February 28, 2011

Dream is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as series of pictures or events in a sleeping person’s mind or fantasy; have an ambition; think as possibility; imagine; and the like. Dream is a mysterious reality of human beings. Dreams have a mystery and a secret. Dream is one aspect of human reality which indicates human reality is beyond the physical body, transcendental reality.

What is most fascinating here is that when dreams and reality combine and harmonize, they deliver a better scenario about life as human being and give a chance to have a deeper look and appreciation of our reality as a human beings and provide a nice field to meditate and contemplate on such aspects that human reality has a different and a beyond aspect which deserve attention and research so that one could come up with certain light.

The most confusion part of this reality lies on how people interpret dreams, which needs quite a capacity and capability. It is not only a mere tradition or culture that defines dreams, but rather scientific grounds and justification could help. Beyond all, personal experience and observation is also another aspect that needs to be figured out. Here, Dream is a message from the Absolute Reality.

Sigmund Freud is the first to discover a scientific and rationale ground about how this world used to perceive dreams, and he came up with a matter, “sub-conscious mind”, that break the traditional and customs and interpretations of dream which did have put many peoples lives under different types of threats and opportunities as well due to such interpretations delivered. Mostly what many people see in their dream is what their wish is; or what they were thinking in the day time, intentionally or unintentionally, which could have more space during in their night time that could have been translated to dream.

Basically based on my personal experience, I have different experiences of dreams. The first ones were I used to see the opposite. Meaning, what I had seen in my dream, and what is happening actually are opposites. Since 1999, I start seeing things as they are; meaning what I see and what is happening are like the same. In this case there is something I reflect time and again.

There are types of dreams that I see like straightforward. I see Mr X doing something, then I see him doing in the objective world. I see Mr X doing something, but in this case, Mr X could represent someone whom in ever met in my life, but could have something like resemblance to a person whom I am going to meet in the future doing that same thing in my dream. In the First aspect, it is straightforward. In the second aspect, it is representations. In both aspects, similar variables are there, but could have different interpretations.

There is another aspect of dreams in which it is a signal on what is going to happen. I could see a scary thing some one is doing, in my dreams, but in the practical world, that same scary thing could happen. Here I have two steps to take. The first one is to interfere, making it not to happen if I have the relevant and practical information about that aspect; if not, to take precautions so that I could not be a victim of such matter. This does not include about individuals who make horror movies in their own state by their minds, in their own fantasies or whatever.

There is another aspect of dreams in which people who live in the other worlds could communicate to us and inform us something. In this regard, this depends on the type of connections and communication we have, but they could tell us about certain thing that is going on this plane of existence. When such types of People come to this world, they have stronger thought level, meaning their thought had positive contribution on this world. They come here and tell us in our dreams about something that we cannot see, but about something is useful. They come here to protect us and deliver to us certain information. They can use anyone here whom they like, and inform us certain matter.

It is also possible to know what a person thinks about you in your dreams. When I see someone in my dream doing something, I am not expecting that a given someone is going to do something, but also a given someone thinks to do. Mostly people do not exercise what they think outwardly, since what they think and what they practically manifest needs courage and the conducive aspect of the outside media too.

For example, when some wants or thinks to kill, I could see that given some one in my dream. Then what that given someone thinks could not be translated for two reasons. One is one could be afraid to kill another since in the real and objective world sense, killing is crime and that person does not want to be in jail. The other is the external environment could not be suitable for this person to kill. In order to protect themselves, people could rumor this dream to outsiders.

In any case, Dream is a mysterious reality, which has different and meaningful interpretations. Basically, what we dream is what we think, wish, imagine and is also message or a signal or a thought from Unknown World, which do have different meanings and values based on the type of receiver we have. Dream is a Crude Thought, but should be filtered and processed pout so that one could reach to the refined level and stage of that dream. It is juts a tip.

The dream world and the denizens in this world are not void of corruption and related matters. I had an experience in my mind while living at certain place in which I came to conclusion that there are manipulation and deception in this tricky arena. 100 people can see similar things in their minds; this does not mean that what they see is correct and true. Agreement does not comply with The Truth. 100 people could have similar experience since they heard certain rumor. The sub conscious mind records every data they hear and could make one view or display certain images at night that correlates with the rumor. In a world of conspiracy and sabotage this is childish simple psycho make up of plotters who are experts in this field of crookedness.



