with, but I am sure I live getting married with someone else for the rest of my life”. This is indeed a nice remark and I buy this view too. Life is not about deciding one’s fate with someone, but designing a future, but people fit to that framework and future. When people share, life has more meaning and value. When there is no one to share, one shares everything to oneself.


Form and Spirit!?

September 29, 2011

This morning, while I was having a cup of café close to my office I observed an interesting drama between a customer and a waitress in which they were arguing regarding the change the customer has after receiving the service from the cafe, and the waitress was telling him that she did not receive any money from him, and then it becomes a hot discussion and argument between the two. And then the man started counting the money he had in his pocket and he told her that he is sure he gave her money and is expecting the change back after deducting the necessary charge.

The woman denied and she told him that she did not receive any money from him. And at last, the man asked the woman, what is your religion, the woman showed to the man the thread on her neck, telling him that she is a Christian, and he said, I am also a Christian. And both were arguing I left the cafe since I obtained what I wanted from that given café, but with interesting incident in which how certain things made us think about our life and the way of life in which both people are Christians and the morale of bringing the idea of their belief or religion to argument was to prove one’s own innocence, in both cases they failed, due to the fact that both have interacting in giving and receiving certain service, but failure comes in settling the bill.

Meaning, one of them could be lying or both, in which the man could have given the money to another waitress and the like or not at all. The point and the drama were quite interesting to me for many reasons. Telling one’s belief or putting some sort of signs to one’s body or whatever does not justify that one lives up to the principle or doctrines in which this remind me to a story I hear long time ago in Uganda regarding the form and style thing people demonstrate from the fear of stigmatization of society or the community due to their thinking or belief although what they believe and think could be true and necessary. This is about a town in Uganda in which at the time when TV was introduced at the beginning of its introduction to that given town.

Everyone in that given town bought TV, and there was a given family which could not buy TV due to financial and economy reason. Those who bought TV, they put antenna on top of the roof of their homes. This given family could not put that antenna on the top of their home since they did not buy TV. While everyone passes their home, one can easily notice that this given home has no TV and they become an issue to the community. Such incapability in terms of economy of such parents cause an interesting feed back to the children of that given family who could not buy TV.

What happened was the harassment their children receive in the school while they interact with the rest of their friends whose families were capable enough to buy TV. The children were harassed and they suffered depression and the like due to the stigmatization they face from such cheap and child psycho stuff. And they decided to bring to the attention of their parents so that they can force or give certain pressure so as to make them buy TV. Then, they did so.

The p[parents were worried very much and they have shown great concern to their children, unfortunately they could not buy TV, but they came up with certain solution that can sole the bombardment of the harassments their children receive in the school. While wondering on the solution, they found out an iron like materials which look like the antenna they see everywhere on top of the roof every house in that given town. What they did was they put that matter on the top of the roof, and afterwards, everyone passes by their home, they start noticing that they have bought the TV. By doing so, parents protected their children from harassments in the school to their children.

Form and shape does not tell the spirit, but I cases, it could present misleading and deceiving image to others. However, when both form and spirit are integrated, they tell certain matter and aspects of a given matter. Spirit is not something that can be described by form, but it is possible to express certain aspects of it in a given form which does not the case since Spirit is not something tangible, feasible and the like. When someone feels good about another person, this is an expression of that given persons’ emotional status than reality but this does not mean that that given person is entirely bad. It is here contextual and relative.

People mostly perceive based on their biases and prejudice along with their own good stuff too. For example, when we belong to creating religion or politics, people have developed certain attitude towards those who belong to certain form or shape in which they have also developed certain biases and shortcoming as result of such belongingness, a sense of despise and disrespect to others who does not belong to their group framework and belief.

This is a natural characteristic of any given groups; they have superficial outlook and attitude towards others. In this case, there are many people who could put the antenna without buying TV on the top of their home due to the fear of harassments and stigmatizations. They hate rejection and disapprovals, but they suffer a lot since they are not brave, meaning, they are cowardice in other words. Courage is not an outburst of ignorant emotion but rather it is an act that comes out as result of detachment and brave thinking.

