Social Illness

March 31, 2011

In this world, life has many facets and features and what makes life interesting and spicy in here is that it has many complex and sophisticated features as one goes deep and have further investigation and research. There are three major actors of drama of life on the earth. These are the individual, society and institutions. These three have been playing and acting on the stage of this world and performing their own characters on the stage.

The health of any given individual has an impact on the institution and society level depending on the influence and involvement of that given individual both at society and institution level. A taxi driver and a minister cannot have equal impact on the shape and form any given society and institution. Since the minister makes a decision that could have an impact on the life of taxi driver.

Society is comprised of individuals and institution in a way both have a cumulative impact on the shape of a type of society is created. In this case, society has its own components and ingredients that could enable its daily routines in effective and efficient manners. Hence it is important and necessary to have a deeper look that makes or put a given society in healthy or unhealthy manner. Here, society can be considered as separate entity.

While having made this underlined fact, meaning, considering society as different entity apart from individual and institution, the health of any given society is moistly determined by few individuals who could create a noise or a sound in the daily routines and interaction of people. Therefore, the health of society is mainly affected by laws, policies rumors, gossips and the like that could create a noise or melody in many aspects of life.

There are certain aspects of life at a society level that create noise. When an institution drafts new policy, every one rumors and open conversation at all levels. It is like, when a government orders a given society to pie by turning to the left, in which there could be a practice that many could do by turning to the right, here everything changes. This given policy could create mental paradigm shift to very different angle as time goes by.

The conversations and practices after a given policy changes, which could have an impact on how society used to think and perceive many things in its own domain. It is not only the direction that is changed here, the mentality also changes. The practice is designed with its own reasons in the past, when such new practices are designed to a different paradigm, even if there was no rational behind, people could justify and add many rationales to justify on why such new practices are required.

This reminds me to an incident I watched in the movie entitled DAVE, in which the fake president designed a new policy and experts and professionals and professors were gathered in a media, and discuss about the matter the president released. They give all kinds of explanation whichs are not even in the intention and mind of the president himself.

There are also other aspects of life in the society in which there are people who could assume that certain books are mystical book and certain individuals are mysterious people. They have a profession or life that could go around on assumptions and what if things, in which they live with speculations and guesses. They could have straight forward answers that might not go with speculated ideas if those mystical figures were alive are asked, the answer they give could be totally different. Meaning, if you ask me a certain question, I could give you a straightforward answer than go all around the bush.

Why do many people prefer to live with such stupidity? Why do they consider mysticism is like something that cannot be figured out or known by anyone? Why do few people are always required to entertain such aspects of life who tell us the things they know and do not know under the cover of mystery, for matters that have no mystery?

Society has been shaped for various ages and centuries, and is made in a way such practices are acceptable. There is no other ways or approaches societies could figure out in this regard in which the assumptions and beliefs are made on past incidents so that all submit to such assumed facts and the like. A person in here could claim that his country is special since his country is mentioned in the Bible many times. But, in reality, this same person could live with starvation for years and the like. Where is the specialty? What is the guarantee to this given person being his country is mentioned in mystic Book many times? Being in a mystic book many times does not guarantee best life where as there are other countries like America that ar not mentioned in the Bible, but we can see where they are now. Where is this huge drama of life in this world is heading.

There are certain matters one should reconsider especially on the variables where certain values are fabricated in the past. This could be devised by certain few autocrats in the past that could not represent the majority or the future of that given society. Hence, detachment and courage could the factors and necessary requirements than go with blind fanaticism and conservatism.



Love and Infatuation

March 30, 2011

Love is an enigmatic force that unites and binds two different and apparent minds and hearts into one unified Cause. This is one of the most interesting and pleasing aspect of this world. Those who are united in love and affection are the luckiest people since it creates a conducive ground for both to interact and communicate. Thus it is part of natural journey everyone passes thru. However it differs from people due to understanding and capacity.

I could be a kind of infatuated with some one in the past since I have no other choice during that given period. Meaning, when a person lives in a desert, there is no other choice hat given person could have, and he gets any kind of drink, whether it is bad or good, he drinks. In this case the thirst could go away, but the consequences could follow.

In that given case, that person could suffer for abdominal problem for quite sometime and when he is treated, that sickness goes away, and he makes the necessary precaution in which when he goes to the desert on the next trip, he packs much water on his back so as to make sure that such things and harms could not come again. In this case, that life experience in the past could be correlated with the bad water in the desert in one’s particular case. There is no need to take that same bad water again based on experiences one has with that given water.

