Spirals of People

January 31, 2011

There are many spirals of people that do exist in this world. They are created out of thinking level and experiences in life. Belief, vision, desire, purpose and the like create some sort of personality and identity one many peoples being and as a result of such outcomes, there do exist certain networks between peoples of diverse background in this world. They are results of the energy flow in this Universe, and every powerful and strong thinking has an impact on this world.

For instance, Mr X has some sort of personality and identity like, he is a mathematician, Christian, husband and father, teacher, and raised from a poor family, likes watching movie and listening to Christian songs, raised in Kuwait,  and the like. Ms. W is an astronomer, Muslim, no husband, but has a daughter, officer, raised in the middle class family in South Africa. Both of them do not know each other and never met in life in physical ways.

However, due to their daily routines, these people could know each other in terms of the Wave theory in which the signals and thoughts they emanate in their minds could have an impact on their daily routines, in which there are many incidences that happen in our daily routines without our knowledge. One thing, here, there are days I feel happy without gaining anything in this world, be it material or intellectual achievements. Joy surrounds my whole being.

In this regard, I could check my surroundings environment that whether there are any new things are going on. There is nothing. As an hypothesis, I believe and think that there are many spirals of people created naturally, but we do not know each other. We know our spirals, the moment we govern mysteries and figured out new things in life. This is happening not in terms of material or emotional things, but also in thinking too. The moment any given person in my given spiral do achieve certain things, I could sense that in terms of joy.

Rene Descarte said, “I think therefore I am”. This is true and correct in this world in which we can understand with each other what we think is creating some kind of sphere and environment and media so that we can live with understanding and communication. When a person understands me, I am happy to talk to that person as far as that understanding is there.

There are many spirals of people. Religious communities are one of them. There are many types of religious communities in which most of them have a conceptual framework that guarantee their relationship and communication, in which accepting centers of authority is a precondition. Personality and identity here are the main thing. In this communication, variation and difference in opinions are acceptable as far as submission to authority is there. Here thought is bound and affected by submission. But, Obedience oppresses free thinking.

In this case, I could think at age 22 that unity of the world, in which oneness of mankind is possible without any boundary, and I could believe and think 7 billion people could be united under one faith, country and leader too, since at that age I could be very ambitious and self motivated person, whose visions is based on ignorance of the knowledge of our world, and how things are working out.

At age 34, I could think that unity between peoples of the world with limited population size under one faith or leadership could be possible but deleting backgrounds, boundary and languages and nations of the world and putting them under one big fish bowl sounded to me a chimera. In this case, I could find certain spirals of people who think like me. In this case, my thinking, desire, vision, ambition, and everything I have could face a certain shift in the big scale I already visualized.

Maturity belongs to finding such spirals in which where a person could figure where one belongs and work with a given spiral of people, with the personality and identity one has created due to one’s belief and thinking, and contribute something to the betterment of this world in productive ways. Such actions and reactions start from oneself, then to a person next to oneself, and then expand to big scale in its own good time. There are menus of spirals of people that do exist in this planet, if not, one has to create one’s own, by reflecting on what one thinks and letting them know in one’s own way.

And thus such movements have profound impact on the on going world civilization and processes of life, and create tremendous impact on the life of human society. They have both positive and negative impacts. Since one is creating a new magnetic field in this aspect and such field do have an obvious impact on the radiation and movements of other fields depending on the frequency and magnitude of the wave one is transmitting.

In this case, fear and frustration takes place in other magnetic fields, communities, but confidence and trust develops in the newly created one. Fear and frustrations are manifested in spying, checking, conspiracy, sabotage and the like. Confidence and trust are developed as matter of new adherents joining the new spirals. This is normal and centuries old traditions and practices of this world. We cannot stop people thinking in new and different ways. This world is progressive and dynamic, and every time, new and different thinking emerge.

Such spirals of people are created as a result of the thinking radiation of few individuals who come up with the magnetic field so that others revolve and rotate around their IDEA. Idea does not belong to who you are, meaning where you are borne, educational background, profession and the like, but the type of the magnetic field one creates for those people who can interact and communicate. However, when, in this case these individuals happen to exist as centers of authority, and then when authority becomes an issue, the Idea gets depleted and could require an overhaul. None is interested the flesh thing here, but rather with the thinking waves that emanated from such figures that do attract many minds. In this regard, authority is not an issue, but Idea is the pivot point that creates a magnetic field for many people to be unified.


