The Fool Proof

June 13, 2011

One of the main characteristic for any idea to be correct and true is its acceptability to others in which many people can use it and know it in easy and simple manner. In other words, it is a foolproof thing. It is simple and easy to use and is unable to go wrong. Idea can be true or false, but when it is true, it has some observable actions and reactions in which it manifests itself in some sort of outward actions in people’s lives and the like.

There are two contradictory aspects of any given idea here. The first one is support; the other one is ridiculing. Both go hand in hand. This is one of the healthiest sign of success of any given at idea at its seed level. When there is too much support, it is not good sign and it is not sustainable. Every idea or cause that has much support at the beginning failed in history. Where as every idea or cause that faces strong opposition and negative forces, the probability of its success at the end is greater than those who obtain much support.

Every new and different idea has different stages before it gets finalized. The first stage is at raw stage in which various mechanisms and field testing are going on after arriving at certain given idea. In this case, there are many ins and outs and processes that every given idea and the author of a given idea face. In this process success and challenge are the fate and they are the spices of any given idea in which they live hand in hand.

At the raw stage, there are people who could be allowed to give opinions and get field tested in testing the practicality of any given idea, and their opinion is sought for further suggestions and recommendations. This stage takes few years and several people forward their opinions and view and the practicality and operation of a given idea in the life of few selected people is tested. This is like laboratory experiment and there are certain things that can be reduced or added depending on the feedback of such people.

In this stage, ins and outs are inevitable. They are inseparable. They are necessary and essential for the survival and working of any given idea. What is important here is that patience and tolerance are the key factors. They make any given idea and the author of that given idea to have life. Life as human being is about idea. The rest are spices of life. The life giving and energy giving matter of life is idea. Idea inspire for life. Idea brings better life to human beings.

When a person has an idea, one enters to wedlock. Idea is a refugee. Idea is a shelter. Idea is a partner; Idea is a friend. Idea is a home. Idea is a food. Idea is everything. Idea has many types. The first ones are those ideas that cannot pass beyond café or restaurant menu. The other ones are ideas that shape a clan. Other ideas shape a nation. The idea is mentioned here is an idea that can shape humanity to the coming of ages and centuries. In this regard, idea has a priceless value and is a priceless heritage.

Bad ideas can shape few people, like a clan, but bad ideas cannot shape humanity since one’s acceptance cannot go beyond a clan, and there are many others who justify the working of any given idea depending on its working and nature and its compatibility with their culture and mindset. In this case the magnitude of any given idea is measure on its acceptance in the life of human society on a universal scale than being limited to few clan or nations applications.

In this regard, there are people who authored many given ideas and are working hard to bring change on the life of human society. As far as the motive is sincere and pure, they can be successful. There are people who work for the universality of humankinds not with the motive of bringing change and transformation, but with the motive of competitions in which attacking is the inner motive. Such people are not successful at the beginning since the motive is insincere and bad.

There are people who authored idea that work for the betterment of the world and humanity and the nature of the Cause they bring here on the earth has profound impact on the life of human society and the world at large. They are like the Sun in which there is no need to make proof or put argument about such Reality since it is crystal clear like the Sun. No matter articulated theory one is to come about, this is not important and necessary to make any argument to prove or disprove them once it is crystal clear. This equals to childish drama.

The motive of a given idea here is not with the intention of proofing or disproving such people or authors, but rather finding ways and means in which how people and activities, both in front and behind, are interconnected and interrelated. The network of flow of unseen energy and matter is going on this cosmos, and one is trying to put mechanisms on how such interconnections exist so that better Perspective can be gained.

The idea of evil, devil or spirit is not an interest to the author of this given idea, or what they call beast thing is of no interest and value. It is obsolete idea, unacceptable and something hard to trust since the background, intellectual capability and interest of this given author is not on traditional and superstitious beliefs but rather to lay rational and logical ground in more rationale way according to the capacity of the author. This sounds a virgin territory.

On this context, it is important to remove traditional beliefs, books, bad practices, and other customs that cannot go along with this given idea as per the first field testing results testify, they are irrelevant and are not essential to prove or disprove this given idea. This should be proofed by its own method and no other past or behind belief that should be used to testify or proof it out.


