A Glimpse on Something

August 27, 2011

One of the most interesting and peculiar characteristics of human beings from the rest of creation in this world is their perception and degree of articulation towards life on the earth. Hence, it is mandatory to think and realize that human being is more than social animal, in which their thinking, behavior and applications towards life on the earth make them an excellent addition and beauty to this world too.

As this drama and theatrical events are on the stage, there are both good and bad features that colorfully decorates this earth. And one of the most distinguishing element and factor in which such world has discovered in the human element is the institution of Marriage. Marriage has been institutionalized by human beings for past centuries and ages. It is institution since it has its own social and cultural prerequisite and conditions.

As it is institutionalized, many people have the right to stay in it, or reject the claims made by such given societies or institution, in which it is not mandatory element for life on the earth. To get married is not obligatory as divorce is also another option when one cannot live with a person whom one has already married due to many reasons. To divorce is an option and look for other option is becoming a norm in these days too.

Most researches on marriage indicate that the survival factor for any given marriage mostly goes to the wives since they have strong element such as tolerance and understanding than men who go for rush actions and decisions. Practically, as part of personal observation, most men are still having dictatorial tones and trend in their communications towards the women they got married, whether they are educated or not. In other words, they are not polite or whatever too.

One of the contribution factor for such styles or fashions of life in marriage is the cultural or belief dynamics of any given society or community in which women are designed to submit their freedom and rights to men culturally and the like, which made them submissive in many aspects. The other is economic freedom in which men could take the balance in this regard. The other is lack of democracy in many aspects in the social dynamics in which political administration and how a given state functions matter to the rights and freedom of any given society besides the given family and community dynamics in this regard.

Many people prefer divorce as better option than living with a person one cannot stand and more due to the fact that when their expectation before and after marriage could not go in a way they already visualized in their minds. The first major factor is the power of imagination in which imagination is the one that creates certain expectation in one’s being. When a person is married to a pretty woman, one could expect her not to go the wash or toilet room. Meaning, they have an illusory expectations beyond natural factors. In this case, life becomes so hard to stand it.

The other reason is problem solving capacity of individuals before marriage. Those who have enough skill and adequate social skill in life are more skillful and they stay in their marriage than those who are and do not possess such skills since they are careful, in selecting their partner and they know how to live with such a person. Otherwise they could not be involved in such field of life. They do not take marriage as NGO in which they use it to help or obtain help from others. They are not corrupt in this regard to.

When individuals posses enough skill in problem solving in which they do not exaggerate or  do not try to complicate simple matters as if they are sent from alien world, they are successful in many aspects. There are people who try to exaggerate everything in which certain matter hits them; they consult everything with other people. Instead of solving those confidential matters by themselves, they take it everywhere and at last they are found in the middle of trap, hard to get out, under the name or cover of consultation which is not even wiser or a right solution.

There are matters that require personal decisions; there are matters that require others help. Identifying such matters in which, which ones to go to other people, which ones are not to be shared, what to share to whom, when to share and what, who, is by itself a skill and a capacity in which this requires capabilities and capacities so that when solutions are derived they do not have possible backfires and worse problems they can bring about as matter of such deliberations. For example, if the husband is very private person and the wife wants to socialize, they have here enough spaces to accommodate in this regard in which the wife could take more spaces the husband does not need. As far as they consult and agree on such subjects, this is not even an issue or a problem at all for I knew couples who live with such life style peacefully for years.

Many complications in marriages do arise as result of hidden dramas or secretive personality of individuals in which people change as result of the marriage that takes place. This is indeed scary and dangerous. They change in behavior and thinking since they have secretive personality or they expect much thing in the marriage thing as they have presumed this to be. Most women are rumored to be the one that does this than men, though most men are also rumored. Both have one great factor, when they seek material benefit or other different advantage out of the marriage thing, they do that. When they have no love or regard, but seek for advantage, such things do happen.

It is quite noteworthy to mention the holistic aspect of marriage in which many people get married and have holistic life on the earth. They are congratulated in this aspect of life. This is awesome. It is indeed one of productive approaches and ways to life on the earth. By looking at this, one can come to definitive conclusion it is quite necessary aspect of life on the earth as institutionalized by societies and communities. This is indeed nice. It deserves respect and reverence. The point here is the selection process. The point here is on the choice of the partner, which is personal and too private matter. None has he right to decide on the choice of the partner to any given person for such aspects of life is not a gamble or casino in Vegas.