February 25, 2011

One of the most interesting aspects of life on this planet is about Personality in which there are many assumptions, analogies, conclusions and opinions regarding different kind of personalities in our world and history as well. In this case, religion and politics play an eminent role in defining and shaping individuals to put some kind of trust and suspicion about different personalities in which there are characters that are defined and named after individuals.

For instance, in the time of Jesus Christ, the divines of that given ages did not accept Jesus as Messiah, but Peter, the Fisher man accepted and recognized Jesus is from God. Afterwards, people assumed and thought that Peter had sincerity and that is why God opened his eyes and make him recognize who Jesus is. Sincerity is linked with the act of Peter towards to Jesus. Here, education and other achievements have no place and contribution in seeing and realizing such aspects of our reality as human beings.

In the political realm, at some point of the history of Africa, meaning in 1960’s, African leaders had two camps in creating the union of Africa and these camps are called, the Casablanca group led by Ghana leader of that time, Nkhoma, and the Monrovia camp, led by the Senegalese leader of that given period. The main agenda of that given time was the Casablanca ones think that African should be one in every thing, where as the Monrovia ones think that such unity is achieved by successive stages and processes. And the solution and reconciliation process was provided and done by the King of Ethiopia at that time, Emperor Haile-Selassie, who delivered a reconciliation Idea, which led to the formation of African Union in 1963, in Addis Ababa.

Taking both variables as representation of certain characters and actions, many people refer certain ideas with certain personalities since those given ideas or actions are performed originally be certain Individuals. I remember at one time when I used to work for American Organization here, a good friend of mine said once give me your John Henry. I said what you mean by that, she said, Henry is the first person who puts his signature on the Constitution of the United States of America. She said it is just a tradition.

This is like words and concepts thing. A Word is a public property. A Concept is an idea that belongs to the ownership of some one, which we call patent right, is given towards any Idea that deserves ownership and title. In this regard, the law of gravity is combination of words which one can use in one’s daily conversation, but when one starts mentions and giving further explanation in a way Newton or Einstein explained and stated, here one is required to give credit and quote them. Otherwise, they call this Plagiarism, and can be a crime.

Two individuals can think and know certain matter at the same time, but one person could know how this world is working out and the regulations and rules and policies, and could get recognition about the matter one knows. The other person could not do that aspect of bureaucracy for many reasons. In this case, in paper and ink thing, the person who went to offices could be recognized as an owner of that particular concept, but in reality both can know about certain matter and the ownership and title belongs to both people.

In this regard, it is easy and simple to prove such matters. A person who has certain idea can be proven in many aspects and could be figured out on how such matter is come to be discovered by him/her. Many practical and other checking could be performed so that the ownership and the original idea belongs to a person or not. Justice here is reaching to the point of Truth, not trying to put seemly arguments to disprove and discredit others.

The crux is that both persons could reach and discover certain matter, but the strategy and methods cannot be the same since both have different personal experiences and approaches towards many thing since they have different lifestyles. Lifestyles have an impact on our methods and approaches towards any given Reality. In this regard, a person could reach to the sum 4; like 2+2=4; and another person could reach to a result 4, like 5-1=4; both results are same, but the approach and way they are done is entirely different. Both are true and correct, but they vary on circumstances.

What is important here is that both have different approaches although they have same result; one could be done and arrived today, at 6 Pm and the other could be done and arrived at 7 PM. Thus, what the patent office recognizes here is that those individuals who approach them and express to them that they have something that deserves recognition. This does not mean that those individuals who come up with certain Idea, and do not go to the Patent Office do not uphold The Truth and tell certain aspects of Reality. In fact, Patent is awarded in relation to offering legal protection and moral recognition towards individuals’ dynamism and efforts.

I could have certain matter in my Mind, and do not want to the Patent Office for many reasons. The first one is I do not need recognition. The second one is I do not have trust on such offices. Third one is I do not see any point going to such offices without Reality proves it out although what I know could be correct and true. The fourth matter, a person could discover a new territory, and no expert could be found in this territory. In this case what a person knows could be considered as garbage since there is limited and biased understanding on what that given person knows. To avoid confusion and contradiction, a person could be in State of Silence, which is not reflection of cowardice act, but a Maturity. Silence is powerful weapon and tool that bring Order in the middle of noises.

