The Duality

May 30, 2011

In this world there are many things that go in line with duality in which there are most inseparable things that go against or in conformity with a thing. For example, when one says there is good, bad is always there on the contrary.  Likewise, holy and evil, God and devil, spirit and body, religion and politics, positive and negative, and the like are some of the manifestations of such duality in which this world has a nature which has certain form and shape as it has no form in it too.

There is always a constant struggle between motions and movements in this world. It is like when an airplane is going upward, the gravity pulls the plane to go down, but the inertia and the momentum of the plane puts the plane at higher distance going beyond the limited level of gravity that puts the aero plane to float and be not governed by the law of gravity since the airplane has reached certain maxima that laws and rules do not affect.

There are certain human movements that are like that in which rules and laws, and constitutions do not have an impact since they are universal truth and the other is they influence the hearts and minds of the mass. The cause of Martin Luther King, the movement of Prophet Muhammad, the cause of Jesus Christ, the movement of Buddha, the struggle of Nelson Mandela, and the like are few examples in this regard. There are many others like these ones.

They were under control and pressure at their commencement, but when the fixed time is come, they are above such trends on how this world has demonstrated in its own respective and domain, and shine above others and become the center of attraction to many people. This is one aspect and feature of our world. In fact there is every reason why this happen.

The first reason is the thought they come up coincide with the age. Meaning, it is the need of the age. They bring ideas that can attract many peoples thinking since the existing ones could not go along with the mentality and thinking of the generation they live in. Thus, such people are born before their time and can see what is beyond and deliver certain dimension that is of benefit to others no matter rules or laws or constitutions that do exist.

The other reason is the thought they come up has a special influence due to the nature and potency of the thought that can affect and influence many people. The thoughts they come up is not for the sake of entertaining in the café or whatever, but they have natural potency to affect and bring change on the life of the human society. They are not ordinary thoughts, but they bring certain conceptual frame works that serve as additional or unique perspectives.

Due to such and other reasons, such perspectives have dual impact on the life of human society. The first one is they have a positive and profound impact on the life and thinking machinery of every given society. The second one is they have strong opposition depending on the magnitude of the thought. This is their natural and dual fate of any given thinking with unique perspectives. This is not possible to change such aspects of such ideas since they have influence over others and bring great changes to the society.

There are two types of such given thinking and perspectives. There are ideas or group of people that stay for certain period of time as we have seen from Marxism like 70 years, others could stay even longer, but vanish. There are certain ideas or thinking machinery that stay for thousand years or ages and centuries. This happens for many reasons. One is their nature and the other is the receptivity of the ideas by their respective adherents.

There are certain ideas that have evolutionary progress and stages. There are ideas that are slow in progressing and growing. They are slow it is not because they are fruitful ideas, but many have suspicion over them, and are not acceptable in the sight of many others though they have beautiful and articulated thinking. They are slow it is not because they are building or having giant or complex thinking machinery, but it is because many are suspicious about the thinking and the machinery itself.

Due to such trends and pattern of this world, this world has been featuring a duality drama in the past, and will continue doing same in the future. Thus, it is important to consider not only the nature, and receptivity, but its relevance to the future and the society. For example, if a given society prays like bending their knees, and another group of society prays by bending their neck, and if someone comes with another prayer style like by making you bending your waist and knees together, here it sounds something to the observers.

The first one is the desire to be special or unique. The second one is the desire of attaching certain unique practice with the claimed new vision or thinking stuff. The third one is the desire to create my own style or fashion. No matter conceptual interpretation or thinking is enveloped under such styles and patters, such claims are just redundant since the bending of a different part of the body cannot bring any change to the person or society or the world, but the trans-formative lives and the trans-formative powers of the thinking machinery that has an impact on the whole and the world at large.

The duality is one of the features of this world in which trinity, quadruple things are always there. This exists as part and parcel of the features of the world as others so, but the impact and the effect is till slow and frustrating too.


Hypothesis and Theory

May 26, 2011

Every thing has a beginning and an end. Every end is a beginning to another start. This circle is a continuous enigma of life. End is a beginning towards something as a beginning is an end to something. This is an obvious view that everything is relative and subjective in one context, and in another context there are things that are absolute and objective. All are done in relative senses since we judge or reach to certain truth based on compare and contrast, trial and error and the like. At last, one reaches to the point of The Truth.

