The Wisdom thing!?

May 26, 2010

Wisdom is defined in the dictionary as soundness of judgment. Here wisdom is connected and related to subjectivity and relativity. It depends on the maturity and way how one perceives wisdom itself. This is an intricate matter.

In a certain community, removing individuals who question and ask could be considered as wisdom. In another community, letting them speak out what they want could be considered as wisdom. Taking the case to the court could be considered as wisdom. Or keeping silent in noise could be considered as wisdom.

In whichever community one resides, wisdom is a matter left to judgments of individuals who decide on matters they are involved in, which is relevant to the action and matter one is involved in.

There was a time in which warriors were considered as men of wisdom; but in these days, killing human beings can not be considered as wisdom, but rather on of the savage thing on the earth. Wisdom is a subjective and a relative concepts which vary on how individuals, society, institutions perceive depending on the issues they are engaged in, which is entirely left for their judgment.

The subject matter of Philosophy—love for wisdom—is defined and interpreted in the time of the Greece civilization as men of wisdom, but today they are considered as abnormal, illusory thinking and the like. Such aspect of life is considered as difficult to accept thing and the like.

The RAINBOW Theory is connected with the subject matter of wisdom, in which what is wisdom for a given individual could be considered as sense of stupidity to others and the like. Here wisdom lies on the eye of the beholder too.

Is there such a penetrating wisdom; here this idea of wisdom, whether this penetrates or not, it is left to the individuals judgment due to the fact that the nature of the subject matter of wisdom is being subjective and relative; for any given individual, what is penetrating wisdom could be considered as the most sheet and non sense and useless thing to do. Hence, wisdom lies under the grace and mercy of individuals or perceivers judgment.

Basically, there are certain matters which need to be considered before arriving to certain conclusions in matters related to wisdom. These are the sources and tools of knowledge and skills where the individual and society acquire. These are culture, religion, education, family upbringing, society dynamics and the like. These are significant scopes and areas that help us reach to sound judgments in solving difficulties and issues at individual, society, and institution levels.

There is no such recipe for wisdom, since any sound judgment is directly related and connected to the problems and difficulties one faces. For instance, I could have community with 5 million followers; and another place another person could have another 5 million followers. Both of us could have few likenesses like we could have martyrs and could have 7 people as top leaders. We could face different challenges or same challenges, but we could share ideas and opinions to solve difficulties and the like. Here one could miss certain variables.

The first one is the collection of followers, are they from one culture or different; are they like same nation for they belong to different nations; do they have same education background, and the like? Do the authors of both communities claim same station? Do they have same origin or culture? What was their intention of creating community at the beginning? What is their end? How are they going to end up, when, where? After having answered these and other relevant questions, they could share ideas and opinions and the like.

This reminds me to a story I heard about a Minister of the previous government who went to North Korea for a visit. While being on visit there, it was on the weekends, he watched only few cars moving around. He asked them, why most vehicles are not moving on weekends, and he was answered, this is how we save fuel and the like. This minister while getting back to his home country, he convinced the president here and forbade vehicles not to move on weekends. And later an investigation team was later organized based on the complaints the government received from individuals who own vehicles, in which they later found out that in North Korea, they found out that most vehicles were owned by the state and in weekends they are off.



May 25, 2010

Vision, according to Oxford Dictionary, is defined as … ability to see things in the imagination or dream; a person of unusual beauty…Basically vision is correlated with seeing the future. It is about knowing what is going to happen in the future.

In this regard visions could be categorized under two kinds. The first one, the author of the vision, is the individual. The person initiates the vision and puts strategies and creates its own implementation activities. The person knows the time and the activities to react to the vision. The owner and author of such vision is the individual. He creates it and implements it.

The second kind of vision is the author and owner is unknown. In this regard the person is pure channel. In this case the person has no knowledge of time and place things. What the person knows here is the events yet to happen.

In both cases, both visions could be subjected to faults and mistakes for many reasons. In the first case, the individual could be subjected to failure since the vision could be over exaggerated or under, and thus vision adjustment here is required so that one could reduce the disappointments.

In the second situation, there could be mistakes while translating and interpreting visions in this objective world, due to subjective and human conditions., in which a person could see certain things in figurative ways, and while translating these realities to this objective plane of existence in human language, one could misinterpret and misunderstand them, and could reach to wrong judgment. In this regard, one could deceive millions of people since one could lose track and deviate from the Truth.

Basically, truth has no vote; it is just like the sun where it appears manifest thru time. The sun gives light and heat. This does not need majority \vote. It is just a reality. It is manifest crystal clear as the SUN itself.

