Different Colors of a Page

April 22, 2010

Have you ever thought of the quality of good literature besides the literary style and the strength of the message it contains, its different and another beauty that could exit within without the knowledge the writer? The point here is not to create altercation, but to point out another dimension on the pieces read everywhere. It is just like seeing the beauty of any given house on the side of the architect, engineer and the buyer, and another passer bye.

We know that there is an anagram that could give senses and every word could contain another word, when one transposes certain words that could give us meanings and offer a different perspective that could be contrary or different than what one could get while just reading a given word.

For instance, let us take the word, evil, when you invert it, and the reverse side gives you, the word live; the word devil, gives you another word, when you reverse and read, lived and the like. Here is like,evil is inverted, it give as  live, but devil is inverted it give as lived; this is about present and the past in which evil is about the present and devil is about the past. This is not to play with words, but rather to give an idea on how words are made or come to exist and the like.

The point about writing here is that there are certain write ups that could give us different meaning and vision the moment we try to cut and paste one paragraph and another so that there could be other mysteries that could be found in their whole write up as the moment we find out which goes with …so that they could offer us different perspectives and the like.

This is like when one cuts the fourth paragraph and paste in the sixth, or the second paragraph shifting to the twelfth paragraph, in way another coherence and meaning and understanding could be found and mysteries could exist as one puts more trial and error on such works. The more one practices on such given works, the more meaning and mysteries one can find, by transposing and changing their places and positions so that another dimension and meaning could be found. Here needs capacity and capability to find such aspects.

The view regarding any given house based on the idea of the architect, engineer, the consumer and the passer bye is different based on their personal exposures and background in which the first two try to perceive from their professional point of view and perspective; but the other two perceive it based on their own personal interest and comfort, which could agree or not.

When one writes a write up, one just put the flow of that given piece based on one’s inspired mood, and get published; but the moment others read, they could sense in different perspective and view which could have different meaning and view that was not in the intention of the writer. This is possible and normal.

However, what if one could find by transposing and shifting one paragraph and another, a different story that could exist, that makes meaningful sense, a different view and another write up within one piece, which could have different other stories and ideas within that particular write up. This is indeed bamboozle.

In this case one needs to be adept. Such pieces require aeon. Such pieces create delectable feelings to one’s mind since one could find different mysteries in a given work that puts alacrity to read more and know more. In such environment, this kind of works could be considered as abstruse due to the fear of being, not to be mistaken, and find the correct understanding and truth of that given work.

While such drama is going on, there are certain works which we consider hat they are mystic, and could have several interpretation and meaning; here, once we agreed on this aspect, one could face certain difficulty even if one find very childish thing in such works, and we tend to consider that the mistake is from my side, not from that given book. In this case, one could fall under wrong trap.

There are certain works that could be mystified, but there are certain books that are wrongly mystified, but the moment one loses the balance and considers the wrong as mystic book, one could be found in the middle of nowhere the moment one finds very nonsense, childish, and the like concepts. In this regard, one needs care and wisdom and, in fact needs great capacity, which to consider.


The Spirit and the Human Mind

April 19, 2010

No matter how proficient one is in every scope, can one definitely explain on how human mind works and functions and operates? No matter how prestigious one’s achievement in many scopes, can one tell about The Human Spirit in definite and clear and means? Definitely; NOT.

Telling how ordinary individual behaves and thinks, and how human spirit functions are extremely two different aspects in which this is like comparing and making research and study and telling about the Ray of the Sun and the property of the object in which the reflections are made.

This is like studying the property of the object in this case like the glass which absorbs or reflects heat, but my area of research is here about the property and character of the glass, not the ray and the source which is the sun. Few glasses are pure and reflect better; and others do not depending on their quality and type of things they are made of, and the type of climate they exist and the like.

The point about the study of the human mind and the spirit is like the study of the glass and the sun in which few things are known about the Sun, since we can not get close to the sun due to the fear of consequences and the like. We know limited things about the essence of the Sun, but we can know many things about the glass since we make it, which is childish simple.

