Names and Cultures

June 19, 2010

Can a given culture tell the personality and individuality of another person who does not belong to that particular type of society or culture? NOT. Culture and tradition belongs to certain group of society who share same type of belief and thinking towards something. In a very fact there are certain things that are universal and international, but that is not the case here.

For example, I am borne and grown up in Ethiopia; my reality and identity goes in relation to the type of society which I belong here; but I could have certain things which could not interest me in here, this does not mean that I am not an Ethiopian. I speak the language, eat the food, have similar facial appearance and know the culture too.

In this regard, politicians and other community leaders have no natural and …right to decide the fate of one’s nationality in terms of natural realities, but in terms of rights and benefits, since power belongs to them, they have every right to deprive one’s right and benefit as a citizen, which is temporary; since when one party or leader abrogates certian rights and benefits of th eother; the next one could remove such abandonments and offers another rights and benefits too. Here they have a right to change th ecolor, but not the fate; even the individual, his/herself, cannot remove such things since such realities are natural and one is borne with.

However when there is a claim and thinking regarding one given culture as a standard to weigh any other given thinking or personality here come the fallacy and very unrealistic since culture is  a reality that has its own boundary and margin that works for a given society and individuals who live in that given circle.

Mentioning one person’s life as an example here, one was borne and raised up in Canada, but after getting married to another person in Iran, one could  totally change one’s name and character to the east, with the desire and intention of being related to the east stuff…. and the like. Holiness depends upon acts and characters, but not belonging to a given culture and joining certain family and the like. This reminds, me to a movie I watched …”Not without my daughter” thing…

If some one from the west tries and likes to become a person in the east, changing one’s total identity, this is according to me stupidity and foolishness; and impossible thing to be… identity is important and essential matter as life as a human being and reality in which one’s culture and identity is a life and death thing to one’s reality as well…why do one change one’s personality and identity in name of spirituality and desire of being holy? Here is it is hard to accept that every one is having straightened nose and big eyes, in which the fish bowl is becoming like same kind of banana without strawberry thing, what kind of identity and society this could be, one could imagine. Boring!!

The beauty of this world is its diversity, difference in opinion and culture, but the maturity of this world lies in tolerance and respect of everyone’s culture and opinion. Why do I have to change my name, and have another name I do not know of the culture and society? What if I like names of the west like, William, George; John and the like than Mirza, Jinabi, and the like?

The point about culture is it is huge and dynamic force a society creates out of communication and interaction so as to create momentum within a specific group of people so that a given society could be identified and well known by the practices and customs with its own lifestyle that could tell the type of civilization and thinking level and reality at a given point and time.

In this regard, Identity plays significant role; it is to mean that I prefer the name my parents gave it to me so that I could be know the rest of my life with that given name so that I avoid confusion and respect their choices for I believe that this could have its own mystery and purpose.

Culture is life style and communications media for those people who reside in a given domain; but it is not mandatory thing; although there are certain consequences individuals face due to their deviation from such life styles such as stigmatization and discrimination, which is obvious. But it is not a mandatory thing one does for the sake of survival thing.

Hence the balance of culture works correct and right to those who belong in its respective domain, which does not mean that individuals who deviate from such practices are wrong and bad people. There are always people who manipulate and take advantage of the weaknesses of given cultures in its practices and the like for their personal advantages and in such cases there are sincere people who could be victims of such tricky people, and thus they could prefer to stay outside that given culture for the sake of their own protection, which could be useful and safe as well.

It is important to weigh and see individuals in their characters and thinking than make personal judgments since they do not take coffee in same bars we do and they do not come to our home and the like. Many people are judgmental and they prefer that every one should perform the type of thing they do to consider them as normal, which sounds so up surd and non-sense.


The Four Realities

June 14, 2010

The world we live in is like THE MATRIX. Just to mean that, it has some kind of boundaries, molded and shaped according to belief and thinking systems, in which there are certain touchstones that exist as imaginary and tangible boundaries—there are also physical boundaries whose margins could be based on imaginary lines and dictations.

This world has its own Bermuda Triangle in many aspects, in terms of—social systems, intellectual aspects and the like—and we know such things exist the moment we pass the margins and limits they put and in fact and when we taste the fire of such boundaries as result of passing them; for they could have no answer or they do not know or they have no adequate knowledge after the lines.

These boundaries have basically at least four limits, in which they are all based on human perceptions and thinking, that do affect our perceptions, choices and decisions we make in our daily routines. These are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects. They govern our past, tell our present condition and forecast our future as well.