There are other cases in which one could be infatuated with others. There are circumstances that could put one to be in that condition. This does not mean that one is love with the other. Infatuation is a kind of love or affection that comes with unreasonable matters. Reason is killed and lives in different waste basket, one does not take it as essential aspects of one’s life. 

A person could provide to me food since I was hungry at one point. I like and respect this person, since this person has positive look at me. This does not mean that I could be falling in love with this person or if this person calulate soemthing in recompense, this could be considered as silly act. Charity and love are two different things and matters. I like and respect that given person due to the virtuous deed one has performed towards me. This is sign of nobility, but this does not mean that I should live with this person forever. Love and business type mentality are not natural and are very apart. They do not go together. This is like oil and water in which oil cannot get mixed with water.

Love is a natural reality that connects and binds people who have no knowledge of each other, but as a result of certain actions and reactions two different minds get connected and networked and live forever so to promote the Cause of Love in their own fashion. Love is a mysterious force that can ably create its own means and facilities to promote its own cause in its own way. In this case, there are different levels of interactions and communication between people. The first is like, then one could get infatuated with the other, and then goes to the Love factor so that this can bear in its own due time and manner.

Why do many people feel very different towards their own respective special person? The matter that triggers them to feel certain and different feelings towards with each other is a mystery and this makes love to be the mysterious power that needs its own study and research on contextual basis. For example, I could be interested to a person who gives me a comfortable feeling to stay and speak with, in this case I could consider certain variables, but that given assumed variables could not be that factor, here is just my assumption, which could be wrong to come and arrive at a definitive conclusion.

Mysterious forces connect people. People vary on how far they listen to these forces and the type of replies they make towards such mysterious. Natural feelings come in natural way. They cannot be fabricated. What could be different here is that the way such feelings are articulated and communicated towards others. For those people in the West, they use phrases like “Sweetheart” and the like, in countries like as it is very different and very personal too.

However, there are certain and universal actions and reactions towards such mysterious connections and realities in which Love create the natural mechanism and attitude one has for the other. This depends on the intensity and maturity of the bond creates by the two parties in which the third is borne out of the capacity and maturity of both entities. IN this case, Love becomes a Cause since it exists as third element in both, and both have to make it grow in their own fashion and style so that they could meet at a juncture that could melt both.

There was a kind of proverb I heard long time a go, which goes like, “when a man loves a woman, he gives his back to his friends”. There are many people who could be busy with many friends, and the moment they fall in love with a own, they start saying to their I friends, I am busy if they are working or I have a study class if they are studying in which they make different excuses until they are like done with the relationship they are in.

This is one of the interesting aspect of love in this regard for it puts you as a prisoner of mysterious expectorations in which most people eat and sleep love in their own way. They get sick of it until they are finally consumed. Is this kind of attitude appropriate or abnormal? I have no answer, but the key factor here is that love is one of the ingredients of life in which we have many things we need to in life, and it is one of the activities as a human being so that other parallel works should continue and go on simultaneous basis so that life could have a purpose and a meaning.

Regret—Sense of Shame

March 30, 2011

Oxford Dictionary defines, Regret as a feeling of sorrow about a loss or of annoyance or repentance. In reality, why do people regret? Why do they feel like they are unworthy? Is there any one who has no sense of regret while doing bad on others? Why do people deny of their wrong doing or justify with good reasons on the sins they commit on others, is this for deleting their sense of regret?

When any given person does something bad against other person, there are two types of feelings that this person could feel. The first one is joy and the second one is regret. In the first case, that given person has killed one of the human nature or element, which is sense of shame or guilt. A person who has no sense of shame is equal to a person who has no life. In this case, this person could be referred as sadist type in which there people who enjoy with pains of others.

In the second case, a person feels bad when he does something bad on others, here there is sense of guilt which is very human and essential feeling that should exist as a human being. In here, this person could do something bad on you since one is not aware, but become aware after the consequences or this person could have been obliged to do due to external factors. Such types of people could have a sense of regret. These are better than sadist type.

Although there was a choice or free will not to do any bad, but in cases, there are circumstances that force people to doing bad on others. In this case, it is appropriate to feel sense of shame. However, when such acts is done in frequent and repeated manner, the sense of regret could be an artificial one or become dead, and this person enters to that given circle of sadist since doing bad and feeling many regrets becomes one’s duty and daily routines.

