Apocalyptic and Today

May 25, 2011

Apocalyptical is defined as prophesizing great and dramatic events like those in the book of the Apocalypse. WE live in world where daily bills are more important than knowing tomorrow events and happenings. Most of us are tied up with daily routines and the desire and interest of knowing the future is not a life and death thing unless and otherwise we seek it for café discussion and the like. It is a part time discussion. It is not a series subject at this point of time.

Thus what people claim and the way this generation perceives such trend is not as was in the old and past days, having the trend of interpreting and understanding such aspects of life is not as important as of those days of the past. There is a tremendous shift and diversion in this arena of life in which people change their attitude and mood. In fact most are captured with their daily interest and needs that is of no great interest to such given aspects of life.

Why are most not interested in this arena of life? What is the root cause for such diversion and lack of interest in this scope? Most are not that into prophesy thing due to many reasons. There are major and significant reasons for most people to lose interest and have trust on such apocalyptic view about our world due to many objective and practical reasons. It is not out of the blue that this world has come to such conclusion and view.

The first and major reasons is, there are people who arose in the past and make predictions about the apocalyptic stuff based on the book they have a belief, but nothing like that did happen. In fact there are people who still claim and say apocalyptic words about this world. The current view regarding May 13, 2011, which is shifted to October 21, 2011, rapture day, is one good example of those apocalyptic views regarding our planet. And thus, failure is inevitable.

Failure regarding apocalyptic views which was foretold and claimed by those people becomes one of the major reasons for most people to lose trust and interest in this arena. In fact, there are many people who give justifications about the coming of the end of the world irregardless of many peoples failure in giving such predictions. This is mainly due to the strong belief they have for the book they have faith, and this does not mean that they are correct and the book is correct. Nothing can be presented as justification since both are not happening, and it becomes formidable to trust both the book and the people too.

We live in a time when the book they claim has failed to tell us on what is happening today in which the coming of Internet was not foretold, but there are many claims about the end of the world. How is it possible to tell about the coming of days based on a book that tells half truth about this world? It is also our knowledge that there are others who fabricate documents by putting back dates as if prophecies were told in this regard by their respective people?

There was a prediction in the Year 2000, Y2K case in which the end of the world was about to come, and as we read in the newspapers American senators move and shift places to escape the Y2K case; there was also another prediction that tells that the year 200 was a year where political unity is securely established; and as we go on and live in the years, the September 11 2001 terrorist act widened the gap between the east and west politics; not a political unity at the global level, it is our knowledge that nations cannot be politically one within their own country politics having many widening and opposing political views.

It is indeed quite noteworthy to pause and contemplate on the apocalyptic conditions and view about this world in which there are certain things that should be considered to come up with apocalyptic understating and opinion and such claims could be accepted. The first one is the pattern of this world in which the evolutionary progresses and achievements this world undergoes in the past, and based on that one can have clue on where one is going forward.

The second one is the pattern of the apocalyptic view in which this work has undertaken, and how many of the predictions are correct, and how many of them are not, and how this world is behaving and going in line with the apocalyptic situations as written in the book and as peoples understanding and calculations are going on. People can come with certain hypothesis regarding or based on certain beliefs or books; this does mean that when there is something that goes in accordance with the actual reality, there is a ground that can be accepted as fact or true thing.

Presumably, when there is no actual ground or something that can go in accordance with the reality, and if there is some kind of prediction or view regarding the assumptions or belief one comes about, there must be observable fact or scientific justification so that the claim one does could be accepted as legitimate and true. In this case, consistency is one of the requirements. One’s argument needs to have consistent, realistic, observable facts, objective, and reliable information so that the claim could be justifiable. Otherwise, it remains as a personal opinion and view, which is a complete right of any given person.

We hear great scientific achievements and discoveries. In other aspect, we hear and watch severe catastrophic events. Both events are happening side by side and are going hand in hand. Science and religion play significant role in this regard. Although there are certain claims that try to give new look of religion in scientific way, there is still dilemma that put religion in more confounded look tantamount to nothing. But, the point is not on what we calculate, but on the truth behind every calculation is what it matters.


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