The Journey Of Life

February 24, 2011

When one pays Visitation at the Scared Threshold of one’s own “God” in one’s own way, one could always be attracted to certain aspects and mysteries of Life in which life here becomes full of mysteries whose secrets are countless in one’s own way. In this case, life becomes a journey between the discovered and undiscovered; the seen and hidden. Journey here has beginning, but no end. And this makes life to be spicy and tasty and more interesting and exciting too.

In this regard, I made a pause at a point and I entered a city. The denizens of that city look that they are so busy; they bother about standard, quality and image thing. In this city they told two strange things which I never heard of them before. The first one is, in my first week of honey moon thing, they told me I am an ambassador. It sounded to me a joke since I cannot be and am not ambassador. They told me to shout and cry more on the word, I was very shy to say it loud, but in the middle of noise everyone in the group was saying, I used to say few words in my native tongue; I cannot accept such psycho make up.

The second one is that they told me that time flies so fast in the city and they have a tradition which goes like, “time slips away so fast”, time is too short, and to the extent that they claim there are only 12 hours given for a day. I went to my flat and started to count clock, and ask few people on what time is it now, but there is no change in the outside world in which there are 24 hours in a day.

Here I started making personal reflection since these two aspects of my life are putting my mind in a desert, and I could die of hunger and thirst. I was wondering for a company who can be my friend in this ambassador thing and time is too fast thing. I am not an ambassador and time was very slow and in fact at times frustrating too. One day I went to book store and look for books that could tell about this drama and game thing in the city.

I found company in books and thoughts and there are people who know the drama and game theory going on in the city, and they tried to give their own personal opinions and view that what the mayors or administrators of the city are doing is wrong, and they are putting the direction of the Ship in Bermuda Triangle. City administrators labeled these individuals and removed them from the list. Labeling and removing becomes the captains of the Ship.

They said to the city administrators regarding the journey of the Ship sounds in confusion and contradiction since the end is not clear and lacks clarity and we do not know where we are going to end up. They said the speed of the Ship cannot be equal to that of an airplane. Both have their own features in which the Ship floats and goes on water; and the airplane travels on air. They could not listen.

Coming back to my story in that particular city, at the end of my confusion in that given city, one of them told me that I made people think. This is quite interesting since I have capacity to make other people to think something great about me. I believe and think that Great People think and see great things. I am so grateful for that. I honestly appreciate that. However, it is not I that made them to think. I am not the First Cause. It is their exposure and experience in life and the like that is the Primal Cause.

In this ambassador and time is to fast thing, I made certain conclusion about the drama in that given city. The first one is Mind Control. The second one is Thought Reform. Both can be possible to certain extent, but I do not think and believe that Mind can be programmed and controlled by other individuals. There is a childish simple remedy to this aspect. They come up with certain variable in that given city dynamics, and the solution is to live and leave that city and have one’s own personal and productive concepts based on one’s previous values.

Meaning, going with speed of the Ship is an answer than trying to go with the speed of airplane and applying such speed to the Ship. Here the drama is to make one’s mind trapped in their mind therapy; and the solution is to rely on the Power of God and live by one’s own value. It is not what is on the ink and paper that gives life to the Mind, but rather what one thinks and one does in action that goes in conformity with one’s thinking. Variations are normal since all are human beings and are subjected to err. Efforts are there to betterments as well.

There are two ways of looking at a certain things, like, the rainbow case. There is traditional way of looking at rainbow. In a given tradition, when rainbow is seen on the sky, they say something is going to happen, which can be correct or not. Since something happens whether there is rainbow or not. In its scientific look, they could say it is combination of molecules on the air that create such rainbow. In the direction aspect in which when one sees the rainbow at being in certain direction, it exists, but in another perspective or direction, this could not exist. Hence, Perception is on the eye of the beholder.

Presumably, this happening in that given residents of that city could be considered as betrayal since what they think they know, what is practically happening are different. In this case, they could be said, “do not ask”; “do not tell”; but when I originally entered to that city; they said to me “you can ask any type of question”; “you can tell this to any one”. Here I made a pause and inform the captain of the Ship; here is the point I stop; can I get off the Ship. Then, I do.