In my case, the visions are both types. For the vision I had with regard to the source I had no clue, I am not the author and owner of that vision. For that vision, there is no need to form NGO. However, for my own personal vision, like opening school, or health facilities, I have a vision which is subjected to the approval of the government offices here, in due time.

To Live—To Have

May 24, 2010

Human reality has four aspects; physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. When one harmonizes these four realities, one tends to create a stable personality in one’s reality. However when there is a lack of coordination and organization between the four, there sounds to be abnormalities or imbalances in one’s reality. When there is proper coordination and organization between them, there sounds to be sound and organized personality.

For the secret of human’s being is not only to live but to have something to live for. In this regard, to have could be related to material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual possessions whose manifestation and reflection on this objective plane of existence could vary from society to society, institution to institution and individual to individual.

The body is used as a tool or vehicle to entertain or help the four aspects of human reality, in which material wealth, emotional stability, intellectual and spiritual maturity are obtained thru concerted and well coordinated of the above four needs and realities. Thus the body is the mediator and the temple in which human reality is reflected.

For instance, if I bit you, it is not only my hand that bit you, but also a result of my emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity. Since I am hot tempered person, since my intellectual maturity and spirituality maturity are low, I reflect my anger towards you by beating you. There are many other possibilities that could be an outward manifestation of my anger towards you.

You did something bad on me. Then I could have many other possibilities of reflecting my disappointments toward you. The first one is to be tolerant. If not, to directly tell you that I am not happy with you. If not, to tell other people who around you so that you could be helped out. If not, I have to take the case to the court. If not, to pray and leave up to God. Each and very step I take here are reflections and manifestations of one’s intellectual, spiritual and emotional maturity and stability. They tell to one’s level of maturity and capacity.

The role of my body here is to be obedient to the instruction it receives from the Mind, which is the coordinator of my bodily and metabolism, in which the moment it receives signals, then it acts and reacts. The body here is like a tool that functions based on instructions and orders it receives from the Mind. The mind stores and integrates my reality—emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual—and processes them all, and their cumulative effect is manifested and reflected outwardly on some sort of outward actions.

Greed is one aspect of our life. Greed is a result of imbalance and coordination of human’s reality in which one tends to have more material accumulation, but tends to be more self-centered due to intellectual, emotional, and spiritual factors. Reasonable generosity is an outcome of proper coordination and balance of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual factors.

Virtues and lack of virtues are not a result of exercise of magic or holy water, but rather they are results of conscious efforts and coordination of human’s reality in whose actions and interactions are reflected based on capabilities and capacities of individuals, societies and institutions too.

In a given society basic needs could be considered as three; but in another society, basic needs could be considered as six; such aspects are dependent up on maturity and level of possessions of the above four realities, in which the more organized and harmonious interactions of them could result in better and greater level of achievements and progress and well being of society and citizens to the world, whose future is optimistic and bright.


Universal Thinking and Belief!?


May 21, 2010

Fyodor Dostoevsky stated in his work of the Grand Inquisitor, “Mankind as a whole has always striven to organize a universal state. There have been many great nations with great histories, but the more highly they were developed the more unhappy they were, for they felt more acutely than other people the craving for world-wide union. The great conquerors, Timours and Ghenghis-Khans, whirled like hurricanes over the face of the earth striving to subdue its people, and they too were but the unconscious expression of the same craving for universal unity…”

Do we need a universal thought that should bind us to live under one and same thinking? Do we need an ideology like Marxism or Capitalism that put us under one big trade mark? Do we need a thinking that creates same kind of identity and personality?

History furnished us that there were great states and empires in the past like the Persian Empire, The Turkish, The Greece, The Egypt, The Roman and the like, who tried something, but failed due to many reasons. Although there is one thing that they have in common, in which they tried war and force as means of creating bondage and unity amongst people, but never worked out.

Human reality has many different needs, whose boundary and limitation depends on different magnitudes. Like, a single individual has something to share with one’s own family members; then community levels, like social laws and systems; and at national level, and at last at cosmos level. Thus one could need to figure out needs and boundaries.

For example, I and the person in Norway have nothing to share in common and anything; but the moment we start sharing something, meaning, when both of us start living in Israel, let us assume here. Here we share one thing in common. Both of us are stranger to this land; and they could call us like foreigners or strangers. In this case we could need certain communication media that could create some sort of suitable environment between I and the other person. We need two things. One is common language and the other thing is Idea.

