One Eye of Economics

April 30, 2011

This world is shaped by more of economist approach than any other thing in which we tend to presume that the facts and relevant matters that affect our decisions and choices in life are based on opportunistic views and analysis. This means that we tend to give assumptions based on risk minimizations in which most tend to be imbued with fear and calculated moves before they make choices and decisions. In fact, choices naturally give certain stresses to our emotional and intellectual reality, since our choices affect our destiny too.

Productivity is the center of everything to have a nice survival in this world, and in this cycle and process of productivity, goods and service are there to serve the entire society, and in this case, economics is the field that helps us to use the best of such aspects in effective and efficient manner. In this case, what is effective and an efficient aspect here vary from professionals, and relate to the type of eye glass they wear and on the context they all claim.

Goods and services have their own origin and they are transported or make available to the consumers in various ways. There are various means of communications and transportations media that serve as link to connect the producer and the consumer; and which method is effective, this depends on the types of societal infrastructures and stages of development one reaches, but there is big vacuum created in this whole that created huge burden on the life of the consumers. Most call these factors as hindrances and are not liked by them.

Amongst such items is the concept of tax and tariff that are allocated on every product and means of transportations in which society are required to pay to the institutions. Tax is the nerve of every government. They cannot operate without such means of incomes. One reason one pays tax for the service one is going to receive from the government in the future, or at present or one had been served in the past. The point here is that tax are decided by economic factors than any other thing in which economists are the one who mostly shape most nations and they share the sins every government commits.

Our lives are mostly connected with shopping in which buying and selling are the every day routines. We buy and sell things until we end up with nothing. We have no complaints of the impacts of tax in our lives since they become part of the buying process and they are part of the process thing. When we pay tax we pay salaries of other people in other places. Every person who pays payroll tax pays a salary or wage of another person employed by the government although there is no official agreement between the two, but the government facilitates such process on behalf of the tax payers. And thus, tax connected many people in many ways without their volition and knowledge in cases.

There are many other networks and connections that exist between people due to taxes, but those tax payers are in most cases are not aware, but consider tax as burdens and ugly things than their productive contributions. Tax payers could hate one thing in which when funds are embezzled, they say it is my money that is victim of such stupidity. They say here, why do I have to pay tax? But in cases, when many people are having life and leading family lives, here they feel something awesome since they are helpful and important.

The point here is the medium. When the medium is nice, those tax payers are happy since their contribution is well acknowledged and appreciated. When the mediums is bad and considers such a thing as like something that is disturbing, then the network page is unavailable and the communication media between such people becomes so poor. In this case, engine overhaul should be done so as to have a better engine of growth than ever. Everyone who pays tax has something to contribute to the common cause, no matter the amount is.

The mediums that exist between producers and consumers are tax, transportations, product, seller and buyers (whole sale and retailers), and the like, and they have huge impact on our lives and in most cases, consumers have no time to take on such things, but the moment price hits high, they take into accounts many factors and their impact is realized at such given points. If every producer is a consumer, there is no such a thing like mediums, but this is impossible to have since the nature of this world is incomplete in most aspects, and needs are progressive and dynamic. Thus it is mandatory to create a network and system of exchange of commodities in centralized and, in cases, in decentralized manner depending on the efficiency of infrastructures of society. The concept of centralized warehousing is another matter here.

When concepts of economics are daily integrated in our lives, which is the case here, society becomes aware and realize about why one is doing a thing or asked to do something, but there is another factor here. They say it is good management or public administrations; the other key part one needs to have in any given society dynamics in which after tax amount is decided and tax is collected, economists do not tell us on how to manage such things, here they say it is not my field of specialization. Ask other people. They stop after they put in certain shapes, and they are not enough and here, they are out of the game.

Society here becomes an enigma in which there are many needs and desires and such desires and needs need to be integrated. When such money is collected, a given society could come with problem identifications and solving things with the money it collected. Basically there are two types of problems. The first ones are related to financial aspects; the second ones are related to intellectual and emotional factors that cannot be solved by the money collected out of taxes. In this case, society could require not only economists but also visionaries in every field and other people who could see and solve things better than economists; and work on needs and desires so that better society can be created in the future. Here it is up to the rationale of any given society.