Oxford Dictionary defines, Hypothesis is a supposition put forward as a basis for reasoning or investigation. Theory is set of ideas formulated to explain something; opinion; supposition; statement of the principle of a subject. Both have a conceptual framework to address but their implication and applications in objective world are different. This means every hypothesis is not a theory, but every theory is a hypothesis; every hypothesis can be a theory given the fact that when there are observable facts that are field tested and proven true.

Every hypothesis is written first in the mind of someone. Then it is put to ink and paper. Then it is shared to others. When it is shared to others, it is with the motive of field testing and then others views are obtained, and then gain it I field tested, and then suggestions and recommendations are collected; and at last, when the last and complete work is done, when there is truth and objective, this can be considered as theory. This has its own stages. This takes years and involves many people who carry out such important task.

The point here is that everything has its own moments of maturity. As a tree is originally a seed, then it gets other organs as it gets proper nourishment and environment to grow, then it gives its best fruits to the surrounding. Every theory is like that. First it is like a seed, then, when proper nourishments are there, it bears nice fruits to the world and most are benefited from such important views. Every given theory has its own maturity period. It is quite necessary to believe and think a given theory comes into place with no reason or without any purpose. Every theory has a mission and a purpose to accomplish.

Mostly, theories are inspirations from the unknown. They are invented or discovered to solve a particular problem or to deliver a perspective that is of benefit to others. In this case, theory is not a pastime or a joke; it has its own disciplines and procedures on how to apply in the life of society. They are not invented or discovered with the motive of playing or deceiving, but rather there are quite enormous efforts and workings behind before they are applied as true. In this case, the authors of such views deserve respect and recognition.

This does not mean that they are saints or pope or kings, but they have invested their resource, labor, time, money in doing such important tasks to the benefit of humanity and the world at large. They are not doing this in spontaneous manners but they have acquired certain disciplines and worked out for years before they reach to certain light they want to share the world. It is not a one day practice or a week or a month, but rather they regularly and constantly think about the thing for years before they share it to others since they are convinced and they believe that it is praiseworthy to share the matter.

The authors have their own way of thinking and doing things, in which they have sacrificed many things and devote their energy and time to work on the thought they have a belief and firm faith so that they come up with certain perspective to the extent that such perspective govern other peoples mind and become a light to the world. This is awesome. Every effort and choice in this world has its own reward and punishment in which the good has a reward; the bad has its own punishment. To receive such reward one has to perform a good than bad.

It is possible to see a person not only in one’s action and conversations, but also in one’s vision, wish, dreams, and the like. These very acts tell to who a person is without seeing the end results. There are people with no vision, and no efforts. There are people with visions and dreams, but with no efforts. There are people who have vision and dream and they work for that vision. There are people who have no vision a dream, but they make efforts to so something in their lives.

There is a popular saying of Benjamin Franklin, “God heals and doctors take the fee”. The author of vision has a limit, but there other people who partake of that vision and work for that and we have seen many thinking and ideas that govern our planet but not with the implementations strategy and design of the authors, but with devotions and sacrifices of those who like those thinking. This is one of the features of our world.

Every hypothesis has every right to be a theory thru the passage of time and by the sensible ideas it entertains. This is one of the universal truths. We can be an obstacle or a bridge to such hypothesizes as one of Great Theories, but we need just eyes and fair minds. The truth is out there, but it costs only time.

Politics and Religion—II

 May 25, 2011

Politics and religions are the two most potent forces in the life of human society. Both have played significant role and have profound effect on the life of human society. Hence both have many characteristics that make them resemble as they have their own peculiar characteristics too. And the life of everyone is affected by both forces, directly or indirectly, by these great forces in this world. They have positive and negative impact on every aspect of society and individual life.

Both have founders or authors; they have text materials; they have followers; they have a mechanism that helps them to keep the integrity of their given system in their own way in which both have a belief and a trend to label those who does not belong to their group and give critics on their operation, they label them as enemies or they put them under suspicious eyes. The love and unity they claim is within a particular domain, and does not work out outside their given circle and domain.