The Bridge of Our Reality

June 11, 2011

Our life is interconnected and interrelated with many aspects in which family, schools, professions; friends, enemies and the like shape our reality to who we are. The summation of all these actions and reactions create some sort of personality and identity in which other people identify and know us by certain given identity as result of such communications and interactions.

One experience leads to another and life becomes interesting since one life exposure creates an opportunity to another and next one. Any of experiences in our life have an impact on our identity. One is connected to the other in mysterious way and conditions. It is not possible to deny the past, since present is borne based on past experience. It is commendable to respect and appreciate all life exposure since they have an impact and as far as they lead us to the good ends. The good makes us happier; bad gives us stresses. Both are lessons in life.

For instance, I could cite an example here. I reached to the way of thinking I am now due to the fact that I had certain experience in life in past in which there are Great Personages whom I pay much respect that shape my thinking and the way I think about this world. I know them through their Revelations and Writings than what other people could tell. In this case, it is not possible to say that they have no influence, but rather they are the center of my existence in the thinking world and reality. Since my thinking does not go with my educational background, nationality, family, and the like. They deserve much Respect here. This does not mean that I follow what others follow under their name or whatever, which is just political approach and irrelevant to one’s life. This is something different.

Likewise there are certain life experiences that do deserve respect and attention due to the amount of influence they have on our life. Every experience in our life has positive and negative impact since this world has dual aspects in many cases and what one does have both effects on others. When one gets close to a point, one is getting far to the other due to the nature and character of distance. When one becomes a friend to someone, one could consider one as enemy to the other as result of such closeness. This is one of the characteristics of this world. There should be a mechanism that makes everyone to be friend irregardless of joining or getting close to the other.

Thinking and belief system creates such margins and boundaries both naturally and artificially. It is natural because I cannot go along with a person who has no likeness in thinking, but I can live with distant without considering that given person as enemy or stranger. Belief and thinking shape our thinking machineries in way creating spaces and boundaries with others so that one could think that “they do not understand me stuff” due to the natural character of that given belief or thinking. This is one simple aspect, which divide between people and societies due to the natural actions and reactions in this world.

It is artificial due to the fact that there are additional spaces created based on naturals spaces as result of manmade fabricated thinking and beliefs in addition to the natural spaces already created. This makes the space and the gap to be wider so that people live without being understood or understanding others due to the bigger spaces they create. This space could manifest in biases, prejudices and the like in which many people reflect while interacting with others. When the space becomes extreme wide, a given people could form their own island and live in isolation due to the natural make up of spaces.

It is possible to narrow such spaces between individuals, communities or societies and institutions. The first requirement is detachment from one’s thinking and belief. This does not mean that one does delete one’s belief. Keep the belief and thinking machinery one have, but do not try to impose such machinery on others in one’s conversation, communications and the like, but one could create certain smooth environment that can be agreeable with others in the communication and interaction. Ambition and ego are actors of this drama.

The other requirement here is Respect others’ belief or thinking no matter how silly or stupid that it may look. For example, I could drink glasses of beer and the other person might not have glasses of beer. In such communication, do not think that you are smart or better since you do not have glasses of beer. Do not consider oneself as holy or saint figure since one thinks that one is better than the other which sounds up surd to the other. Such actions and reactions are relative and contextual and cannot create good ground to work with others. Hypocrisy is a featured actor in this movie.

Detachment and Respect create good ground for individuals, communities or societies and institutions in working together as there are other conditions that can be figured out as communications and interactions are going on. Life has no definite recipe but one can figure out as one goes thru the processes of life. Human beings are not machines or restaurant menus in which certain definite formula is derived to tell something, but it is up to our free will and choices that one derives one’s fate as result of choices, efforts and decisions.

Every actions and choice we make in life has an impact on our reality in which every action serves as bridge to the next ones yet to come. In this instance who we are mean and are affected by the people we meet, interact, work; on the books we read; movies we watch; types of places we have been; education, profession, belief systems, family, community and the like. The cumulative effect of such actions and reactions defines the YOU factor in which one is a Reality, a Mystery, and a Secret.

Our reality inmost cases lie in the untold, and undiscovered since we discover many things thru time and our life has two aspects one is seen and the other is hidden.



June 9, 2011

Claustrophobia is defined in Oxford Dictionary as abnormal fear of being in an enclosed space. This is one aspect of fear which is developed mostly in prison or jail places in which space plays a role in our reality in creating some sort of stresses in life that could result in certain mind and life complications. Space and places matter in creating an identity and personality in our life in which good places and spacious spaces create nice and comfortable identity and vice versa.

