Mass Revolution

March 25, 2011

Why do many people revolt at the same time in the same manner? Is there any force behind that makes them to shout and move like mad men on the street? Who fix such drama? Is there any master minds that belong to the indigenous or there are other secret agents that coordinate such tasks and activities? What is the need for such revolts of public on the street that could ruin infrastructures? Where is this world heading into?

Western society had mass revolution in the 18th.  Century in which the American and French Revolutions made profound changes and they result in great changes and settings in the political, social and economic aspects as we see today that guarantee their respective society with better welfare and economic security than the rest of the world. Society has its own evolutionary stages as an ordinary individual do. This evolutionary growth is not a choice but an ordained path none could escape.

The current upheaval in the Arab world is reflection of such ordained phenomenon in which at a given point a given society asks or needs certain things that the state fail to satisfy or meet. In this case, it is inevitable to raise certain quests that could require answers in many ways. When such needs are not answered, it is a must to happen—Mass Revolution. Here society enters another stage that could result in riots and the like.

Society has a need like individuals. As the individual needs certain basis things to survive like food, shelter, clothing, education, and the like, every given society has its own basic needs and wants that could enable to survive in stronger and healthy manner. These are Freedom, Rights, Justice, and the like. The more deprived any given society with such necessary elements, the higher probability revolts could happen. Quest here requires a mindset and maturity.

When any given society starts maturing, it starts fighting to protect its freedom, rights and demands justice. The capacity of any given society here is measured on the degree of detachment and courage it demonstrates in establishing these important ingredients of free society. Otherwise, it lives under the grace and mercy of its leaders who can manipulate and tell whatever things they say, whether it is liked or not. Acceptance and submission will be the fate of such society that does not reach to that level; of maturity.

There is a natural pattern and stages of development of society life and dynamics in which certain segments of society in this world have reached to higher level of development, in which the rest follows their step due to the slow and late stages in development. It is evident that one passes on what others have practiced before. Thus, everyone lives in a learning curve. Copy or cut paste could be the fate of certain society since others have preceded.

When any given society reaches to a certain stage of social evolution, it acts like as one person. Meaning, the voice it creates is One. Here anger is the energy that creates a bond between millions of people. Anger is caused by oppression and injustice. The volume of the anger depends on the intensity of oppression and injustice that any given society faces. However, at certain stages, enough is enough the answer many society provides as request to their respective leaders in their own good time.

The same pattern of mass revolution will be the fate of this given world, what is next will be on the black African society. It is also possible to expect that the moment the right time and maturity is come, the mass revolts against their leaders asking for BIG and TRUE CHANGE to come than listen to their reports and speeches. This is an ordained path and evolutionary process. This cannot be done the current leaders, but it is the society who is the author and owner of its own natural and given rights. This is not a choice, but a must to happen in its own good time, as the fixed time ordained is come.

There are many things that can create a common ground or unite any two people in natural way. These are love, profession, oppression, injustice and the like. These elements create a common field for many people to interact, act and react. When the circle enlarges its size and boundary, and more people enter there in, it starts exerting more energy and power to the outside world, which could result in abolishing the existing ones and replacing the new. This is a natural way and patters of social dynamics.

Hence, it is not possible to say and expect that no such revolts come in places or societies’ where justice is done in traumatic conditions, under threats, fears and in cases in bullets or force. The fate of such societies is clear by now. They go away as the clouds in the sky do. WE see them for sometime, but the right time comes, their palaces and kingdoms are like a house build on ice foundation, in which when a strong sun comes, the foundation is gone.

WE live in a time when society is becoming an enigma in which a 30 years kingdom is turned away into nothingness in 18 days mass revolution. This is one of the most fascinating and amazing moments in the history of human kind in which justice and freedom are in the hands of the owners—SOCIETY—that can create its own destiny with choices and efforts a given society is making. This is what it means by maturity and capability in terms of thinking and acting as a society, in which individuals are like drops, where their cumulative effect creates huge wave, and force in protecting its own Freedom and Rights. One plus one becomes three as a result of the unseen bonding factor.


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