Heroism—Brave or Outstanding

April 29, 2011

Heroism is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as heroic act and hero is a man admired for his brave deed and heroine is a female hero. What does it mean by heroism? What makes people hero? What motivates people to perform heroic acts? Why is heroism such an expensive matter? What does a heroic act refer and signalize too? Can anyone be a hero? Can a person who teaches and opens children classes be considered as a hero? Can a person who opens a NGO be considered as hero or heroine? Can a person who wrote a book on the world peace be considered as hero? Can a person who organizes a club working on peace be considered as a hero? What is the touchstone of being a hero?

Heroism in the olden days used to be refereed with warrior and brave acts in the war fields in which leaders used to give honor to individuals who perform extraordinary acts in the war fields. When an act is something that was not achieved by others, they consider these people as hero. However, in these days, heroism has turned out to be bit different in which we hear and see in the media those people who perform outstanding, but not brave acts are considered as heroes. They tell them they are heroes and the individuals who are honored could even get confused of the honor they are awarded.

Basically, there are two types of definitions we have in this world regarding certain practices. One is a political definition and interpretations in which when certain directions and movements are selected and are focus areas, Medias and related agencies focus on certain individual so that the direction and movement of societies could be designed in certain way. Thus, there could be individuals who could be victims of such therapies without their honor and they do not deserve, but they could be beneficiaries temporarily, which could be dangerous.

The other definition and interpretations of such acts are real ones and they base on objective reality and in this case, the variables and elements that are considered are realistic and in conformity with the origin of the word and reality too. Hence, these people deserve; they perform both outstanding and heroic act in which such honor and dignity stays forever and lasts for longer period of time. This is mostly based on expert’s advice and professional look, which is realistic and correct than the previous ones which are victims of propagandas.

There could be examples of such aspects of life in this world, where there are many individuals who work and awarded a Peace Prize thing in a world chaos and conflict is becoming the very nature of the world in most places. A person who became a president six months ago was awarded a peace prize; a person who is in jail was awarded a peace prize; a person who wrote a book, but none read it was awarded a peace prize and the like. These are more propagandas and matters that deserve contemplations. They call them heroes but in reality there could be no such heroic acts performed.

In fact, they could focus on one thing, meaning creating encouraging atmosphere and environment for many others so that others could be motivated and initiated by such people in order to create a better environment to the future. This is healthy and nice, but it should be based on truthful and genuine aspects than focus on political motives and carrying other agendas behind; this world is till working out in its daily plan and operations, and this is fine.

When a given person performs heroic acts, one is not motivated by others, but rather it is a natural virtue kneaded in one’s being than being told or trained. Heroism is an act only few people carry as history has furnished us. This happens it is because such a thing is not acquired by training or family or society or whatever, but rather it is the individuals’ natural behavior. Such act is a result of many combinations which start from simple to complex actions and reactions, but when it appears in cosmic scale, every eye shall see it since here it is big.

There are two types of such aspects. There are people who imitate others in which they claim that they take it from their parents, society and the like. This has a tendency to resemble others in which it could lack its genuine aspects and hence the influence it could have is not that great, since it is imitated. When such a thing is inherited, the power of reason is turned into recycle bin; when such act is performed by one’s own, it is the power of reason that serve as one of the motivating factor to perform such a deed.

Heroism is an act that exists between the power of reason and the power of emotion. When both are integrated, heroic act gets birth. For example, some one could come and tell me certain thing and manipulated everything he/she could, and this same act could encompass bigger circle and I become victim of such an act as like others. Here there are many people who become victims. At certain point, most awake from their slumber and they are aware that they are deceived. But none took an action to fight such deception, and here I could come with an idea and courage that I have to fight such deception and oppression unlike the rest, in which others are afraid to act upon.

A person who fights wrong doings and practices and crimes committed in intriguing ways is more heroic than a person who opens a school or library for children since this person has offered oneself to the Cause of certain matter which is worthier and requires sacrifice and brave acts in every day. The courage this person is showing is not an outburst of ignorant emotions but rather it is a conscious practice and exercises. Here heroism is a combination of reason and emotion than working on something by identifying peaceful field that does not require sacrifice and martyrdom.