Beyond the above reasons and fundamentals of both, religion has the following characteristics. It has apocalyptic views about this world and the fate of people and the society as well. It gives warning and promises by putting lines and margins on the way of life. Being apocalyptic is one of a requirement of any religion in which this is a fundamental verity of religion through out history. The very character of being apocalyptic here is not about the end result, but the fear and frustration most people are occupied as result of such apocalyptic views.

Commandments and laws are one of the essential characteristics of every given religion. Do this, do not do that, go this way, do not go that way, do not talk to someone, do talk to somebody else; these are few of the rules and characteristics of the rules or laws of any religion. Do not drink alcohol, do not smoke cigarettes, do not talk to enemies, and the like. They shape the identity of every given religion by the laws and rules they formulate. Those who violate such rules are considered as bad and are removed from the list in due course of time. They call this discipline, which is way of life too.

The other aspect of religion is the concepts. They have different concepts that are related to social and spiritual aspects in which there are certain theories formulated as a result of social interaction and communication that base their texts as source of practice. Amongst them are marriage laws, burial laws, prayer practices, and the concepts delivered behind such practices. There are also concepts that address individual relationship with God, how an individual should interact with community and institutions and the like. They formulate conceptual frameworks to address such cases and matters.

Social aspect is one of the fundamental aspects of any religion. Socializing with the group or members of any given community and when this socializations is enlarged to another circle, it does not work since the bond or the so called the covenant they claim belongs to a given circle. Thus they have their own social life in their own given circle. They have holiday celebrations, congregations or other gatherings that facilitate the social aspect of religion and serves as spices that gives certain flavor to the respective community one practices.

Wealth is the backbone of any given religion. They have source of funds from their respective adherents or other sources for the purpose of promulgating their doctrine and ideology. Wealth is the heart beat of any given community and they have constant and continuous sources and flows of fund that are used for the operational activities as well. What could be different from one type of religion is the source or the amount, but it is quite something to all.

Every religion has its own administrative machinery. They have their own policies, rules, regulations and other activities related to the public affairs and administrative matters of the system. Thus they have staff and leaders who work on this matter. Human resource is the key element here in installing such machinery and making it operational. Administrative machinery includes its political aspects such as election, external affairs works and other internal conditions that require administrative decisions too.

Likewise politics have similar characteristics to that of religion in which politics have administrative aspects that focus on elections, rules, policies, procedures, and other aspects linked to administration and management of public affairs. Social aspect is related to social activities. There are obvious concepts and conceptual framework every political group advocates and promulgates. Wealth is in fact an obvious element in promoting any given political ideology too.

What makes any given political group to function with its own political agenda is that there is the spy network. Intelligence work is one of the most fundamental aspects of any political group since there are always suspicious groups or people that can not go in alignment with such ideology. There are always individuals who could plot something against to such political ideology. In order to keep the integrity of any system, intelligence work is the nerve of any political group. Intelligence work is a reflection of the magnitude of mistrust that exists in society and between leaders and leaders against the society too.

There is obvious vision and strategies that serve as identity and philosophy of any political group along with its mission statement in which it tries to incorporate other ingredients in line with the vision already set. The interesting aspect of vision ad strategy thing here is the manifestation of any political group or ideology, in which it is observed that the vision set before 10 years and what is actually happened after 10 years are in cases quite contrary. Justifying failures is one of the peculiar characteristics as apocalyptic people of these days do.

Apocalyptic and Today

May 25, 2011

Apocalyptical is defined as prophesizing great and dramatic events like those in the book of the Apocalypse. WE live in world where daily bills are more important than knowing tomorrow events and happenings. Most of us are tied up with daily routines and the desire and interest of knowing the future is not a life and death thing unless and otherwise we seek it for café discussion and the like. It is a part time discussion. It is not a series subject at this point of time.

Thus what people claim and the way this generation perceives such trend is not as was in the old and past days, having the trend of interpreting and understanding such aspects of life is not as important as of those days of the past. There is a tremendous shift and diversion in this arena of life in which people change their attitude and mood. In fact most are captured with their daily interest and needs that is of no great interest to such given aspects of life.