The matter here is that what those people who are engaged in the study of the spirit and human minds are just like that; they have limited knowledge about the human spirit, and that is why when they found certain strange aspects in this phenomenon, we hear them saying…I do not know, the power of the soul, and the like which is not an answer but it is just their sheer feelings.

None knows what the soul is since one came to know and understand about the soul thing the moment one join a particular form of belief or group which inclines in the form of belief associated with spirit, in which that they feel, emotions and the like are some how connected to that aspect, which could not be the case. It is just mere philosophical understanding. They agreed to understand that way. They come to understand and interpret the soul in away their belief dictate.

Few believe that the soul is kind of alien, but others think that the soul is human reality. However, whichever understanding people have regarding the soul, it could not escape beyond being conventional understanding and interpretation of human reality. They agreed and they can communicate that way.

Thus, few came up with recipe that the soul has seven or nine stage in which the soul passes different level, based on few peoples actions and reactions and their interaction with the environment, they carefully categorized the unknown part with the known, the unlimited being with limited standards and beliefs, which sound contradictory and hard to trust such findings.

Soul is defined as person’s spiritual or immortal element; mental, moral, Or emotional nature, which indicate a different being is going on one’s reality beyond the physical one, which could live to eternity. This is still based on observation and conventional thinking that people define what the soul is in their own mind and thinking and perception.

Basically, there are two types of thinking one can have—the good and the bad—the intelligent, and the dull—; and in fact there is another line or margin that exist between these extreme two elements, the middle way, which is not intelligent or dull, bad or not good and the like. This is common sense approach or common way in which the majority belongs.

Mostly, … focus on the two extremes in which the good is a result of the power of the soul, and the bad belongs to you, I do not know what that you is referring here, … in which both are done by one person. When good is done referred to another power, but when bad is done, the person is cursed or blamed.

The traditional approach or the kind of practice here was a thinking that tells you that you are evil, and you cannot do good things by yourself…this is unacceptable interpretation and understanding, which undermines and despise human potential to do best and praiseworthy things. Such trend oppresses your capability and great potential in which the whole world is capture with such kind of beast thinking and the like. Here needs a REVISION and RETHINKING.

When I do good things, here I was intending and acting to do good, meaning I take time, I am not like a machine in which someone presses my buttons to do good, but rather I do take my energy and time to do good; the same is true when I do the opposite thing. Same methodology is applied when I do good or bad; sometimes I become emotional in both conditions and the like. In this regard, I blame myself for the bad, but praise another being for my good. WHY?

Hence, does the soul or the human spirit need a cause to envelope it for its growth and development or it is just a universal entity, which needs certain universal framework, …or just an entity that does not need either a cause or a form, which can go by … own way in … own FREEDOM?


The Enigma of Life

April 15, 2010

Life is an enigmatic process here on earth. It has two great categories—the seen and the hidden. Both are parallel. They exist and happen in our lives. What is different here is the way we perceive them—how and why? Some times I perceive about life on earth as a balloon, which seems like very big and but the moment small needle touches it, the whole thing is nothing, it is just gone like that.

For instance, I could face a certain shock in my life like car accident. The first reason is car accident which is objective and clear. The second reason on why this accident happens could be, and how such incidents come to my life. When I ask why and how; the first reason could be the car just came in to me or I went into the car and the like.

However, when one goes further, I was probably in the mood of thinking or putting my shoes in my own problems, where that accident made me aware on the type of things I was in thru; and here the answer is found, may be, I should drop entertaining that given thinking I am; here is just an example.

This further process of thinking could bring certain dimension to a given incident which could help in offering other dimensions and perspectives for further incident yet to come. Hence, the cumulative effects of such incidents and thinking of the hidden and the seen could give clues to other mysteries of life.

Here needs a balance between being superstitious and being very rationale too, in which too much reason on superstitious aspects leads to futile results, which is just nothing, and the reverse side leads also to nothing as well. The balance is done based one’s rational capacity and circumstances around the problem and individual’s way of looking at things too.