Schism—Nature of the World

April 28, 2011

Schism is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as division into opposing groups through differences in belief or opinion. Schism is becoming the very nature of this world in terms of following or practicing certain ideology, in which it becomes formidable to find any given belief system or ideology to have no division within though there are many claims going around stating that we have no sect or whatever, but in reality there are; it is a matter of accepting reality than denying. When there are at least two groups of people following different interpretations within a certain given ideology, schism exists. The number of their respective followers does not matter, but the opposing ideas do matter.

One of the arenas where schism is a reality is Religion. It is impossible to find no religious ideology without different types of interpretations and understanding within its respective domain in which there are always groups that have opposing and conflicting views and move both in both directions, in front and behind, in opposing one with the other. Religion has suffered of schism because of many reasons that put many people in different settings and compartments by being one of the causes of division in this world as is for unity too.

The first reason for schism is due to the ambition few people have which is reflecting in different understanding and interpretations in which when the few likes to have a power and knowledge monopoly over others, they come up with their own understanding of subject matters that could be of great interest to others, which eventually end up in having many followers and exist as one sect within certain domain. The agenda behind here is ambition for power and leadership and the desire to be recognized as knowledgeable people too.

The second reason for schism is the desire to reflect one’s ego towards others. When there are certain individuals who are achieved and accomplished in certain arenas of lives, they try to find a secure field to reflect and tell others on who they are since they could be seen or considered by the mass as ordinary people, which they do not like. In this case, they find their own mechanism and way so as to manifest their ego in their own methods. They derive theories and concepts and tell others in a way they could accept and follow their understanding.

Here they come up with their own understanding and interpretations of realities and form their own sect in a certain domain. They need more space from others and thus they create their own mini island in an island and live comfortably by staying away from the mass. Ego centric people in most cases need more spaces especially when they are achieved and accomplished in carriers and other avenues of life.

And they reflect their ideas and interpretations so loud in public place and their desire to be recognized as some becomes very high and one could find them in different public gatherings and social activities since they seek some sort of public voices and applauses all over. They seek public recognition so as to take different advantages of it in their own good time for their own personal advantages as well. They are also more opportunistic.

The third, in fact one of the major reason for schism is, the ideas and thoughts that are entertained in such arenas are not clear, and in fact ambiguous. There are gaps that exist in the texts that create certain spaces for contradiction, which causes and provokes others to come up with their own understanding and interpretations. There are always questions of successor-ship that are not well and clearly answered, lacks true link and has leakage due to many reasons in which the gaps and contradiction that exist within could open portals of complications in due course of time.

Being claimed that books are mystical, this unlocks gates of different understanding and interpretations in which this could be formidable to claim and respect certain figure’s interpretations or understanding in cases when reality talks louder and in contrary to what official interpreters deliver. For example, I could be assigned as authorized interpreter, and in my interpretation of such mystical books, I could make a prophecy which has failed in its own good time, which can be adjusted by fake ideas for the sake of convincing others. In this case, based on that failed prophecy, another sect can be created.

Hence, the other reason is failure of prophecies and claims that are made in the books. There are always conservative, fundamentalist and fanatic people who could arise to fight such failures not as failures, but from intense conviction and blind faith they have, they correlate such prophecies with new interpretations and understanding, in order to give life to the dead body, and few interested people could come up with kind of renaissance thing so as to correct and adjust the contradiction that exist with a domain with the motive of rectifying past errors and mistakes. This can be done in two different ways.

The first one is by diverting the agenda and making the mass to focus on certain selected issues and points and asking tem to focus on the newly created agenda so that they forget the issues related to that failed prophecy and related aspects. In the first case, the former religion or original idea is buried under the newly created agenda or plan, and there is no such a thing that exists as was identified in the former days. The mass could have no clue of creation of the new, but the few have put their agenda and killed the idea or belief that was practice by the mass as was told or known before.

