The Two Laws

July 15, 2011

This world has two facets. The first one is the visible one. The second one is the invisible one. The first one is governed by the rules and regulations of this world. The second one is governed by the invisible rules and laws of nature. Both are in existence and live by integrating both needs and matters. In the first case, political leaders which are known as the government or the state have power over all people in which the laws and constitutions they formulate is beyond everything and everyone abides by what they call the rule of Law. Others are subsidiary to these laws and reign in accordance with it.

In the second instance, it is not the rule of Law that governs everyone. It is nature and its accessories that govern everyone, which they call mysteries that govern everyone, even those people who formulate laws and constitutions are governed by such laws. Laws of gravity, thermodynamics’, and the like govern everyone, and they have no control over. They could wish, but they cannot control over such matters since their capacity and power is very limited and confined to few spaces and people too.

What is peculiar in the later case is there needs capacity and mindset to realize and understand such laws and enigmatic phenomena in which the mass is deprived and few people come up with certain perspective and dimension and govern many people in their own path and ways. The mass knows what is clear and seen, and does not care and do not have clue on the behind things since such aspects of life require capacity and capabilities.

In these two laws, one could observe certain confusions and contradictions that could tell and indicate that the wrongs and conflicts this world is having with the law of nature and other laws yet undiscovered. The first one is the economy thing and the second one is the political ideology thing, in which we see and hear that most claim that they have derived their own ideology by observing an tree, or bird and the like, but later could come up destroying what nature has bestowed to us, which contradicts their own stuff and things they claim.

After they destroyed many things, here becomes an issue, to mention one case, global warming is a case in which forests are destroyed under many covers such as civilization and the like. Both cases have enough room to live in harmony than getting confused and destroying one another in one’s way, which sound that the fight could be connected to the creator than any other thing, in which there tends to be a competition of being like “I am your creator, but none else”, in which authority and power becomes a core issue here.

In this case, everyone has a boss. When leaders put certain pressure to their citizens, they get another pressures by natures such as earthquake, tsunami, other natural catastrophes and the like that made them think that they are not the only owners and mangers of their respective nations, in which they are given shocks in very traditional and natural way making them think that they are lamentably defective and are not that worthy of administrating their public affairs in expeditious manner. It is nice that everyone is this planet has a boss, whether one have a job or not. This is nice again.

When both laws are integrated, profound results can be achieved. Thus, it is commendable to know mysteries than walk like blind person by speculating things or thinking on behalf of others. When few people try to find mysteries of realities, they should be encouraged than make them victim of speculative ideas and harmful harassments. They should not be considered as if they are seeking personal advantages. In fact, most of them think on behalf of such people what they think if they were like them than what these people really think.

What is interesting here is that these laws are derived not only to protect the mass, but also to govern mysterious realities of the cosmos. Basically laws are two types. One is related to people. The other is related to the law of nature. In the law of nature, there is no courtroom or whatever related, but it is a secret how this universe operates and functions. In the law of people, it is case or issue, which requires and operates under articles and codes.

When both laws are known very well, one draws a safe direction and line in order to move and interact in which one is protected from the harm or danger one is to face as result of violating such laws. Both laws protect crimes or wrong moves to occur. Both laws are advisors as to far how ocean interact and communicate with people and nature as well. Both laws are torching lights to govern other mysteries and secrets that are yet to be discovered.

In this case, when mysteries are governed, they become universal. They are not for a specific nation or category of people. It is not possible to say that such mystery is not to the benefit of my people or nation since mysteries have a universal impact on all. Such trend could be considered as ignorance and arrogance which lacks matured way of perceiving realities. This is a reflection of lack of correct and true understanding of human nature, reality and the cosmos.

Mysterious realities are not like daily breads, but they govern certain hidden realities and drama that could put harm or undiscovered wrongs due to lack of governing such aspects of life, and could also help in cost effective and knowledge based management and public administrations. Hence they require leaders who are not attached to ego and personality, but leaders who have vision and are detached from their personal advantages and benefits yet to receive since such mysteries could affect their personality and style too.



Fake Images—Buildings and Designs

July 14, 2011

There are certain images that are created and designed by certain segments or parts of society which sound that they are inbuilt within and look very natural, but they could be deceiving and misleading due to the fact that they are the product and result of fanciful mind production and creation of few individuals in which they are assumed that they are the minds or results, choices and efforts of the mass. This is one of the trends this world demonstrates in many aspects.

For example a certain community could be assumed that this society is hospitable or welcoming foreigners or guests nicely. However, when one takes such virtue into practical reality, such act could be dependent upon wealth or status. They are hospitable since one is rich or have certain matter, which could be assumed that such act is self centered one, due to the fact that they could expect some sort of reward for the act they perform. This act could be dependent upon self advantage or calculating the benefits yet to receive.

