February 14, 2011

By definition, Criticism is a pointing out faults; judging of merit, and the like. And in reality, every human being is subjected to err. In this regard, there is no point to be critic, since everyone is subjected to such matter. What is important here is that it is the degree and amount of mistake one makes, and its frequency in terms of occurrence in which when one starts touching one’s neighbor’s house hold, here it becomes an issue. This will require judicial aspects.

However, there are places or arenas where critics are required in this world. These scopes are arenas where perfection is claimed and desired. “I make no mistake”; I am always correct”. And these attitudes give birth to another pillar in these hypocritical aspects of life, in which there are people who tend to oppose such claims, thus they come with another ideas that could tell others who claim that “I am perfect” gesture people with another perspectives, telling them that “you are not perfect”, “you make mistake” too.

Minds have belly like our abdomen. The belly of the mind is a bit different. It is created with egocentric attitudes, and achievements many people have in their carrier and the like. While such theatrical drama is going on, the world of pride and hypocrisy is controlled by the world of critics. They make them not to fly or be like ufo’s, or flying objects. They tell them their mother nature. Critics make these people with achieved status belly to be slimmer. Critics squeeze the belly of those personages who think that they are superior or number 1 in the thing they do specialize. Here critical eye is required to keep the balance.

We all claim that God has no mistake, since we think and agree that God is beyond our conceptions. We do not know God, and if we do know God we could have examined many things and tell that He/She makes mistake or not. Since we have no objective evidence regarding God, we agree that God is Perfect. And there is no point to spend our time in discussing about a matter which all of us do not know or whatever. Here it is just futile subject.

Critic is important to those people who think that what they are doing is correct or they have the right manual for the operation of the Universe in which they claim that everything is written, and what they know is the end of all things and the world too. When a person claims, he knows nothing, he is subjected to err, there is no point to give him critical matters. He already claims that he makes mistakes and corrects whenever he thinks that they are useful.

The interesting aspect of critic here is that it is the motive behind. Is the critic we are trying to deliver—Constructive or Destructive—and why do we give critic to certain person, idea or topic? Are we requested by the person who claims that I have a befitting work that deserves critic and the like? Does the person whom we give critic claim that I am perfect or complete? When there is a claim that gestures itself with I know better than you thing by the critic giver, here, there is no need to give critics to any idea, since the eye of the perceiver is darkened by the ego centric attitude. Knowledge does not dwell in pride and arrogance.

The crux here in most peoples eye is that there is a tendency of being with a gesture of “I am better than others”; and in this regard, it is not critic one needs to deliver here, it is an instruction. It becomes an order in a way such critics are delivered. One should not deliver critics to another person unless and otherwise one is invited or asked to do that; or there is a mission one wants to deliver. Here critics could be a cause for conflict and contradiction since its motive is not clear and there is no mutual understanding between two parties.

For example, if I give critics on any other person’s work without being asked, at first, I should know that person very well; second if I think that person needs advice, I should know him very well so that I could help him. How come do I give an advice to a person whom I lack more knowledge and have no interaction with him, never take a cup of coffee together? In this regard, I just do open portals of complication than harmony since the motive is unclear, and the opinion sounds biased and prejudices based. Knowledge is derived out of experience, and experience is gained by having closer look at things.

The point here is that to those persons who lack knowledge and interaction against each other, this is pretty nice advises so that they can live with relative and better harmony and relationship. However, for those people who want to take advantage of your shortcomings, it is pretty nice to be vigilant against these people, and live with them in precaution so that one could have safe field for interaction, for there are manipulators who play on such things.

What is important there is that it is not our critical look or comments that make people to have the required character in their lives, but it is their own personal drive and will that makes them to decide between set of alternatives they have in life. In this regard, our critic could be of no help and point since we are telling that we are better than you gesture look, which is not liked and regarded by anyone at this point of time. For those who tell us that we are complete and are always correct things people, we have to sharpen our pen and pencils in order to protect ourselves. Otherwise, “silence is the best medicine and answer to everything”. Silence is a key that unlocks the gates of answers and mysteries, and time is its machinery. At this point of time, when one has enough experience in life, Experience has told a person many things than others peoples could do.


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