A Seed and A Tree

August 25, 2011

A given individual has different forms of existence, personality and individuality in this world. This is attributed with various forms of change and evolve in which a given person is like a seed when one is a in the womb, and will be like a tree as one evolves and passes various stage of growth in one’s life. Hence it is necessary to think that a person can change not only oneself or family or community dynamics, but also the entire continent and globe as well.

A given person interacts with various people in this world, one cross and lives in different worlds and thinking category and worlds. One lives in professional realm, if possible, or other categories of people as the way and life style demands. This creates it’s own cycle and circles of people and the world. Here one shapes oneself to certain extents. Here is one form of existence in which Mr X or Ms Y is known as something else, like outstanding or lazy or whatever.

The other form of existence in this world in which a given person is identified by others that goes like Mr X or Ms Y is like this or that such as some people could say one is abnormal, the other say, one is genius, others could say, one is generous, or greed and the like. This is how the societies of friends identify one with the others, in which personality becomes an issue here. This is arrived based on outward and communicated personality and communications.

There is another form of existence in which a given person is identified in his home or family. A king in one home is considered as servant in others due to the level and way of communications people make in the daily and community life. A master in one house is a slave to another home. A liberal minded person in one place could be considered as narrow minded person or figure by others. This is due to the relative and contextual aspects of life and perception in this world.

With all these cumulative chain actions and reaction of people in this world, there are various networks of people, worlds and thinking. They are by themselves forces and powers in which people make benefit and use of such circles, worlds and thinking according to their want and capacity. They energize themselves and try to inspire others according to their understandings and perceptions.

What s important here is the interconnection between individuals, worlds, circles, activities, thinking, or ideology, and they like. There is a source to everything as The Sun is source to everything. One is reflection or a network to the other. A single activity in one circle could trigger another chain of actions and reaction in this world or in any other network, people or whatever. This whole world is a chain of actions and reactions, past, resent and to the future too.

For example, when a person in mafia group dies in one place, another mafia man or gang could die in another place like in few month times. This is like a terrorist in Pakistan could die in July, but another terrorist hiding in Australia, New York,  or Los- Angeles, could die in August. A person who is important and prolific dies at one place; this could trigger another same type of person to die at same or close time but different place. In this case, such actions and reactions could give us certain clues at to the behind dramas few people are doing, but they could be without trace or objective evidences.

This world is fully interconnected and interrelated with both positive and negative forces. Both play on the stage. What is not discovered at this point is their length, distance, momentum, steps or stages of interconnection in which mysterious power or force is in the interplay factor. Hence, such area is a virgin scope and territory only few have tried but only few success stories are one the stages. This world is indeed pretty enigmatic.

People, individuals, society, institutions and the like are linked to one another with cultures, religion, politics, habit or hobby, profession, thinking, and other forces of interconnections. People are living aside due to variations such forces create and they live with boundaries and marginalized identities. So, do not touch me or mine, I do not touch yours become more of social identity of respect and tolerance than other thing here. If you touch me, or I touch you, fire will come out and devour everything. This is the social and institutional identity besides being individual too.

It is quite interesting to note how such interconnections evolve from past to present in which fields like history, anthropology, sociology and others should tell us and is not in the interest of this person too. What could be of great interest here is the mysterious and enigmatic force and power that interconnects and interrelate such varied backgrounds of people, worlds, circles, thinking, and the processes underway that pulls everyone to a future yet unpredicted, but all expect with promise in the belief they think or have.

What if everything goes to the point none expects or hopes? What guarantee do all have unless the so called signs or symptoms they claim from their given books as justifications are wrong, and everything is going in its own dynamics and motion? What is here comes day or a time when dramatic or strange events happen that could change on the way we think or believe about many things in the past, could require an engine overhaul on the fate of our planet is come?

Interpreter and Expounder

August 23, 2011

Interpreter and expounder are two important concepts in worlds where there are ambiguity and variations in thinking and understanding in a given community dynamics. When such variations in understanding exist, there is always a pivot point or center that is required to narrow the gap between differing opinions and views. In this case, an authoritative interpreter is required who can offer legitimate guidance on certain subjects.

