Why Do People Deviate!?

November 3, 2010

The world we live in is shaped by many different types of imaginary and fixed lines and tend to think that there is freedom, and the claim few people do, “we are free society” is in its relative terms and context and the like. This is to mean that, this world has some kind of boundaries, molded and shaped according to belief and thinking systems, in which there are certain touchstones that exist as imaginary and intangible boundaries—there are also physical boundaries whose margins could be based on imaginary lines and dictations.

This world has its own alien type shocks and tragedies in many aspects, in terms of—social systems, intellectual aspects and the like—and we know such things exist the moment we pass the margins and limits they put and in fact and when we taste the fire of such boundaries as result of passing them for they could have no answer or they do not know or they have no adequate knowledge after the lines.

The laws, rules, policies and regulations of a given community dynamics works true and legitimate as far as one exists in that given community dynamics, but the moment that a given person escapes from that circle, that person is not eligible to be governed by a given laws, and policies of any community.

This is like that bird in a cage, in which the moment that given bird escape or breaks that given cage and finds out a bigger atmosphere and sky, that given bird is free from the prison in the cage, in which it has proclaimed its own freedom on the sky by not returning back to the cage and soaring over the sky.

This is also like, another analogy that goes like with a group of birds that fly together around sea shore islands and the like. They fly at same height and velocity and one day, one of them was not some how dissatisfied with the height and velocity of the group, and asked the group, let us fly to the above  one more height up and all of them said. NOT. There is nothing left and there is nothing above this and that bird was not satisfied and made a move to go upward and then the bird find another group of birds with same need, and those who think that there was nothing left or no space on the above think that that given bird is lost or dead but that bird enjoys better freedom and happiness than before.

And in that given new group the bird joined later and that given bird asked them, let us go one more high up ward and all of them said to that given bird,there is no other place above this and that bird again made another move upward and joined another circle there, life in this world is like that and every group tell you the moment you depart from a given group or circle, they think and assume that you are dead or lost, but in reality they think and they are like those birds who presume that given bird is dead or lost. However,  it is hard to be sure of certain things unless certitude here is considered as blind faith.

The same is true in the human kingdom. There are many reason why many people deviate from the community they belong—political and religious—in which they could be labeled or known by many tags after they deviated from that given community dynamics. There are many possible and practical reasons why people deviate, and this is just a normal activity. Such acts could not be considered as signs of abnormality or insanity and the like.

The first reason is due to a given person’s own personal failure in meeting standards and obligations and the like that i set within that given domain. These are like contradictions and conflicts and the like. These are personal failures that can be attributed to the person who deviated from any community or society dynamics. In this regard, the person is solely responsible for one’s own failure and the like. Such failures have no impact on defining the destiny of any given community or society dynamics, but rather could contribute so much to the success of the vision of any given community or society dynamics.

The second reason is due to ignorance and knowledge thing, in which there are certain deliberate lies and deceptions that could go around the bush in which the moment a given person becomes aware, that person could face devastating shocks and could deviate from that given community. Such things could be normal or could be considered as a lie to others that still work for it. Khalil Gibran says, I saw religion buried in books, but doubt stood in its stand. Such aspects is like turmoil and catastrophe to the person who seek out originally. Here deviation and informing The Truth to others is a brave act, than being silent, in which case silence here is a cowardice activity.

The third reason could be due to change and shift of mind and thinking of that given person’s capacity and understanding in which a certain person could deviate in thinking and perception due to certain reasons that augment one’s capacity and capability in perceiving realities and understanding of different aspects of a given matter. What a person could think like at age 20 regarding certain matter as a life and death thing and that given person could think at age 30 about same given matter as childish or rubbish or garbage thing. This is happened due to shift in capacity or thinking.

A person who thinks at age 20 and that same person could think at age 30 is entirely different regarding one aspect or any matter due to many reasons and factors. The first reason could be as one travels around the world and meet more people and share opinions with them as well, know many things about the world, and the other reason could be as one reads more books and understand things in different ways and the like. Immanuel Kant says, knowledge is derived out of experience and such matters are very personal and vary from person due to personal experience and the like.

Hence, the individual can come up with one’s way of perceiving realities, Concepts whose cumulative effect lead to some sort of one’s own belief or perspective toward Reality and Life , in which case, the one basic and major concept addressed here is, one come up with a thinking that Human Being is a CONTRADICTION and  this contradiction is Reality going on in one’s being due to the underlined assumption about the nature of human beings, which was delivered to oneself in past life which is the dual aspects and nature, body and soul, whose combination create a Third Element , THIRD REALITY, due to their contradictory need and nature, which is the body is governed by time and space where as the soul is not governed by both aspects.

As a matter of such nature, which needs to be reconciled by many Powerful tools this world has gestured itself to date, in which PERSPECTIVE is required. Personality is not the case here, and irrelevant but rather. Concepts and Perspectives are keys that unlock gates of mysteries and secrets of this world and life in this world too. This does mean that priorities in certain aspects of life that were given certain values could need some sort of revision and reconsideration and another dimension too.

For the secret of human’s being is not only to live but to have something to live for. In this regard, to have could be related to material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual possessions whose manifestation and reflection on this objective plane of existence could vary from society to society, institution to institution and individual to individual. The body is used as a tool or vehicle to entertain or help the four aspects of human reality, in which material wealth, emotional stability, intellectual and spiritual maturity are obtained thru concerted and well coordinated of the above four needs and realities. Thus the body is the mediator and the temple in which human reality is reflected.

The so called Prophets and Great Activist in the world are those Personages who used to belong to certain group, but due to certain dissatisfaction doubt they have in the system of belief or thinking group they belong, they deviate from the former, and form their own community and society due to the acceptance of their quest and thinking, and end up being a Leader of a community of their own. This is normal and customary way and pattern of this world. This is a process and natural pattern of life and certain things in this world.

Agreement does not comply with The Truth. For example, we can agree to make a house on certain place as far as we have received a certain plot of land and have enough money to make that house. However, we can not agree on certain unforeseen calamities and the like even if we have utmost concord between us, since we have no knowledge and they are beyond our own common agreements and the like. In this regard, we need to leave a space and vacuums so that unforeseen things could destroy what we have constructed for years. These are natural catastrophe that could destroy what we have constructed and they are natural, and cannot be controlled by man made minds and knowledge except labeling their category and describing the extent of damage occur, which we hear and see in the broadcasting medias as news .

What makes our life more complicated than any other thing is our ignorance of the nature of our own reality, and our narrow-minded approaches toward the many aspects of our own life and to what people call “The Truth”, where we tend to compromise principles to our own emotions and feelings, tend to abuse the true nature of truth with our own personal hidden motives and desires. It is funny that people are good at giving advises on how the way of life should be, but never practice it when it comes to their own personal life.

There is no guarantee to what we think, and believe, for every day may expect us with surprises, for life on earth is full of unpredictable phenomenon, which changes the course of our life from one extreme to the other.  Our belief and thinking are always tested through circumstances, which can influence the degree of our integrity and faith.  The amount or potency of the circumstances or situations [tests] that challenge the degree of our integrity are always greater in weight and volume than the amount of faith we have before this circumstances come.