Clean eye sees both dirt and clean things. In this city and any where, it is always to have clean eyes, so that one can see both things, and stay away from the dirt, but can be seat in a clean seat. Thank You Lord: You are not human!

Generosity—A Choice or A Duty

February 23, 2011

Generosity is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as giving freely, not small minded, and the like. It is defined in terms of money and thinking. A person who gives his time, thinking, money and the like to others without greed and to the benefit of others is generous. Here the giver is at the corner, but the receiver is the center.

When a person tells or gives us one thing and hides us another part for the sake of manipulation and tricky things can not be named as generous.  When any given person knows certain matter, and he delivers what he knows to the betterment of this world and humanity is indeed a generous and saint person.

Generosity is an attribute that requires conscious knowledge, mind and thinking. It needs a mindset since one cannot be generous to a person who owns something. If I have one billion dollar, I cannot give certain amount to money to a person who has 100,000 for free. But rather, I could give 10,000 to a person who has nothing to eat, in this case I could be considered as generous. It is not the amount of money that matters, but the motive and drama behind the money, in which certain individuals are motivated to help others from the desire of removing poverty and difficulty from their surrounding.

There are two types of giving. The first ones are done to gain popular feelings and support from others. This is fake and empty. They are done for the sake of demagogue. The second ones are done with reason and conscious knowledge. These acts are commendable and praiseworthy indeed. In this regard, there could be two types of rich people accordingly.

There are rich people who allocate certain amounts of fund to philanthropy. They do such things based on study and research. They rely on professionals and listen to experts’ advice. These people are like torching light to the society. Their wealth is like the sun. Their advisors are like the moon. Their service is like the stars. All have a productive and constructive impact on the society. They are indeed rich people and they deserve the wealth. Wealth needs maturity otherwise it is like a child playing with fire.

There are other types of rich people. They have no regard to others except the benefit and profit they derive from what they make. They have no intention except making their companies and profit huge and get recognition from the society, “look at that big man” and the like. They are great people, but they are not greater ones. They need to re-think and re-consider on how they get to that point, in which it is the society that helped them to be rich. Employees, the state, and related elements assist them to be rich people. There needs to be mutual reciprocity in this regard.

There are other people, who are rich, but do generous things in spontaneous manner. At times, there is no rational why they do such generosity to others, even to those who have millions they add another millions. For poor society that needs schooling and hospitals, they build cinema and theatre places. They do not have regard to the priorities, but they do such things out of their own personal emotions and rationale they do not accept any outsiders opinion.

In this case, it is up to the institutions called, “government” to interfere and take measures, to the extent that they should be stopped to make any kind of generosity that has a negative impact on others, does not go in rational and reasonable grounds; otherwise the safety and protection of society could be in jeopardy. One has the right and freedom to do whatever things one’s consciousness dictate, but one has no every right to do any acts that could cause danger and harm to the society at present and in the near future.

To be rich is not luxury; but rather it augments one’s capacity and capability in helping and providing and giving more opportunity to others. And such actions and reactions could be done in reason and plan so that the public security can be securely established. Wealth is a tool; it is not the end of everything. It is created to serve human beings, and it is not human beings that should serve the wealth.

What is practically happening at this point of time is that it is wealth or money that is driving crazy and everyone submits to the mysterious power money has been endowed . It is created by people, and but now it sounds like it is money that created men. There is a Japanese proverb, “First the man takes the drink; and then the drink takes the man”. This is what is going on.

Hence, to pause and contemplate and get back to Objective Reality is not only wish, but a necessary aspect of life. It is not doing things as one wishes that bring prosperity and well being to society, but rather it is the conscious and willful coordination and efforts of everyone that could open the gates of security and transformation; it is not only policies and rules and laws that bring freedom and respect the rights of others, but also, it is the matured choices and decisions and actions of responsible citizens that can bring change to the Society.

Here, I get reminded of a story I heard about a rich man in the beginning of introduction of computers in this country. The rich man heard a story about the usage of computers. The expert explained to him that computers reduce our job and burden by 50%. And the rich man after listening to the explanation of the expert, he decided to buy two computers so that he could be relieved 100% free of duty and any responsibility so that the computers could do his job. It is not what we are advised that matters, in cases, it also the decisions we make after the advise we receive are also another aspects to figure out.

