Sudden Change

May 20, 2011

Bonanza is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as sudden great wealth or luck. It is quite interesting to note how and when peoples lives and life style changes. There are people who change their lifestyle in dramatic way; and there are people who change their lifestyle in evolutionary manner. There are people who have no change in their lifestyles and they save similar lifestyles in most of the period. Though it is not possible to say that there can be no change in the lifestyle of any given person because of how we are fashioned, we grow.

When people show sudden change in their life style, it sparks many questions. How does he become like that? What made him/her change her lifestyle? And there are related inquiries one raises related to that person, and try to associate to one’s life and make certain judgment. In this case, one could make a pause and reflect on Life. Life is a mystery as many people say since there are certain incidents that touch our life without our choice and decision.

There are two possible great changes; one is going upward; the other is going downward; meaning the upward is in terms of people judgment; the downward is also in terms of peoples’ judgment. This could also be in terms of one real life other than peoples’ observation as well. People who live and have comfortable life suddenly change their life to poverty in many instances. This can happen for many reasons. Natural disaster is one cause. There are other possible causes that go beyond the regular or normal practices people have. People become rich or poor not only because of their choices and efforts, but also there are other strange factors for such aspects of life.

There are different circumstances that could make peoples life in disastrous condition. To mention one, there are certain traditions or harmful practices people do on others, which are named after witch crafting and related practices, which is a belief developed by people and we have seen people are affected by them, in which people go to such peoples’ house to harm other people. They do this by paying to the witchcraft or whatever money when the thing designed is done in successful manner. There are people who become rich suddenly, and there are people, who went to poverty or in ill situation as well.

There are certain harmful practices which people are entitled to receive. There are people who do this, and there are people who are victims of such therapy. There are sophisticated conditions and situations in which as I heard and learnt from those people who know such practices, there are people in the churches who take lessons, in which they know and have power to do shaking on the body, shaking of houses, tables and the like which sounded that I have obtained an answer to the shaking of my body in February 2006, which I had been victimized three times while living abroad. I came to conclusion that it is not electric shock, but peoples certain magical practice and stuff on others. Others call such practices as bad spirit.

Individuals practice such exercises on others in the office, and other places in which the go the witchcraft to make them certain mission or conspiracy. The use these practices to be rich or powerful. I also heard old women here have such practice and have a belief in seeking men or doing other sabotages or plots on others.  There is a big rumor here in the city that most artists, politicians, and other renowned people in here go to these individuals homes to get such stuff so that they accomplish their mission or the conspiracy they want to perform. Sudden changes in individuals lives could appear in this way or other innocent peoples lives could be lost in these ways as matter of jealousy and envy issues.

When there are such practices going on, meaning, it is possible to say that there are other people who do have the magic and power to do the stuff on others, it is quite something to get a clue on what these people are doing behind and what they were doing and the claim they do is a reflection and manifestation of such practices that put threatening environment on others so that others submit their free will to them. They claim they are working for the betterment of the world, and by the behind stuff they are doing on others.  This is quite something.

The other quite interesting drama was on one of the days, in February 2006, power like thing came to my mind and was arranging me to go outside my flat and I did. Then I saw a an automobile related to one of the officials there, in which the back gate of the automobile was open,and white blonde lady was standing at the back of the automobile, and then I ignored that arrangements , I went directly to the compound of the head quartet. Then, the outside gate was open, I entered. Then, I proceed to the auditorium, none was there. I get confused and I asked myself, who called me in here. Then two youth came, one is, female, Egyptian from New Zealand, the other is from the Caribbean guy, soccer player. Then I discussed with both of them and they left me alone. and the I went aback to my flat, I conversed with myself, what is going on my reality, who is playing on my mind in here, and I became sure that some kind of strange drama is going on the earth and some kind of psychic art and theater is going on, in secretive way.

By just having certain experience at that given spot, and correlating that experience with other traditional knowledge, one has come to conclusion that there are many ways of manipulating human beings to the extent that they make them powerless and they submit everything to them. Nothing like that happened while I came in here, although there were feeling I had which sounded that there was a try, but failed attempts. And that particular experience did happen to me in that spot after I wrote four pages letter too. Why did this not happen before I wrote those pages? The answer is crystal clear.

I came to definitive conclusion that the drama is not ending unless people speak out The Truth about the practices they do behind in which the do the stuff on others, and in front they have another face; or they should inform that such practices are lawful and legitimate? If that is the case, it is possible to make a possible step on such practices after proofing them in scientific ground and they do not bring any health consequences. Others relate such practices as mind abduction, which is a crime in this world.

Whichever the case is the drama is till underway. If there are such practices all over, it is high time to take measures at universal level so that such people should be put to court and receive Justice. It is possible to say that religious communities are the sources and causes of such harmful practices, in which they should think thicker if there is such practices within their respective institutions or system, they should take corrective actions since such practices are harmful to society and individuals too. They say there is still time for courtesy.


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