Engine and System Overhaul

September 26 2011

When a student fails in an exam, there are three contributing factors to such failure. The first one is of course, the student capacity and capabilities. The second one is the system of education in which the curriculum and education policy which is the reflection of any given political ideology. The third one is failure in the teacher in which the teacher failed to translate and deliver the necessary knowledge and information to the student. Thus, all have contributing factor here.

Every concept has such actors and contributing factors to its translation and objectification in which there are minimum versions to its translation as there are maximum and maxima-list perspectives as to its translation. Every concept commences with its minimum and minimalist version since it is governed by the making and functions of this world.  And there are major elements and  contributing factors to its objectification process. This is to mean that every thing has a start and process until it achieves its end.

In this case, this Process could take various form like as the embryo in the womb in which this structure gets at a time like a fish until it becomes like complete human being in which there are certain and various stages that this embryo has to take until it gets its mature form and look. Thus, it passes thru shell and cover until the final freedom of living and going by one’s own way is reached. It is a must to pass and takes certain forms and approaches in life as this world is designed and structured to pass.

Thus, when a Reconciliation Process is sown at the beginning, It has its own Authors and their respective Vision that should be operational under various strategies. In this case as far as people are working for the Original Vision, it is okay and nice. However, when there is a process underway which is tantamount to political manipulation and maneuvering, in this case, the case of the Entire Vision is put under question and jeopardy. Here, one needs to have a coffee break and work for the Original Vision in one’s own way.

In this Reconciliation Process, there comes a point where deviation and diversion is a way of life in which certain matter arise as result of ambition and corruption, in this case, though the minimum version is going on, there is required the Maxima-list View and Point has to overcome the minimalist view so as to reach the Desired Spot as Originally visualized. Thus, a Process is underway that is operational and functional that forgets and undermines the minimalist vies, but works a to the Maxima-list View which will envelope the whole into One Common Cause due to the Destiny the Ship is already shaped to do so.

Hence, the Reconciliation Process has different stages and processes as it is going in which it encompasses individuals, societies and institutions that are underway until they finally merge to a Pivot Point which is the end goal and objective the process itself in which in such cases, it is not a particular religion, political ideology, people, or whatever groups that takes the monopolization, but rather here is equivalent and equal proportion of whatever things people have to be incorporated.

Bearing this to mind, when shift of strategy is required, it s not a solution here. This is like changing the seat arrangements of chairs in a given hall. This is not the requirement here. The requirement here is that it is the size and shape of the auditorium and the chairs that is required here which seeks and requires changes in the Entire Vision. In this view the strategy has to be redesigned and redefined in which System Overhaul, is a precondition.

While talking of mysterious Plan and Goal, the moment one thinks that one knows, then what one knows is the fabrication and imagination of one’s own stuff than the Mysterious Being in which the Mysterious Reality remains being Mystery to the end due its very nature, but this Mystery thing do create various job opportunity to many people due to the fact that there are people who play corruption, trick and the like on others due to their stupidity; what could be the fact here is that what is created could make certain people survive with certain life style and way of thinking and as far as this is agreeable to them, this is fine, which does not, mean that this is the Ultimate Path and Truth since such matter is relative and contextual.

The thing here is that we do not know, but they know, and the moment we know, we stop; this is the drama, and they put you under certain category and label and make their own research that we give them a task and a job out of our smartness so that they can beg for money and funding and play their drama on the next scene. This world is full of theatrical drama in which there are various stages that are found in the few people mind and they play the drama and they choose their own actors and they write their own script. When they choose their actors, they make sure that they are stupid. This drama was in the past, is going on the present and will be too to the future. This is not something new.