In most cases, most societies or communities in this world create such matter in many ways whether they are in Africa or Europe or inAmerica. Most values are set by few prominent or powerful individuals and are considered as if they are the values of the mass. This is very political approach, which is the very nature of this world. What is interesting here is that majority accepts such things as if they are their own since they cannot think or create beyond that. Majority is good at following than creating its own values or standards.

This is like a relationship that exists between a carpenter and a wood. Few people are like carpenters, whereas the majority is like the wood. They have no choice except being molded to be like a chair, bed, table and the like according to the need of the carpenter. The carpenter has freedom to create one’s own design and do in one’s own way or approach. However, the wood has no right to reject the decision and choice of the carpenter. The wood is always obedient to the decision of the carpenter since it has no choice.

The probability for the wood not to be obedient to the decision of the carpenter is when the type or nature of the wood is not in conformity with the design or make up the mind of the carpenter or when the carpenter fails to translate the design one has in one’s mind to objective reality. In this case, the wood goes or deviates from the need and choice of the carpenter’s mind. This mind set has been already installed in the mind and set of every community dynamics under leader and follower relationship in which follower is obedient to the leader.

Social values are in most cases set by few powerful minds, and they are considered as legitimate values of the mass due to many reasons. This makes the majority to live like a machine than by the freewill it is already and naturally bestowed, by letting others to make decisions on behalf of the mass.

It is quite interesting to note that such relationship is the very nature of any community dynamics in the world in which the majority abides by the decision of the few due to ignorance and fear. When a leader shows me a pistol revolver to do something, I do it due to the fear or escaping the fear that comes as result of looking into the pistol or any other kind of harassment that could arise as result of my disobedience to the act I am requested to perform. When this is done in bigger scenario, it could be even worse.

While living in such communities or societies, when few people arise in rebellious manner doing or working something against, they are considered as bad or strange. In this case, such people are like those airplanes that fly against the law of gravity. They pass such limits and standards and soar on the sky so that none could touch them since they have found or gone few thousand miles where there is no gravity. They think that the limit and end is under the force of attraction.

In the arena of the airplane case in which a plane flies above the law of nature, there is a different life that connects many nations, continents and people. Otherwise such interconnection and interrelation could not be possible unless and otherwise people think outside the box and deviates from laws and natures that could have impact under certain boundaries and limits. Here life is possible above the law of gravity and is also possible below the law of gravity too.

When one lives under the law of gravity, one is confined under certain directions and perspectives, and while living beyond the law of gravity, one sees other dimensions and meets other people who are very different from one belongs and lives with additional perspective. Here life becomes more enigmatic than being an event where people invent processes and live by appreciating or criticizing such incidents. Life is beyond that, where one discovers and find out as to the natures and philosophies behind events and why things happen to our life.

In this enigmatic world, life becomes adorable since every second is mystery and mysterious things do visit one’s life. One becomes prisoner of mysteries. One becomes a person who lives in the between world of mystery and reason. Reason and mystery gets combined. One lives by rationale, choices and decisions and do also live understanding and discovering mysteries too.

In this enigmatic world again, few powerful people have no position, and they have no right to shape the mass or create fake images to the mass. This world becomes a world of connection and relations between hearts and minds. None cannot deceive anyone or mislead any one. Everyone has a conscientiousness that dictates one’s world and view. None is represented by other, and none is more powerful than anyone. Everyone takes one’s own share.

Sometimes, I wonder and imagine that this world more of a joke than being serious in many aspects. Life is too short and what one has built in few years are gone in period of microsecond lightning. And one could say, all these woes, fights, worries, cries, enmity, groupings and the like are for such ends? Yesterday, they say to us confess, and today we found them confessing to others, is this world made up of confessions and regrets? Who is going to tell us?


Back and Front Biting

July 13, 2011

When people talk bad things about people, they create different kinds of complications within their own dynamics in which when such interaction and communication is done in straight forward way, it has its own backfire; where as when such communication is delivered behind or in intriguing manner, this has its own backfire in its own way or approach.

They say that backbiting is talking or gossiping a person bad in behind or in one’s absence. This is done in two ways. The first one is mentioning the name of the person. The other or they say it the smartest way, is they do not mention the name, but they mention the act and envelop in the name of an idea thing, in which when one makes further blood test or DNA test, one is stalking about someone one wants to gossip.