Why are most not interested in this arena of life? What is the root cause for such diversion and lack of interest in this scope? Most are not that into prophesy thing due to many reasons. There are major and significant reasons for most people to lose interest and have trust on such apocalyptic view about our world due to many objective and practical reasons. It is not out of the blue that this world has come to such conclusion and view.

The first and major reasons is, there are people who arose in the past and make predictions about the apocalyptic stuff based on the book they have a belief, but nothing like that did happen. In fact there are people who still claim and say apocalyptic words about this world. The current view regarding May 13, 2011, which is shifted to October 21, 2011, rapture day, is one good example of those apocalyptic views regarding our planet. And thus, failure is inevitable.

Failure regarding apocalyptic views which was foretold and claimed by those people becomes one of the major reasons for most people to lose trust and interest in this arena. In fact, there are many people who give justifications about the coming of the end of the world irregardless of many peoples failure in giving such predictions. This is mainly due to the strong belief they have for the book they have faith, and this does not mean that they are correct and the book is correct. Nothing can be presented as justification since both are not happening, and it becomes formidable to trust both the book and the people too.

We live in a time when the book they claim has failed to tell us on what is happening today in which the coming of Internet was not foretold, but there are many claims about the end of the world. How is it possible to tell about the coming of days based on a book that tells half truth about this world? It is also our knowledge that there are others who fabricate documents by putting back dates as if prophecies were told in this regard by their respective people?

There was a prediction in the Year 2000, Y2K case in which the end of the world was about to come, and as we read in the newspapers American senators move and shift places to escape the Y2K case; there was also another prediction that tells that the year 200 was a year where political unity is securely established; and as we go on and live in the years, the September 11 2001 terrorist act widened the gap between the east and west politics; not a political unity at the global level, it is our knowledge that nations cannot be politically one within their own country politics having many widening and opposing political views.

It is indeed quite noteworthy to pause and contemplate on the apocalyptic conditions and view about this world in which there are certain things that should be considered to come up with apocalyptic understating and opinion and such claims could be accepted. The first one is the pattern of this world in which the evolutionary progresses and achievements this world undergoes in the past, and based on that one can have clue on where one is going forward.

The second one is the pattern of the apocalyptic view in which this work has undertaken, and how many of the predictions are correct, and how many of them are not, and how this world is behaving and going in line with the apocalyptic situations as written in the book and as peoples understanding and calculations are going on. People can come with certain hypothesis regarding or based on certain beliefs or books; this does mean that when there is something that goes in accordance with the actual reality, there is a ground that can be accepted as fact or true thing.

Presumably, when there is no actual ground or something that can go in accordance with the reality, and if there is some kind of prediction or view regarding the assumptions or belief one comes about, there must be observable fact or scientific justification so that the claim one does could be accepted as legitimate and true. In this case, consistency is one of the requirements. One’s argument needs to have consistent, realistic, observable facts, objective, and reliable information so that the claim could be justifiable. Otherwise, it remains as a personal opinion and view, which is a complete right of any given person.

We hear great scientific achievements and discoveries. In other aspect, we hear and watch severe catastrophic events. Both events are happening side by side and are going hand in hand. Science and religion play significant role in this regard. Although there are certain claims that try to give new look of religion in scientific way, there is still dilemma that put religion in more confounded look tantamount to nothing. But, the point is not on what we calculate, but on the truth behind every calculation is what it matters.

Mistakes—Beyond Faults

May 24, 2011

Why do people make mistakes? It is natural and obvious that human beings are subjected to err. However there are circumstances that could go beyond the limit and create chaos and disappointment due to failures or grievous mistakes people commit in their lives. In this case there are two types of punishments. The first one is if it is a court issue there is a sentence that ends up being in jail. The other is the suffering one has in one’s being due to the thing one commits.

When a person makes a single mistake, one feels certain bad since that thing is not good or correct. The more frequent one makes such mistakes in life, the more normal it becomes, and one could think that one is correct and legitimate. In this case mistakes could have a collective form and shape and more people could assume that a certain practice is correct since all of them are doing that. Here mistake gets institutionalized. They could claim even if they are wrong, they assume they are right since they have agreed upon certain deliberation.