Hence it is not possible to expect that the world is going in a direction as how someone in the past perceived, which could equal to sheer stupidity and theatre in which this world has its own dynamics and pattern and its own stage. Such visions could be considered as useful idea and opinion, but it is not something that is considered as life and death and matter without considering the evolutionary processes and dynamics this world has undergone. It is possible to live with the way of life and thinking in the past, but it s not possible to impose and force others to be like the way they think in this aspect.

It is also possible to say here that when such visions are set and the cause that make this vision are enveloped, it is important to note that they are also under the process and many imperfections and incomplete steps and stages they pass. How is it possible to expect the causes that are enveloped under the name of certain vision which are incomplete, imperfect and in fact many contradictions within its own circle, to tell us the destiny of our future without showing to us the perfect standard with its own world. It is a bit paradox here. Process is an escape goat, but it is foolish to expect unending dramas that stayed for few thousand years come happen true.

It is quite interesting to make a note in one’s note book that the claims are unending, we keep on adding numbers of prophets and religions and the like without having the final and consummation of the first to the next, in which all have a start, but none has an unending. All live with expectation though expectation makes life very exciting and intriguing too, but when such expectations becomes unending and never complete, foolishness and stupidity become the king and thus we create a world in which the foolish ones are the kings and those who are smart are considered as foolish and nonsense. This drama has to be reversed and will be reversed as more smart people arise in every land and while being smart equals to follow The Truth than being a stupid as is the case in many areas and scopes of life here on the earth.

City and Thinking

September 25, 2011

City is a place where the so called civilized mindset and people reside. City has s own thinking and framework. And thus being in a city could mean something since it shapes our thinking and beliefs and values. City by itself has its own dynamics. In this case, city has its own life style and mechanics in it operation and function, and thus the denizens in the city are sensitive to many things.

City minded personality starts from dressing style which reflects the thinking and emotional set up in most cases, and extends itself to talking and expression of ideas and how one expresses oneself towards to a given audience and the like. They claim that they have better standards than the countryside ones in which the have jargon and way of talking things, accents and the like. There are certain manifestations of personalities whether a given person is city minded or not. It has its own enigmatic force.

Such style in the cosmic scale is relative and contextual in which a city minded person in United States and a city minded person Africa have wide gap and differences. They both live in cities, but the thinking, belief, values and system of thinking is different since city facilities shape our thinking and values. For example, in given cities where how ice cream is made is different from one another, which has its own impact on the elixiric force it creates to the users to that given moment, thus people differ in looks, which do have an impact on the perspective they come up, inmost cases.

Being in a city means having many things, in which certain minds are invented and created, by being in the cities, they contribute many things when one lives in civilized city, which does not necessarily mean that anyone that lives in that city is civilized and thinking. This is very different and it depends on how one makes use of the resources and the available facilities. The buildings, designs, and how the roads are structured tell something in which it is the structure that shapes the thinking system of given society that lives in a particular city.

There are various circles of people in the city in which there are people who live just watching the drama, without understanding the drama that is going on all over. There are people who try to make use of such facilities and do play the game without knowing the drama and the consequences of such actions and reaction entail. There are people who know the drama and are very selective in their actions and reactions of such aspects of life. There are people who shape t the city dynamics and framework in which they are major actors on the stage.

City articulates life. City gives color and odor to life. City shapes our thinking model. City delivers certain perspective about life, which could be useful; and harmful. City has its own essential dynamics of life. It is also interesting to note here that city people try to be organized and smart as there are suspicious and superstitious people in the thinking and life style of city minded people. City is a center of thinking and thinking society as there are many people who originate and shape many societies in this world. Thus, the dynamics of any given society is shaped by politicians, and their advocators in every field and every given city reflects the dynamics of such people than the dwellers since any given city is shaped by such people and their respective community and institutions.

Dreams and Tricks

September 23, 2011

Dreams have different forms of existence in to this objective world, in which most dreams are not only dreams that we see in our minds, but also they are mysteries whose translation to this objective reality depends upon many factors amongst them are time, space, place, settings,  and the like. It is possible to say that there are certain matters that happen to our dreams which do have mysteries; it is also possible to say such dreams could be just one’s nightmares. There is also a trick and game in this regard.