The Strange Island

January 25, 2011

There was a teenage girl whom I used to know in a certain place in which she started becoming more rebellious due to age factor and having new company in her life and created some sort of noise within the family dynamics. She became notorious and developed new behaviors in her life style.

And family members were worried about her destiny since this girl has not yet attended college and have no profession, which could put her in jeopardy at some point of her life. The path she took sound a strange island in the family since none of the family members brought such complications. Parents get annoyed and disturbed and assembled at a given time to discuss on her destiny.

One day, parents arranged discussion with her on a round table and put the agenda in which the issue was, do you realize what you are doing by now? She replied; Yes. I do. I am just enjoying with my friends and having fun in life, since I am at the fire age. This is normal. She replied. Parents replied again, this could be normal at this age, but would be abnormal if you continue this pattern for such along period since this could destroy your destiny and personality, and family reputation too. Now we called you here on this table to make you stop this new behavior you are having at this moment and be the right and good person we want you to be.

Then she put a precondition to agree on what the parents have delivered. And the parents said, Ok, Let us hear that. She said; I need three things by now.  The first one is I need a computer. The second one is I need to have private house, in which I need to get my own privacy in life since I am a matured person and live there alone. The third thing is I need an elephant.

Then, the parents replied the following. We can buy you a computer. As to your second question, you should need to wait a little time longer until you get matured to get you a rented house. As to the elephant, it is bizarre. They solved her question, by doing the above three things in wise manner.

There are three types of questions or needs we have in life in general. The first ones are appropriate ones in which they are basic things one could need, that depends on the need and want of any given individual. This varies from person to person, depending material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual status of any given individual. An automobile could be basic need for a given person; where as food could be a basic need for another individual. Need and want are relative and dependent upon society’s stages and levels of development. The basic need in developed country could be considered as luxury item in the developing world.

The second types of needs are untimely one. These are borne as a result of satisfying the basic needs and wants. They require capacity. A person who owns a home and have certain savings could aspire to have big company owned and operated by his own. There is no wrong in having and in aspiring such need.

The third needs are kind of bizarre things since they are borne out of satisfying the first one, but lacking some sort of reasonableness and taking into considerations variables of one’s own status and personality. It is like the elephant type of question that teen raised. There is no wrong in having elephant, but there are other things that need to be considered here. The daily operating costs of the elephant, like food, shelter and the like. Given the family status, they can afford whatever expenses to their children, but it could be impossible to add additional cost within the family for animals like the elephant. These needs are unrealistic and un-rationale, which could deserve further contemplation.

On the way such needs exist at individual, community and institution levels. They can be categorized and identified based on the outcomes. For instance, an institution could design certain pilot project, and that given pilot project could be over ambitious or whatever. At the end of the time frame, one could tell what type of need that given institution was intending at the end of its plan period. Few activities could be like the computer case, they are basic and compulsory. Others like untimely and the rest could be an elephant type needs.

Practically speaking, it could be very hard not only to buy an elephant but also to make the paint of an elephant since it is big and have many things to add, and also could require vast spaces for accommodations and the like. They require certain preconditions before buying and placing them in certain place. Such needs arose due to certain fantasy and imaginations of that given teen age girl, that could indicate that there are many fantasies and imaginations people could think when they have a seat at certain place in which what they imagine in their minds could fall apart when what they think is tested in the field work.

Theories related to human elements are hard to make them work since human beings evolve in emotion and intellect thru time that could prove wrong in due time due to “growth” in intellect that result in different way of perceiving realities and way things function. What many people do here, they study “human brain” by using “their own brain” in which a limited thing is telling the fate of another limited thing, which require certain mindset. For instance, if I am a type of person who cannot accept black man as top, as a boss, how can I create a model of new-human race by neglecting or deleting the potentialities and capabilities of every human race? Thus, the model I create is equivalent to “an elephant” thing of that teen girl! Here what I design is under boundary and limit! Here the question of freedom and rights are totally depressed and oppressed! Thus, I am creating my own strange island with strange people!

Daily Bread or Yearly Saving!?