This is one of trends that is going on our world since government or state are established in every kingdom or nation. It is not a new concept or idea, although there is a claim that goes like I am the one who started this; or this is the first in the history of… bla..bla…bla…whatever claims are there, the point here is that both are important and necessary in worlds where many varied opinions and interpretations could be delivered.

One of the areas where interpretations and legitimate view regarding certain subjects are required is in the judiciary bodies since it is very sensitive and vast scope. It affects the lives of individuals, societies and communities. Hence they require authoritative bodies, which are known as Legislative Bodies, whose primal function is to give interpretations and expound laws or articles where ambiguity and debates are going on.

However, in subjects or areas relate to the Abstract Reality and Concept like God, and the like, it is quite a funny drama to have interpreter or appoint an authoritative translator or interpreter about the concepts of God, which is “Unknowable Essence”. This resulted in two ruinous wars in the history of human kinds in the past, which are called WW—I and WW—II, due to the blasphemous aspects of such subjects matter. None is proficient in subject matters related to God, even those who claim that they are sent by God; they confess their ignorance before Him/Her or Whatever.

When there is a need of another third world war, another blasphemous act could be done in this regard, in which every act in this planet, have an impact and chain actions and reactions in this world and could trigger certain impacts, however invisible or indirect it is, since every action has equal and opposite reaction, in one or other way. There are two great factors here, one is time, and the other is place. This does not mean that when a mad man in Iran, California  or Australia acts on certain thing, this has an impact in America or Japan or wherever.

When certain significant matters happen in one corner of the planet, they have an impact on the other corner of the world since every thing is interrelated and interconnected, but what we do not know is: how, when, what is connected with the other. We reveal such mysteries as things do occur. In this case, it would be a gamble to try such things on bad areas or subjects which we have limited knowledge or clue, which is equal to sheer stupidity and nonsense drama and ignorance.

The interconnection between things in this world is vital and clear, but on how such interconnection exists is a matter left unchecked and the amount of ignorance and darkness in this globe is the reflection of such ignorance. We know very limited things to this point. We have very limited knowledge in finding such mysterious aspects, but we have abundance knowledge and skills on conspiracy and sabotages, ridiculing those people who try something different or whatever,  since such matter is very simple and most are willing to perform such nefarious acts than do good things to others. This is the point where we are now. In this case, I have to take coffee break after having lunch and work break.

In worlds where Abstract Reality is the most unknown aspects of life in this world, it is quite a funny drama to appoint or elect a man or a person who can interpret and expound about such Abstract Matters, which are too ridiculous. This is ridiculous indeed. Above all, they bestow infallibility on such matters, which is again ridiculous too. When there is a need to have another world to destroy innocent civilians of the world, we could demand or ask for another sinner who could add another sin to the former ones; who is going to share such grievous sin that do have a worse impact on this world. NONE.

Children of men have lived for centuries and ages worshiping certain matters as infallible matters from God. This is one of trends this world has demonstrated in its social aspects in which there are many circle of children of men who share same belief and thinking under the cover of “spiritual powers”, … “special faculties”, and all of them are results of fabrications of the Power of Imaginations in which they create their own concepts of the Unknown and share that understanding together. There is no harm or bad with that, but there will be bad, when one crosses the line that is already set and touches others.

They try to correlate or justify or validity quoting from previous books. This is one of the theatrical aspects of this world. If I have certain different subject or matter, there is no need to correlate or quote it from previous aspects or books to justify my correctness or truth; I could raise certain issues that are practically going on this world so that the current generation has to justify it by seeing or correlating with practical Reality that is happening. This can be done when there is a need to seek recognition or publicity.

Who else is capable to tell about reality or person as if such matter is sent from God in world where incapability, inadequacy, incompleteness, imperfection, ignorance are the ones that define anyone in matters related to the Abstract Reality, unless such matters are fabrications and result of fanciful wishes and dreams of such people who are ambitious, selfish, ego centered, and the like? Who is going to trust them, Past, Present or Future too?