Abnormal fears are mostly caused by abnormal conditions in which when people enter in situations that are not accustomed by many people, they enter the valley of  Claustrophobia. One is due to lack of knowledge or understanding on the subject matter, and the other is due to the nature of the subject matter itself. Fear is an emotional reality caused by failures or missing phenomenon in which when certain things like vacuums happen in certain environment or personality, fear gets into place and affect us in many ways, which are not manifested in normal, but very contrary aspects. However, fear can be controlled or oppressed in many ways depending on the intensity of the fear and the capacity of the individuals.

There are definite and conclusive reasons why spaces affect us since this is a material or physical world. One of the characters or nature of our world is physical, and this does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the impact of space and places on our lives. Spaces and places have dual impact on our lives; the first one is positive, which is the case of good ones; the other one is negative, which is the case of bad ones that we do not like to be.

In this case, it is quite interesting to note to few peoples life experience in which they are not somehow affected by places or spaces and such factors have little impact than expected. Meaning, there are great Personages of this planet who have suffered of spaces and places, but they brought profound causes and influences on our world. They have no places, but the whole world is found living after their principles and doctrines of life.

While such theatrical events of life are going on, many people suffer when they lose those places and spaces they get use to it before. Change of place does have an effect on their attitude and thinking in many individuals lives. Why are they affected by such factors in which places do have significant impact on their lifestyles and thinking in both ways, be it good or bad? In this process of life, it is possible to mention few aspects of such factors that contribute in shift of style.

The major reason is our nature as human being which is emotional nature. Emotions are intense mental feelings that are created as result of activities and interactions. Such actions and reactions are affected by time, place people and the activity. While such interactions are taking place, people feel different kinds of emotions according to the nature and their impact. And thus it is natural that emotions are results of interactions and communications.

The other reason is the life style one has in the past. When one gets into a life style, let us assume here, very comfortable one in terms of material things, there are lots of attachments one create to the things around and one gets in love with all the stuffs surrounding one. In this case, it will be displeasing and disappointing to feel when one loses all the things that one is surrounded in terms of place or spaces. Stress comes into place here.

The other factor here is that when one has big space and places, there are certain personality and identity that given place or space creates in terms of one’s interactions or communications with other people. In this case, one has a kind of personality or identity in which one is perceived by others, such as, look at that big man, and the like. And this perception is felt and known by the person oneself and the moment one loses such given trade names, one gets shrink to the extent one could lose one’s life as result of ego and personality factors.

Good places have natural impact that makes a given person to feel nice about life and related aspects. Such actions and reactions are originally felt by those who have it due to the natural impact they create on peoples lives. When one loses such aspects of life, it is natural to feel depressed and stresses as result of lacking them. In this instance, it is quite normal to feel bad or something unpleasant in one’s life since such cases do not happen before.

People have claustrophobia in many other instances other than mentioned in the above cases. Hence abnormal fear is normal to happen when people loses what they get use to in life as result of such actions and reactions they happen to induce fear to their minds. Being in jail, getting kidnapped, and other related factors do cause abnormal fear in peoples minds.

Beyond all reasons, when people commit grievous mistakes in life which do have an impact on many other peoples lives due to their harsh decisions and cruelty they cause, they become claustrophobic, and the decisions they come while they are in such mood becomes very strange and abnormal due to the fear they are already induced as result of their failures in performing their duty and responsibility in accountable and transparent manner. Such aspects of lives are mostly reflected in those people who assume high ranks or positions, politicians, religious leaders, other prominent figures and the like.

Fear is fear whether it is normal or abnormal, but what is important here and how people vary which is mainly dependent upon their beliefs and other mechanisms they employ in controlling and oppressing fear. Fear and anger can be interrelated, but they can be controlled and reduced with the perspectives that can be related and connected with other aspects of life such as intellectual capacity, emotional stability and spirituality help many people to have a better look about their reality in a way by creating calmness and serenity that could not lead to further disappointments and complications that put ne to be in anger and fear. The more confidence one have in life, the less fear one can face. Confidence is developed thru the passage of time.