Universal thoughts and thinking could play a vital role here. They create certain media and communicative environment between both of us; thus they create an environment of knowledge; they create peaceful interaction since we share and could discuss about them; we share our experiences and the like. In this regard they play great role in creating fellowship and brotherhood. However, are they something we need them on daily basis? Are they something that must be invented so as to create world unity with huge organizational framework?

The world would be boring if everyone in the earth speaks same language and share same thinking and belief, as I think and understand. We have got lots of menus in terms of religion, politics, economics and the like; they are varieties. We need them and stay alive than ruin them and replace them with another new and alien things so that the question of identity is put under great danger. WHY?

If the person in Germany is talking the same thinking like another person in Japan, this could be boring as it is useful too for communication media too. This is boring due to the fact that we need varieties and different forms of thinking; this is useful it is because if both of them meet in France, this helps them as something in common so that they could easily have communicable media.

The more one focuses on the so called universal thing in places like towns, and the more one denies and forgets one’s culture and identity where one used to belong; the more identity crisis and problem one faces; and the more danger such thinking could bring about; since we do not know what such thinking at universalistic level can bring about. History tells that the failures of such things, but if they are successful, we do not know the consequences as we look a head of time due to hidden agendas and other matters that need due considerations.

Such empires and peoples are like foams on the sea, the moment strong wind comes up; they will be taken away some where, and thus no trace of them could be found; and they live in the middle of nowhere at last due to the nature of our world. The nature of our world accepts and gives proper recognition to all levels, family to cosmos level, in a way one cannot override the other.

Be it religious or political, our world practiced many kinds of thinking and belief; and those who do survive are those who are consistent with human reality due to their acceptance by the mass; and as far as any thinking goes in conformity with human reality, that given thinking and belief will prosper and flourish.

Fyodor Dostoevsky stated in his work of the Grand Inquisitor, “They will be convinced that we are right, for they will remember the horrors of slavery and confusion to which Thy freedom brought them. Freedom, free thought, and science will lead them into such straits and will bring them face to face with such marvels and insoluble mysteries, that some of them, the fierce and rebellious, will destroy themselves, others, rebellious but weak, will destroy one another, while the rest, weak and unhappy, will crawl fawning to our feet and whine to us: “Yes, you were right, you alone possess His mystery, and we come back to you, save us from ourselves!”

The Grand Brother!?

May 20, 2010

Russian novelist, journalist, short-story writer, whose psychological penetration into the human soul profoundly influenced the 20th century novel— Fyodor Dostoevsky’s—was born in Russia, and was the second son of a staff doctor at the Hospital for the Poor. In his works, and in his autobiography, it is stated that he presented interacting characters with contrasting views or ideas about freedom of choice and other philosophical questions and aspects of life.

He states in his work of The Brothers Karamazov, the Grand Inquisitor, Chapter 5, about the Promise Jesus gave, He promised to come in His glory, fifteen centuries since His prophet wrote, ‘Behold, I come quickly’; ‘Of that day and that hour knoweth no man, neither the Son, but the Father,’ as He Himself predicted on earth. But humanity awaits him with the same faith and with the same love. Oh, with greater faith, for it is fifteen centuries since man has ceased to see signs from heaven”.

No signs from heaven come to-day To add to what the heart doth say. There was nothing left but faith in what the heart doth say. It is true there were many miracles in those days. There were saints who performed miraculous cures; some holy people, according to their biographies, were visited by the Queen of Heaven herself. But the devil did not slumber, and doubts were already arising among men of the truth …”

Although it is formidable to think that humanity is awaiting with same faith thing, in which there could be depletion in feelings and thinking as time goes by, the purpose of the write up could be to tell how many people are waiting him with such eagerness, and to demonstrate how the chiefs do behave while he comes and the type of reaction they are going to manifest when they have a boss.

A 90 years old cardinal was the Inquisitor, …” “There are cries, sobs, confusion among the people, and at that moment the cardinal himself, the Grand Inquisitor, passes by the cathedral. He is an old man, almost ninety, tall and erect, with a withered face and sunken eyes, in which there is still a gleam of light. He is not dressed in his gorgeous cardinal’s robes, as he was the day before, when he was burning the enemies of the Roman Church- at this moment he is wearing his coarse, old, monk’s cassock”.