Falling Apart

August 20, 2011

When I used to live abroad, one of the interesting things and experiences I had was with the language called, English. I had very little knowledge of English, and I came up losing few information and knowledge I have with that given language in the course of my communication and interaction there for many reasons. I thought I knew few things related to this given language, and I realized that I do not know it after certain experiences.

What happened was, it was in the middle of sunny time. I hear everyone saying, … summer,… summer, … and what I knew and I was thought in the school here was, winter was for sunny time, and summer is for rainy time, and I found the reverse there. The other thing was in that given weather time, everyone was saying, he/she is cool. I was confused and do not know what these people try to deliver. Late I asked one of them, and he said to me that this is to mean for something nice. They also say, he/she is crazy for a person who is not even mad, but witty too.

The point and drama behind such things is that there are certain things and matters that are known and identified by a given group of people and how such matters are known and understood by other communities and society in which things fall apart due to misunderstanding, misinterpretations and the like. A given matter could be identified by many colors depending on how people observe and perceive.

There are many instances of such types in which certain things are originated by certain authors and how the rest of society understand them is totally not even in the intention of the authors if they are asked. In this case, deviations and changing one’s perception of matters are not considered as cowardice. But one could come with certain revisions and come up with certain perspectives so that life continue and one live with views that are based on experiences and practical information too.

In the evenings of his life, Karl Marx, said, if Marxism is like this, I am not Marxist. Meaning, what he originated and what other people perceive and translate are two different aspects in which certain leaders took everything wrong and become the cause for the failure of Marxism since they took everything wrong. There are many other incidents of such types when we go further and in detail.

William Shakespeare said, the world is but a stage, in which this world is full of dramatic events that are both tragic and comedy. Both are events that go hand in hand. They are inseparable and inevitable aspects of life as human beings. What we do not know is the time that tragic events visit us, and the time happy moments visit our verandas. In this case, we could need certain faculty to detect such matters and aspects of lives that the regular and normal way of life requires.

A given person could share one’s opinion and view regarding any thing; other people could perceive him wrong or correct. Or few people could add certain in puts and pave a way as to translate one’s view in more productive manner. Although a person shares one’s own opinion, it is up to other people to perceive in a way they want. But they are still one person view and they are personal reflections too. They cannot go beyond that.

And in any case, people develop both rational judgments and superstitious interpretations and understanding in the course of life they govern, and they abide by such interpretations as centuries and ages pass by. Every thing has its own maturity and expiry time. Everything in this world has two facets. The first one is like the attribute of The Sun in which It never changes. The other is the attributes of fabricated light in which the devise and amount of power changes as the need of time requires.

Needs are the prime factor to change and shape our perception and understandings. Needs are further developed by thirst which augment one’s desire and passion for life and living. Both make our stay on the earth interesting since we live to satisfy and quench our needs and thirst. In this regard, people use various mechanism to fulfill such obligations of life that are resulted due to needs and thirsts.

When such needs are addressed at any given point by one person, they could be formulated by certain form of thinking as reflected by one person’s own observation and imagination. However, as such thinking and observation is reached to other people, it could get different shape and form to extent the person has not even e intent. And as time goes by, such thinking could get different scenario after the person departed and when the person gets back to this world, the person could say, I never meant like this, this is not my village or city. And this is one of the becoming characteristics and natures of this world as things fall part and what the person said 1000 years ago and what is happening later on are found falling apart.


Process and Result Oriented People

August 13, 2011

Life in this world is mainly conditioned upon on how people perceive this world and its people and how they apply their perception into practical and tangible translation and realities of life in this world. Accordingly, there are basically two broad categories of peoples in this world. Such broad classification is based on their perspectives on life and process of life they have in relation to the world and their given undertaking as well.

The first ones are those who are interested and believe in the end results—Result oriented people. There are other types of people who do not believe in the result, but appreciate the process thing—Process oriented people. Most people in this world are result oriented one’s in which they want to see the result than appreciate the process. Process oriented people are mostly optimistic and they have positive attitude in many aspect of life where as Result oriented people are dependent upon the type of result they seek in life in which when they get what they want, they become optimist but when they do not get what they want, they become pessimistic.

Most institutions are process oriented ones’ in contrary to that of individuals and societies. Institutions believe and think that any given idea or projects are processes and they make efforts to reach to the goal set so that they learn from mistakes. And they do everything by trial and error. However, most individuals who work for and within institutions are more of result oriented ones.

