Leadership and Egoism

March 22, 2011

During the 1960’s the American clergyman Martin Luther King, Jr. expressed his deep concern regarding the remoteness of Western philosophy from the great social and political upheavals taking place throughout the world. Resembling the principles of the Indian nationalist leader Mohandas Gandhi, King advocated a program of nonviolent resistance to injustice.

Most leaders—who arise originally as a liberation movement leaders or advocators of different kinds of movements in the society—they forget many things the moment they are put or they assume Offices or some kind of leadership roles in their respective domain and put under jeopardy on those freedom fighters who fight against their oppressions they come about as a result of their egoist personality.

There are many reasons why such situations come to place. The first one is the sense of insecurity within themselves that could trigger certain anxiety and stresses telling them that one day they are gone at any point as those before them are gone. Thus, protectionism becomes the primal agenda and motto than being open and submissive to others. Here, survival and security is the agenda, but not those principles and doctrines they advocate.

The second reason is the system they create could not be that welcoming to all or unique or as they aspire while they were in the fields. They could probably—in the middle of their power or leadership—confess why they went for fields to fight the system before or whatever in which they resist to accept since they could have many resemblance in wrong doings due to the nature of the system and social framework—leadership—this contingent world is shaped and the like.

What they criticize as wrong doing in past could be justified in their new system as correct since they are doing it, but no other special reasons. There could be no such new or unique thing but they could justify their doings as a special activity since such activities are performed under their leadership and the like. Whatever thing they perform is unique or is for the first time in history since the activity is performed under their program or system, but in reality this activity could be done like for 100 times in the history of the society.

The other reason here is that the despise they come about as result of certain achievements they accomplish, which could put their given system under great jeopardy that could make them forget that what they were saying in the fields could be gone or fade away due to egoistic attitudes. Ego is an interesting human nature and manifests itself in many aspects. It is appropriate to feel achieved and accomplished when one obtains certain achievements and it is healthy, but this could create certain complications with others on the methods and applications of such achievements being communicated to others.

When an individual is egoist, the DANGER or harm one covers is limited to certain degree, but when a group of people are egoists, such action could burn the whole society or even the mass under wildfire that could not be quenched in few years, but could even last for centuries and ages. This is dangerous.

Afterwards, the claim they make and such claims rejected by their opponents could be put in the same vicious circle of crisis, what they address or the matters they think they solve could be superficial problems, in which the root causes or problems could not be identified or clarified due to lack of the knowledge of social dynamics or the ambitions few revolutionary minds have that could be in contradiction with the values or beliefs of the society.

In this case, there could exist huge social and psychological gap and vacuum between the mass and the governing system, which is reflected in cases in Silence and in other cases, such silence could lead to outburst of emotions that could remove the entire system at certain point. SILENCE here is dangerous since it does not tell anything. Silence here is a huge force and energy.

Then,  it is not possible even to listen to the society since there is no sound society is making up, but could surprise the governing part as the cumulative effect of such oppressions of sounds in blast of voices that could result in removing their system. VICTORY always goes to the Mass. They also say, “the Sincere are always in great danger”.

While such given drama of life is going on, it is necessary to make a pause and reflect on the past, and remember those themes of struggle one had been thru the beginning, and do the necessary adjustments before the worse is come as did happen to other systems before. LIFE has many interesting dramas, and such theatres are becoming the nature of our world in which what we see yesterday is repeated in today, but actors on stage are not alike. What they perform is similar, and we get bored of such dramas.

In order to make this huge drama interesting, we could need new faces and new scripts and new stage coordinators and organizers so that new things could happen on the stage and our life could be interesting and ADORABLE since we are moving into new level that never happened in our life. When I see similar faces on a certain theatre place, I could stop watching a theatre, even if they perform well, but could get interested in hockey since such shift create certain dynamism in my thinking and lifestyle if I find it interesting. In this case, time creates its own need.

There are many possible reasons why such types of leaders forget different aspects of their motto they have in the beginning, and these are the comfort zones they create which veils them to see other areas. The pension plan and other personal advantages and needs could make them forget their long run visions. Personal ambitions combined with in-genuine motive that add ignorance could result in arrogance and pride that undervalues and underestimate the contributions and roles of others that do not belong to certain group which could trigger unquenchable fire and scars time can only heal and remove.


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