Hope and Faith

February 22, 2011

Expectation is a spice of life; it augments keen desire to live. When one expects, one yearns to live longer. Thus it creates suspense and appreciation towards our life on the earth. It brings to attention that life has a purpose and meaning, and we look forward to do something in the Future. Future, here, has a value than present and past. And thus one tends to strive to work hard at present so that Future can be secured. How can this be achieved?

Hope is an interesting dynamics of life. Hope has two features. One is given. The other is created. Both have their peculiar characteristics and features. And thus they have their own collective or spirals of people and world, in which there are people who have the capacity to create hope, and there are people who live all the time receiving hope. This varies on capacity and skill.

On the first type of people, in which there are individuals who are able to create hope are visionaries. They see the future with bright eye and mind. They have many things to offer to this world and to the people. They see light in darkness and feel warmth in coldness. They are able to see what is beyond even though they live with hardship and difficult circumstances and situations. They have a bright Mind that can offer Bright Future.

On the second types of people, those who receive hope, are dependent people in which they prefer to live with submission and acceptance than come up with their own mindset and the like. There are many sub categories of individuals in these realms in which there are individuals who come up with certain vision based on the grand hope they receive. There are other types of individuals who live on receiving hopes and begging in their prayers like receiving daily breads. But both are receivers, but vary on their contextual vision they set based on the grand hope they receive from the belief system or thinking they practice.

The First Minds are the originators and givers of Hope in most cases, and they are the sole authors of the vision and hope they come up with certain vision they set in which from the hope they originally deriver, there are certain observable facts and happening that are translated into objective reality. They say, ‘I saw’; I heard’ and the like. Hope here gives birth to another element called Faith. Faith is an element which is formed out of hope and observable facts and happenings.

Advocators and adherents are recipients and followers of such hopes derived by the First Minds. These are found in both political and religious movements. Founders of both movements come up with certain vision, that vision entail to give birth to hope, and that given hope in turn give birth to faith in its own good time. These are inseparable and continuous processes of life on the earth.

Hope and Faith are the ingredients and life and death thing that sustain any given spiral of people or community to exist and survive. There are many spirals of people in this world, and what makes them to resemble all is they have their own faith and hope within their own dynamics that brings life and their stay possible in their own spirals. Otherwise they could not happen or survive.

The major reason for such spirals of people to exist in many forms is the vision set by their respective First Minds and the observable facts, which could make them to conclude that such a matter has truth in it. The desire to seek and reach to The Truth is the binding factor that makes many people to dwell and stay in certain circle, which is pretty good and healthy factor and desire. None prefers and wants to choose the path of falsehood and the like. Everyone has good intention of reaching to the truth, and makes decision based on personal and societal exposures. In this case difference could arise, and this is quite normal.

What would be difficult here to conclude is that when there is certain claim made by any spiral of people that goes like, my hope and faith is better than others since the vision I follow is true, and the rest is wrong. In this regard, every given spirals of people has an observable facts and happenings that could be proven outwardly in a way the vision they follow is getting translated into reality. However, it is possible to claim that the integration and synergetic effects of Hope and Faith of all could lead to a Melting Point that could be merged at some point, which make them to stay longer, but could help them to live with relative and absolute harmony and integration process of life in due time .

When any given universal system of belief or thinking tries to override my natural identity, in this case, nationality, I have to think three times. Any given universal belief be it Christian, Muslim or whatever, should be integrated with my natural identity, but not delete or create some sort of chaos in my natural identity. Universal thinking or belief should augment my appreciation, understanding and perspective about the world, but not manipulate and destroy my natural or individuality—in this case I am an Ethiopian.

The interesting aspect of movements founded by the First minds, in terms of political realm, they have their own limit and boundary. They know how far they can go, and but in terms of religious movements, they still live with the promise they claim, which is still unending and has no full objective measurement. Limited understanding on the side of the followers is a claim that is used to justify ‘the vision or promise’ they are meant, which kills and delivers’ one’s personality and individuality to the monopoly and colonization of others, by willingly submission, which should not be the case, but rather should be checked thru time as to how far such claims are viable and legitimate. One could be forced to give much time to reflect on the capacity one can create and come up here than submit to unproven ideas that lead to suspicion and distrust.

