Falling Apart

August 20, 2011

When I used to live abroad, one of the interesting things and experiences I had was with the language called, English. I had very little knowledge of English, and I came up losing few information and knowledge I have with that given language in the course of my communication and interaction there for many reasons. I thought I knew few things related to this given language, and I realized that I do not know it after certain experiences.

What happened was, it was in the middle of sunny time. I hear everyone saying, … summer,… summer, … and what I knew and I was thought in the school here was, winter was for sunny time, and summer is for rainy time, and I found the reverse there. The other thing was in that given weather time, everyone was saying, he/she is cool. I was confused and do not know what these people try to deliver. Late I asked one of them, and he said to me that this is to mean for something nice. They also say, he/she is crazy for a person who is not even mad, but witty too.

The point and drama behind such things is that there are certain things and matters that are known and identified by a given group of people and how such matters are known and understood by other communities and society in which things fall apart due to misunderstanding, misinterpretations and the like. A given matter could be identified by many colors depending on how people observe and perceive.

There are many instances of such types in which certain things are originated by certain authors and how the rest of society understand them is totally not even in the intention of the authors if they are asked. In this case, deviations and changing one’s perception of matters are not considered as cowardice. But one could come with certain revisions and come up with certain perspectives so that life continue and one live with views that are based on experiences and practical information too.

In the evenings of his life, Karl Marx, said, if Marxism is like this, I am not Marxist. Meaning, what he originated and what other people perceive and translate are two different aspects in which certain leaders took everything wrong and become the cause for the failure of Marxism since they took everything wrong. There are many other incidents of such types when we go further and in detail.

William Shakespeare said, the world is but a stage, in which this world is full of dramatic events that are both tragic and comedy. Both are events that go hand in hand. They are inseparable and inevitable aspects of life as human beings. What we do not know is the time that tragic events visit us, and the time happy moments visit our verandas. In this case, we could need certain faculty to detect such matters and aspects of lives that the regular and normal way of life requires.

A given person could share one’s opinion and view regarding any thing; other people could perceive him wrong or correct. Or few people could add certain in puts and pave a way as to translate one’s view in more productive manner. Although a person shares one’s own opinion, it is up to other people to perceive in a way they want. But they are still one person view and they are personal reflections too. They cannot go beyond that.

And in any case, people develop both rational judgments and superstitious interpretations and understanding in the course of life they govern, and they abide by such interpretations as centuries and ages pass by. Every thing has its own maturity and expiry time. Everything in this world has two facets. The first one is like the attribute of The Sun in which It never changes. The other is the attributes of fabricated light in which the devise and amount of power changes as the need of time requires.

Needs are the prime factor to change and shape our perception and understandings. Needs are further developed by thirst which augment one’s desire and passion for life and living. Both make our stay on the earth interesting since we live to satisfy and quench our needs and thirst. In this regard, people use various mechanism to fulfill such obligations of life that are resulted due to needs and thirsts.

When such needs are addressed at any given point by one person, they could be formulated by certain form of thinking as reflected by one person’s own observation and imagination. However, as such thinking and observation is reached to other people, it could get different shape and form to extent the person has not even e intent. And as time goes by, such thinking could get different scenario after the person departed and when the person gets back to this world, the person could say, I never meant like this, this is not my village or city. And this is one of the becoming characteristics and natures of this world as things fall part and what the person said 1000 years ago and what is happening later on are found falling apart.



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