The Sin and The Sinner

March 28, 2010

Sins are defined as breaking religious laws; displeasing God and the like, which indicates the unpleasant aspects of few deeds that create some sort of disappointment on the side of the doer and other people around and the like. Hence, it is customary to label oneself as “sinner” or claim oneself in front of the audience,”I am a sinner’ and the like.

Presumably, when one clicks such matter in further details, one could pop to religious stories in which those Founders of religions or Writings, have showed exemplary life style to those who follow them, and those who do not practice and follow their footsteps are considered as sinners and spiritual disease that is contagious and the like, is this statement true? I do not think so.

Spirituality and Religions are two different causes and realities, in which Religion is one of the instruments that help to acquire spirituality, and thus those different laws that exist in different religions are different kind of nutritious that could help us interaction and communication, when one stops one form of religion and follow another, it is like changing food style or restaurant or way of life too.

For example, in the New Testament we read that and it is said Jesus Christ, he replied, there is none good except the Father, he considered himself as bad, which indicates that no one escapes living within the city of being sinner.

In the Holy Quran, it is also stated that, ”do not say to anyone you are a believer” which indicates as I understand that, none has the right to judge and qualify anyone like you are like good or bad, meaning all are in equal position, so what is expected from you is to be on what the Book says, which is to be a good person.

The point about sin is interesting that it is considered today as escape goat in which many use it to escape the bad things they are doing on you, and try to calm you down after they ruined your house and function in their own respective religion, which sounds nonsense and stupid and needs correction.

If anyone commits a sin, meaning if this is the underlined fact, why do they bother categorizing and classifying individuals as bad or good, meaning if the book is the standard they follow, where is this classification of people come from, and what is the necessity here, except to use it for political motive and purpose inside the religion itself—the usual behind agenda stuff?

This aspect of sin—breaking religious law—could need some sort of revision, in which if religion is used for friendship and unity , and if any one commits sin is a universally underlined fact, this area sounds futile except being a mere game. However, it is not possible to create real unity by committing sins since sin is destructive force that create disunity among the human ind since it is wrong act.

The other aspect of Sin is displeasing God; and in this regard we have to know first God whether a specific act displeases God, in which we trend to claim in one aspect that God is forgiving and in another aspect we label individuals as sinners, what is the balance, we do not know even who wrote the writings or texts in a world mischief makers and forgers are in abundant, except the belief and faith individuals have and the natural urge humans have not to have faith.

When Martin Luther started the movement of Protestantism from the former church, he use to belong to the Catholics, one aspect of disagreement was this part, how could one pay money as ransom for the sins one commits as it is natural to sin and then based on this and other aspects of disagreement, he protested and come up with such huge congregations in Europe and now all over the world at large.

The point here is about forming and creating a kind of evolution, this is about identifying practices and thinking that goes in conformity with our thinking and reality, in this case the idea of sinner thing is one of the most funny thing in this world where we claim we are sinners and but also claim those who do not belong to our group are like more sinners than us stuff.

There could be different categories of sinning in religions, those who have significant and fundamental question on the fundamentals of religion and are not obedient [few people do that since they have questioning minds], those who commit acts that do not go in conformity with the law of every religion.

In such cases, it is not possible to stay in any religion since one follows the truth, not the form or the congregation. When questions are answered, people can stay and live up to that given congregation, but as there are questions are floating over the sky, the purpose of one’s life is to seek the truth, not to belong to any system and way of life.

When people are thinking, and they ask certain fundamental and significant questions, but they labeled as sinners since they are assumed they have broken the law of God which they claim. In this case, there are two types of sinners. The first ones are those who do wrong acts which the religion forbid and those who ask and challenge the authority and integrity of that given religion.

Doing wrong acts means such as sleeping with woman without marriage, which is okay as far as one is not married and is looking for woman, and there are people who question the integrity of that given religion and system of thinking. Both are violators in any given religion and system of religion.

When one lives in such given city, one cannot stay in any form of religion since one seeks the truth, not the act, since the truth is the balance , not having or sharing bed with woman. However, most people, as they enter as follower or member of any given form of religion, they have submitted their freewill and thinking to that given system of religion, and they cannot escape from that given programmed thinking and belief system since they are daily injected the doctrines and requirements of that given system on daily basis.

Here they put themselves under big jail they cannot escape or tied up; they willingly submitted their freewill to certain authorities or idols they create in their own minds, they live under prison house to the extent that they are not even aware that they are tied up in big chains that put their integrity and freedom under big question marks; their nobility and human reality is programmed under certain thoughts in which if they get out from that, they think everything is dark, and there is no other world that could exist after what they follow. May their God help them?


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