Form and Motive

June 8, 2011

In this world, there are two great categories or aspects of working out things. The first ones are those things that require system and mechanism. The other types are those things that do not require system or mechanism but they come just from deep inside of one’s being. Work is done by both mechanisms. When both are integrated useful and productive results are obtained. This is what is referred by Plato as idea and shape, and others, later, call form and spirit.

In any given organizational framework both are important to carry out important goals and plans of any given company. In any enterprise or mission, both are crucial aspects of achieving a mission or objective. Both are mutually reciprocal and cooperative in most cases, but when one is lack, the task or mission is put under jeopardy. Both require different capacity and capability. Both have different nature and character. One is acquired by training; the other is just come from deep inside. Thus it is quite necessary to integrate both.

System is defined in Oxford Dictionary as a set of connected things that form a whole or work together. System is originated from nature. The conception and idea of any given system is originated from creation. For instance, let us take the example of our body metabolism. We eat. See how the food we eat is getting processed and utilized and removed. There is certain amount of foods that is used for productive purpose; there is another amount of food that is getting rid of. Our body metabolism is systematized by nature, not by any one on the earth.

It is possible to say here that system has two aspects. The first one is natural. The second one is man made. Man made systems are operational in activities like companies, communities, and the like. Natural systems are created by nature itself. However both have similar aspects and processes. They maintain integrity and make things to be activated in simple and easy manner. They help activities to have nice format and to be cost effective and the like.

The major similarity here is that when they get defective, they need someone to fix. Here they ask specialization and professionalism in terms of helping the broken parts. As our body needs different kinds of physicians to fix on the areas where difficulties arise, there are also specializations and professionals required to fix on the problems and difficulties arise in any given system.  In this case, systems are not fore granted procedures and need to be fixed according to the need of the age and the types of problems arise.

When any problem arise, it has its own impact, both positive or negative, on the other component, in which when a system gets paralyzed, this has an impact on the mood and gut of individuals who are working and operational in any given system. They have a direct relation and connection with the mood of those who active a given system. When a system gets stuck, the emotional aspect could be put under jeopardy since this consumes the emotional reality. Intellectual aspect is directly related with emotional aspects in most cases.

Gut and driving motto is not created by any system, but system could motivate and help in adding certain enthusiasms to those who actively work in particular system. In this regard, individuals find many means and other different options in life to create enigmatic aspects of life to be very interesting and spicy. They look for options and ways of life that best suit their thinking and belief so that they can help their daily routines in effective and efficient manner.

When emotional aspects and intellectual aspects are combined, the system and mechanism put underway could be helped in profound manner since such matters add certain capabilities that a given individual is doing so that that given person could be efficient and effective in one’s daily routines and in a system one is working in. It is proper to have systematization in our daily routines and activities, but it would be bizarre when one tries to systematize matters that cannot be systematized as result of their nature and character.

One aspect of such reality is Faith. Faith cannot be systematized since it is personal matter. One’s faith with the Creator is very personal and mystic. Hence it is not possible to put a system or a mechanism to tell such things for many reasons. The first one is such faith is a relationship between the individual and the Creator and one has to be beyond the capacity of the Creator to tell the personal and mysterious relationship one has with the Absolute reality. The other aspect is that one is limited to know such aspects of realities since one cannot know one’s own aspects in this regard too.

The two aspects of operating in any given environment help people in carrying out their daily routines. They are important and essential. They are critical indeed. They have similarities and differences as well. However, they need quite a mindset. They need an approach. They need a maturity. They require conviction and determination. A faith in a given place can be considered as childish drama to others. Faith is relative and contextual. It is not possible to say in such aspects of life to have similar and equal attitude since the nature is different and quite contextual.

Systems require a mindset that accepts on doing things in more organized manner. Gut and the driving motto require an emotional set up and drive that comes from deep inside. Both are different aspects in which one is acquired by training; the other is come from deep inside being. Hence both could need to be integrated in theory, but in practice there are many set backs in this regard.

Conflicts and Differences

June 7, 2011

Differences of opinions are normal. Conflicts of view are natural. What is abnormal or strange here is that when there is an effort or choice to resolve such differences in revolver pistol or with any other unacceptable means, this would be inappropriate and illegitimate. Differences and conflicts have many steps and stages of resolutions. Above all they need a mindset of change or accepting or welcoming others view as legitimate before one enters any stage or takes any other steps. Flexibility is the precondition here.