There are cases where car accidents are just accidents; there are cases where car accidents are not only car accidents which means there could arise a need to investigate the matter depending on how far important person you are—enemies and friends matter—and the like; there are circumstances a single car accident could raise to the extent of policy or law shift on state level based on the investigation and curiosity one is going to come about.

The point about problems and difficulties in life have their own prospects in which few could use them as prelude to the successes yet to come in their future in which problems and tests are used as a ladder where another fortune would visit their life. The crux here is not to give up and pursue to the end once one has started a journey which is the key factor here.

There are two major types of difficulties; one is the type of difficult that makes you to check yourself inside and within yourself so that one could correct and learn from the failures one has made in life, which is commendable as far as this is done for the betterment of oneself.

The other type of problems or difficulties in life are prelude to finding a solution and a perspective in life—outside, the environment and the like—while one makes further researching and investigation process that could open portals of freedom and satisfactory answers one could obtain, unless one passes thru such painful and arduous journeys.

Both of them are useful perspectives in which one at first checks deep inside and then goes out to the external environment after one has finished one’s homework within self so that the investigation one makes on the outside could help many other individuals so that society could be of benefit of this finding.

The point here is that problems in cases are like a body and coldwater contact in which the moment the cold water touches your body, one shrinks for the first time, and after that he more cold water goes on one’s body, one tends to forget that the water is cold, in fact, one could think that it is just hot water. One adapt to a situation to the extent that one could forget that situations one was in at the beginning and first cycle of the problems one was in.

Here the problem is there, but one’s attitude and thinking about that given problem as days goes by changes for many reason. One is lack of solution. The other is lack of courage and motivation to fight against it. The other thing could be the mood that is created—desperate and hopelessness and the like. The other thing could be lack of support one obtains from the external environment.

Basically problems are three kinds—one is inherited from past generation like family, community and institutions and the like, which is involuntary one; the other is created by our own failures and choices we make in life, which is voluntarily one. The other is due to other causes, which is beyond our control and capacity, which can be natural catastrophes and the like.

Every problem has its own solution and the difference between individuals, communities, and institutions here is that on the way they handle their own problems and the type of solutions they provide, which tell and indicate the maturity and knowledgeable aspects of them, on the problems one is surrounded

The Rainbow Thing!!

April 8, 2010

The point about life on the earth and the so called PERSPECTIVES are just like the RAINBOW case theory in which they are subjective and relative. They have existence since we let them live; since choice matters. But, are they must things to happen; I do not think so.

The Rainbow case here is related to my personal perception on how Rainbow could exist; though Rainbow is a sign of good things, according to certain tradition, which could be the case in many societies and peoples mind.

Let me repeat the theory of Rainbow here again…meaning my personal observation…of the Rainbow…one day I was watching the water sprinkling thru a pipe which was watering the grass in a certain compound. It was around 2 Pm in the afternoon; and I was watching the sprinkling of water…the sprinkling was like 360 degree in which …was circling around…

In the middle of the water that was sprinkling out…I watched a Rainbow thing…and I was amazed and was watching with deep contemplation…and then I moved certain meter from my distance to a different direction…in this case the Rainbow is gone…and I got back to the former direction…the Rainbow again exists…and then I came to certain conclusions…

What made the Rainbow exist was my question here? And I came to a conclusion that the Sun, Water, Speed of the water; the pipe; the amount of the water in the pipe; the speed of the sprinkling; my distance and the like were factors for the existence of that given Rainbow.

Afterwards I was trying to correlate such aspects with our life on the earth in which there are many ideologies and concepts that do exist; we choose from the menus and consider this one is correct or something I like and the like. I relate them to that Rainbow; they exist it is because of our thought angles and way we are and that is why they exist as true in our minds; if we area far away from that spot which we think correct; then they do not exist and just novels too.