They could claim that growth or transformation or change, but in reality it is the ideology of the few that is going on under the cover in which the original belief is buried and lives as novel. They do such a thing in intriguing manner. The other is by creating a new one which focuses on correcting and adjusting and selecting certain ideas and having one’s own way of doing things.

Leader and Manager

April 27, 2011

Oxford Dictionary defines, Manager is a person in charge of a business; leader one that leads. Both of them have their own thing in common and have their peculiar characteristics while they interact within people in which when one is a manager one has certain disciplines and ethics one has to follow and when one becomes a leader, there are certain disciplines too. Both have their respective objectives. Both have their own visions. Both have their own plans and goals.

The primal purpose of any manger in a business or firm is to make the company profitable. One uses different mechanism to increase productivity and profitability of the business in many ways. The motto here is to make a firm have its own vision and profits and gets expand and have greater resources. Here one could combine both human and financial resources so as to create wealth to the company one is working for. It requires capacity and capabilities too.

The primal purpose of a leader is to bring change to the society. The motto is bringing about transformations in the life and thinking machinery of any given society. It requires a perspective and an idea which is compatible with the capacity and capabilities of any given society dynamics otherwise its achievability and translation would be under question. It is an integration process between idea and society in which a leader is required to be a model in showing how one’s idea could be translated into practical world.  

When both are set to operation, they have their own similar aspects and peculiar aspects in their respective world. Both coordinate and lead groups of people in which a manager is mainly concerned about profitability whereas leader is mainly concerned about change. Both have their own vision, but the content of their vision is different. One works to in terms of monetary measurements, quantitative and qualitative where as the other mainly works in terms of qualitative changes. Thus, they have their own characters depending on their settings in which a manager manages, but a leader leads. 

One of the interesting differences that could exist between both are risk bearing moves they have in which a leader is courageous to take any risk, where as in most cases, mangers are afraid to take risks since such aspects could bring damage to the company. The nature of leader is to try new things every time and have new approaches of solving problems. A good leader is a resilient person, meaning one accepts reality and has creative approaches or look towards problems and solutions too.

Manager is one who dedicates more time in cost effectiveness and high profitability, meaning there is a tendency of being more of an economist than being a leader. One is mainly engaged on how to make a particular business resourceful; where as leadership is about bringing qualitative changes in the life of the society. Managers uses existing way of life and they make use of such practices of life in their daily operation, but leaders think on how to change the existing way of life in better condition so that society can have better future.

When there are great leaders in any society; the possibility of having nice mangers would be very high; where as it is not possible to say that when there are great managers in a given society, there could be or not great leaders. Leadership requires, in most cases, detachment and courage; whereas manager is one who uses to the best of one’s ability the machinery set by leaders. In this case, leaders play greater role in having great managers than great managers have on leaders. Leaders are key operators of any given society dynamics.

Leaders are like engines; whereas mangers are like fuel. When the engine is bad, the vehicle gets worse even though it gets the necessary fuel for its being set into motion. They say, to be leader, one has to be borne a leader; in which there are many types of leadership, such as—democratic and dictatorial—and they have their own characteristics. In the democratic approach, the above saying could work out true; where as in the dictatorial style, weapons play more role than being born. Are leaders borne or trained to be leaders?

Leaders are borne and trained. They are in most cases have certain distinct characteristics they have that made them unique in their working and perspectives; this does not mean they strive to be unique, but rather their choices and decisions they do in life make them unique and a leader. When one is leader, the probability of thinking outside the box is great than when compare to a manager. A manger knows how to manage effectively based on policies and rules, but a leader is one who breaks the law in most cases and bring new ones and follow those new ones in one’s life.  Here a leader is a an inventor, creator and a follower.

A manager cannot be subordinate; but a leader can be a follower. A manager gives instructions and makes decisions regarding the operation of any given company one manages and cannot be a subordinate due to the nature of the hierarchy; where as a leader follows one’s vision and practices with the rest who follow in equal manner. One reflects what one claims in one’s life. Thus, a leader is not only about leading people, but also following the claim one makes in the real life so that others could follow.

