Process and Result Oriented People

August 13, 2011

Life in this world is mainly conditioned upon on how people perceive this world and its people and how they apply their perception into practical and tangible translation and realities of life in this world. Accordingly, there are basically two broad categories of peoples in this world. Such broad classification is based on their perspectives on life and process of life they have in relation to the world and their given undertaking as well.

The first ones are those who are interested and believe in the end results—Result oriented people. There are other types of people who do not believe in the result, but appreciate the process thing—Process oriented people. Most people in this world are result oriented one’s in which they want to see the result than appreciate the process. Process oriented people are mostly optimistic and they have positive attitude in many aspect of life where as Result oriented people are dependent upon the type of result they seek in life in which when they get what they want, they become optimist but when they do not get what they want, they become pessimistic.

Most institutions are process oriented ones’ in contrary to that of individuals and societies. Institutions believe and think that any given idea or projects are processes and they make efforts to reach to the goal set so that they learn from mistakes. And they do everything by trial and error. However, most individuals who work for and within institutions are more of result oriented ones.

What could be interesting IN here is that one could detect whether a person is result oriented or not by the answer one reply to the question one is asked or the type of question one asks. When a person asks, are you happy? This is a result oriented one, and the answer could be yes or no. None considers as to the variables or approaches as to what makes a person happy or not though the next question could be, why, or what makes you happy and the like.

When we live and consider the competitive world we are in, it is mostly connected to the result based and approach and this make life more superficial. One of the reasons why most people are not good towards other due to such nature in which result is the measurement or end is the goal in which others are measured and known. In the political world, to be elected rather than the process of election could be a life and death thing to the leaders especially in third world countries, though there is a claim that goes like the process is considered as most important factors; but the winning thing is an agenda and is the most crucial aspect in the such aspects of life.

In the academic world, it is not the result what is important, but the methods or formula or the approach in which consistency, coherence and the like one is employing to reach to a certain end value, though both are equally important, but the method or the process is essentially crucial and necessary too. When the end result is considered as life and death thing, such aspects of our life could have deceiving and misleading standard or touchstones for life.

For example, when one asks two persons, are you happy? And when both reply same answer: Yes. This does not tell anything in which both could have employed different life principles or doctrines in which a person who is in opium, when you ask that person in that given mood, he/ she could say. A person who goes to the church or mosque or whatever mood, and in her/his mood of such passion thing, they could say again that we are happy thing. The method that makes them a happy is the most important factor than the instant mood or type of such reply one gets since most people are polite to say true or correct thing sin public or to other people unless very decisive or critical matters do arise.

It is not what you are or the condition of state of being at a given period that is important here, but what makes you happy is the most essential aspect of life as human being in which others could take a lesson or take something from you when it is something useful and constructive in life. Otherwise the passion thing which one can get even in the Stadium in which there is claim that such happiness is measured by instant emotions and type of feeling that comes like a lightning ones could mislead others and could put them in wrong trap.

Hence, it is important to critically focus on the methods so that life as human reality is not about feelings or thinking that goes like lightning or a result of an outbursts of ignorant emotions, but rather a result of many processes and chain actions and reactions of life that could end up at a point that could give a lesson to oneself and others too. Process leads to end or result and result also leads to process. They can be like chicken and egg thing, but both are equally important and both are essential. The problem comes when one loses the balance and where the balance is. On this case, one needs to figure out the touchstone as to where the harmony and balance hits. Here I do not have calculator to give you since the calculator is in your hand.

Most people who have materialistic approach and interpretation of life are Result oriented people. Most spiritual and intellectual minded people have Process oriented state of mind and being. Both types of people live in this planet here, but those who have a result oriented approach have more balance and fan than the other one. The major reason here is egoistic factor and selfish interest of human reality in which most people are ego-centric and selfish in many aspects in both positive and negative senses too.


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