This is just like thinking circles in which certain individuals who have higher level of understanding can win those who live in the lower circle of thinking and understanding. The same applies in the world of dreams, in which there are people who could have an impact on our dreams, in which they can show us certain psychic things that can be translated to this objective world as per their mercy and blessings since they have money, prestige and the like. This is what they call joining partnership with God. The crux here is capacity and capability whether to be tricked or not. It is just simple to overcome it too.

It is like there are certain individuals who have developed expertise in certain scopes out of practical exercise and experimentations, and such expertise could be something alien to others. In this regard, there are people who have acquired and come to define certain field in which they have certain mind powers like psychic and related and they try to configure and map other peoples mind and brain using both physical and mind tools so as to control the minds of many other people, and governing and programming them like machines. In this case, individuals could be confused and confounded since such experience and practice is strange to them. Thus, they need to be awake at any given point that they can be tricked by mind mappers and programmers at one point in their life. Religious places are conducive places for practice of such exercises and practices.

Most people who have low level of thinking or slow in understandings tricks and games could be deceived and tricked in which they could assume that such things are God sent ones, but it is not possible to think and believe in my case since there are people who have issues in relation to me since I know certain psychic drama they perform without being on the stage.

It is possible to expect mysteries in such aspects of life; it is also possible to expect corruptions in such realm in which when such things do happen, it is important to filter out whether such matters are from the assumptions many people claim, God, they have to be translated; or it s a trick or drama of other people. Silence is the best instrument here. We live in a world where there are many tricks and drama that is going on many aspects since we know very limited things to date.

Once silence is observed, the next step could be taking real life variables in which most of the things do happen here in relation to marriage thing. One does not have to get married to another person since one has seen that person in one’s dream, meaning, that person may not be compatible with one’s character and thinking. Having seen a dream could mean, being a nice person or alerting one to go to certain direction or whatever in which when such matters come to one’s life it needs quite capacity to contemplate and arrive at correct understanding before one arrives at certain and definite conclusion.

While observing in real life, when those dream does not go in conformity with the dream, one does not have to suffer here; but there could be certain mysteries or other aspects one could not figure out. In this case, few people could attribute as failure, but not the case. It is not a failure. There could be tricks or other aspect which is not figured out. In this case, it is wise to contemplate before harsh decisions are made. On the way, it is also possible to make such things happen to objective reality as far as both parties make open consultations and communication so as to arrive to the point they want to reach even if they are tricked.

In my case, I have been showed three female in relation to marriage in different tricks and dramas in which three of them had an opportunity to be in contact with in physical means, but I refrained to stay away from them since there was suspicion in my side that these female are shown to my mind with intentional purpose and mission. The point here is that how can a person who comes to my mind at night can be a person whom I am going to decide to live the rest of my life, while I am struggling to make my own personal life survive in which such aspects are not realistic and practical since I know myself and the type of life I have.

Since I do not want to gamble in other people live I refrained to make any further communication and interaction with these people since I am not interested to play with innocent peoples’ lives and I am not sure about the dreams that come to my mind, which are reliable and trustworthy sources. It is advisable and wise to make no decision with experiences related to such aspects of life since we do not know the source and there are many tricks in this regard.

Although dreams have mysteries, it is quite commendable to take time and figure out as to their operation and function in our practical reality since everything in this world happens base on our choices and actions, but not with nightmares and type of stuff we have in mind while we are asleep and passive.

Labeling and Categorizing!?

September 20, 2011

The concepts of lie, deception, betrayal, traitor and the like have been struggling and fighting with the concepts of truth, uprightness, faithfulness, loyalty and the like for centuries and ages in which they are not only concepts but also there are individuals who work after them, and they are labeled and categorized under covers in which the motive behind such dramas and  theater make them something like this or that. Thus people label and categorize under certain tags like trademarks

Enemies, apostates, covenant breakers, lovers, intoxicated lovers, martyrs, adherents, followers, steadfast believers and the like are different tags which are assigned by people under their search and study towards something and the cause they promote everywhere. Basically such aspects of life are relative and contextual in which a friend could be considered as enemy and an enemy could be considered as a friend. We live in a world in which the approach and method of life is very diplomatic and political. Everyone has a tag behind, the ground and the motive for such trade marks and labels is not even clear.