For example, in one meeting I attended here, this was gathering of business men, I represented the company I work for, the agenda was about one man. The man, according to them disturbed them, and they are gathered to get rid off him from their board. Everyone commented. The board members are 11, and they said 10 of us agreed and have harmony, but they said he is the only person who is disturbing and he cannot work with us. They said he is the most difficult person to work with.

The general assembly takes a decision based on the assemblage in which that man was at last removed. And the chairman said let us do mistake, but we must be in harmony. He chooses harmony against mistake. Meaning doing mistake is fine as far as we have agreement. I was wondering why doing the right thing and having harmony were not mentioned since I heard another story and case about this situation. The other story is different that what the majority has announced to the public in which the truth is buried due to many reasons.

The person whom they claim as difficult person is a person of principle and he was asking them to follow certain discipline and system, and they did not like that, in fact he was mentioning cases of corruption he observed and the like. He was educated and lived in Europe. They did not like him. Thus they prefer to remove him by their principle in which doing mistake is fine as far as the rest has harmony. This is quite funny and strange. I was wondering by thinking such aspects of life in larger scale, in which those who are mistaken have many hands and they still play and do the drama above others, and they have a bullet called meeting and they remove you by defaming you. This is quite insane.

When the moment of truth is come, meaning when the system is over, those actions and reactions considered as correct are mistakes and in fact are considered as grievous ones, and they put many of them to jail since the claims were fake and they have their own expiry period and are correct under a given system. Correct stuff here are like those commodities that have been tagged with their expiry dates we find the on the shelves of any supermarket. Being correct or doing mistakes are contextual in this regard.

For instance, if a given community forbids backbiting, there is no way that this act is permissible at institution level or members’ level. The act should be forbidden since the act is bad otherwise when there is a line, or when the object becomes the center, this is entirely politics. There could be individuals who could abuse and put harm on others. The very nature of such act is bad, it hurts everyone. Such prohibition is put to place due to the nature and consequences of the act, otherwise if there is a legitimacy given to such act, we are creating certain vacuum in which others could gamble and make a play over.

There are certain acts that are considered as mistake in a given system or community and such acts are not that of priority or whatever to another in which when a given community raises such acts as an issue, others could laugh at them since this is their daily practice or routine. In this case, what is mistake at universal level, and in fact there are certain obvious cases like killing, doing not the right thing, but what is right or wrong in certain cases are not filtered out due to standards set by culture and habits in their own way or fashion.

Systems formulate what is right or wrong in many cases, when they end up, the right or wring thing gets over and another system comes and they design their own values. In this case, what is a mistaken thing in one system may not be a mistaken idea in the other. They are subjective and relative and contextual. However when two people interacts, we have a limit as to how far we can go, when one passes certain limit, the other gets annoyed. Mistakes are things that are not right. There are objective matters as there are subjective aspects.

Grievous mistakes are like fire; their consequences could last for ages and centuries. The magnitude of any mistake is detected by its consequences. One is time. The other is the area it covers. Some mistakes are like lightning; they just come and go; others have big scars; others last for centuries and ages. Few mistakes hurt one person; the other ones could put millions under jeopardy. In few cases, mistakes have a network like intelligence offices and they could cover various top people and nations due to the nature of their network, in this case money is the issue. One could find many people falling in the mistake trap due to funding thing, in which it is possible to say that the mistaken are always rich.

Wise people learn from their mistake and take corrective actions instantly. They also learn from others’ mistakes. The foolish people never learn and they keep on making all the time and they end up deceiving and lying until they claim they do is over. They have illegitimate way of correcting their mistakes to the extent they could use gangs and revolver pistol to correct their mistakes. They do other mistakes to correct the previous ones and end up in vicious circle of mistakes until they consume themselves at last.

