Happenings and Matters

May 20, 2010

There are many reasons why things go wrong or deviate in away we never expect them to happen. This can happen at individual, institution and society levels depending on the magnitude and circumstances of the matter in which things happen with and without one’s own consent.

A government could plan to build a bridge, and the bridge could collapse or face situation that was not in the plan for many reasons. Unforeseen matters could happen and destroy the bridge or delay and other matter that was not put in the plan could come and put certain dangers to the bridge.

An individual could face devastating shocks that could destroy one’s personality and the like; and such matter was not in the plan of the individual. For instance, a simple individual could be put under terror suspect without one’s knowledge and his life could be complicated all over or bad gossips could be allover and his life could be devastatingly frustrated. One could also be gossiped as if one has demons, one is mad and is enemy, and the like on behind, and one could face stigmatization and the like from others.

A society could face a natural calamity like earth quake and the social and economic interaction and communication could be put to frustration, and which could result in migration to other countries in a way their culture and social dynamics could be put to danger and under great distress.

In all conditions, the crux is the reactions to those incidents that could visit our life, but what could be different here is our reaction and attitude in solving and finding remedies to the above situations one face. In this case, what is called maturity comes to place. Here is how one is required to show maturity and perspective. This depends on one’s experience and skill to LIFE.

Few could be frustrated and find a solution by removing themselves, committing suicide and the like. Others find another perspective to the problems they are facing and could come with different perspective and idea so that they overcome the hurdles they face. Others could prefer to live with confusion and being confounded and create some sort of noise to others.

Others use another strategy, like they supplicate to God for help and assistance. Others could ask for opinions and experiences from close friends and they like. Whatever strategy one uses, the end justifies the means. It is to mean that whichever method one employs, the most important thing here is overcoming the hurdles, not the type of method one uses, since the triumph is winning the battlefield in which the individual faces that is the crucial point.

The first thing I did was removing those individuals whom I do not like their opinions, company and the like, and looking for another new company, and I did; the second one is creating my own vision, different so that I could have my own standard for life. The third one is watching and reading movies and books that could give me a perspective and strategies to the vision I already set. The fourth one is Supplicating to God. The fifth one is acting and translating my own new vision I set to my self, which I am doing and will be doing.

The brave strategy and approach to life has two aspects, according to my understanding and experience. The first one is creative approaches toward the problems one faces, in which one use problems as fun, joke on them, and find other perspective on how to come up on them, acceptance and the like. The other is, one supplicates to God for assistance and aid so that one could overcome, in which case that is what I did on the past years.

For instance when financial problem faces me, the first thing I do here is try to increase my financial income by having two or more jobs; and if finding job is not possible, I ask aid from those whom I know and friendly with; and the second will be, enlarging this circle of aid to bigger circle; and if not; What can one do, one live with empty pocket as a solution than consider such problem as problem due to the fact one is till protect from unseemly way of life to date, and will hope that such a thing will not happen to oneself in the future.

The funny thing here is that there is the so called Ethiopian mentality, pride, which is a veil to see the gems that exist in others. This is the thing I do not like. The desire to be number one or first ; they say to you, for an assembled car in Ethiopia, the first of its kind in the world, but they brought everything from outside; they imported anything and everything; how come this is the first?

The point about life and happenings at individual, society and institution level, there are certain matters which we think that they are irrelevant, not important and useless; but the fate of our successes and victories could be dependent upon those matters which we ignore, we hide, we oppress and the like? Do we give a chance to them, or we continue oppressing and hiding them? What if THE TRUTH is there on those things that we are hiding from the mass?


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