There is an interesting quote from the Quran in this regard, which state like, never say to anyone, you are a believer. This indeed tells the mystic aspects of life in this regard, it is not possible to define abstract relationship and mystic communion one establish with the so called the Absolute Power in which when certain labeling starts to germinate amongst people in the community, divisions and discord play significant role and the degree to which a certain given community claim is put under big dilemma and question. This is a sign of schism.

I could be tagged or considered at one point of life as “enthusiastic”, “hero”, “prolific”, “audacious” and the like since I have manifested some sort of attitude and thinking towards something and such actions and reactions could be considered as mentioned on the above. After a strange and dramatic experience, since I speak the truth of such given matter, I could be labeled and considered as “covenant breaker”, “enemy” and the like. In both conditions I am still living with The Truth in which such given matter is relative and contextual. In both conditions, those who label could be correct and I am correct. Ignorance and knowledge plays significant role than people’s attitude and thinking here.

What is interesting here is that misconception and distortion people have in grasping and understanding and reading others correctly. Most people fail in this course of life since they are self-centered and ego-centered. When they like you, they attribute good on you, when they hate you, they attribute bad on you. Most people are wrong in such aspects of life in which it is not possible to have neither a friend nor an enemy here. In this condition, it is important to have the balance in which people are important as far as they have an impact on my life otherwise they are not. People at work and my house renters do affect much more than any other people since they play significant role in my bills and the like.

For example, when I say lesser peace will come in the year 2000, there must be official records of my sounds than what other people say about what I say. I can cite a good example here. In my recent write up in 2008, I said, two people have communication difficulty within themselves, but this clear words and write up is distorted and reached to many peoples ears as if I had said, two people have difficulty with rest members and that is why they resign. This is deliberate intention of my enemies though I do not want to think like that but their attitude and way of perception towards me oblige me to say it.

This is not misunderstanding or lack of clarity of language, or since I am vague or whatever. I checked this statement with other people whose native tongue is English. They expressed what I wanted to mean as I said. What I have told to other people here is what I write. There is no difference between what I write or tell others since I do not want to make anyone special in this regard and do gamble here or take advantage of such matter since I know this matter is significant and sensitive. It was a deliberate and intentional distortion. People are like that. They try many things, but they fail at last. Then they deeply deplore.

Lie and deception has many forms here. The first one is in daily conversation and communication in which a given person lies to another person in what is outwardly communicated and expressed. This is based on conversation and communication. The second one is in what one thinks and what one expresses to others due to many reasons. The third one is in the thinking realm in which when a given and certain mystic matter is revealed, it is outwardly translated in lie and deception since there is lack of information and knowledge of the matter.

In this case, conflicts at personal level and contradiction in many peoples thinking arise. The root cause here is ignorance which revealed itself to outward arrogance and deception that stays for almost a century. There are many opportunities and chances delivered to remedy such sickness and mistake with various times and a device until the last one is used and implemented. The point here is that all are fighting with less important and less significant aspects of the matter in which all are irrelevant to the spot and pivot point even to the contrary even those who claim they are right promoters of the matter.

Most people tell their faithfulness and loyalty by pointing fingers on others than performing their obligations and duty in expeditious manner. In this case, when a thing starts trying to be over protective, it puts harm on others and loses its direction. They label each other as if one is enemy towards the other. The point or focus here is not the matter, but personal or group relationship and communication. They say, Mr X use the word …and thus he must be an enemy. But, they say, letters kill, but spirit that gives life, which is appropriate.  This is very political mindset.