One does not have to be a lawyer, film actor, a psychologist, a journalist, a writer and the like for not to make a mistake. Mistake are committed due to a mindset in which when one is in wrong thinking and idea circle, one is falling in the trap and world of mistakes, in which the microwave that cooks the dish for mistake is the thinking machinery that designs and puts one in big stupid circle and lives the rest of their lives in stupidity than ever due to the mindset and perspective they are already in. We live in the world where mistakes override the correct ones and we could need a mystery of reversal so that the correct should be the kings and rulers of this world.

Theory and Personality


May 23, 2011

When a person comes with a given theory, one’s personality is another story which is not put as criterion for the theory one is come about. This does mean that any given person who comes with certain theory is not a pope or saint; or does not claim the story of follow my life style and my way stuff.  In fact there are certain claims in this regard in which there are societies who believe that when one comes up with certain matter, one has to live up to one has to come about in one’s life.

When Einstein comes up with the theory of gravity, such claim is not something that seeks followers, Theories are not way of life, but they are universal truths that govern and touch everyone’s life. In this case, theories are not way of life like other philosophers’ view, but they are something that governs the whole whether we like it or not. When Einstein got married wit two women, this does not mean that everyone has to get married twice.

The point here is that theories are facts creation and creation; one is about creation and their interaction and communication. In this case there are two matters; one is clearly seen, and the other is not clearly seen, but they are observed by few thinkers who see the hidden from the hidden. Gravity is not something that can be seen, but felt or realized. Thus when theories are set, the life of the author is irrelevant and is not something that can be considered as legitimate criterion on the theory one is come about.

There are three types of theories. One is a theory that comes as result of the relationship between nature and man; and the other is a theory that is derived as result of relationship that exists between people. The other is a relationship that exists between creations excluding man. In these interactions and communications there are observable aspects of life that have a pattern and law that shape them in a way they are now.

Life is a continuous process and everything changes thru time and evolvement and thus there are always new types of theories get into place as a result of such interactions. Here needs an eye that sees what is beyond an ocean, a heart that feels what is behind and a mind that can rationalize and think. It is commendable to integrate all these activities and reach to the point of the truth one should after analyzing and careful study of patterns of such life.

It is quite noteworthy to mention in these interactions and communications, there are certain trends and patterns human beings develop as result of choosing certain lifestyle and way of life. As result of certain experiences of life, there are certain few individuals who come up with certain belief system and thought that shape generations and here after. In this case, they could deserve certain study as to the nature and character of such deliberations as to the reasons, the motive and the drama they are having behind. While such theatrical drama is going on, there are certain theories that exist as true, but discovered in their own good time by certain individuals.

When a given theory is in place, one is showing a direction and a perspective in which others could obtain certain benefit out of it than create a noise. When a given person comes up with anew theory in relation to people or society, there are four categories of people that could exit. The first ones are certain segment of society that could be victims. The second ones are certain segment of society that could be happy. The third ones are indifferent in which they do not belong any of the above. The fourth ones are jealous.

Hence the reactions are the reflections of the above groups of people. Opposition, support, and middle way are the fates of such people. In this case, many stones could be thrown to the authors’ of such theories and if they are lucky, none of the stones could harm them, and at last they will be winners and the champions of the theory, meaning the truth they come about. The authors’ lifestyle is not a point or an issue here, as we have seen those individuals who come up with certain belief systems, they have unproven theories, but they do not live up to the things they say in its fullest terms.

For example, there are people who say, marry twice, but in reality they have three or four wives and the like, and when such aspects are figured out, it is not possible to say that they have perfection to what they claim or say, but there are certain mindset in which their respective followers give as justification. There are claims like, was it before or after the thing they claim or whatever, but their life style or autobiography is not a proof to what they claim since there could be different matters that could be found contrary to what they claim.

In any case, theories are not lifestyles, but they are perspectives and thought that cover the whole. In this case, their impact is not realized until knowledge or awareness touches our aspects of life. Meaning when the law of gravity is discovered at last, the law of gravity did exist before the time of Einstein andNewton. The point here is that every theory has its own goodtime of revealing itself t the mass in objectifiable manner in its own fruit bearing time. In this case whetherNewtonor Einstein have good or bad character, it does not matter, they govern the truth of reality in their own way with their own understanding in which the whole world accepts their theory since it is true and objective.