What could be interesting IN here is that one could detect whether a person is result oriented or not by the answer one reply to the question one is asked or the type of question one asks. When a person asks, are you happy? This is a result oriented one, and the answer could be yes or no. None considers as to the variables or approaches as to what makes a person happy or not though the next question could be, why, or what makes you happy and the like.

When we live and consider the competitive world we are in, it is mostly connected to the result based and approach and this make life more superficial. One of the reasons why most people are not good towards other due to such nature in which result is the measurement or end is the goal in which others are measured and known. In the political world, to be elected rather than the process of election could be a life and death thing to the leaders especially in third world countries, though there is a claim that goes like the process is considered as most important factors; but the winning thing is an agenda and is the most crucial aspect in the such aspects of life.

In the academic world, it is not the result what is important, but the methods or formula or the approach in which consistency, coherence and the like one is employing to reach to a certain end value, though both are equally important, but the method or the process is essentially crucial and necessary too. When the end result is considered as life and death thing, such aspects of our life could have deceiving and misleading standard or touchstones for life.

For example, when one asks two persons, are you happy? And when both reply same answer: Yes. This does not tell anything in which both could have employed different life principles or doctrines in which a person who is in opium, when you ask that person in that given mood, he/ she could say. A person who goes to the church or mosque or whatever mood, and in her/his mood of such passion thing, they could say again that we are happy thing. The method that makes them a happy is the most important factor than the instant mood or type of such reply one gets since most people are polite to say true or correct thing sin public or to other people unless very decisive or critical matters do arise.

It is not what you are or the condition of state of being at a given period that is important here, but what makes you happy is the most essential aspect of life as human being in which others could take a lesson or take something from you when it is something useful and constructive in life. Otherwise the passion thing which one can get even in the Stadium in which there is claim that such happiness is measured by instant emotions and type of feeling that comes like a lightning ones could mislead others and could put them in wrong trap.

Hence, it is important to critically focus on the methods so that life as human reality is not about feelings or thinking that goes like lightning or a result of an outbursts of ignorant emotions, but rather a result of many processes and chain actions and reactions of life that could end up at a point that could give a lesson to oneself and others too. Process leads to end or result and result also leads to process. They can be like chicken and egg thing, but both are equally important and both are essential. The problem comes when one loses the balance and where the balance is. On this case, one needs to figure out the touchstone as to where the harmony and balance hits. Here I do not have calculator to give you since the calculator is in your hand.

Most people who have materialistic approach and interpretation of life are Result oriented people. Most spiritual and intellectual minded people have Process oriented state of mind and being. Both types of people live in this planet here, but those who have a result oriented approach have more balance and fan than the other one. The major reason here is egoistic factor and selfish interest of human reality in which most people are ego-centric and selfish in many aspects in both positive and negative senses too.

The Joke and Reality

August 8, 2011

There were two people who used to work together. They used to have coffee break and lunch break together. In most of their interaction, both of them have, one pays the bill every day and the other one does not. One was conscious that he was not paying any bill in which the other was not even aware as to the bill he settles every time. One day the one who was paying was wondering as to how his cash was going down, and he figured out something.

As usual, they went to a cafe next door to have their coffee break and they took whatever thing they liked to take. When the bill comes, the one who used to pay every day did not react to paying the bill. He waited until the other one was to pay. Then the other one figured out that he should pay but he had nothing in his pocket. And he kept on checking his pocket many times. He checks and checks and pretends checking in all his pockets that he was going to pay, but never.

In this case, that man figure out that this person is pretending, but not paying, and he replied to him. You do the checking and I do the paying. If anyone claims that this joke belongs to me, this man is again joking, since it is not a joke, but real life reflections of various and original people too. We got things from original people, down to earth people, not from Medias or from those who think they have jokes. The moral of this drama is on why and how people pretend in many aspects of life than accept reality in which the key to success in any aspect of life lies on Acceptance. Acceptance is one of the virtues and qualities that exist in resilience in which resilient people are the most successful type of people.