There are two factors. One is time. The other is the matter. When one commits bad thing on intentional manner, meaning with plan and budget, here the sense of shame is deliberately killed or removed from one’s reality and there is no sense of regret. Regret here is very artificial which is equivalent to form letters that companies send to others in cases of whatever failure they have in order to catch their next profit or business prospects and the like.

Regret is a natural element which is borne within us. People kill this in due time as they perform and commit many bad and wrong doings on others and they consider it fore-granted in the communication and interactions they have in the course of time and with the environmental make up of society. There could be societies in which the word apology could not be found in their dictionary since they have no such practices in their given domain. Hence, it could be formidable to interact with people that reside in such societies.

In terms of institutions as well, there could non-repentant administrations for they commit many mistakes and repeated errors and they become more defensive than accept the many messes they have committed. Such types of administrations could have the world apology in their dictionary, but they do not know on how and when to use that word. Meaning they could use the word apology for the good things they perform and they could say thank you, for the bad things they commit on others. It is futile to have such words while the administration is very protective and non-regretful ones.

When people are emotional, spontaneous acts could be inevitable, and such spontaneous acts should not put harm on others. If it does, they lack maturity and they need more life lessons. When such actions and reactions are done only once, the word apology is a spices and respectful act of life. However, when they commit certain mistakes not only once, but more than once, and not only for a day, but persistently for years, apology or regret mean a poison. It ruins everything, and does not help any one. They are like those types of bad people who say, “it is better to ask forgiveness than permission”.

When some commits certain bad things on me with ignorance, I could tolerate that ignorance up to my capacity; but when such ignorance persists and adds up every day, there is only one thing I could seek here. I prefer to remove that ignorance from my area, and be vigilant since ignorance could ruin everything. In this case, I take the necessary precaution than be ready to forgive such ignorance. Forgiving ignorance could mean facilitating injustice and stupidity.

There are many reasons why people could regret. The first one is when they fail to perform the right duty in their capacity and knowledge—Failure. Secondly, when they could not perform their responsibility in their own way and fashion due to the nature of the system they are working for and they are supposed to be due to external factors—External Pressures; and the like.

Regret is a necessary attribute one should have, and a person who has no true sense of regret is like a person who kills one’ sense of shame. And a person has no legitimate right to testify on others since such types of people could enjoy on others pain. Being human means being considerate and respectful their feelings and emotions that are interconnected with joys and pains of others. If one is not aware of my pains and sufferings, and try to ridicule my pains as if they are unworthy, why do I have to accept such regrets or apology which has no true sense of shame or artificial ones?

In this case, one should seek Justice than accept the regret with an apology. When some commits deliberately bad on others, it is better to remove that person than forgive him. Words of apology are words of injustice. Justice answers such types of artificial and fake regrets.

Truth and Fairness

March 28, 2011

When a certain thinking appears especially to places unusual and very different, there are blasts that could come about as a result of despise and fear factors in which certain individuals could organize a public demonstration to the extent such certain thinking could not get recognition and acceptance. They try many ways and approach many people in order to discredit and defame such efforts and findings. These happen of course for many reasons.

At the beginning of such journeys, they could be called or named or identified as if they have stolen such thinking from others, in which plagiarism is the issue here. When such aspect could not be figured out in precise manner, meaning, when the thinking or the finding is not clearly and directly expressed and represented by any other person before, they assume that such thinking or finding is copied from the Western or Eastern thinker they do not know.

They try different mechanism to discredit or make invalid the finding of such people since such people [victims] could be from Africa or any other poor country they do not expect. And they allocate huge amounts of funds, not to promulgate such finding, but to kill and bury such finding. This is done when the finding has great impact and magnitude. This is not about findings that have good gesture towards their image and the like. This is a bit different here.

When the finding is something that creates beautiful gesture and image to their personality and picture, [those who have power and authority on others] they allocate huge funds and propagate in the media. But those who are put on the media are those who think that they got something. They portray beautiful images to these people since they beautiful portray them, in which tit for tat factor is the basis of such interaction.

In this regard, when a finding is come, which could have a negative impact on the sabotages and conspiracies they do and go all over, this finding is not something that can be attributed to the person who belong to the third world or whatever, such finding must have been stolen from other thinkers in the west. Thus, it is inevitable to pass certain shocks until the truth is out.

To be a thinker, one does not need to be borne in the west or east or from a rich family or royal family. Thinking is universal realm in which efforts and choices are the main ingredients than being belong to certain group or segment of society. I do not have to be borne in Israel or Iran to have communion with God and tell the world that I have a message from God, which I have no clue. There is a trend and pattern this world has shown in this regard, which becomes a play field for manipulation and deception due to location factor.