The point here is that there could be some truth in them; but it is just matter of direction and angle; the moment one shifts the way ands what one thinks, thy might not exist. Existence here is kind of subjective and relative reality in terms of thinking and the like. We made them exist and we think that they confirm our thinking and reality in our own minds too. The major factors in most theories and concepts are which angle and perspective one takes…meaning they have certain truths based on certain variables…

The first factor that made theories exist and reign in our minds is the Ego factor, in which I think that what I choose is the best and the only path that none could choose better than I do and here I claim that I ma the best thing in behind by making my belief or theory as justification…I am the behind thing…Ego…

The second factor here is that there was a desire or thirst for searching in which there was kind of sincerity that forces or obliges one to make a kind of searching stuff whatever that could reconcile the contradiction and kind of puzzle to my mind and then I have to seek answer then I seek beliefs or concepts….

The third factor here is that the desire to belong to certain ideology and kind of belongingness feelings…meaning finding the real I in collective societies…meaning I find myself in certain groups which do think and believe like me and the like…sense of security and the like…

The other factor could be from the dissatisfaction in the existing systems one belongs and the like…since I am discontent with community I used to belong,. I need new ones that could justify my discontent and dissatisfaction and the like, and then I join them…

The other factor is in fact…inheritance…I keep the belief I have since I inherited from my parents and the like, whether this is true or not that does not bother me but what I think here as justification is my former parents promise and the like and for the sake of obedience and showing courtesy to the parents I prefer to inherit what they used to think and believe and the like…

Beyond all reasons, all factors do have their own pros and cons; since all of us are in the learning curve, we make trial and errors and take those that best fits to our minds and the like; Here still we are just in this process thing and the like; we never get done until we stop it or leave this plane of existence and the like…

What is interesting here is that when claim are done that my way is the only and best way, which could need re-thinking and re-vision since there are many other alternatives and ways of doing things and the thing here is that opportunities were not provided and the like. Thus here one could pause and think…

And thus there are three aspects of thinking…what one thinks of the matter….the way and how translates that matter that was in the mind….and how that matter is perceived by others in which these three are different aspects of one’s thinking about what one has created in the mind and then up to its practical translation and objectification to this plane of existence. This passes many stages and levels. This is the most difficult job on the earth too.

Ego and Ambition

April 6, 2010

Ego is a very interesting nature of human reality. Ego is never extinguishable, but what could be possible here is one could compress it to down level to the extent one could assume that it is gone away.

Ego manifests itself in pride and ambition the moment accomplishment and achievements are on our verandas; but those who think that they could do more could not be affected by the agitation and propaganda ego itself come up so that one could be void after a simple accomplishment.

Fort instance, I could be the leader of certain nation; and I want to bring more freedom to those tribes within my domain that I think are deprived of many thing before and I let them get many things and here I could assume that they would be more faithful and obedient to what I say. Can this be true?

Here I could forget one thing. They are human beings. They are like everyone who could think that they can be leader of any nation as I did before since they have obtained more things and they need more and more. In such cases, they could get organized behind so that they could take power and be leaders.

Here I gave them authorities like the police officer-ship, and the like in which they could easily have many gangs allover for any motive and the like…who is going to stop them? Since they are agitated by promotions and the like…Ego here manifests itself in more powerful ways and means …

The point here is that everything is relative, and the more I get one thing to day the more I aspire many things tomorrow since today’s achievements could lead to better things yet to come, in this case one could think and deduce that ego is a reality that resides in nay situations, but what could be different here is the amount and volume and size of the ego that matters.

Ego gives birth to two things—one is ambition and the other is pride—and both needs care and maturity and otherwise they could destroy those who carry the and around since they need different way of handlings and the like.

Ego also gives birth to pride in such case pride could be important but needs certain moderation in which when one accomplishes, one needs to have certain pride, but the moment that prides goes far, then the pride will by itself be floating somewhere, none could be found to bring you to the moderate level…

This is an interesting drama that is going on here in which Ego is an intellectual disease that resides in the human intellect when it passes certain limits; when it is moderate, this is fine, but when it passes certain limits then becomes illness… the point here is that you use your … for harming others, which is dangerous…when one touches your egoistic part, you think to kill others…they were like threatening…but I was kind of making research on that part…

Beyond all reasons, Ego is an interesting human reality and has different ways of manifesting itself on the objective reality depending on the maturity and intellectual capacity of individuals. It is a reality that needs care and modesty otherwise this could destroy oneself and the like….