January 24, 2011

There was a kind of story which I heard from a Muslim friend of mine long time ago. The story was in the time of the Prophet Muhammad. There was a man who was having difficulty in life since he had no sufficient funds for a life time. And he heard the news about the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad and went to Him for seeking advice.

And there he met the Prophet. And he explained that he was facing trouble in life and he has sufficient fund for few months, but he could not be able to save enough amounts of funds for years. And he asked the Prophet on what He was going to advise him.

The Prophet, after listening to the speech of his guest, and He advised him to tell this matter to Ali, one of the prominent figure of that time in His circle, and came back to Him if he was not satisfied on what Ali was going to deliver.

The person decided to go to Ali as instructed by the Prophet for seeking an advice and wisdom. And then the person went to Ali’s home to get insight as per the instruction of the Prophet. While reaching Ali’s home, he found Ali, as Ali was on a seat next to his wife inside the traditional style kitchen in which his wife was baking fresh breads, and Ali took the fresh ones and was eating as well.

The man asked, Ali, what are you doing? And Ali replied, I am eating fresh breads which my wife is making for me. And the man here was a kind of pause, and made further contemplation about his own life style, in which such a figure and a man whom he pay high respect, is having meals on a hourly basis, and is not bothering about the day after. But, he was bothering for years and many months. And the man kept quiet. He stopped to raise his question and difficulty.

The man went back his home without asking or presenting his question as was instructed by the Prophet to Ali, but Ali answered the man’s question without being asked. There are many incidents of such types in our life in which many people answer our questions the moment we ask, not with words but with their practical deeds and in many other aspects of life.

In the former days, to seek for a daily bread was a sign of spirituality, in which, there is a famous Church prayers and other religious places where such requests are made, that goes like…Lord, give us our daily bread… which is quite important, but could require another mindset that make one to be compatible and consistent with the need of the age, that a day is equal to a year, or a thousand year, that could mean that Our daily bread is equivalent to annual or even more means of subsistence. The point here is that how one perceives reality is more important than what reality was telling us in past.

The current trend of our world is more of future based reality than past and present, in which past and present are important, but the Future is more important than the two. These happen due to our experience of life in which Life is becoming more of ongoing concern than quitting concern. The On going approach is becoming more certain than the concept of the “End” things.

Being apocalyptic and such warnings raised out of such arenas of life are considered in these days as more of holy wood movie or science fiction films than being translated into reality in a way most expect or imagine or have speculated for many reasons, except there are few individuals or self appointed “prophets” who give us certain explanations and interpretations on their understanding and interpretations of such aspects of Reality. And such given understandings are relative and subjective, which are not free from err and bias.  

We live in a world where financial security in terms of the Future is more crucial than any other thing, in which many people try to warrant their Future based on the present savings they have, which is quite appropriate and essential. However such aspects of our life are directing many people to be more greed than ever, in which the degree and tendency of friendship and company many people have are mainly based on calculations and contemplation, in which individualism becomes the center of everything, which ruins community and communal life-style. Then to seek for a daily prayer sounds here obsolete unless figurative or other meanings are delivered. Why do people seek daily bread while they are having more savings in their accounts for years?

In other aspects, signs of generosity in terms of aid and granting loans are emerging at institutional level, in which this shows the signs of better level of generosity in which humanity has demonstrated, whatever motive this could have. Motive based generosity is a sign of non-motive based generosity which is yet to come. This shows how this world is moving towards transitional state of maturity in which strong nations are helping weak nations in terms of years and decades. Future here is not on a daily basis but rather for decades and the like.

Whatever conclusions or interpretations are delivered on our begging or asking on daily basis, Reality is forcing us to shift our thinking and perception of values and belief we have set in the past to a different paradigm, which obliges us to see things in bit different ways that what we used to. This does not mean that we seek new prophets or religions, but we may need to adjust certain thinking with the need of the time with our way of life. This is the Day in which we do not need anyone to tell us to do this or that. The more self appointed prophets are coming, the more confusions and divisions we have. Thus, this World could require quite a Reconciliation Process between its belief and practices Versus the Reality that forces us to change our Thinking Machineries in its own people, but not by appointing other Figures of Prophets.