A manager is nervous about mistakes, but a leader is not afraid to make mistakes. Both are responsibilities assumed by different people, but vary on their peculiar natures in which manager is one who works for company profitability where as leader is one who foresee changes and works hard to bring that vision into reality. Both have likeness and uniqueness in their own respective worlds.

Astrologer and Psychologist

April 26, 2011

Four years ago I pop in to a website that made me visit for another time while I had that quest in my mind in which I was looking into possible answers for my personal quests. That website belongs to woman astrologer and psychologist from Australia. She used to send me updates in email occasionally. She claims that she is making a calculation about my destiny and life in her own expertise and approaches. She claims she is professional.

A while ago I receive an email that tells about I am unique, exceptional, great and blablabla. I was happy to receive such email since it uplifts and gives hope and confidence. I said this is nice even if it is wrong and not true which I do not care, but I found it very inspiring and interesting. It is good to receive encouraging things in life since they add some sort of flavor to our life. That email sounded that way.  It is really nice to feel good on life.

Today I receive another email which is intended to make me down, but not. I know tricks and how and why they are sent. In this today’s email, she said, there must be something that happened in 1988, when I was aged 17 or 18, which has an impact on the rest of my life since it is irreversible. The thing that happened on me at that given time was a bad one. And she gives also hopes that let us find out and work out with this situation. I find this email quite interesting while comparing it with the previous ones. I hate anyone checking my integrity in life.

This made me remind to another aspect which happened to me while I was conversing to an old woman American psychologist [white] while I was abroad and she said or asked me, did you do anything bad that disappoints someone whom she thinks he is a figure. I wondered why she asked me because I made many things that could disappoint or make people happy. When we interact and communicate with people, our actions and reactions could make others happy or sad. This is the norm. Her query sounded a bit of psychic fraud thing.

While reviewing my life in the year 1988, there was no such a thing that happened and I was a second year college student and in this year I scored best results which made me conclude that I can graduate with distinction and have carrier in the future than make me think that something bad to happen. In fact I was put to jail in 1989 from June to September due to political movement in the college, which was an experience and I like that since it is part of life.

Coming back to the point of the astrologer, she pointed out that my zodiac sign is Libra—Justice—in which she continue mentioning points about the movement of the planetary things and the relationship I have with this planetary movements. Here I made a pause and she made me wonder that shall I tell where I was borne so that she could stop commenting such a thing or I was wondering and could not find out how a tiny ant like me is connected with the planetary movements of Jupiter in the galaxy.

She made me think that a person is like in the restaurant and that given person wanted to eat something. He had chewing gum in his mouth and at the same time he wanted to eat. He wanted to do both activities since he likes to chew and eat. Sometimes, life happens to be like that since we do not understand things or matters, but also the matters to be understood or we are asked to have grasp of are not clear or they are vague to us. In this case we get confused and we stop looking at such matters anymore. Here, I need glasses of beers.

She was not sure or is not clear on how she makes the calculation stuff on the destiny thing and she has her own way of doing that. I respect that. However, I have my own way of doing things and I have my own perspective based on my reality and experience in life. When we tell about others on who they are, it is our observation and understanding, whichever method or approach, and it is not the end of the world and it cannot be too. Such things are done by careful study.

Our destiny is on our volition and efforts and choices we make in life than being told by others. Destiny is created than being told. I create my destiny thru my choices and efforts than being fabricated by others in their own fashion and style. I am not a machine. Destiny is not a choice or a reality that comes by other peoples’ choices and decisions, but one is the primal cause, and the rest are facilitators and cooperators to one’s fate, which is created by one self.

This makes me to connect such aspects of our life to a psychologist whom I used to know long time ago. He was telling me on how people laugh and explain about the physiological make up of human body and he made it everything very mechanical. When such thing emanates such enzyme or gland, you laugh or be sad. He made my life boring because I do not care about enzyme or whatever but one thing I know here I laugh when something makes me laugh than worry or think about my enzymes or glands.