Flexibility means accepting any opinion which is even contrary or very different to the one which is governing. Flexibility requires a mindset that has no sense of seeing or looking others with despise or as a result of one’s own achievement or accomplishment. Flexibility requires a consistent approach towards the look one has for every creature in terms of color, race, background and the like. Flexibility requires openness in terms of everything.

For example, when I say a given community has to perish, this does not come as result of hatred. This comes as a result of practical and tangible experience. In this case, it is the individuals who are in charge who are accountable and responsible to give answer to the questions I have than any other person who have no clue on this matter. The view here is not about theoretical aspects, but practical aspects. Marxism fails it is not because of theory thing, but its practical application and interpretations.

Hence it is quite necessary to accept at the beginning about the views other submit as result of their shocking or tragic experience. The first stage or step regarding conflicts or differing opinions here is acceptance. Accept that bad things are going on behind. Once the acceptance or common agreement on this subject is reached, the next stages or steps are possible. These can be found on letters or comments various people suggest thru emails or in person. Such people should not are attributed as enemies since they speak The Truth.

After reaching on such deal, the second step should pin pointing those problems associated to those individuals, meaning the types of shocks individuals have passed, and finding out why they are done, and the purpose of such acts. Who, what, where, when, why, and the like are important and relevant questions to answer at this point. These are important and necessary since pains can be superficially understood, but they cannot be originally felt unless and otherwise one tastes them very well. It is like about a person who tastes what the burning of fire cause; and a person who reads 1000 books about the harm fire brings.

Therefore, once such steps are taken, consultations should be carried out on such topics so that effective and efficient remedy can be submitted to the concerned agencies or bodies. Those who deserve Justice go to the judiciary bodies; those who deserve recommendations should be delivered to the concerned bodies with their respective opinions and views.  By doing so, conflict and difference of opinions can bring the sparkling of The Truth so that future looks so bright than foggy.

The point behind such drama here is that it is not possible to forgive unpardonable things; but it is quite appropriate and necessary to make a pardon or forgive those acts that deserve forgiveness. We have to differentiate between acts here in which Justice is not something that is granted by moods of people but it is reality that is created as result of peoples bad choices. If we make Justice like a commodity, the rule of law and order in given community dynamics is put under big question, the desire and cherish of all is gone away.

Justice is not like a commodity that can be imported or exported in which it has its own dynamics which is created as result of peoples’ choice and movements. In this case, it is appropriate to make a point in which Justice is a social reality that comes to exit in society dynamics with the intention of bringing order and stability. Justice is one of the most crucial ingredients in community dynamics.

It is not possible to reverse such drama in the world of Justice by other mechanisms developed thru ages and times. One of such means here is culture in which elderly people could be used to advise on such matter. This is not possible to do so since a killer has to receive justice from judiciary bodies it is not with the intention of harming that killer but with the intention of bringing order and peace to the next generation. Same is true for other bodies that can be asked to do so, this is not legitimate and appropriate, but rather in acceptable.

Justice has dual boundaries on the earth. The first one is the judiciary bodies related to particular nation or country. In this case political leaders play significant role since this is their domain and duty. Their integrity and responsibility is measured to the integrity of justice system they install in their domain. The other boundary is the one which is related to international or universal community. Such communities have their own respective leaders who manage the affairs o their community. In this respect, the advise of politicians could be sought, but it is not complete or an end. It is just an opinion, but the final decision is made by the leaders of such communities.

Conflict and difference of opinions have legitimate way of resolving them. When people use unacceptable means to resolve such conflicts and difference such as by removing those individuals with different look, this sounds nullifying and scary and is against the intention and wish of the Vision of creating Diversity. In this case, ego and ambition should leave the place to courage and detachment so that the Original Vision should come in to place.

It is not beautifully articulated speeches and wishful thinking that can bring hope and bright future to the world, but rather, it is from simple and complex levels, simple and complex actions that inspire and contribute to the welfare and good of humanity that have profound impact on the nerve and muscle of this world. WE live in very dynamic world whose pillars can only be and alive with the instrument of the Rule of Law, in which Justice is the answer.

The Spaces—II

June 6, 2011

The Space has different reflections and manifestations in this world. There are individuals who have profound Impact on our life who created a stir on the life of human society. There are people who are alive; there are people who are not here physically on earth. Both have created different kinds of spaces on our life and they have profound impact on our value makings and choices as well.

