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Different Colors of a Page

Posted on: 22 Apr 2010

April 22, 2010

Have you ever thought of the quality of good literature besides the literary style and the strength of the message it contains, its different and another beauty that could exit within without the knowledge the writer? The point here is not to create altercation, but to point out another dimension on the pieces read everywhere. It is just like seeing the beauty of any given house on the side of the architect, engineer and the buyer, and another passer bye.

We know that there is an anagram that could give senses and every word could contain another word, when one transposes certain words that could give us meanings and offer a different perspective that could be contrary or different than what one could get while just reading a given word.

For instance, let us take the word, evil, when you invert it, and the reverse side gives you, the word live; the word devil, gives you another word, when you reverse and read, lived and the like. Here is like,evil is inverted, it give as  live, but devil is inverted it give as lived; this is about present and the past in which evil is about the present and devil is about the past. This is not to play with words, but rather to give an idea on how words are made or come to exist and the like.

The point about writing here is that there are certain write ups that could give us different meaning and vision the moment we try to cut and paste one paragraph and another so that there could be other mysteries that could be found in their whole write up as the moment we find out which goes with …so that they could offer us different perspectives and the like.

This is like when one cuts the fourth paragraph and paste in the sixth, or the second paragraph shifting to the twelfth paragraph, in way another coherence and meaning and understanding could be found and mysteries could exist as one puts more trial and error on such works. The more one practices on such given works, the more meaning and mysteries one can find, by transposing and changing their places and positions so that another dimension and meaning could be found. Here needs capacity and capability to find such aspects.

The view regarding any given house based on the idea of the architect, engineer, the consumer and the passer bye is different based on their personal exposures and background in which the first two try to perceive from their professional point of view and perspective; but the other two perceive it based on their own personal interest and comfort, which could agree or not.

When one writes a write up, one just put the flow of that given piece based on one’s inspired mood, and get published; but the moment others read, they could sense in different perspective and view which could have different meaning and view that was not in the intention of the writer. This is possible and normal.

However, what if one could find by transposing and shifting one paragraph and another, a different story that could exist, that makes meaningful sense, a different view and another write up within one piece, which could have different other stories and ideas within that particular write up. This is indeed bamboozle.

In this case one needs to be adept. Such pieces require aeon. Such pieces create delectable feelings to one’s mind since one could find different mysteries in a given work that puts alacrity to read more and know more. In such environment, this kind of works could be considered as abstruse due to the fear of being, not to be mistaken, and find the correct understanding and truth of that given work.

While such drama is going on, there are certain works which we consider hat they are mystic, and could have several interpretation and meaning; here, once we agreed on this aspect, one could face certain difficulty even if one find very childish thing in such works, and we tend to consider that the mistake is from my side, not from that given book. In this case, one could fall under wrong trap.

There are certain works that could be mystified, but there are certain books that are wrongly mystified, but the moment one loses the balance and considers the wrong as mystic book, one could be found in the middle of nowhere the moment one finds very nonsense, childish, and the like concepts. In this regard, one needs care and wisdom and, in fact needs great capacity, which to consider.


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