Human reality is about thinking. Although it is not important to well regarding one’s sheet, many people pop into peoples house and discuss people’s affairs in good or bad way, which is still a process and part of life. We cannot get rid off such things. In fact, Medias play significant role and is their life and death thing. Medias have no life without gossiping and gossips. In reality, it is one of the ways in which those who are in authority are corrected or rectified due to the fear of escaping the gossips they are going to come about.

For instance, assume a community that forbids not talking bad things about anyone in their absence or overlooks the shortcomings of individuals in front. How can these people live? Can they live in proper way as we see today or they have dreamt a fantasy world that assumes that these habits are good, and we can lie together since you are not touching me, and I am not touching you, and how far, and how realistic such matters are possible?

In a very fact, the drama behind such drama is crystal clear. We touch you, we cross your boarder, and you have to overlook our stuff, and you do not have to gossip behind, otherwise there is a fire that could come as result of doing such things. This is crystal clear since it is not possible to live without gossiping or talking about peoples affair. One of the things we talk about people whom they have a place or position in our life or affect our life in the decisions they make and if I am not interested about these people, I must be absent on life.

That is why Rene Descartes famous statement is important here, “I think therefore I am”. If I a m not interested to show certain concern about those people who affect my destiny or whatever, I must be stupid. In this case, when they put their heavy arms on my shoulder, I gossip or shout to other people so that others could hear me and give me a reply. Otherwise, my silence is not being wised or gold, but rather it is equal to stupidity and sheet.

The wisdom of being silent is with limit. If it goes beyond the margin or boundary set, it is equal to seer stupidity than any other thing. We are provided with tongues, words and speeches, and as far as we can speak improper or improper manner, we shout. When we shout loud, it means we are in trouble or danger. In this case, whether English is my native tongue or not; whether I can write in English or not, this does not matter. I SHOUT LOUD! I SHOUT LOUD!

Besides being loud in shout, I gossip hose stupid people who think that they are smart, but do stupid things behind. In this case, gossiping is the best instrument I can have in life so as to protect others and myself. I gossip  them due to the fact that in war field, there is no other tanks or fighting jet, except my tongue and my hands and the stuff in here. They could say to you that backbiting is divisive, in my case and I and I are the only people who think and believe that backbiting is the best remedy to fight others who do stupid thing on others. There is none to be divided or disunited since I and I think and believe in it.

In a world where conspiracy and sabotage are the daily menus, it is quite important to be vigilant and be careful from such therapies so that others could live or have life in straight and good manner. In this case, when one backbites and gossips them, it prevents one from going to the court and put you unnecessary costs and energies. It costs you only few words and few times. You do not have to pay to the lawyer and the like. The maximum cost could put you to jail, for few months, which could be quite nice to meditate on other aspects of life. Thus, it protects you from the dangers and helps you to make them behave.

Backbiting, indirectly, helps people to behave live in an accountable manner from the fear and frustration it is going to come about as result of deviations or misconduct of those people in authority. It keeps the balance of the community to be in norm. If backbiting does not exist, this world would be in chaotic manner worse than this. Due to fear of it, many people behave from misconducts since they seek reputation or recognition from the majority.

When I see you doing sex with another person other than or outside your marriage, I will tell to your family members about your misconduct due to the fact I do not want them to suffer since you are not doing good. This does not mean that I hate what you do, but what you do have a negative consequences on your family members in the future. However, if you are single and you are doing sex with a woman, in this case, I could show you different place where you can find other women. For whatever purpose one is doing, backbiting is backbiting and has dual impact on others, which are both positive and negative consequences as other acts do have—nothing special.


Sound and Color—II

July 11, 2011

Sound is a vibration created out of combination of movements of certain things with the help of wind. Color is a matter that exists as result of light and objects. In this case, both have certain interconnections since they are results of both natural and man made matters. When a sound is nice, it gives comfort to our ears; where as when a color is nice, it gives comfort to our eyes.

In reality, people use these matters not only as objects of understanding, but also they give certain signals and signs to express certain aspects of life. For example, green is considered for something prosperous or is a sign of prosperity. Red is used for symbol of sacrifice or martyrdom or blood or hot emotions and the like. Other colors are used to signify other aspects of realities as well.

In any case, colors go beyond being objects, and they are means and media for communications. They also have an impact on our thinking and emotional moods in which they affect us in many ways, they could shift or decisions or choices we make in life, as they say, they have magical influence over our reality as human beings. They deliver certain perspectives and offer views about other aspects of life which we have never come about as result of their magical impact.

The same is true for sounds. Sounds have great influence on our thinking and emotional machinery. We have different sounds that give certain mindsets. We have sounds in the church or mosque, in music and in the streets, in the stadiums and where ever. All vary according to the nature of the make up and the environment. Thus sounds here become a reality that comes to existence according the audience or recipient.

