Thinking and Freedom

October 16, 2010

Modern man wants to wed with two great potent Forces—The Truth and Freedom. However, both are partially possible and practical in this world due to many reasons and factors. We live in the middle of times and generations. And we inherited many types of things, processes, visions and desires and ambitions of many people in the past.

… In this mid-way thing, one could pause and ask, Where are we heading? Here needs a mind set and a perspective to come with correct picture and image of the point where we are, and could require more energy and time. This world is a complex world, whose body politic looks like a paradox.

This can be correlated …the world of humanity as a life of a single person, and whose body organs and structures could be considered as … different nations and generations.. on which the whole point of that given…the assumed person here is like living in the world of confusion and state of anxiety.

There are nations that reach to higher level of advancement…there are nations that still strive to survive…both can be like…the Mind of a given person thinks highly abstract ideas … but …cannot in case do not satisfy one’s stomach due to poverty…Both are practically living in this world…and the body politic of the world of humanity in its entirety; looks like …

The point here is that this world is driving into a direction, planned and unplanned, whose end result as most hope to PEACE, but whose today is full of contradiction and conflicts, but the end is something they all wish, and the processes and strategies to the end is all fighting for…My Way…My Path…

..This world is heading towards being a complete and healthy human being… taking the body politic analogy…at some point…the mind and the rest part and nature of human reality could function in harmony.. in which … by coordinating, integrating, harmonizing and reconciling needs, visions, ambitions and the like … afterwards and at some point..this world will become a nice place to live in, with proper combination and interactions of at least..four basic needs..material, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs in terms of individual, societal and institution levels, by removing and adding …remedying its own ailments and the like…certain ingredients and elements according to the need of the age, which requires a mature mindset , that will surely come and create some or of healthy dynamism in this world….

… And thus, this world will live as …at some point in the future, a world that harmonize its needs to its citizens with fairness and justice…in all aspects… material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs…however there are certain societies and communities that…out of ambition and desire…come up with certain recipe to solve the world problems…these are like …human belly’s…they do not succeed and could not …, but could end up … being extra and redundant part of the body…this world has its own dynamics, both natural and man made…

In this complicated and sophisticated world, life was supposed to be simple and easy, but for most part, it happens to be formidable to survive and put many people in jeopardy. Ego and ambition lead the world for centuries and ages; and they put unending fire in this world. It is their shape and form and their temple that change from time to time.

In this case, Truth and Freedom can bring lasting security and peace to this world. When Truth and Freedom are combined, the fire that burns the world of humanity for centuries and ages, ego and ambition, get destroyed. Ambition is dangerous for it requires its own tact and wisdom. When one is truthful and have the necessary freedom to translate with, there will be tremendous change and progress in any society dynamics for truth delivers joy and freedom brings stability in any given community dynamics.

There are two types of ambitions. The first one is ambition with ignorance. Such type of ambition could destroy anyone who carries it at the end. The other type of ambition is ambition with knowledge, and such type of ambition is commendable and could lead one to prosperity and happiness.

We live in a time where paradoxical events are going on hand in hand, in which both positive and negative occurrences shape our world, in the past, present and in the future too. Due to subjective and relative aspects of certain aspects of reality in this world, this world has lived by adding and removing things …liked and not liked…due time and those peoples in power’s mood and choice… Afterwards, where are we heading?

The point about life is this world is like as mirage in the asphalt road, in which the moment you see on a distant, there is some kind of water on the road, but the moment you reach, there is nothing, it is just a conception in your mind, in which your mind created due to certain combination you see there on the road…sun, heat, distance, the nature of the asphalt and the like…

Mostly what we conceive in our mind of the future is like that…We take certain variables and come up with certain recipe of the future…and let us assume we reach to the point we need to reach in the future…now we still look forward to another point that is not ending…but in this conception of the future…we could have destroyed many things, which should not be the case, in which we could reach there without destroying anything and the like, …not be necessary..

In any case, anything can have its noblest fruit when its foundation has two basic ingredients—Truth and Freedom—in which both are the basis and foundation of true prosperity and happiness at an individuals, community and institution level.  And they require detachment, courage, volition and action. In any confused and frustrated environment, they are the sources of courage and transformation and confidence in and for life on the earth.

Life is not like baking a pizza cake where one comes with definite recipe, but rather it is a continuous process whose recipe is formulated due to the processes of life through the ins and outs one passes on. In this regard, one needs a mindset that is ready for change, and could see the future with unbiased and open mind. They say…Life is unending Journey… and Life and death are a single point, we see them starting, but never ends…