Hope and Faith are interrelated and interconnected. They are mutually connected and networked. The driving motive is Vision. The driving force is practicality and reality. The more occurrences are translated into this objective plane of existence, the more confidence and hope people develop and the more conviction they could have for the entire vision already set. However, the less visions [things] happen practically to this plane of existence, the more confusion and frustration people develop, the more suspicion this could create. In this case, hope and faith kill the entire drama and goal and plan.

Discovering New Territory

February 21, 2011

Why do few people are considered as outcast as a result of their un-liked thinking and opinions within a certain societal dynamics in which removing or gossiping bad behind on them is their ultimate fate? Has this world no other choices or options for such personages who are victims of injustice and sabotage therapy? Has this world thought of such matters twice on this matter?

There are two factors on why many people prefer to outcast such Personages who are thinking and asking. These are Ignorance and Fear. When a certain community is founded on certain dynamics, fear is hidden and concealed and kneaded into the very clay of its foundation on its’ behind.

When a group of people interacts towards a common goal, fear and frustration is borne, but hidden in its back, as matter of its own expectations and goals, which result in the ultimate destruction of the group itself when it is not finally working out. The front is structures and forms based on promises and agreements, but the behind is fear and frustrations based on failures. Both are inseparable.

It is obvious to think when a person comes up with certain and different mindset in a given community, the aloofness and sense of outcast from other members of the community is normal due to many reasons. The first one is due to ignorance most people have about the nature and fate of their own society. Most people are like followers; they do not have the courage and ambition and desire and capacity to lead; they have the deep fear inside they are not even aware, which is innate in their reality that puts them to be a follower than being a leader.

The second reason is due to fear and frustration factors in which most people assume that what they have is the end of the world, and when anything contrary to what they think and believe in happens, they cannot resist and could be find in the middle of nowhere. They cannot imagine a better world other than the comfort zone they have created for their own selves, and thus they prefer to label and remove these individuals that give time and energy on investigating and re-thinking on such aspects. They question integrity and could destroy the very foundation of the values of the community it is already established upon.

The other reason is the desire and need of having an identity by belonging to a certain group or society. In this case, identity is a means of obtaining security. Belonging to certain community creates some sort of sense of comfort, and they do not care about vision, destiny and the like but they feel comfortable since they have company and same like minded people. They look for company, it is not the vision, or objective of that given society, but the day to day interaction and company; here they are like addicted to such belongingness towards certain membership.

The other reason is due to the propaganda most are accustomed to listen in their daily routines while belonging to certain community. Every group has its own way of propagating and portraying itself towards the outsider world. Every group tries its best to beautifully portray its values and beliefs, as there are many injections it does to its members and followers within its own dynamics. With combinations of such dual aspects—the desire and ambition of its adherents along with its propaganda it gestures on the outside world—most are determined to focus within than dwell on the motives and agendas behind.

Here leaders prefer to veil the eyes of their respective followers so that their followers could live with blindness and deafness to the outsiders. When the eyes of most of their respective followers become open, they could be find out that they have no light to give too. In this case their role and contribution becomes null effect. They have nothing and no one to lead at last.

At this point, it becomes crucial to govern a new territory that can accommodate most and new adherents with certain mindset and new revised vision that can go with the need and exigency of the time. Here needs an eye, ear, mind and heart that can ably see what is beyond an ocean, hear what is melodiously revealed, feel what is behind and judge with fairness and justice.

The quest here is not about seeking and deriving to form an island, in which power and leadership are not the prior agenda, but rather, it is with the intention of seeking the right destiny and vision in which certain mindset is required. This mindset is not about telling the fate of society or individuals, but rather delivering a perspective on how the Future is going to be handled and perceived.

In this case, an island can be converted to a different mind map and territory in which a new Mind Territory is required that can open its gates to all without bias and prejudice. Here is not about seeking visa and resident permit, it is about living in different state of being, which is a result of choices and decisions, rational judgment and thinking, individuals establish. In this Territory, a knowledgeable person could be considered as ignorant and useless; an enlightened soul is considered as dark and futile, by others.