When we give certain information about sensitive aspects of peoples live, it needs care and wisdom even if it is true. When I know certain negative information about a person, I should try to be helpful so as to change that no harm reach that given person than complicate one’s life and facilitate and work harder to make that given person end up with negative aspects. Here lies our nobility. Does one work to make things work in productive manner or complicate peoples live so that they end up on in worse situations?

The planetary movements of Jupiter or Mars or whichever in the galaxy do not work hard to complicate our lives, but it is noteworthy to think and believe that this cosmos is created for a positive purpose and helps everyone with positive energy. If there is an assumption that movements of planetary matters do our decisions, which consider human reality—Free Will—as non existent matter, here one could make stop over in the City of Freedomand Stay there in Forever.

When such people ask you for a dinner or tea party, putting your freedom of choice in the waste basket or garbage, they still try to make other efforts to let you down. In this case one kindly answer by famous word called—No—to all kinds of requests and invitations they are going to make since their past motto was bad, and there is no point of interacting and communication with such people in the future. I prefer to live in the City of Freedom which is found in my own Mind created by Myself. I do not need others to think on behalf of Me for I can think about my self and can make a decision about myself.

Philosopher and Guardian

April 26, 2011

Plato describes about the difference that exists between knowledge and opinion; he stated that Knowledge is infallible, but opinion can be mistaken. In this regard, he was giving an analogy between beauty, in which opinion focuses upon beauty, where as knowledge is about the inner aspect of beauty itself. One could say that Knowledge is something where as opinion is a thing that is found between nothing and something.

He further elucidates about how knowledge could be achieved in which he proposes the idea of philosophy in which he brings to attention that who is a philosopher? He connects a philosopher is one who works or lives for “Vision of Truth”. A person who dedicates one’s life to the Cause of The Truth is a Philosopher. And in another place he states about a philosopher is a guardian.

To be a philosopher here is not to explain or to argue about matters one has no clue or to make the right to left or to talk about subjects that are not consistent and compatible with the laws of nature and social beings. However, philosophy is about seeking certain territories which are not discovered or not known before; or get hide from the mass, but it must be true or real. A philosopher is one who discovers virgin territories and make known to others. This is in terms of idea or truth, not about physical spaces or lands too.

By definition, philosophy is love for wisdom, or truth. A truth lover is a philosopher. In this regard, there are instruments or tools that help one to arrive at certain definitive conclusion about certain aspects of life that are abstract or ambiguous through taking certain variables and elements that help one to arrive at certain conclusion. Otherwise, when one cannot reach to certain conclusions, the instruments have defects or a problem. Conclusions can be true or false.

The sense organs we have along with our power of reason have helped us in communicating certain information with one to another in helping us to communicate or excommunicate with each other. We communicate based on our understanding and perceptions. When one likes others, one creates a network and creates one’s own world so that our network interacts with certain magnetic field, and we live with common understanding.

When complex ideas or matters arise in terms of connecting society or group of people, here there are many divisions or schism since many people can not agree on such aspects of life due to the power of reason and nature of ideas. Let us take the idea of Unity. Unity is required in terms of many levels. Today, I could say, it is family unity, and then tribal unity, and then nation unity and then global unity. Unity is a progressive idea and changes its aspects in terms of need of the time and the age. If I say, in a world no family unity is established and there are many broken families and I explain facts about global unity, here this could sound a paradox. I would wonder that this could be about another world.

Unity is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as a state of being one; complex whole. One could arrive at an idea that unity starts from a given self. A person has to be unified in one’s own reality like physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual states of being. A person who has no unity in one self cannot create another unified reality with others. Here unity is state of being created by oneself and then expands to larger circle. A sound personality is a core reality to create a larger unity than a beautiful building, mere political image, to win others.

Ideas are abstract phenomenon. Many beings could think many abstract ideas, but their practical translations could take time, depending on the maturity of society and institutions. In this case, I could pause and contemplate when a given idea sounds a bit abstract and does not go with the reality, and conclude that, this will be practical may be tomorrow but not in today. In this case, it could be necessary to consider other variables like the personality and culture of the originator of the idea where one belongs, that nature and make of society and the motive behind such drama so that one could arrive at certain conclusion.