If I behave towards someone like the way Mr X says, Mr x is correct, I have to accept the truth than label and category Mr X under certain category. In this case, if I am good person, I take Mr X words, and correct my behavior than threaten Mr X to behave in a way I like him to behave or call him an apostate. This is a dictatorial behavior in which listen to me, do whatever thing I say, if I say kill someone, you have to kill, kind of relationships could exist. In such cases, I am the first person to violently protest in this regard. Call me whatever.

When a given matter or body overrides the margin or boundary it was set to respect, that given body is disobedient to the instruction it was supposed to obey while disobedience becomes the central and major drama of that given matter, how does that given matter or body expects others to be obedient? Exemplary lifestyle originates from self in which the center of authority has demonstrated that to one’s life as they should do that in that given body? This is a big paradox. I do not get it. This must be an outburst of ignorant emotions than anything. This must be strange matter on a strange island than any other claims it justifies.

There is one thing to add here. In the past there is misconception arrived out of biases and likes and do not likes. They say in history that few people in India could have a corrupt inclination towards something; this does not mean that any person who belongs to this community is corrupt or stupid. Not. Few people from Ethiopia are obedient and stupid, and thus the rest are like them. The point here is that past was formed and established with lie and deception and it is not possible to say that this given people are like this or that since the balance is distorted. The solution could be to have a great assemblage and design a Bright Future without labeling and categorizing one another.

This remind me to an incident I have while I was living 275 km away from here while working for one of the US-AID funded project. I had a friend of mine who was an accountant like me, but work for different organization, used to drink glasses of beer. One day I met him in one restaurant with a person I never met. This friend of mine said to me and his friend. Get to know each other. We both exchange our names. And then he said, get reconciled. Here I was confused and asked him with whispering sound, what do you mean by that. He said, he will make you feel bad after 5 minutes. Then I sat with these two guys and start chatting and as a friend of mine said, that person make an argument about a story of life which I had no clue. He said you have a child. I said. I do not. Then he said you used to live in Arba Minch, place to the south. I said I never been not to Arba Minch, to seba minch, [they are just numbers]. Then I quarreled with a person whom I had met for a second. Then I had to leave the place.

Life continues and I still do not have a child.   When I say regarding great assemblage, it is just sharing an opinion as responsible person in case you are confused, but not from the point view of forgiving or looking for socialization with your friends and people. I live with my own accent and style, and once for all, I say to you though I had many things to tell you since you cannot bear it them now; I hate to be friend with a person who follow religion or religious doctrine or a politician or who follow political doctrine or those who dramatize or do a theatre or sing about both stuffs. I respect their belief, but I do not like to belong towards such stuff. I am not scared of anything if you try to make me so too. I live with these people and their matter at a distant like the electric shock I had in Israel. I hate that.

The morale of the above incident here is that even if certain people do quarrel about a given matter, the probability of getting reconciled or having certain common direction is very less even close to zero. One of the major reasons is the motive. Secondly it is an experience of life that there is certain deception and deviation from the truth, that is why people are over protective and dictator to cover up the truth and they use removing as strategy. Thirdly, it is not conferences or gatherings that bring solution, but daily actions and reactions towards common goal. Fourth, it is not electing or having a guardian or someone on top that is a solution here, but realizing the truth, and agreeing on it so that past can be corrected and future can be designed. The Truth is a solution otherwise this will be cheap child game and psychology than any other thing.


Inventions and Reactions

September 17, 2011

A friend of mine once told me regarding an article he read about a scientist whose name I forget. That give scientist invented laser and the rest of scientific community did not know what does that mean by and as to the benefit and usage of it at that given time. Later revolution in laser stuff happened in the world It becomes evident that everyone today uses as CD, DVD, floppy, flash disk and the like.

Life in this world is interesting since ignorance and arrogance are the major actors in this world besides envy and jealousy. Life without invention and discovery is not possible. These two positive and negative forces have been fighting since the time of creation like a creature called, man. We live in both constructive and destructive forces going on hand in hand. It is inevitable that constructive ones always win and victory always goes towards them. It is matter of time.