He continued his remarks in his work that the power is already given to the Catholic Pope, we do not need you any more…and the like. He portrayed the truthful and correct picture of human reality in his work of the Grand Inquisitor. He has truly indicated how humanity is going to behave if He comes…this is like do not bother us, why are you disturbing us thing…why are you telling us this and that in those days, why do you come, what is your motive for…are you now trying to divide between us, we are comfortable with our sins and crime, and thus we do not need you any more; wait outside if you like stuff…

In his outstanding work—The Grand Inquisitor—that is constructed around a simple plot, dealing with the murder of the father of the Karamazov family, since there was strong rumors that he was murdered by his own serfs in a quarrel in which he portrayed in form of parables about—The brothers that represent three aspects of human beings’ aspects and reality; these are: reason—(Ivan), emotion— (Dmitri) and faith—(Alyosha).

…”Ah, you’ve caught up yesterday’s phrase, which so offended Muisov- and which Dmitri pounced upon so naively and paraphrased!” he smiled queerly. “Yes, if you like, ‘everything is lawful’ since the word has been said, I won’t deny it. And Mitya’s version isn’t bad.” Alyosha got up, went to him and softly kissed him on the lips”. “That’s plagiarism,” cried Ivan, highly delighted. “You stole that from my poem. Thank you though. Get up, Alyosha, it’s time we were going, both of us.” This is how faith, reason, and emotion lives in one’s being…

As one goes on and read the whole write up, one could come to certain idea of the fact, and the point behind all such drama is that the writer was portraying on the decline in moral and organizational structure of the Russian Orthodox Church along with their accessories and competitors like the Catholic Church too. They tend to expect him in their own eye glass, though he comes with his glory, they are unable to see him because they are tied up with their own silly details that put veil to see the Glory they expect and eagerly waiting.

How come they expect him to see or watch him as he promised he comes as “thief in the night”, meaning they will not see him unless they are awake; whatever the claim is done, meaning whether they are awake or not; first they have to catch him—meaning they have to report to the police or concerned body—otherwise how do they know him or the thief must have gone since he came at unexpected time from unexpected place, … Unknown of men.

“O Lord our God, hasten Thy coming’; … The crowd weeps and kisses the earth under His feet. Children throw flowers before Him, sing, and cry hosannah. ‘It is He- it is He!’ repeat. ‘It must be He, it can be no one but Him!”

Happenings and Matters

May 20, 2010

There are many reasons why things go wrong or deviate in away we never expect them to happen. This can happen at individual, institution and society levels depending on the magnitude and circumstances of the matter in which things happen with and without one’s own consent.

A government could plan to build a bridge, and the bridge could collapse or face situation that was not in the plan for many reasons. Unforeseen matters could happen and destroy the bridge or delay and other matter that was not put in the plan could come and put certain dangers to the bridge.

An individual could face devastating shocks that could destroy one’s personality and the like; and such matter was not in the plan of the individual. For instance, a simple individual could be put under terror suspect without one’s knowledge and his life could be complicated all over or bad gossips could be allover and his life could be devastatingly frustrated. One could also be gossiped as if one has demons, one is mad and is enemy, and the like on behind, and one could face stigmatization and the like from others.

A society could face a natural calamity like earth quake and the social and economic interaction and communication could be put to frustration, and which could result in migration to other countries in a way their culture and social dynamics could be put to danger and under great distress.

In all conditions, the crux is the reactions to those incidents that could visit our life, but what could be different here is our reaction and attitude in solving and finding remedies to the above situations one face. In this case, what is called maturity comes to place. Here is how one is required to show maturity and perspective. This depends on one’s experience and skill to LIFE.

Few could be frustrated and find a solution by removing themselves, committing suicide and the like. Others find another perspective to the problems they are facing and could come with different perspective and idea so that they overcome the hurdles they face. Others could prefer to live with confusion and being confounded and create some sort of noise to others.

Others use another strategy, like they supplicate to God for help and assistance. Others could ask for opinions and experiences from close friends and they like. Whatever strategy one uses, the end justifies the means. It is to mean that whichever method one employs, the most important thing here is overcoming the hurdles, not the type of method one uses, since the triumph is winning the battlefield in which the individual faces that is the crucial point.

The first thing I did was removing those individuals whom I do not like their opinions, company and the like, and looking for another new company, and I did; the second one is creating my own vision, different so that I could have my own standard for life. The third one is watching and reading movies and books that could give me a perspective and strategies to the vision I already set. The fourth one is Supplicating to God. The fifth one is acting and translating my own new vision I set to my self, which I am doing and will be doing.

