A Mystic Word

May 17, 2011

Today I took a pocket size Oxford Dictionary and turned few pages, and my eye took few seconds looking at a word. I never heard and read or come across with it. It sounded a bit mystique to me. One is I have a poor English language skill, due to the fact that it is not my native tongue and I never had English teaching class in good schools here, and the other is English language is not easy and is vast and complex language. Both contribute to my ignorance on my usage of the language here. And I do not claim that I know this language very well, but I could say that I can communicate and deliver certain information by the instrumentality of the language which depends upon on my conveyance ability.

The word I cross here is Idiosyncrasy.  Idiosyncrasy is defined as person own characteristic way of behaving. This brings to the attention of my self in which there are cases and circumstances one behaves in a way one thinks and plans, and there are also situations and circumstances that dictate our behavior. In both conditions, there is still a choice on to act or not to act. We have a choice on many things as we have not too.

In this regard, there are certain aspects of our life which are very private and do not want to tell about others since being secretive is an essential attribute to keep one self successful than telling others whatever thing so that others interfere and could destroy or make a damage on one’s life. In order to keep such secrets, depending on the potency and circumstance, there are people who are forced to behave in their own way, which may not be liked by themselves, but could be better so that they can keep their vision or goal.

When people are in war situation, there are always divisions of labor in the war field. Meaning, before war is on the field, there are spies who are sent to study and make survey. These spies could have different characters and personalities in order to keep their plan or goal. One could be like mad man, the other could be like a drunken personality; the other could be like gentle characters so that they could obtain information and get back to their duty and deliver the information ad they accomplish their mission.

When such characters are formed, they do it with care, in some case they could end up being mad, drunk or whatever and could not detach themselves on the characters they are set to accept for a particular mission, and there are people who forget these characters and accept another mission and they keep on going and performing another characters to perform and accomplish other missions. Life here is like that we have different ways of doing things. We differ on how we think and how we perform our routines and activities. And a given person is Idiosyncrasy since one has one’s own way of behaving towards certain mission.

When there are certain missions people are undertaking, they could develop and have their own discipline and character. Such strategy could be liked by others or not. What people observe and comment here is not that important, what is important here is the mission and the goal, which goes along with the strategy to reach the certain goal set. In this case, one has to know the end before one makes a comment. And the vision is the crucial matter than the strategy here. People could fight with the strategy than the vision. This makes no sense.

There are two ways of approaching such aspects. The first one is taking the legitimate or legal means to reach to the point. The other is trying one’s own way and making one’s own judgment based on circumstances and situations. Both are acceptable and necessary until the end is reached. In this case, observers comment is not that important and necessary, but focus should be given to the end point one has already destined to reach. Variation in personality matters here. The goal is most important here.

These Idiosyncrasies need to be considered and respected with certain radius and space unless and otherwise one does not touch the lines drawn by others. Meaning space is important, but this space should not over ride other’s space. The end is clear, Peace, but the strategy is the fight inmost cases, and all say, my way, my highway, and the like. The fight is between ego and ambition. Ego and ambition overrides on knowledge and servitude. Ego and ambition manipulated knowledge and servitude and at last, knowledge and servitude become slaves and servant of ego and ambition.

In this case, courage is an expensive entity. Courage is not an ignorant character, but is derived out of conscious knowledge and requires detachment. Courage requires awareness, waking up from slumber and the like. In this valley of courage, one has an Idiosyncrasy, and tries different mechanism to escape the setup one is already destined to accept and pass. Here one could be considered by others as mad man, drunk, hero and the like. All are processes and strategies to reach to the end. They are stages and steps to victory. The end is still in the mind of the traveler, but all speculate and make a guess. I recreated myself in my own way. I am unique here since I am a different being.



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