The other aspect of resilience is creative way of looking at problems in which there people who think beyond circumstances. There are people who think that when a person gets certain shock or trauma in life, this is the end of everything; there are people who see problems beyond problems and focus to the opportunities and success they are going to deliver. People vary on the perspective and principles they have on life in which most people see what is on the face value, but few people look beyond that and work on root factors.

For example, when a person has diabetes, there are two ways of looking at this aspect. The first ones do associate with a given form of belief in which since a given person follows certain strange belief that is why he gets that—superstitious beliefs and understanding is the factor here; and when one leaves that given religion, those who live in that religion could say, since he deviates from the covenant and the stuff. There are people who think that this is a thing that comes as result of shift of life style or other things what science delivers. But when a person tells me that it is due to the law of gravity I have diabetes, then this could equal to mere joke and sheer stupidity than any other thing.

And here there is no need to be a prophet on the consequences of diabetes in which how a person could end up, since it is obvious. What is interesting here is that the interpretations and understanding behind such cases, which is quite funny? I end up dying with one of the consequences of diabetes and there is no need to threaten me with these consequences since I know, but not the time.

There are two forms of people who like labeling and categorizing and correlating events and cases with the particular forms of belief and ideology they follow. The first ones are followers of any religion. The other ones are followers of political ideology. They create and shape such interpretation based on peoples’ way of life and style. When they are in conformity with they think and believe, no matter bad people they are, they are justified as good. When they are in contrary to what they think and believe, no matter good people they are, they are justified wrong and bad. This is one of the thinking this world is molded in.

It is obvious that both—good and bad—visits our life whether we belong to certain group—religion or politics—what is different here is the type and intensity of such matters. The problem comes when we correlate certain happenings with the belief we have, here there many fallacious arguments we could develop as result of such interpretations and understanding. Do not think that life has specific recipe and fashion. There is the so called free will and choice which is naturally given to all human beings by nature. We know very limited things too.

I have a life the way I am now since I live in a society that can deliver me such type of life than any other thing. If I live in the States or any other Western countries, I would not have such lifestyle since they have better GDP and life style. The problem here is the society and the system which accommodate few individuals to have ice cream and the like in their homes, and the rest to live with empty pockets, opening mouth and tongue for nothing and nothing gets in as one opens up even wider except flies and gnats too. If I am curse, millions of people in here share same curse too since we share the same life style.

WE find reality and many other undiscovered aspects of life thru the processes of life we encounter and we try to justify workings and doings with a given form of belief we have so that we think that what we are doing is safe from the point view of our belief and perspective. Here we are having a certain prison or shell which we take as balance. There is no wrong with that, but there is wrong when we think that what we know is complete, perfect, the balance and the end of everything. This is too narrow minded approach. Every belief and ideology tells very limited things, knowledge and reality here becomes contextual and relative.

It is not number or quality of followers that justify The Truth since there are certain aspects of life that does not need approvals or applause from others since they are universal and true and go in accordance with the need of the age. In this case reality is something that does not belong to particular form of belief, but thru the passage of time, it will be evident that every eye shall see it in its own eye than with blinded version they have in their veranda and minds too.

One of the requirements in having a confident life irregardless of material possession and achievements one have is the quality of Acceptance. Those who accept reality are mostly successful people. When they accept who they are, then life becomes simple and easy. This is not easy. It is not simple.

For instance, people know you as Mr X in a given period, and when the color and pages of life turns to different one, one happens to be Mr Y. In this case Mr X and Mr Y are on the fight. Those who think that they are still Mr X but being Mr Y would be in big dilemma and identity crisis than those who accept Mr X as Mr Y in that given period. To reach at this level of station, detachment and courage in life is key which is acquired thru the school of life than what others deliver and comment. For this I do not have to pray, belong or go to any church or mosque or whatever. I can do it; and I am doing it; and I am what I am now, than what people think about me and they perceive me. What they think and perceive is their own thinking and reality of I, which is wrong and false.

People could perceive me wrong when I was as Mr X. People perceive me wrong when I am Mr Y. In both conditions, they perceive me wrong. They are wrong since their system and basis of belief mold them to perceive in their own fashion and style. What is wrong is their way of looking at things than what the objects are. Objects are going on their processes of life, but their research and interpretation is mistaken which lead to a mistaken personality and identity. Thus they have to change the type of eye glass and the color of their eye glass. In this case they need a system and engine overhaul—Toyota or Nissan or Mazda vehicles do need—to bring them to The Point.