It is quite interesting to note that there are certain factors that contribute to the spaces that exist at this point of time on the earth. In this case, space has width and height. The space between point A and point B can be measured by height and width in which such heights and distances are created by such powerful people. This does not require one to be an atomic power researcher to listen and mention their words of wisdom for they are worthwhile to be attributed.

Powerful people brought powerful and mighty causes on the earth, influence our thinking machineries in many ways. They create spaces between individuals, society and institutions. These are quite few in numbers as compared to the entire populations. Inspiration plays significant role in creating such spaces between societies and institutions. Those who lack such inspirations lack many things since they do things in hard ways as the law of Thermodynamics state that it is easier to do things in wrong way than the right way.

Geographical location is another factor for the existence of space between societies, individuals and institutions. Although such spaces are narrowed with newly invented technology such as internet and telephone, but the space still remains constant. The physical space is still same, but the intellectual, emotional and spiritual spaces that could exist between individuals, communities and institutions become narrowed as result of such inventions.

The other factors in creating such space between individuals, society and institution are originated from the consequences of such actions and reactions; when people and society interacts as result of such powerful people thought, they give birth to different kinds of spaces between society and institutions thru times and the become conventions and customs, culture and could be considered as life and death aspect in any given community dynamics.

For example, when Jesus Christ brought certain inspiration, and how such inspiration is inherited thru centuries and ages and how many people follow such belief and give certain value. There are followers of Buddha who are influenced by His teaching. Prophet Muhammad brought Islam to the world. By just looking at such few Figures, it is possible to see spaces that exist in this world.

With cumulative effects of such spaces within society and in this world, most are affected and influenced, whether directly or indirectly, with belief and thinking and the communication and interaction of society and institutions are directly and indirectly affected by such people thinking and way of life. Politics is in most cases a shadow and reflection of such realities in which it is mostly governed by beliefs and thinking as result of religious and philosophical views.

When the Creator creates its creation, there is natural space already manifested at least in terms of geographical or physical matter. Others are reflections and manifestations of such reality in due course of time as in its own evolutionary stages and progresses are there. For example, the idea of global warming becomes an issue when industrial revolution is booming. There are certain matters due as result of certain happenings. Likewise spaces are created between societies, individuals, and institutions as matters arise.

It is possible to say that spaces are both artificially and naturally created. They are natural to happen although how superficial and artificial they can be. Spaces create both comfort and stresses on the life of human society. It give comfort for those who seek it, in most cases these are people with accomplishments and achievements and there are people who feel insecure in life and such people demand less space and they need interaction and communication with others.

There are sub categories of spaces that are created involuntarily and these are caused by education or profession, excellence, successes or failures, perspectives, and the like. When such spaces exist, it is necessary and essential to respect the gap than try to narrow such gaps by force or pressure. Spaces have mental frameworks, are objective. A person who knows how to deduct between two numbers in traditional way could lose when addition is used to derive to the result of the minus thing.

The other space is derived thru time. They call it generation space. Time creates its own need and desire, these cause problems, and people make efforts to resolve their problems, and they come up with new solution. These solutions are in most cases perspectives, and these widen scopes and understanding of problems at individual, society and institution level. Such process creates a natural space between a generation and next to it in the natural process of life.

Spaces are not only spaces but they measure the span of time and degree of excellence between generation and itself, and also with a given society with other societies too. See how the Greek, Rome, Persia, Egypt and other civilization were in the past; but today, it is different, Europe and America takes the banner of civilization. Who causes such space, and what make such huge space to happen between societies? What went wrong with those nations who claim that they had civilization in ancient times?

The sad thing is that they eat their food, and blame them on every stage, which is quite paradox.  They wear their clothes, and they declare they have their own identity, it is till a paradox. They watch their movies, they cry loud about their nationality. They listen to their music and they sleep on their dreams, but those who are working and thinking ahead are the one who realy have life; the rest enjoy their efforts and reflections, but still claim they belong to somehwere though they have everything of them even in their homelands. The Space is already there, but it is matter of realizing it.