Theory is the truth in which personality has no impact since one’s personality can not change the truth. Personality cannot make the sun to come out early in the morning and from the east. Personality has no impact on The Truth.

Education and Intelligence

May 20, 2011

Education is the process of training the mind. In this process one takes different types of courses so as to be organized in thinking and way of doings in systemic manner. Hence education helps one to think. And based on one’s specialization, when people have fields of specialization depending on the skill and information they acquire, there is a monetary value assigned that make a given individual sustain and have a life. Therefore, education has economic and social value besides personal satisfaction.

Society offers respect to those individuals who have higher education since they know and have something to offer. They help the society depending on their capacity and capabilities. Out of the benefit society receives from educated society, society trusts education as one means to provide service and be of great benefit to one self. Parents send their children to best schools depending on their financial strength and school fee paying ability.

Intelligent is defined as having mental abilities. An intelligent person is not necessarily an educated person. Education helps, but is not the life and death thing on the life of intelligent person. Intelligence here is a natural gift in which the individual has acquired certain mind abilities that make a given individual to think in different and understand things in deeper and greater level. Education to such people is like a match which is used to light the candle. Both are just a thing when they are in separate, but when both are combined they give light.

Educated person is mostly trained in organized manner and is asked to be more organized since one’s education dictates one to be, there are certain disciplines, coherence and other factors in which an educated person is required to discipline. It is kind of molding machine in which one is shaped with certain mindset based on types of training one is undergoing. In this case, one obtains certain framework and lives and abides with that given conceptual framework.

Intelligent person is a person with gifted ability to think and to think. A person could think very unusual, different, very sensible, detect motives behind, predicts future consequences of things, sees things clearly, think at deeper level, and the like. Such ways of lives are not done by the mass, are not obtained thru education. Few people do these. Out of them, few of them happen to be leaders of certain cause in which they come up with certain belief and perspective which they and others follow. They come up with certain belief as a matter of undergoing unique experience in life which is of great benefit to the mass.

An educated person is not necessarily intelligent as an intelligent person is not necessarily educated. An educated person can be intelligent, as an intelligent person can be educated too. Education is not a prerequisite to be intelligent. Education could help but in certain cases could make an intelligent person to be submissive of a framework and a system in which when a person is intelligent, the first natural need is thirst, whose perfume is freedom. Freedom is one of the requirements to be intelligent than seeking legalism, in which most people feel safe when they work under certain framework and touchstones.

It is good to have such standards and boarders where individuals are given marginalized points as way of communication and interaction, but there are also further needs and requirements certain individuals seek, which are identified by others or considered by others as different and hence these people are categorized or identified by others as intelligent or they could be identified as different due to different thinking need or way of seeing things.

For instance, let us take a given community. A given community starts telling its community members that after today, we have to practice the culture of encouragement. This method is chosen since leaders of this community come up with certain plan and vision. Most of the community members agreed on the concept and practice of encouragement and they start encouraging each other.

While in this process of encouragement thing, there are people who start flattering wit each other and start saying to a person who has an eye like a rat, Wow, you have cool eyes; to a person who thinks like I have to wash my hands before I eat, you are great and deep thinker and the like. In the middle of this thing, there are individuals who start asking that why are they asking us to encourage with each other at this point of time, enrich the culture of encouragements? Did they know head of time that this is not working out? In this case, these peoples’ lives become under jeopardy. The power of intelligence is not simple; it has back fire; people could lose their lives.

When people are intelligent and see things in different ways, their life is under scrutiny. They are put under suspicious eyes since their perspective could attract many others and they could have many followers behind. They are under the strict follow up and control of those in authority since they have influence over others. One of the characteristics of intelligent people is that they induce fear and frustration in the sight of authorities. The other characteristic is that their thinking attracts many peoples’ minds. Both are inherent and intrinsic characteristics of intelligent people.

Their thinking and perspectives are topical. They bring to the attention of the mass, what is neglected, forgotten, hidden, to the attention of the public. They raise fundamental questions which most share. They are seekers of thought than any other thing. They put authorities under quandary. They have no fear, but they live up to the beliefs and thinking they have in mind. The rest is detail.