Jargons and Communication

April 1, 2010

Dictionary defines despicable as contemptible; and contemptible is defined as deserving contempt; and contempt is defined as despising or being despised or disrespect, this is not to discuss words and their dictionary definitions, but this is about on how far we are clear and precise in using our words in our daily communications so that others could understand us in our first expressions and explanations so that we could save their time and energy in understanding us.

When one uses certain words, if the listener is asking question for every of the explanation one uses, here the difficulty could be on both sides. There are certain cases in which how far one is clear and precise in the usage of words and their definition is a matter left for all. Meaning if the person whom you talk asks you several questions on what you say, what do you mean, here you have to change your word or you have to change the person whom you converse.

If one uses certain jargons, like, the medical doctor explains the type of disease to the patient in the medical languages terms and explanation, this could be so up surd, in which it is of no use and of no meaning and the like and in this case the problem goes to the one who is sending the message.

However if the words delivered by the sender that are of common and more people are aware, here the problem goes to the receiver or the listener in which that person is out of the circle in which that jargon or words are under use.

With regard to the doctor and patient things, have you ever noticed doctors threatening patients in many ways such as if you do this , if you do not do this, where is that ethics and integrity gone, in the laws and policies of the market, taking the doctor and patient relationship which is becoming like buyer and seller relationship in which the patient is buying service from the doctor and thus customers are like kings under the market stuff, in which doctors should pay respect to the patient than being respected and the like since they have better info about disease and the like.

If I have my own jargon for my own purpose, in which certain people understand to what I am writing and talking, in this case I have a world that understand what I use, in which I could be considered as lucky one.

In my case, I have different audiences in my communications; meaning those who read what I write; and those whom I converse which are totally different in understanding and the like; and thus I know what to write to whom; and I know what to converse to whom, based on the common media I communicate with varied people since common understanding is important in communication and interaction, thus I respect other people view while conversing too.

The point here is that what I write here is about CONCEPTS; but what I discuss about individuals is about events and people, in which every thing has its own place and time. If I spent all my day writing concepts, I would be in the middle of nowhere, since communication is important; and those whom I met on the roads could not be interested and could be irrelevant to them too.

Hence, I dwell in three things every day, Concepts things, Events matter and the people part, meaning the gossiping, but all are important since we live with people, and we communicate; we give ideas on subject we like and we do not like we skip that part and the like.

In my interaction with people, if I get bored with people whom I converse, I just skip those topics so fast telling them what you speak is sheet or nonsense; in this case, they are trying to tell me they know, I hate this kind of attitude; I lose my patience and prefer this kind of people like the coffee thing I drink in the cups, few minutes company and the like.

Communication is not easy job; what I observed here in many cases that most people have their own jargons which they did not noticed; these jargons could be create in single family house holds and they could spread allover and the like; and they tend to take rapt attention by others and we see influencing many people; and there are certain other styles and way of  doing things and most people take them like a fashion and every one gets used to a ways of speaking.

In reality, most people communicate in feelings and emotions than words; meaning the emotions and tone one expresses a word matters to the communication and interaction medias; few people could sound that they are strong when they speak, but they are not that strong in heart and the like; meaning one could detect they are not by looking at their other sides of the mirror, in which we heard few confessing about their ignorance about them, after they realized their failure in understanding them.

Most people judge the book from the cover; others judge the book from few pages they read; other judge after reading the whole page, but fail to understand due to less capability, this could mean, those who read many books do have great understanding, but not necessarily since what type of books they read matter and their capacity and understanding level in perceiving thoughts is another aspect, in fact they could have lay man understanding and the like; this is because, Understanding is a scared gift, but not a skill or whatever.