Sins of Institutions

January 7, 2011

Most wrong acts are not punishable by law; or if they are punishable by law, most people prefer to ignore and focus what is useful for their daily lives than being busy in filling sues, which could kill their times and energies for mostly irrelevant matters and silly details. These happen because of the integrity and fairness of Justice system, in which many people have pains in having the Right Justice from any Justice system in any community dynamics. If someone insults me, I prefer to ignore and focus on my most important daily routines than fill court case. Otherwise we could end up being a kind of machines for paper and ink things. Thus it is sometimes useful and helpful to use our consciousness than go by the Book, which is no the case here.

Justice system is not like opening and closing a school, which is … crime and sin one commits here, but even worse. As one closes school, it kills the vision and generation of those few peoples who have some sort of trust on one. And such crimes are not punishable by law, since there was no capacity to see such types of crimes at that level.  Schooling is not a business like a department store or a shop; it requires ceaseless energies and efforts and quite tremendous capacity.

Justice system is more difficult and harder than this. It is about seeking the Truth. In this case education and referring books and cases are one factor, but sincerity and integrity are another elements that need to be figured out. The complaints we hear everywhere on many justice systems are no due to lack of education and intellectual elements, but rather many people complain it is because of integrity and capacity of those individuals in the field, and in certain cases in the justice systems too.

Accordingly the Book says that there are corruptions that exist at individual, society and institution levels. The individual sins and corruptions are stated in the Book as Ten Commandments and in others Books in many detail descriptions. Do not…do this or that… Corruption or sins at social levels are identified by certain segment of society…such as greed, resource imbalance (economic injustice) and the like. Referring many writings and findings, people are heard complaining about institutions of any type in any given social dynamic, the following sins of Institutions.

These are:-
• Election fraud
• Deception
• Lie
• Conspiracy
• Sabotage
• Power [knowledge] monopolization and the like.

Basically there are two types of Institutions, in which one is established based on election and appointment, that include self-appointed ones such as kings and monarchs, and the Other one is established as ordained by the Primal Will, in which the Prophets take the major role and responsibility. In the Former case, the entire people have a role and sacred duty. In the later, the individuals who are chosen to that Rank and Position are the Primal Authors in rectifying, reshaping, and resizing the Form of that Given Institution they have visualized. In the Political realm, it is up to he majority Vote in which a leader is elected.

A Prophet here is a person who declares that he is inspired by God and has something to tell the world. It is not like being a declared theology. Both Institutions are continuous Processes, and they have their own evolutionary process. The former serves as Body, and the later serves as Soul in traditional sense of look of nature of human reality in our world in figurative aspects. When both face difficulty, the entire human frame becomes haphazard, paralyzed and confused. While trying to correct the later in fabricated or by those individuals who pretend to, one is creating a cancer which spoils and destroy the entire community, its structure, and fundamentals as well. In this case, it is advisable to stay outside in communities that enjoy such grievous sins committed by few people. This is like taking a medicine prescribed by electrician, or painter, or lawyer and the like.

Any given system, in most cases, cannot punish itself, if so, it is punishable by the preceding system which comes after it, as a trend we have seen in many countries, in which Time is the Answer for everything. Thus, a given System could try to correct its mistakes within itself as far as those corrections do not cause a trembling effect on its agenda, and mission but the most grievous ones wait for Time to unveil such sins that could deserve Justice. Justice is a tool that brings order in any given social system, and creates a huge bond between peoples to be more unified than ever.

Justice and forgiveness are very paradoxical elements in any given community dynamics.  Failure to do justice, which can be due to sabotage and conspiracy and fear of consequences of doing the right thing is not punishable by law, until the fact is obtained, and it is kind of corruption that comes as a result of fear, bribery, and the like. Such failures are sins committed by individuals who are at higher level, who ignore the fact and focus on irrelevant matters under the cover of being elected or chosen.

Failure to do justice is in fact unpardonable even if you have Phd in Law. Education here helps to acquire necessary skill to make one help arrive at right conclusion, in which Integrity and Sincerity are the Cornerstones. Otherwise if one uses one’s education for reversing the Truth to falsehood, one’s being learned here is futile, garbage and rubbish. An illiterate person with high level of integrity is worthwhile and praiseworthy to live than this person with learned agenda but doing wrong things.