March 23, 2010

Why do people misunderstand and misinterpret with each other besides the ignorance and arrogance they have in their respective worlds? In most cases it is the question of faith and trust…since they do not trust with each other that is why they prefer to dwell on the other side and aspects of life—Suspicions.

Misinterpretation and misunderstanding between people of same background and diverse background arise for many reasons. Besides the culture and family backgrounds individuals could have, the other major factor is due to contradictions they could have in their daily routines.

If I hate you due to certain cases and reasons, the probability of understanding you or accepting you on what you say and do will be close to zero. Hate and bias are poisons that kill the powers of reason and thinking.

Trust is an element that comes after experience and practice, meaning if two parties do not know each other, how can they trust each other? In this case, they should check each other based on giving opportunity, but if the case is no trust to give even an opportunity, this is something else, which could have another motive behind.

In fact, we have seen what paper ink and those who hold it are doing and what they think everywhere if they trust on paper ink thing, here they are in trouble. Leaders should see the behind based on the seen and manifested and they should discover the undiscovered based on the discovered ones otherwise it is just being like the manager stuff.

I know the big problem here in reading and understanding people and society correctly which in most cases are wrong and disappointing for such matters need capacities besides the envy and jealousy factor here, however it is my firm conviction that if God [my own perception] permits nothing will prevent anything from happening, individuals are just kind of tools, they do not go beyond being tools as there are correct tools, there are also faulty and bad tools too.

Those people who have translated their dreams to reality are like ordinary people at the beginning and once they got proper opportunities, and their dreams come true, they become GIANT FIGURES in the planet; for everything has a start and then an end; I do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure such things out. And this is not about writing the autobiography of others but rather this is about figuring out what is going on, in which everything has its own way out.

At this point of time, many people could agree that there is something lacking and missing besides the things we are doing,education, religion, family, entertainment and the like which they practice in their lives and life could not be complete, and they complain a lot for many reasons since there is something missing.

Life is not created complete and perfect, but it is up to us to make it complete, which sounds formidable to achieve, but as far as we keep on different and constructive things, we are making it complete and interesting in this case we need to see different approaches and perspectives; otherwise we could end up by being slave to the settings we are just shaped to accept that could bring boredom and kind of uniformity to our reality.

Life and its components are not something we find kind of formula in which it is not something one could say it is okay, it is enough, but we have to be open, inquisitive, and know more, knowledge is infinity and continuous process, it has no stop, we keep on thinking and knowing more since priority is in cases a subject of controversy like, and it is subjective and relative and depends on contextual matters.

For a person who is hungry, food is priority; for a person who has like 10,000 monthly salary, getting married could be the priority; for a person who has daily income of 1,000,000, having investment in Zanzibar could be the priority, for a person who is sick, going to hospital is the priority and the like and thus contextual matters define what priority is .

In country where thinking should be the priority in which more thinking books we could need and the like; and thus priority here relates on the way and how we define ourselves and our reality too and here we could need how we correlate and define things.


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