Ideas are not nightmares. They are torching lights. They give ways and are perspectives. Life without ideas is impossible. It is impossible to live with out ideas. This world would be a lifeless body without ideas. The very existence of this world is Ideas. Ideas create and recreate this world. Ideas are not only architects of this planet, but also creators of this world. Many worlds in here are created by Ideas. Ideas divide people. Ideas unify people. Ideas are the core existence of life on this world. Life without idea is a chimera. Idea is source of life. Idea is the main purpose and cause of existence on the earth.

Who originates ideas? Who observes well and come up with certain perceptions and perspectives to the many? When the magnitude and potency of any given idea expands and the number of people that comply with a given idea increases, here we call the authors of such ideas as philosopher, leader or whatever according to the nature of idea. When the idea is related to divinity, we call them prophets or religious leaders and we claim that they are inspired by God; when it is related to politics, we call them activist, revolutionary, or political leaders.

However, all have one great factor in common, which is the desire and motive of bringing CHANGE in the society whatever category they are classified or categorized. The desire or the motive is all the same. We call such people Philosophers or Guardians or whatever since they bring new and different ideas and perspectives and protect the mass from oppressions and injustice.

Peoples and Worlds

April 23, 2011

This world is created with Intention; this does not need to be a rocket scientist or an atomic power researcher to tell about why this world is created. We do not need anyone to tell about how and why one is created; and this is something that can be figured out by oneself and every creature has distinct feature and one could figure out in one’s own way than be told by others and get manipulated and deceived. This is something contextual and depends on the type of social and cultural setting one lives and on the opportunities and choices one makes in life.

There is no thing created without purpose and plan. Every created thing is no a joke or a game, in which one’s fate and destiny is decided by others. When people interfere in deciding the fate of others, we have seen in history where they end up. As we could see this within the transactions of human beings and how their actions and reactions are going on resulting on various understanding and interpretations in life. There are certain deviations or mishandling on the use and practice of created thing while making different choices or decisions that are made by man in whom we see today humanity is paying the price for such mishandling and negligence. Amongst one of such aspects are global warming and the global environment case.

There are also huge prospects and opportunities this world has delivered to its citizens as a matter of accomplishments and greater achievements humanity has reached to such glorious heights of civilization mortal eyes have never witnessed and no cause is parallel to it in the history of human kind. Such period in history is a sign and an indication that anything could possible in the future which made us shift about the nature of human reality which is beyond our conception and imagination. Human reality is such a complex entity.

We all live in the between world of such cross cutting in which we tend to assume that we are abstract due to the achievements we see today, and we tend to assume that we are not even like animals, since we do not preserve our nature and we see many destructions even animals could not commit. We could claim that we are like a paradox matter. Thus we may tend to reflect on what we are now, and where are we intending to go. This could deserve quite a meditation to arrive at correct and true mind set.

Both happenings, good and bad, shape our world and will shape too. We do not need to refer anything, because present reality is telling us something. Based on such occurrences of life, we could arrive at certain understandings, both superstitious and logical ones, and could have our mindset depending on our cultural and intellectual and spiritual values, if one likes. This does not mean that we have complete and accurate models of reality since Reality is unknowable and unreachable, but we claim we know, but the moment strange incidents hit us, we tend to compromise and claim that we do not know.

We say, we are in the learning curve, we are in process of learning, and the like; and we tend to confess our limited reality and knowledge aspects and deduce that we are ignorant since we know limited things. This is a conventional escape goat and approaches in life to escape on the grievous mistakes and errors we commit in life. Thus, we seek different approaches to correct our grievous sins and try to be nice before the next one hits us. This is very fine. As far as we are not committing the worse ones, this is pretty good shape to be.

However, it is quite noteworthy to mention certain matters about worlds and peoples in which there are various worlds and peoples that exist in this globe. This is networks of people and worlds. There are many networks of people like the computer networks in which we say in the computer world client and server things, in which there is one server and many client computers. This world is like that networks that exist in the computer world. The founders or leaders of those networks of people (servers) are connected to the followers (clients).

