Characteristics of Prophet

December 14, 2010

An Oxford Dictionary defines Prophet, a person who foretells the future; religious teacher inspired by God and the like. It is mostly associated with the ABSOLUTE POWER OR Unknowable Essence, God, and the Future. Time in this regard has three aspects—Past, Present, and Future—and the Unknown reality are major characteristics of any given Prophet as we heard and know in the history. However there are other aspects of any given Prophet.

A Prophet identifies Himself/Herself that He/She is a Prophet. In the history of human kinds, such aspect of our life in most cases is masculine, but this does not mean that there no female Visionaries who can see the future and know future events and are inspired by God. Since most Personages in this aspect of life on the earth germinate from the East, in which culture used to be a predominant factor here.

It is possible to say and tell that there were/are Women Prophets in the Past, and the present day society. Since History is made up of politics such aspects of our world was beautifully gestured and articulated by and for men. History needs entire revision in this area and aspect. This is a territory male has been playing and dominating and directed our world to be more of masculine in attitude—arrogance, ambition, power seeking attitude and mentality, and the like—that consumed this globe with such fires of atrocity, yielding two most grievous and ruinous World Wars in the history of Humankind.

Historically, Prophet-hood has been gestured with masculine in sex, and its direction thing to the East. And I think this one of the wrong assumptions and conclusions many people have arrived due to lack of understanding and proper way of perceiving human realities, in which women have demonstrated efficient, profound and magnificent skills and professional aspects that made one conclude that, Why not to Women, who quarreled women with God that no such station could not be delivered to Them? And a person from the West can be a Prophet too. Black people, Women, and the West are missed matters in the world of greater prophet-hood, which make the idea of God to be fabrication of the human mind and culture based thinking as per this context.

When Prophet hood directs to other aspect, women, west, and black, the world starts filling the vacuum already created due to the natural gift and insight of such precious people in the planet so that the vacuum and space created due to past and history can be corrected and the vacant space could be filled. This does not mean they just become a Prophet for the sake of filling quota, but rather this is to indicate that there are and could be individuals who live in that station, but neglected and ignored due to historical conclusions and trends. Bias and prejudice are one of t becoming nature of this world too. We have made many mistakes in the history, and we have to accept other Perspectives and Perceptions so that our mistakes could be corrected and Our Future can have a bright destiny so that the future generation can live with relative comfort and ease.

There was no black Prophet who was acknowledged in the past except few people have tried few things and come up with certain vision in very narrow circles. They could not go that far due to the motive, color and race based, which sound and relate to certain group of people—very political. Taking such factors as preamble, God has to do something. Meaning, There are certain vague things that drive many people into superstitions and vague way of perceiving God, in which women are religiously considered as curse due to the legendary tales we were told in the Adam and Eve thing, which we are not sure, but sound a deliberate move to attack the capabilities and potentials of women, to the extent they can be a Prophet.

Even though, this world has possessed the above shortcomings and drawbacks until in present day society, today, Prophets of the past have delivered conceptual frameworks in telling how the community they formulate look like, they have their own rules, laws and regulations, rituals or practices, followers, visions, writings, promises, destinies, fate, failures, historical backgrounds, enemies, friends and the likes. They are not well nourished in formal educations and training, and derived knowledge out of Inspiration. They have both economic and political framework.

Although there are two types of Prophets—Minor and Major, in which the above matter relates to the Major ones, where as the Minor ones do only see future events, but do not have respective followers. They see what is going to happen, and they are heard saying, “I Saw”, “I heard”, but the major ones besides what that they see and hear, they say, warn, advise, teach, do this and do not do this.

Bearing this in mind, it is time to reflect to certain practices in which past presumed, and there are certain aspects that are considered as for granted, and we could find everywhere that most men are provoked and provoking themselves to the station of Prophet hood, considering the city of Prophet hood as if anyone like them can enter and claim.

There are many reasons why people need guidance and ideas from such Personages—Prophets—and few of these are:-

