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September 29, 2010

There are many people who have an impact on our reality and life and decisions we make in life. Those whom we call friends, in which they are type of people who try to make our life productive and helpful; and there are people whom we call enemies who destruct our lives and the like.

Practically there are different layers of people in which…there are people whom we ignore while seeing on the street, there are people whom we greet and have cups of coffee together…there are people whom we share bed together no matter and whatever they think since we share feelings together, there are people whom we spend more time conversing since we share common understanding and thinking and the like. This depends on forces of attractions we have with others and cross sections we have with other individuals since this is one of the laws of this Cosmo, Force of Attraction.

While such drama and theatrical events of life is going on, it is important and necessary, at times, to be unpredictable to anyone, since life on the earth has many tricky issues and matters. Why do I need to be predictable to a person who is going to ruin my life tomorrow as far as my being unpredictable is from the motive of protecting myself from the evil things … going to plot? Why do I express myself to a person who is going to be jealous in due time? Is this necessary to have your whole picture known by another person? The answer is YES and No.

The Book says, “Do not tell thy vision to anyone even to your brother,…they plot evil on you?” This is an important reminder and note which sounds very useful and interesting since this tells the real nature and personality of most people as they put on harm, when the moment they think that you are like achieved. The major reason is obvious, envy and jealousy, which is followed by reason and the desire or ambition they have for their own personality—self centered—why not me, why another person, what is missed on me, I am better than another person chosen or elected or appointed to be like that and the like…

Personality and Individuality of human beings have two facets and three aspects. The two facets of every given individual personality and individuality are as follows. The first one is what is communicated and outwardly manifested. The second one what is kept personal, confidential, and not communicated to any outside reality or person, which is kept very personal. These can be feelings, and thinking, and desires and vision which are not shared to anyone.

The three aspects of personality and individuality of every given individual are the following. The first one is what every given person is known and identified by others. This depends on the mercy and observation of others. A given person could be identified as hero, but in reality he/she could be cowardice and the like.

The measurements or touchstones here depends on how a given community measure or value individuals. A bullying personality on the …. side could be considered by a given community dynamics or people of a given community as an act of heroism but in another community such acts could be considered as threatening and could put someone into court.

The second aspect of personality and individuality of every given individual is what that given person in reality is; the true picture of that given person, in which in the former case, most individual personality are distorted due to peoples confusing and community dynamics constraints of perceiving individuals, which is not free from bias and mistake, in which that given person could have different picture of his/her own personality other than he/she was perceive by others. What a given person thinks and knows about one’s own personality and individuality is the second aspect of every person reality.

The Third aspect of every person individuality and personality is what GOD thinks and perceive oneself, which is beyond the knowledge and conception of anyone, but manifests and reflects in every given individual life and reality. For example, there could be individuals who design plot on a given individual so as to put that given person under jeopardy. However, things could go contrary what is designed, and that given individual could be saved miraculously. Such circumstances and conditions could be referred to the Power of God, assisting that given individual since Perception is contextual.

A person who is considered as evil or devil by many people could have different reality in the sight of God, to the extent He could deliver a Perspective and guidance to humanity. A good example here is the exemplary life of Jesus Christ in which He was perceived by the rulers and leaders of religions and politics of that given time as mad, demon, magician, devil, witch and the like. But, He later exerted such profound effect and force on this world as we witness toady.

This world has two aspects in its happenings and occurrences. The first ones are those occurrences that happen with our choices. The other occurrences are those that happen without our own consent. Free will and NO Freewill things are two aspects of life on this earth. We eat since we are hungry. We choose the type of food we like based on our preferences. We get tired, and we have no choice to sleep since we have no other alternatives other than sleeping to remove our tiresome attitudes and the like.

Personality can be shared with other people in terms of life exposure, professional backgrounds, family, community life style and the like. However, Individuality cannot be shared, it is the individual’s distinct identity created and bestowed by God. A good example can be here like names, names are not shared. Twins even have different names.  Even..there are certain coincidence in similarity between first and last maes…can this go up to seven roots? If that is the case…there are certain similarity one could onbserv in terms of individualiy…meaning likeness…like the case of the prophets…\Moses…\Jesus…but their mission is totally different…the impact they brought is totally diferent though they hold station of Prophethood..Personality and individuality are interconnected and interrelated. Personality has no impact on individuality, but could serve as spicy thing, means of knowing the hidden reality, indicator, and bridge to individuality.


September 18, 2010

Words are just proper combination’s of letters, and … their meaning and interpretation they mainly depends upon the communication media, nature of the language, the capacity of the recipients and the magnitude and degree of interactions and communication within the society, that deliver some sort of common idea, meaning and understanding within a community dynamics.

Hence, few words could have more power and influence than the rest due to many reasons. Famous Victorian writer, Victor Frankly, said two powers must concur, the first one is the genius of the writer and the second is the power of the moment. When the ripe time, for a given word, is come, that given word becomes a Concept and delivers huge meaning and understanding in the society.

Sincerity according to Oxford Dictionary is defined as … without pretence or deceit…and the like that delivers a meaningful definition based on interaction and community dynamics of society in a certain period, but could have certain continuity to certain period until society changes the way it perceives and communicates, actions and feelings that meaning do deliver.

Sincerity, as I understand, is a huge force and power that connects peoples and ideas serving as a bondage; and also connects people to people as a network that have same level of thinking and conceptual frameworks in way creating its own dynamics in its own spiral, like a network, and delivers a ….

Sincerity is a potent force that creates some sort of community dynamics between peoples of same community, or different, in which it serves as mysterious links and elixiric force, within people that know or does not know each other,  but do have certain levels of attraction.