There are various types of sounds especially in the musical world and also in terms of every human being, in which there are sounds that we like and we do not like too. When there exist a sound that we do not like, we call it is noise, which could result in the so called, sound pollution. Sound pollution has an impact on our environment in which the case of environmental crisis and pollution our world is facing do ignore such aspects since this case is related to the physical and natural aspects.

While integrating and creating some sort of interconnection between these two realities, Color and Sound, they could have certain equivalence depending on the impact they exert on the human and environmental framework of societies. A person who is too noisy could be considered or equivalent to a person who wears an ugly colored clothes. This could be like having a very ugly colored necktie on nice shirt, in which having no necktie could be by far better or even safer than doing it on one’s thing. I am so grateful for the advice of no necktie thing though I already knew of its ugly consequences when it does not fit.

Likewise, beautiful color could be considered as beautifully orchestrated sound or music, in which ever single melody is like a drop from the heaven that galvanizes one’s whole being and energizes so that one could be inspired and feel better and such matter do augment one’s keen desire and interest to live than get bored or feel depressed in life. In this case, for such sounds, language could have an impact or influence.

For instance, in my case, I feel very relaxed and comfortable when I listen to calm and melodious English songs than to those music that are organized or orchestrated in my native tongue. Mind you, I was raised and born from the poor family, where there was no English and no adequate food. In fact, when I hear most songs of my native tongue, I feel depressed, and make me feel bored than get relaxed. I do no know the reason.

The other factor here is Art. The way sound and colors are articulated and communicated to the objective reality. In this case, culture, inner models of reality of any given society, and other factors do play significant impact on our appreciation and knowledge of these two mysterious powers or forces in this world, Color and Sound. Life becomes adorable when we articulate it nice.

Articulating life does not mean exaggerating or over emphasizing things so as to create some sort of abnormal deviation from the norm, which is not the case here. Articulating life means making everything spicy and interesting in order to augment our desire to live and for life. This does not mean that wherever we meet on the street or café, we hug with each other or we have to have cup of coffee together, but rather there are certain natural realities that could sound very attractive and pleasant when human mind and rational are combined.

Color and sound have a profound impact on our emotional and intellectual frameworks in which musicians and painters are trying to integrate such aspects of life in collaboration with other professionals so that our stay on the earth could be interesting and nice. Hence, there are mysterious interconnections and interrelations between these two potent forces, which could be detected by the impact and influence they have on our emotional and intellectual moods and machinery. Color + Sound = Sound Color or Colored Sound, in which both are five lettered words that have certain interconnection and integration.

Loud noise or evil whisperer is equivalent to heavy colored object to our eyes since both affect our sense organs in negative way as nice sound is equivalent to nice color as they both give hope and relaxation to our both sense organs. Both affect our mind in both positive and negative manner depending on the power they exert on our reality, which is relative and contextual and based on their settings as well.

Interconnection and Interrelation

July 9, 2011

It has been quite awhile since I was away from home in here. I hope the security guards are protecting my home since there are people who are going to take harsh measures and actions after this. We are waiting for the moments of the Bright Days yet to come after such foggy and very cloudy moments since days replace nights; The Sun is inevitable, it will come out as nights are gone to dispel darkness. It will rise in the morning, but not from the East as was before, from a different direction and place.

We live in a day and time when every thing has values based on perception and beliefs. Perceptions and values are fabricated and made by human beings. In this regard, conservatism and fanaticism play significant role since identity is a life and death thing to many people. However, if one cares about Reality, identity becomes a less concern ad matter since everything could merge to one melting point, The Creator.

In any case, life has many colors. Colors are two kinds. The one is the physical color we see like red, green and the like. The other is expression. We say, this thing has a loud color for a thing that could be boring or a sound that is noisy. Hence, sound could have color equivalence. In a very fact, every created thing has interconnection and some sort of integration. The creation in the whole cosmos, both natural an artificial, man made ones, are interconnected with mysterious power and force.

Greek thinkers have identified certain interconnections and others add up on such interconnection. Here there is a try to find such interconnection between numbers and words since they both are mysteries and secrets. In this case, interconnection and interrelations could be there as they all merge into one big thing, CREATOR, a seven letter word. Interconnections could be discovered thru the seen and observable realities so that hidden and undiscovered realities could be known.

Therefore, the seen could give a clue to the unseen, the front could give a clue to the behind. In this case, I could raise certain case here. This is about the interconnection between things in this objective world, and words and their corresponding numerical values that could tell something. There are four words, even more, that are commonly used to express universal matter. These are universal, world, globe, and earth.