Inventions and discoveries have triple purposes. The first one is they solve difficulties and social problem in which they make life simple. The second one is they give perspective and ideas as to how we should perceive our world and life. The third one is they shape our future and destiny too. It is customary to think that the challenges and tests they face tell the magnitude of their impact and influence. The more and stronger opposition and resistance they face can mean they have strong impact and they are true and correct too.

There are two major sectors of societies that have difficulty in accepting every invention and finding under suspicion. These are political and religious leader since they think and feel responsible about the world and the people at large. On the contrary, they failed to create a better world and they have failed in creating safety and security to this world. Everyone lives with suspicion with a neighbor and an office mate since everyone spies one on another.

Trust becomes an expensive commodity which is found in the holy wood movies in abundant than wherever. In this case, they should rethink and re-consider their administrative machinery since such is the fabrication of their systems. When a given person comes with a finding, they harass and threaten by sending police cars, police people to the cafe one is having coffee and they do sabotages and conspiracies using ignorant and foolish people. This is one of the interesting drama since ignorance and arrogance play as the chief of this world.

In relation to the academic world, there are three different categories of such people. The first ones those philosophers, scientists and the like who work with a given system of administration—politics or religion—they attribute any given matter and justify from that given form of belief and system. Such people are narrow minded and they have closed mindset in which they do not put anything as news on the Yahoo, BBC and the like if it does not go in conformity with their belief and thinking.

The second ones are those people who are in such category who does not like any given system or form of belief and they oppose anything and everything that goes in conformity with a given system they do not like. The third ones are those who claim that they are neutral, try to be fair, which cannot be the case but could be better then both groups since they have better and fair ground. All have their own background and mission to justify a claim is wrong or bad, but all share one thing they have their own biases which is relative and contextual too.

While in this case, when some comes with certain thing like seeing future, hearing other people conversations without physical devices, knowing hidden dramas behind, sabotages and conspiracies, here someone has certain claim, in deed a huge claim,  that one can justify in which such justification could have its own way of translation into this practical reality. In this case, if they have clue, the can ask and learn, otherwise there is no mechanism to prove such things unless they prove such a thing from the inventor’s point of view. This is not about fabricating followers and creating another political or religious party and island. This is about investigating and knowing about The Truth. In this case, noise and related matters create noise pollution than any other matter.

It is not possible to say here that the people of the world will be equal at least in two things. The first one is the economy factor. The second one is the thinking element. It is indeed a chimera to think that there will be equality in this regard, but there could be similarity and differences due to past trends and make up and how a given nation is structured and organized. Thinking does no only originate from academic circle and background, but rather is emanated from the Power of Observation and Imagination in which daily routine, society and the environment play significant role than any other things though academic ground is one factor, but not a life and death aspect. This world has been shaped by thinking that emanate from those humble individuals who have never been to academic circles, in most cases.

Thus, it is important to note that there are various circle of people and thinking in these two broad categories—Economy and Thinking. Different and several circles and worlds do exist based on capacity and area of interest. This is one of the features of our world in which the balance here is created out of the Power of Understanding and Tolerance in which such circles are created as result of difference in Understanding and they live together as result Tolerance. Understanding and Tolerance are the two pillars that create the balance of this world in which such numerous people do exist in this world, living side by side, by such forces no matter how negative forces do exist.

The existing systems of beliefs and thinking machinery are like mind and eye openers. They open our minds and thinking machinery as to certain extent. We are very grateful to them since they help us to certain extent. However, they are not enough. Our thinking needs are like electricity and power in which as age and experience in life goes on, our thirst and want change. We need our different power house than the existing ones since the existing ones fail to accommodate ours need and wants too. Every age has its own want and need. Then, we add certain values and we reject certain claims which we can not accept as result of our exposure in life. Though they open our eyes, we have our own way of thinking that could be contrary to them or different the way we are shaped. This is natural and normal trend.