Human being, as a universal creature, has four natures—physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual—and those beings that have same level or station of such dynamics are interlinked with the world of SINCERITY when they reach same or close levels or magnitude of such potent force, in which the forces of attracts in Sincerity attract such peoples with its own natural force.

For instance, Mr. … in Guatemala, has acquired certain level of personality and individuality is his own life dynamics, like he is educated, follows or practices Christianity, has family, actively participates in social dynamics of his own society and the like… and Ms. … in Iraq, is illiterate, emotionally and spiritually stable and intelligent …practices Muslim religion and the like…these people could live in same circle and level of mentioned community dynamics as in the above …Sincerity has no group, color, race, sex, age, and the like…

The bond that creates such network with people is QUEST. When people have quest in certain aspects of live or the way community dynamics operate, Doubt is borne. Doubt opens the gates of Quest. Quest unlocks gates of the Answer.

While living in such level or process of life…that takes years… such people are knowingly or unknowingly creating certain community dynamics with each other, whose magnitude could lead to different aspects and features of life. Certain ones could form a community, others operate in fragmented ways and approaches, others keep quiet in their own homes and pray, and the like…

The process a given individual takes to live in this valley is for years, could be life time project…but while staying or being actively interacting in this valley, emanates a huge force and power in those who live in that same circle…the moment one finds or gets answers to a given quest…the answer goes to another peoples …that is what they call… I am inspired when they have no way or means to define the answer they obtain since they were not told by any one…

Any given individual in a given areas…is mysteriously linked with the potent force and dynamics of SINCERITY, with another person of another area, while living in the valley of reach or quest for life, in which they are not even aware…but the force and the network is here and there, but the point here is that it is not something you enter like…joining a religion or political ideology or whatever…but rather such network is created as matter of volition and efforts in pursuing searching for The TRUTH…such network is created not by the knowledge or choice of the individual, but the efforts and choices people make in their life styles, …this is not something that can be acquired by training or lecture …

The point here is that when such people start, think, that they claim certain station or try to have a kind of shape, the magnitude or degree or Sincerity, get depleted, and start fading away, due to many reasons. The nature of Sincerity is … acquiring no station, or acknowledgment, or showy attitude…empty or vain pride, or arrogance or the type of I am saved stuff and the like …. But it is free from such things…one can be rich or poor, or whatever… that is not the case, but one works for THE TRUTH at any point…lives in QUEST…

And one of the nature of this world…the moment people try to have form, they bring rules and regulations and policy…such matters give birth to another network of people after they join that circle, which mean that form is not a solution or good idea…but they can live in the form they belong…they can bring certain ideas to the attention of the…then if it works, it meets its objective…if not…they live their own life … own circle…Such people live in both worlds…thus they do not need to have a leader or an office….the leader is THE TRUTH…

There are two types of people in this world, …those who think that form is important for any idea to exist and live…and there are people who think that forms is not important, it oppresses any given idea, and thus it does not allow any idea to be objective in its entirety…both have their own pros and cons…the point about SINCERITY is, it exists in both worlds and dwells in both realms, and the thing here is that it has no FORM, but is a SPIRIT that emanates like the SUN RAY, and falls on every thing, but depends, and can dwell in your home, on the processes of life—choices, and decisions you make in life—whose cumulative effect can sum up to live in that Spirals of People…thus…it does not need any FORM, but can help every form to have a good shape and better life….we have enough number of forms in this world—category of people belonging to certain form of community or group—why do we need another? ….the focus should be on strengthening or demolishing the existing ones, according to their importance, relevance, compatibility…of their circles with the world…

In this world there are two types of happenings, the first ones happen due to choices and decision we make in life, and the other ones are happenings that happen beyond our will and choice, in which most call them ordained realities, both do happen…the most interesting thing here on the earth is that there are many kinds of events and happenings going on in our planet…there are sophisticated and practical thinking…there are many superstitious beliefs and practices…both are results of our choice and acceptance…we like the way things look like by majority…we continue…this does not imply that they are correct and true…agreement does not imply truth …as the laws of thermodynamics state…it is easier to do things in wrong way than the right way…and there are many wrong ways of doing a thing … which could be false and untrue…in this case.,..we have the choice to change the way things are…or the ordained reality comes in place …for both time is the answer…as the Islamic tradition states…”The Sincere are always in great danger”…

The power of sincerity manifests in a given society dynamics with different outward actions and reactions, manifestations and reflections, and amongst these are courage, detachment from worldly gains and fames, vision—seeing the future with unbiased mind—fostering unique or different perspectives and understanding of reality and life on the earth, resilience, and the like that could have an impetus and add momentum to life, by adding certain vigor one already has in life. Sincere people have rebellious nature to bring chaos into an order, to bring stability out of instability, and the like. They add vigor to society and community dynamics. They bring to the attention of the mass, what is missed and lost ; what are neglected and ignore but are most necessary and essentials of society dynamics. The power of Sincerity exerts profound impact on the life of any community dynamics in mysterious way.

Accordingly, sincere people, historically, have three main features; there are … they bring thought provoking ideas and concepts; they deliver opinions and perspectives to correct wrongs and deception within community or society dynamics in bold manner; the third is…as a result of token of appreciation and admiration many people have, they have many followers of hearts and minds…these are inseparable…the point about life on the earth is that there are different energies that exist…positive and negative…in which the moment ..a thing or any given idea comes…both forces germinate equally…the positive ones construct that given idea…where as the negative ones try to destruct…but there is another force that germinate as result of the two…a synergetic effect… in which the most balance…create a momentum and galvanize the rest…in mysterious ways…for None is the author and owner of Time…

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