This is a matter of an Eye and a Mind aspect in which there are individuals who can see what is beyond Time and Generation; and there are also individuals who cannot what see is on their neighbors. Everything is on the eye of the beholder as a person who wears red eye glass thinks that what he sees around is all red; where as the surrounding environment has, in reality, diverse and many colors. To pause and reflect is not a choice, but is a duty one has to do out of no choice.

Courage and … Hope and …

February 21, 2011

In this world, there are three types of Realities. The First ones are Realities that are life and death things, in which they are like types of food we need for our survival. The second ones are like chewing gum types, and we need them for sometime, and they give us certain pleasure and sustain our life to some extent. The frequency and magnitude we need them in life is occasional. The Third ones have their own unique features in which unique personages have.

The First types of Realities have different features. These features vary depending on societal make up and values. They are basically formed by traditions and culture and practices of any given society. The desire to have one’s own family and satisfying basic requirements to form such matters—marriage, education/training, money, house and households, social or community life, and related.

The Second types of Realities have their own varying features according to the nature and structure of any given society. These are: Who is God? How do we communicate to God? What is Truth? How can we reach to the Truth? Where is God? Is there any ultimate path to God? How do we know? Is personal God are the only and safest approach to the path of God? What is faith? How do we develop faith in God? Is faith a vague thing or a conscious knowledge? Is faith related to emotion or to reason?

The third types of Realities are realities that give birth by a combination or hybrid effect of both, in which unique personalities deliver. These Personages reach to certain conclusion after quite enormous contemplation and observation of life and how society interacts and communicates, and come up with certain Perspective that could help certain minds in a given time.

These three aspects of Realities do exist at an individual, community and institution level, but vary according to the capacity and capabilities of entities. When no answer is found for the quest people have, certain minds excel others and derive their own field and mechanism in order to accommodate others. When more and strong quest arise, then few unique Personages come up with certain useful Perspective so that others could follow them since existing ones have no satisfactory answers.

Courage and Detachment plays a significant and key role. To govern a new territory in the thinking realm, which is practical and acceptable by others is no easy. It needs the courage of accepting of bombardment of harassment and consistently following one’s own chosen Path. It requires detachment from the existing systems of belief or thinking one used to belong.

Such arenas of life are continuous and dynamic. They are not a field where specific numbers of years or centuries could be allocated in which one us required or shaped to think for 450 years like this or like that. This limits the human reality, which is progressive. Human beings are not like machines where their expiry dates are tagged on them. Such dramas are not consistent with human natures, in which quest is an integral nature of human reality which changes and develops in every second accordingly.

The proper and harmonious coordination of these realities create smooth ground and field for interaction and communication. When rigidity, fundamentalism and fanaticism are there, the degree and potency of such realties get retarded since one aspect has setback. In world where there are no progressive thinkers, that given world is getting decay in its own old fashion style. In this case, that given society has got stuck at a point, and more confusion and contradiction between its beliefs and objective reality do exist.

What is crucial here is that the very moment any given community or society has opened up its gates to set of mind called “Change” is there, here the change is not only to strategies and objectives too, but also with the vision it has already set, that given community is creating a safe ground for its own survival. For instance, I could have a vision in the future that the people of the world will belong into my thinking, but when I overview how this world was and is operating, the people of the world always lives after new thinking and belief systems. In this regard, I have to revise my original vision, in which now I should be aware that I come up with thinking that can accommodate those people who are interested in my belief and values.

Here the Concept of Faith could need a certain mindset, in which what a given person’s experience and another person’s experience on this aspect is different. One person could say that faith is a mysterious phenomenon; and the other person could say, faith is a rationale, but no mysticism. It is advisable to accommodate different experiences as valid, but is no wise to come to certain and definitive conclusion in realities that cannot be proven outwardly. If I know what I could face at the end of the day in my morning, my life could be boring and there is no purpose and use of my interaction many hours in a day.

One of the most interesting aspects of our life on the earth as human being is that we do not know how and when we end up and thus our eager and yearn for life becomes very tasty and quite exciting since we do not know how and when we reach to our end. Hope is the drive and engine for our survival. If hope is not created, life is not certain to exist. And thus, Hope becomes a mysterious aspect, which is augmented by faith, which is personal and contextual. Hope and faith create the momentum of life and their synergetic effects have an influence on our choices and decisions in life.