There are many kinds of communities or societies that exist in this world. They have their own discipline and way of life. They are not integrated, but try to get integration with various processes and strategies all are trying to make it up. When they are better coordinated and integrated with each other, the less confusion, destructions and other negative elements could occur. They are so slow in doing such things, and we see the reflection in many aspects. This objective world is a reflection of the abstract world in which the abstraction is the integration process between such communities.

This does not mean that one forgets one’s community or set of values and melts in the other. This is not possible or this is not the intention here. If one melt in the other and all merge into one, this world will definitely be boring. The beauty of this world is its diversity and its maturity is its tolerance and understanding and respect with each other. Thus, when every community starts interacting with other in integrating and coordinating its values with other communities than respire inside all the time, then Great Changes will come in this world.

When every network of people—World—works in greater collaboration with others networks of people, then the less negative elements to exist in this planet. To do this, there is a core group or network of people is required to maintain and create a Central Point or Pivot Point, which facilitates and coordinates such values and processes. This Pivot Point should be free from such circles that exist in before and should work independently, and void of any political or religious or whatever ideologies that are currently underway. This is not to create another island, but to integrate the many islands of minds created in the mind map of everyone on the earth. This Pivot thing has no leader or doctrine.

When such Central Point is created and everyone focuses and pays attention and respect to that given Spot, and when more integration and willingness is demonstrated to that Pivot Point, then the World gets better integrated and those negative elements could be reduced with the amount of volition every one is showing to this Point. Such initiation and driving motto should be initiated by the existing communities, but they should forget and remove the issue that, everyone will come to our island in the future, in front and behind. While such initiations are underway, be assured of Glorious Change yet to come. Leave the agenda of your future thing, and let the core performs everything.

The idea of Pivot Point is originated from Nature. Afterwards, everyone comes with the idea of center, central, pivot thing after observation in which as we find in many peoples idea considering or claiming that I am the one who is the author of pivot thing. They stated, for example, the sun, in many of their writings and ideas, meaning such claims, are originated from the Nature itself. None is the author or owner of such a thing called, but it is one of the public properties, which is a universal one, than this can be attributed to few figures, which is more of non sense and sheer blasphemous thing. This is a rudimentary reality, which can be use for many purposes n many ways than be attributed in a way few people dictate, which can be equal to stupidity.

This does not mean such practices were not there; yes there were and there are many things that are currently underway. They are doing great things and they contribute something to the world. The point here is to discuss that they are not enough. They lack one great motto; the motive behind is not pure. They carry some kind of doctrine or agenda—be it political or religious or they could have personal interest or fund based projects and proposal. The matter here is that exclude the person, who is asking such task, and you perform the IDEA with capable and skilled people.

This reminds me to a story I heard in which a group of architects made a proposal about low cost housing. They just come up with an Idea of having low cost houses which does not exist in the society. Then the government was excited to start and implement such idea since they found it useful to the society at large. And then they approved this idea. Then implementation task was placed. In this case the architects who brought the idea were excluded from the task. The idea was badly translated into objective reality. Too much noise was raised. Then the architects were put to inquiry.

When the architects were questioned for such failures, they said, what we brought on the table was the idea, but not the design. The idea belongs to us, but the design belongs to other people. And they said a statement which resemble to the King who gave instruction for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and who washed his hand declaring that I have nothing to do with the blood of this innocent man; it is your wish, but not mine. Here the point here is that when a given idea belongs to those who originate and when the idea is copied, they have two different ends. Those original ideas come to an end with fruitful results; when ideas are copied from others, they can be useful, but could not make us obtain with the desired results. They say the end justifies the means.

This is not about declaring a station or telling that one is a prophet or whatever. This is about sharing personal reflection and opinion. Every personal opinion and reflection has every right to be public opinion and fact in due course of time when it is correct and confirms to The Truth. This is just personal idea which can be others too when it is accepted and approved. The individual’s responsibility is to pass and share what one knows, and one’s reflection and opinion, and it is up to the society  and institutions to act upon. The choice is left entirely up to with all the consequences it entails. This is not about deciding and telling fates of communities and individuals, but it is about offering a perspective on how they can look better to the Future.