I do not have to confess to any one since I continue doing both good and bad things in life. They are two side of a coin that every one commits here on the earth since there are no thing special or strange things I do in life. We share both good and bad things in life there is no thing that could be special or unique facets on me since I am doing it. I live up to my choices and take what is on my veranda than what other people think on behalf of me, which I do not want. I do not need any one to protect me here even God. There is no need to justify my life as if I receive protection of the Unknown things which I have no clue.


A Child and a woman

August 5, 2011

In a child to woman relationship, a woman is important until the child start living by one’s own choices and decisions. Until that given point of time, that woman is essential and necessary to that given child. Once that given child starts making choices and decisions and lives by one’s own, so that he/she makes her/his own move depending on circumstances and experiences one has acquired in life.

The fate of their relationship matters depending on the type and amount of love, respect, regard and the like the woman gives to the child, in which the child gives back to the woman accordingly. Otherwise this cannot happen since such relationship and interactions are natural and automatic. When woman delivers love, same is returned from that given child. Here it is not possible to trick the child since natural things have an impact on the life of that given child.

This is like a plant and nature relationship in which when a given plant gets enough nourishment in life, it has blossoming face or parts; where as when a plant lacks those natural ingredients, no matter how a given plant is in the hand of renowned gardener or expert of this world, it cannot grow naturally and can not have natural organs and parts necessary for life. Such interactions and communications have no political or diplomatic approach for they are natural.

Accordingly there are four types of women. There are women who have nice software and hardware, in which both internal and external factors are healthy. They have nice family, meaning they are married and have established good family. There are women who have good images in the outside world in which others perceive them very well, but have broken or un-exemplary family in their home, in which they have noisy ones.

There are women who have nice family in their homes but have bad images in the eye of the outsiders. There are women who have both ugly things both inside home and in the eye of the outsiders too. The same upholds true for men too. They take same share in this regard too. What could be different here is that the types of family they have been brought up and the type of people they are mixing up to share their future too.

Bearing in mind that there is a given fact here, which is misunderstanding and misinterpretations, there are actual reasons why people perceive us in away that are correct and true in certain aspects of life depending on the type of life exposures they have. If I do not say hello or good morning to anyone when I meet them early in the morning, these people could say, he/ she is rude; they are right. This is how communications and interactions are set up while living as a community and when one does not respect that their perception may be right.

Coming back to that given relationship between woman and child, a woman is important to that given child until her nursery period is over and the child receives that enough love and other ingredients as a mother; and then the rest is left until this world trains that given child in a way that child grows up to maturity in which other components and elements of life are essentials such as school, friends, relatives and the like.

Once a child reaches maturity, that given child cannot marry that woman since the purpose and mission of that given woman was to give certain training and deliberations in this regard. She can put choices and directions, but the decision is left to that given child since that given child knows better than that given woman in terms of the requirement of the age and time; since there are events and occurrences that visit our world in fast manner and changes that come thru ages and create wider gaps, and irreconcilable differences due to many factors.

In this case, the right decision is made by the child that woman could lack or fail to see another option in which that woman could have forgotten to put another choice or option so that that child could have agreed on the options set by that given woman so as to help him in designing his future or destiny. In situations where options are not set well, the child has to figure out which way to go so that none should hurt him; or he hurts none. In this chaotic world the child prefers and decides not to belong to any of the options that are set that cannot change the destiny of his life, which are contrary to morality, ethics and truth.

In conditions where partisanship and groups are formed and small circles are drawn within larger ones, it could be quite necessary and essential to escape all these circles and figure out what is going and observe the drama that is going behind than dwell in any of the circles with—ignorance and knowledge—than live with utter confusions after once one reaches to the Point of Truth and Knowledge one arrives. Poverty—but knowledge and truth—is the decision and choice of a given child than live with millions of dollars, belong to certain circle.

It is nice to have options in life. We are not created to be machines. We use our head to arrive at correct decision and choice. In this case, when the child reaches to certain level of maturity out of the ins and outs, having good and bad experiences in life, a child becomes mature and knows which way to go, which way is safer and which way is the wise one. The choice is left to the Child indeed with all the consequences this entails too.