Interpreter and Expounder

August 23, 2011

Interpreter and expounder are two important concepts in worlds where there are ambiguity and variations in thinking and understanding in a given community dynamics. When such variations in understanding exist, there is always a pivot point or center that is required to narrow the gap between differing opinions and views. In this case, an authoritative interpreter is required who can offer legitimate guidance on certain subjects.

This is one of trends that is going on our world since government or state are established in every kingdom or nation. It is not a new concept or idea, although there is a claim that goes like I am the one who started this; or this is the first in the history of… bla..bla…bla…whatever claims are there, the point here is that both are important and necessary in worlds where many varied opinions and interpretations could be delivered.

One of the areas where interpretations and legitimate view regarding certain subjects are required is in the judiciary bodies since it is very sensitive and vast scope. It affects the lives of individuals, societies and communities. Hence they require authoritative bodies, which are known as Legislative Bodies, whose primal function is to give interpretations and expound laws or articles where ambiguity and debates are going on.

However, in subjects or areas relate to the Abstract Reality and Concept like God, and the like, it is quite a funny drama to have interpreter or appoint an authoritative translator or interpreter about the concepts of God, which is “Unknowable Essence”. This resulted in two ruinous wars in the history of human kinds in the past, which are called WW—I and WW—II, due to the blasphemous aspects of such subjects matter. None is proficient in subject matters related to God, even those who claim that they are sent by God; they confess their ignorance before Him/Her or Whatever.

When there is a need of another third world war, another blasphemous act could be done in this regard, in which every act in this planet, have an impact and chain actions and reactions in this world and could trigger certain impacts, however invisible or indirect it is, since every action has equal and opposite reaction, in one or other way. There are two great factors here, one is time, and the other is place. This does not mean that when a mad man in Iran, California  or Australia acts on certain thing, this has an impact in America or Japan or wherever.

When certain significant matters happen in one corner of the planet, they have an impact on the other corner of the world since every thing is interrelated and interconnected, but what we do not know is: how, when, what is connected with the other. We reveal such mysteries as things do occur. In this case, it would be a gamble to try such things on bad areas or subjects which we have limited knowledge or clue, which is equal to sheer stupidity and nonsense drama and ignorance.

The interconnection between things in this world is vital and clear, but on how such interconnection exists is a matter left unchecked and the amount of ignorance and darkness in this globe is the reflection of such ignorance. We know very limited things to this point. We have very limited knowledge in finding such mysterious aspects, but we have abundance knowledge and skills on conspiracy and sabotages, ridiculing those people who try something different or whatever,  since such matter is very simple and most are willing to perform such nefarious acts than do good things to others. This is the point where we are now. In this case, I have to take coffee break after having lunch and work break.

In worlds where Abstract Reality is the most unknown aspects of life in this world, it is quite a funny drama to appoint or elect a man or a person who can interpret and expound about such Abstract Matters, which are too ridiculous. This is ridiculous indeed. Above all, they bestow infallibility on such matters, which is again ridiculous too. When there is a need to have another world to destroy innocent civilians of the world, we could demand or ask for another sinner who could add another sin to the former ones; who is going to share such grievous sin that do have a worse impact on this world. NONE.

Children of men have lived for centuries and ages worshiping certain matters as infallible matters from God. This is one of trends this world has demonstrated in its social aspects in which there are many circle of children of men who share same belief and thinking under the cover of “spiritual powers”, … “special faculties”, and all of them are results of fabrications of the Power of Imaginations in which they create their own concepts of the Unknown and share that understanding together. There is no harm or bad with that, but there will be bad, when one crosses the line that is already set and touches others.

They try to correlate or justify or validity quoting from previous books. This is one of the theatrical aspects of this world. If I have certain different subject or matter, there is no need to correlate or quote it from previous aspects or books to justify my correctness or truth; I could raise certain issues that are practically going on this world so that the current generation has to justify it by seeing or correlating with practical Reality that is happening. This can be done when there is a need to seek recognition or publicity.

Who else is capable to tell about reality or person as if such matter is sent from God in world where incapability, inadequacy, incompleteness, imperfection, ignorance are the ones that define anyone in matters related to the Abstract Reality, unless such matters are fabrications and result of fanciful wishes and dreams of such people who are ambitious, selfish, ego centered, and the like? Who is going to trust them, Past, Present or Future too?



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