For instance, when one is hungry, one looks for something to eat. However, when one is hungry and annoyed, though there is critical need for food, one could not eat since one’s emotional aspect is so down. Although the physical need is there, food for growth and hunger, but there is also another reality that brings one’s whole being not to eat, emotional, which needs another reality to fix and balance so as to continue life in normal ways.

Here emotional aspects plays major role in dictating the body that makes not to eat though the stomach is crying loud for something to eat. There is another element here which could help this situation; in which there was a probability of being not annoyed when one looked in to the condition in detail. What makes one annoyed could be silly, and if one was patient and tolerant and different way off looking at the problem, resilience, one could not be annoyed.

The exemplary lifestyle of Jesus Christ could be mentioned here, in which when Jesus and disciples were walking on the street the saw a dead dog on the street which was stinky and all of them put their hands on their nose to protect from the smell; but Jesus said to them, “look at the teeth; how beautiful it is”. Spirituality here plays a profound role in the things that made us annoyed in which those things that made us annoyed could not happen when one is spiritual and have acquired spiritual strength and capacity.

This does not mean that when some one hurts you time and gain, you see the positive side of that, person who put anger towards you. In this case another ingredient, Justice, plays a great role in bringing that balance. In this case letting such things happen in name of taking positive stuff could destroy and cause huge damage on one’s reality than develop one’s spirituality. There is a limit for everything and when one passes that limit, one need to develop one’s own mechanism to bring that balance and make oneself to be in normal line. One can make one’s own personal judgment there as to when and how and the like.

The Concept of Contradiction, which is mentioned former, was based on the general or universal convention of the two or dual aspects—body and soul— in which many people assume that we have body and soul, in which soul is from God and body is from here, and they get …and create as human being, and from that underlined assumption, …derived the concept of contradiction since both have different needs and natures which sound contradictory…

The BODY here is not the fifth reality; NOT; but it serves as tool to create some sort of harmony and reconciliation and coordination between abstracts and tangible human realities and helps us as being a battle field in cases and play ground in another cases so that our reality as human being can be performed here on the earth with meaningful and useful dimension and perspective. These realities are dual—the seen and the unseen realities—that could manifest and be reflected in four human realities—physical, intellectual, emotional, and intellectual aspects—so that the contradictions that exist could be reconciled and coordination’s of such realities could go hand in hand.

One uses at least four of the human realities in single aspects like in the above mentioned aspect, when you are hungry thing, we have seen how three aspects are combined and used in single aspects, the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects, the fourth aspect is there, the intellectual aspect, meaning thinking what kind of food to eat and why and how and when, here intellects dictates the type of food and the reason why one chooses the food to eat when one has the mood to eat and have something in the table.

To sum up, when something comes to hurt you or annoy you, but you do not get destructed [spiritual and emotional]; and you are hungry, and you have chosen the right diet to eat [intellectual aspects] at what time and how and the like and the food is ready here [material], then the BODY enjoys the above four ingredients and realities so that one functions in healthy and regular way and do one’s job with excellence and distinctions and the like. When one eats for instance while being in the restaurant, there are at least four unseen ingredients that are exercised here.

The Writer’s Page


June 1, 2010

According to my personal view, the followings are relevant qualities of a writer. These are:-

  1.  Creativity;
  2.  Intuitive—Inspiration;
  3.  Motive based—Purpose;
  4.  Melody—Tone;
  5.  Powerful Expression—Thought;
  6.  Clear and Clean—Language Usage;
  7.  Perspective—The Angle;
  8.  Freedom—Thought, Expression, Usage of Language;
  9.  Style—Format and Form; conventions, rules, regulations;
  10.  Medias—Print, Electronics, Web and the like;
  11.  The Subject Matter—Areas of Interest;
  12.  Research Skill—Thorough knowledge on the Subject Matter;
  13. Virtues—Courage and honesty; care and wisdom;
  14. Coherence—the flow of the idea;
  15. Personality—Pattern—Reflecting and Manifesting;
  16. Effect—Influence on others;
  17. Individuality—Person’s distinct characters;

Writing is sharing, expressing, transmitting and communicating ideas, feelings, visions and desires—both seen and unseen—in front and behind—to the audience one wants to deliver in understandable manner. Understanding is one of the profound gifts of God to human beings. Hence, people share and communicate ideas, feelings, and other communicable aspects of human reality in both physical and non-physical devices.