This is not to ask any support or round of applause from any group or whatever; but this is just an idea to share from some sort of observation. If they still think that “you think we are stupid thing”; “he is the special person or stupid thing”; they are so silly and nonsense. I write what I think and observe and I do not need any help, or seek recognition from others. I am self sufficient and I do not need any aid from anyone. For I have neither an enemy nor a friend. However, I write and share what I feel, think, observe, hear, see and the like. God is Great!! None is the author and owner of Time.

The Two Spaces


June 6, 2011

Space is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as boundless expanse in which all objects exist and move; portion of this; empty area or extent; universe beyond earth’s atmosphere; interval. There are different types of spaces that exist as per its definition. Although most associate such aspect of life in terms of physical distance, there are invisible aspects but that do have objective influence in our daily routines. Who create such space, and how are such spaces are created?

Referring our nature which has at least four aspects, which are physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual, there are certain reflections of such aspects since our nature has its own way of applications in our daily practices. For example there is a physical space that exists at a given individual level in terms of physical growth. There is a space that exists within a given individual in terms of intellectual before attaining college and after having it.

There is a space that exists within a given individual in terms of emotional nature by working hard in being hot tempered and trying to minimize such aspects in conscious manner. There is a spiritual space that exists within a given individual in terms of spirituality by creating or having certain mechanism in the connection one creates with the Absolute Reality. Thus spaces have two aspects in which one is visible and the other is not visible to our eyes, but can be sensed as a matter of interactions and communications.

Likewise, such spaces exist in terns of community and institution levels depending on their organizational framework, maturity, knowledge and understanding of reality in the cosmos. A society that has better look regarding universal reality and a society that has less knowledge about the world we live in reflect many things according to their capacity and understanding. We define society by their look and perspective. There are societies who are only concerned about their nationality and nation. There are societies who are concerned about their nation, and about the world.

In this case, a given society that cares about its own affairs and also feels certain moral obligation and concern about the rest of the world is better and greater in value and ethical standards than a society that is of only concern with its own affairs and in its own matter. Hence, there are societies who have created such big space between societies by showing greater concern and positive attitude towards others with the motive of social obligations. This happens as result of moral choices a given society experience thru centuries and ages. This world is an interconnected and interrelated enigma. It is not only a choice but also an obligation to feel sense of concern about others. This is one sign of maturity.

In this enigmatic world, it is possible to say the society and institutions have spaces within itself and between others as result of constant motion they have—CHANGE—within itself and with the relationship one establishes with the other. One’s toady is better than one’s yesterday, and one’s tomorrow is better than o9ne’s today as result of choices and efforts. Egress and regress are always there. In this regard, space is a phenomenon that exists between societies and institutions due to the choices and efforts they make in life.

What is important there is that as result of such behavioral actions and reaction there are certain identity that a given society could be known due to moral choices it was doing in collective terms. Meaning, when most people in a given community dynamics react ort act about certain aspects of a thing in same way, such action could be considered as a personality or identity of that given society. For example, when aggressors come to given land, there are people who defend their nation in war. There are people who welcome such things. Politeness and anger could be considered as identity to these people or nation.

Therefore, society creates its own dynamics as result of its own behavioral actions and reactions which is a combination of intellectual, spiritual and emotional elements which is true in case of institutions. Individuals, institutions society of community are all interrelated and interconnected as their nature and their behavioral actions and reactions too. It is possible to claim here that there is a gap in terms of those realities that are mentioned in the above due to the choices and efforts they make.

It is quite strange and interesting to note that there are nations whose names are not even mentioned in books, but they are at the forefront of civilization, There are nations who claim that they are mentioned in books, but they are not that civilized as those who are not. Why do such gaps occur? Is this because of pride? Is this because of wrath of God as they say? Gaps are there although one claims a civilization few thousand years go. It is not history or books that guarantee one’s civilization, but hard work, true visionaries, thinkers, and qualified professionals and the like as we learn from those who are civilized.  

What is most important here such gaps in terms of material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual spaces are create as result of choices and efforts a given individual, society and institutions are making use of, and the cumulative effect of such actions and reactions result of certain spaces—Visible and Invisible—but they are noticed as result of communications and interactions.

If a tiny declares to the world that I am like an elephant, the whole world could scorn at the ant, but when a tiny ant shows something that an elephant cannot do in reality, the whole world could get ashamed. It is not what past delivers that matter, but future aspirations along with thinking and actions.