  1. They are sources and causes of Unity to those people who think and believe with same Idea and share same belief system;
  2. They create mysterious linkage and bond between people of diverse language, culture, belief, practice and background due to the nature of Mysterious Cause they come about;
  3. They deliver perspective towards life on the earth as individual, community and institution level so as to create a smooth and safe ground for those who are connected and related to Their Idea;
  4. They help people to question, ask, research and reach to the point of The Truth of any thing at any given point and age;
  5. They provide and assist people in removing fanaticism and fundamentalism, that could result in conservative and rigid principles or practices or ideologies that could be progressively be changed or improved—Accept that the Truth is relative and changes according to the need of the age and time;
  6. They create a progressive and dynamic generation and followers at any given time and place that could contribute a great deal to the progress and betterment of this World;
  7. They clarify confusions, and give ideas and Perspectives on how such confusions and contradictions in terms of thinking, belief and the like occur;
  8. They are important Points or Centers of attractions, in which the Spirals of people start germinating and growing around, due to the Law of this Universe, Forces of Attractions; and everything start revolving around since Their Idea and Cause is the Pivot Point;
  9. They have naturally bestowed powers and forces due to the potency and magnitude of the Cause they formulate, which has a natural impact on the life of individuals and community dynamics they are going to bring about;
  10. The network, energy flow they come about is universal in nature and is all encompassing, they claim to be inclusive in nature, their Idea is endowed with special energy that can re-create others;
  11. They create safe ground for many people to live together in peaceful and harmonious way by bringing to attention or emphasizing the idea of forgiveness than revenge seeking mentality, avoiding power seeking attitude , and asking whoever joins them to have an attitude of servitude and humbleness towards others and the like;

No prophet of God on the earth lived without harassment and hardship, difficulties and trouble. Problems, conflicts, contradiction, and labeling are some of the crisis that They all face. Problems and complication seem the very nature of their Life on the Earth. They have envious and jealous people round who complicate their lives and destiny too. No matter how far they are put to many kinds of troubles, Victory is their Fate. They are the winners and champions of Their Cause; and these could happen before or after their life on the earth. Triumph is the ultimate destiny, as bright Day Sun comes after darkness and night. Crisis and victory live in parallel in their Personal life and the Cause they work for.

Prophets are like Eye and Ear to the World of Humanity in which they serve as Mouthpieces where unknown and unidentified, hidden drama, and unclear things and the like are known; They give clues and data about Past, Present and Future with information they tap from unknown sources. It is indeed a Station. They create a tool in which that tool is a means of addressing and implementing the Goal they set in this world. They give hopes and promises and warnings about life on the next world. They give assurance on the continuity of life to next worlds. They create a bond and network of people that can have many spirals within the Big Shell they set, due to interpretations and understanding differences that could lead to division and schism.

Though they have ambiguous statements and concepts they derive, gap and contradiction occur due to the usage and expressions they set in their languages, which is figurative and are not straightforward. Advocate’s of their Ideology are the ones who interpret and understand what they Say, in way, in cases, they were or not intending, due to the kind of love and conviction they have, and from the fear of failures in their life. They become causes for sources of many contradictions and conflicts within societies. Thus, schism becomes one of the becoming nature tools and causes which they come about.

Life continues and goes on and The Prophet continue becoming sources of Inspiration to many people in due course of time. Historical trend shows that those who accept the message and advises of Prophets are those people and group of society who are not related and have no knowledge of who they are, but are directly attracted to their Ideas and Concepts and Writings and the types of things they observe in their surroundings, and reach to Conclusive idea that They are The Prophet. Those who were expecting, and think that they have per-information, and make many kinds of arguments about them in most cases are the ones who deviate and come against them, who complicate, and try to ruin their lives. This is one part of history of the Prophets in this world.

The other aspect of their life, as there is a saying, A prophet is dishonored in his native country. One of the major reason is due to fancy and imaginative and magical expectations people can have which is mere result of their mindful and emotional fabrications of their own mind, that is resulted out of combination of shortcomings and drawbacks, that put them to be in wrong shape. The other is lack of understanding of the nature  and laws of this cosmos reality and the way and things go and function in this world. The other factor is materialistic understanding and interpretation of abstract and other aspects of Realities in which many people assume that there is an outward expressions for anything, too pragmatic.

The above mentioned few aspects of the Prophet are from historical facts and observation, but there could be misunderstanding and misconceptions due to historical way of perceiving realities in which history is made up of politics and there were certain segments of societies that were intentionally ignored and neglected in this regard–Women and /or Black- who can have influence and impact on the present day society due to many factors.

There is no reason why God is not talking and communicating with the educated society like those Prophets of the old, in which an educated Person cannot be a Prophet?  There is no reason why a Woman who live  in Canada or Germany cannot be a Prophet too? There is no reason a Black man in Africa or Caribbean cannot be a Prophet? History made a definition and an understanding about such Figures, which is not enough and can widen and divert to other segment or part of the Society. This does not require approval or gestures of appreciations from those people who are interested in this field, but  this is The Truth that happens and dwells in our Present Day society.

We live in a time when humanity lives in relative maturity than ever, and considering the world of humanity as a life of a single human being, it is time for that person to question many things; and those stories and tales e we were told and puzzle our mind need to be filtered and sorted out and their truthfulness should be verified. It is very hard to believe and hard to trust about the root of God which is attributed to a single family root, and thus one could conclude that God has no child or everyone is the child of God in this regard. The tales and stories we heard in the past are something that did convince when humanity was living in the era of childhood.


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