This does not mean one claims that one is from God to break this aspect of life. NOT. However, there needs a kind of clarity and some sort neat idea in relation to this aspect in which society opens gates of complications due to the belief systems and methods and applications of books in our life. I am not the type of person who could say…is my savior and the like. I know there is a creator, and the rest is creation. I do not accept any figure of past as a center of authority from God, but I respect others’ claim in this regard.

God communicates to me thru nature, people, my feelings, my dreams, books, movies and music, and the like. I do not accept any kind of belief system that put certain figure or individuals as if they have some authority in relation to God, since God does not inform such things to me. God has to come down and converse directly to me on such things. I know God in many ways.

Based on certain experiences and my life experience, God talks to us in many ways and approaches. God is mysterious phenomenon in which such stations are hard to claim, in which when any person claims that he is from God, my understanding in this or that person that such given claims are according to the understanding and perception of that person. I could respect that claim, but I could not accept such claims and authority. This is just one aspect here.

There are certain other aspects of life in this regard in which when body and soul are integrated or the confusion of both, in the traditional sense or look on them is taken as reality, this type of perspective is telling one that human being is a contradiction in which body’s nature, space and time and soul’s nature void of both create. To reach at such and other conclusions and on others related matters, one does not need to be borne in the west or east, or copy and paste from others or borne from royal family and the like. Truth does not belong to any home or age or family or color. Whoever seeks can find it. It depends on experience and understanding ability. Greeks say, “Truth known before its time is dangerous”. Yes; It is.

Truth and Its Stages

March 27, 2011

Every truth passes four stages. When this truth is something that can change how society thinks and believes in the past. This truth has an impact to the extent, it shakes everything. It puts everyone’s thinking and belief to tremble and get crackdown. It brings to the attention of the public those many things that were overlooked and neglected. The society starts reacting since there is a thinking that can grow in the minds of most that some kind of threat is going on.

The first enemies of such kinds of truth are politicians, and religious leaders. They think that everything is gone and time for their removal is come. Survival and security are the primal concern, but not safety and security of their own people. IN fact under the cover of “for safety and protection of the nation and its people” they remove those individuals who come up with different thinking that could be accepted by the mass.

Why is the fate of such personages’ removal? Why is the world suffering of such mind sickness that is inherited in the past, and is still going in the minds of those who have power or authority over others? Why do not they learn detachment and sacrifice than being obsessed with such sinful attitudes and crimes that could last for centuries and ages?

When any given and different truth appears in any given society the first reaction is ridiculing it. Those who hear it ridicule it by spreading rumors and gossips all over. When this given truth, after passing such drama, there could be few individuals who could sense it or accept it. In this regard, this given truth could face a blind and severe oppositions’ from those who ridicule it, but here the circle could enlarge its size and magnitude.

Victory and crisis goes hand in hand. Both go in simultaneous and parallel ways. This is one of the natures and attributes of this world. The more resistance coming, the more promising victories are at one’s veranda. The magnitude of such tests and challenges tell the intensity of victory one is yet to be crowned. The more and deepened crisis one faces, the great the victory one is yet to achieve. Both are directly proportional and related here.

While living in the valley of these two stages of truth, the truth gets its own shape and form, after passing different levels of tragic and joyous moments in parallel. Here the truth gets its own identity and form, in these two levels and stages of its development. These could take few years as well. The oppositions and resistance and other types of actions and reactions could give clues and tips to strengthen and have a better view on the truth one has come about rather than stopping the author of any given truth. They just give tips.

After receiving various tips, which come as oppositions and ridiculing stuffs, the person re-organize and re-consider many variables and work on further so tat one could come about to the Point of Truth one wants to reach. In this case, re-modeling inner model of reality is another challenge. Here the author of any given truth rechecks everything in one’s laboratory and work very hard so that one could develop it in stronger magnitude.

In this valley, the third stage of any given truth is opposition with arguments and proofs in which past and present could fight with the different truth until they beat it. In this case, they are too late since they forwarded many tips in terms of opposition and ridiculing in which the author of a given truth has developed a strong mechanism on how to tackle their silly and funny moves. Here they are tool late. And they think of killing or removing the author.

When they are not successful in removing the author, they start denying reality and what they were doing in the past. They could pretend as if nothing happened and they do not have even clue of such matter. They try to suppress in their own mini-world regarding the truth. In this case, they live in the comma of their own fantasy. They could be in fear and frustration. They could try to be a friend to the author, but the author knows everything and every of their move, take more precaution on them. They find themselves very silly.

