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Ego and Ambition

Posted on: 6 Apr 2010

April 6, 2010

Ego is a very interesting nature of human reality. Ego is never extinguishable, but what could be possible here is one could compress it to down level to the extent one could assume that it is gone away.

Ego manifests itself in pride and ambition the moment accomplishment and achievements are on our verandas; but those who think that they could do more could not be affected by the agitation and propaganda ego itself come up so that one could be void after a simple accomplishment.

Fort instance, I could be the leader of certain nation; and I want to bring more freedom to those tribes within my domain that I think are deprived of many thing before and I let them get many things and here I could assume that they would be more faithful and obedient to what I say. Can this be true?

Here I could forget one thing. They are human beings. They are like everyone who could think that they can be leader of any nation as I did before since they have obtained more things and they need more and more. In such cases, they could get organized behind so that they could take power and be leaders.

Here I gave them authorities like the police officer-ship, and the like in which they could easily have many gangs allover for any motive and the like…who is going to stop them? Since they are agitated by promotions and the like…Ego here manifests itself in more powerful ways and means …

The point here is that everything is relative, and the more I get one thing to day the more I aspire many things tomorrow since today’s achievements could lead to better things yet to come, in this case one could think and deduce that ego is a reality that resides in nay situations, but what could be different here is the amount and volume and size of the ego that matters.

Ego gives birth to two things—one is ambition and the other is pride—and both needs care and maturity and otherwise they could destroy those who carry the and around since they need different way of handlings and the like.

Ego also gives birth to pride in such case pride could be important but needs certain moderation in which when one accomplishes, one needs to have certain pride, but the moment that prides goes far, then the pride will by itself be floating somewhere, none could be found to bring you to the moderate level…

This is an interesting drama that is going on here in which Ego is an intellectual disease that resides in the human intellect when it passes certain limits; when it is moderate, this is fine, but when it passes certain limits then becomes illness… the point here is that you use your … for harming others, which is dangerous…when one touches your egoistic part, you think to kill others…they were like threatening…but I was kind of making research on that part…

Beyond all reasons, Ego is an interesting human reality and has different ways of manifesting itself on the objective reality depending on the maturity and intellectual capacity of individuals. It is a reality that needs care and modesty otherwise this could destroy oneself and the like….


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