The brave strategy and approach to life has two aspects, according to my understanding and experience. The first one is creative approaches toward the problems one faces, in which one use problems as fun, joke on them, and find other perspective on how to come up on them, acceptance and the like. The other is, one supplicates to God for assistance and aid so that one could overcome, in which case that is what I did on the past years.

For instance when financial problem faces me, the first thing I do here is try to increase my financial income by having two or more jobs; and if finding job is not possible, I ask aid from those whom I know and friendly with; and the second will be, enlarging this circle of aid to bigger circle; and if not; What can one do, one live with empty pocket as a solution than consider such problem as problem due to the fact one is till protect from unseemly way of life to date, and will hope that such a thing will not happen to oneself in the future.

The funny thing here is that there is the so called Ethiopian mentality, pride, which is a veil to see the gems that exist in others. This is the thing I do not like. The desire to be number one or first ; they say to you, for an assembled car in Ethiopia, the first of its kind in the world, but they brought everything from outside; they imported anything and everything; how come this is the first?

The point about life and happenings at individual, society and institution level, there are certain matters which we think that they are irrelevant, not important and useless; but the fate of our successes and victories could be dependent upon those matters which we ignore, we hide, we oppress and the like? Do we give a chance to them, or we continue oppressing and hiding them? What if THE TRUTH is there on those things that we are hiding from the mass?

The Plan thing!?

May 18, 2010

What is a plan? It is just looking ahead of time. This depends on how far one has critical and sharp eye and perspective. This depends on one’s capacity and capability of precision and perfection. Planning is indeed an eye. It is indeed a telescope one could possibly use for telling and knowing the future.

What is interesting here is that when a given community plans on behalf of God, in which there is a claim we hear everywhere that …”plan of God”…for matters we have no clue and can not explain, in which when such claims are done whether in Iran, or in England or India; or USA; or Australia or Colombia, this sounds very funny and up surd due to many reasons.

The first one is it is formidable to think on behalf of the Unknowable Essence—GOD. The second one is it is so hard to imagine and think how the Unlimited Reality manifests and reflects itself in the limited and very narrow minded approaches. The third one is it is kind of blasphemy. The fourth one is it is related to lie and deception since the very nature of claim has no definite and complete authenticity due to the nature of both, limited and unlimited.

One could be pointed out here, assumption and convention, in which what they think and what they assume could be agreeable in their own mini world, but if it is claimed in its definite and complete authority and claim, such matters are related to lie, deception and the like, which needs an overhaul, in whichever community or belief system one belongs. GOD is unknowable and beyond comprehensions.

Plans are broadly categorized under two big categories. The first one is you know where you end up, but one plans here the strategies on how to reach there. The second one is you create vision and strategies to. The first one has two different sub-categories within it. The first sub category here is that you know from the so called sacred texts, about your vision, and you work on that. Meaning you inherit certain vision from authors aged like centuries old in past.

The second sub category in this classification is that, companies that aged many years, in which they have their own vision, business plans, which they took from time to time, and others could be like Marshal plans and the like; they are aged many years, but no claim is connected to such plans as if they are derived from God or holy spirit and the like, but they aged like many years.

Precision is based on forecast, in which in many cases, one takes historical data, and present conditions and based on that one forecasts the future. While doing that if a community which claims I am from God, fails in many of he plans it created and implemented, how can such claims could be considered from GOD, which many think, GOD is perfect, faultless and the like?

Being in a learning curve is very human, but the claim which one thinks and assumes I am from God sound so silly and blasphemy since many failure are there in any community which takes and assumes responsibility of GOD. We think and conventionally agree that God does not make mistakes and failures. Thus, where is that infallibility which is assumed while failures are there?

There could many projects and proposals that were started, but cancelled in the middle of the process for unknown reasons, in this regard, if I assume that I am infallible, it must be with my vision, my strategy, and the like. Meaning I plan with precision for the next 5 or 10 years, any thing and project I design should be in consistent with that plan, and then I let it go, while in the middle of the thing, I could cancel them, since I believe and think that I am ion learning curve.

Here infallibility is connected with visions, plans, implementations, strategies and the like; if there are many projects that are phased out without their project cycles; there are many task forces that are withdrawn due to complications and contradictions to implement important tasks, finance committees and the like, where is that infallibility, in my vision, strategies and the like.

When plans are made they are considering certain variables of past, present and future, in business companies failures and gaps could be there and is acceptable; however in communities where claims from God is made, such failures are not acceptable since we compare them with attributes and qualities we assume are of GOD. It is the claim they do that makes them to be questionable, liars and deceivers, not their failure since they are human beings, to err is human.