In this process of life, they involve both directly and indirectly many people and the people who entered in this valley could start investigating this matter independently. There are always sincere people who try to see things in fair way. Here, rumors and gossip went all over, and it is too late for them to act on the bad idea they have what they were originally thinking. Now, they live in the city of confusion, contradiction, conspiracy and stupidity.

In this process, vast circle of people and society could be involved, and the magic drama they expect is not coming or happening. While residing in this valley, the sincere people could accept the truth, since it is evident. However, those who fight with their ego could fall in love with envy and jealousy and at last could kill themselves. When ego is combined with envy the result is murder.

The fourth stage is stage in which one’s sincerity and true reality are tested. The motive is known and the drama is over in this stage, fourth stage. One’s clear move is known and new life and new era begins in this stage. Time tells the answer. Time solves every problem and doubt. Time gives the right fruit one should bear. Time is the greatest evidence and proof.

Thank You Lord ; You are not Human!!

Needs and Wants

March 26, 2011

There are different needs that exist at different level. Needs are relative. A basic need for a poor man and a rich man are not the same. What a poor man needs is what he seeks. Time is the factor. Thus, it is important to differentiate needs at different levels and stages of society. Needs cannot be generalized since society have different levels and fashions of life.

A basic need of a given society also varies depending a development process a given society is having. For example, 200 years ago, bread could be basic need of an individual in the West, but now an automobile becomes a basic need of an individual. Thus, basic need is not something fixed, but changes as evolutionary development of society, but depends on individual working and resource strength, which is relative and subjective in this regard.

Needs are interrelated and interconnected with thinking. One needs what one thinks. A person who has no food can seek for a thought, but one could aspire for an automobile while being hungry. But in one’s immediate seek is related with bread, but thinking can go along with bread or without. In most cases, thoughts appear when body is oppressed of what it eats this does not mean that food is not important for thinking machinery. Yes, it is.

Hence, there are basic needs at individual level, society level, and institution level. An individual could need an automobile or food as a basic need depending on the society dynamics one lives in. A given society could need justice or freedom as its basic need and could revolt or open a dialogue depending a given society dynamics. A given institution could work on having a mechanism or a system on how it can administer public affairs or it could have already established a mechanism on such affairs is managed and the like.

What is important here is that when these needs—individual, society, and institutional—are combined and integrated in equivalent manner, a given society look will be clearly seen. Meaning a given society dynamics is a combination of such needs in which when such needs are integrated in harmonious manner, the look of a given society is ugly or beautiful.

Let us assume a given a society. In a given society most individuals could seek for bread as a priority. They have nothing to eat. They strive to obtain their livelihood and there is no even much job in the sectors. The society could create a need for freedom of speech as a priority. An institution could talk about good governance and democracy as a priority. In this case, this society has an amorphous look. Looking at this society, one could figure out the needs at society and institution level could sound a bit artificial and just a parrot to few peoples thinking and ideology.

Here, the primal concern should be in creating much job opportunity to these needy individuals, along with freedom of speech that integrate good governance and democracy as well. A person who has nothing to eat has nothing to talk about since one has no energy and zeal to express oneself, which is in fact a reflection and result of, in cases, good governance and lack of resource.

These needs are naturally connected and interrelated since they are very natural. They have their own evolutionary process and stages. When they grow in equivalent volume and content, they have an equal and equivalent impact on all levels. When they grow in disproportional manner, the society looks amorphous, It is like to an individual who suffer obesity at age 9. Leadership and thinkers in a given society play an eminent role in shaping this aspect of community life.

Western society and world look appealing to others since leadership and thinking are integrated. They do not borrow thinking from others. They have their own leaders who believe with natural and inherent realities of human beings, and they listen and are free to accept or reject any thinking that goes along with their vision or desire. They are not like parrots, but they produce many parrots who create many amorphous and look of society in other parts of the world.

The need at institution level is derived out of the needs of individual and society. Institution is an intangible organ that is created by individuals and society in order to create a harmonious and peaceful ground between them. Thus, laws are the bones of every given institutions. The need at institution level is created depending on the need of individuals and societies as well. In this case, when a given institution comes up with ambitious needs, such needs should fulfill needs of individual and societies. Otherwise this could create disastrous complications.

An institution could plan an ambitious plan that can work for Germany, but he people could live in Africa. In this case, identity crisis and confusion could be the fate of that given society. In this case, a society suffers of different kinds of traumas that could live scars for centuries and ages. Institution is an eye for any given society and individuals. Institution is an ear of for any given society and individuals. Thus, it sees and hears of the Past, Present and Future of both. When it fails to do so, it is not an institution, it is something else.

Institutional needs are created as result of interaction and communication between society and individual in which such needs are mostly connected with laws and policies and systems and mechanisms that create a smooth ground and field for both to interact and communicate. Capacity and capabilities of institution is determined in their ability to create a communicable ground to both.

Mass Revolution

March 25, 2011

Why do many people revolt at the same time in the same manner? Is there any force behind that makes them to shout and move like mad men on the street? Who fix such drama? Is there any master minds that belong to the indigenous or there are other secret agents that coordinate such tasks and activities? What is the need for such revolts of public on the street that could ruin infrastructures? Where is this world heading into?

Western society had mass revolution in the 18th.  Century in which the American and French Revolutions made profound changes and they result in great changes and settings in the political, social and economic aspects as we see today that guarantee their respective society with better welfare and economic security than the rest of the world. Society has its own evolutionary stages as an ordinary individual do. This evolutionary growth is not a choice but an ordained path none could escape.

The current upheaval in the Arab world is reflection of such ordained phenomenon in which at a given point a given society asks or needs certain things that the state fail to satisfy or meet. In this case, it is inevitable to raise certain quests that could require answers in many ways. When such needs are not answered, it is a must to happen—Mass Revolution. Here society enters another stage that could result in riots and the like.

Society has a need like individuals. As the individual needs certain basis things to survive like food, shelter, clothing, education, and the like, every given society has its own basic needs and wants that could enable to survive in stronger and healthy manner. These are Freedom, Rights, Justice, and the like. The more deprived any given society with such necessary elements, the higher probability revolts could happen. Quest here requires a mindset and maturity.

When any given society starts maturing, it starts fighting to protect its freedom, rights and demands justice. The capacity of any given society here is measured on the degree of detachment and courage it demonstrates in establishing these important ingredients of free society. Otherwise, it lives under the grace and mercy of its leaders who can manipulate and tell whatever things they say, whether it is liked or not. Acceptance and submission will be the fate of such society that does not reach to that level; of maturity.

There is a natural pattern and stages of development of society life and dynamics in which certain segments of society in this world have reached to higher level of development, in which the rest follows their step due to the slow and late stages in development. It is evident that one passes on what others have practiced before. Thus, everyone lives in a learning curve. Copy or cut paste could be the fate of certain society since others have preceded.

When any given society reaches to a certain stage of social evolution, it acts like as one person. Meaning, the voice it creates is One. Here anger is the energy that creates a bond between millions of people. Anger is caused by oppression and injustice. The volume of the anger depends on the intensity of oppression and injustice that any given society faces. However, at certain stages, enough is enough the answer many society provides as request to their respective leaders in their own good time.

The same pattern of mass revolution will be the fate of this given world, what is next will be on the black African society. It is also possible to expect that the moment the right time and maturity is come, the mass revolts against their leaders asking for BIG and TRUE CHANGE to come than listen to their reports and speeches. This is an ordained path and evolutionary process. This cannot be done the current leaders, but it is the society who is the author and owner of its own natural and given rights. This is not a choice, but a must to happen in its own good time, as the fixed time ordained is come.

There are many things that can create a common ground or unite any two people in natural way. These are love, profession, oppression, injustice and the like. These elements create a common field for many people to interact, act and react. When the circle enlarges its size and boundary, and more people enter there in, it starts exerting more energy and power to the outside world, which could result in abolishing the existing ones and replacing the new. This is a natural way and patters of social dynamics.

Hence, it is not possible to say and expect that no such revolts come in places or societies’ where justice is done in traumatic conditions, under threats, fears and in cases in bullets or force. The fate of such societies is clear by now. They go away as the clouds in the sky do. WE see them for sometime, but the right time comes, their palaces and kingdoms are like a house build on ice foundation, in which when a strong sun comes, the foundation is gone.

WE live in a time when society is becoming an enigma in which a 30 years kingdom is turned away into nothingness in 18 days mass revolution. This is one of the most fascinating and amazing moments in the history of human kind in which justice and freedom are in the hands of the owners—SOCIETY—that can create its own destiny with choices and efforts a given society is making. This is what it means by maturity and capability in terms of thinking and acting as a society, in which individuals are like drops, where their cumulative effect creates huge wave, and force in protecting its own Freedom and Rights. One plus one becomes three as a result of the unseen bonding factor.