The Professor and the Layman

March 1, 2010

This is a story of a professor and a lay man which was made century ago while riding on a boat, in which the layman was riding, and the professor was the passenger and they had some kind of conversation while crossing an ocean.  In such journey, the layman was the one who holds and moves forward and backward the stick, but the professor was reading his own book and having some kind of cigar.

And the professor, interrupted his reading and wanted to open conversation with the lay man, by raising his first question, and he asked the layman, do you know about a horizon. And the layman answered, No, sir. And then the professor replied, you are like ¼ dead; and continued forwarding his question to the layman.

He asked the next question to the layman, Do you have any information about the depth of this ocean, do you know the type of fishes that are living in here and other related information about the ocean and the layman answered no, sir with tired and bored tone. And the professor here replied, you are like 2/4 dead by now.

While they were entered the very middle of the ocean as they were in the middle of their conversation, a huge  windstorm came and chaos came into the ocean and in this case, the professor was confused and frustrated and did not know what to do and was seeking the assistance of the layman.

Here, the layman asked the professor the following. Sir,  do you know how to swim and the professor replied, no and the layman replied, sir, now you are 4/4 dead and the layman escaped the storm since he knew how to swim, but the professor was sunk into  the inner depth of the ocean with his book along with the reading and information he gathered about the ocean.

The point one tries to make in here is that what does it mean by knowledge few people claim which does not escape from being just collection of information they have which is not even warranty or even protective and useful when such dangers visit one’s life. What is knowledge, is knowledge limited to book learning, having many information  such as like I know the president or prime minister stuff, the president is having his breakfast in this room or a famous actor is getting married and the like or what is really meant by knowledge and the like are a quest that pause in many peoples mind.

Knowledge and information are two different aspects in which every information can be knowledge but every knowledge cannot be information due to secrecy and other nature of knowledge since information is related to sharing aspects but knowledge is something that one knows but it is not necessarily shared to others.

Information is not about skill just about knowing but rather knowledge also includes skill, which can be all kind of skills too that one knows, and in this case whatever one knows whether it is concept or view connected to washing one’s face like, it is knowledge, but  what could be different here is the magnitude and potency of the matter on knows…

People can redefine or they can categorize like, useful and harmful, subjective and objective and the like, absolute and relative and the like…but it is not possible to change the nature and character and original meaning of the word although various ideas are hovering around this subject matter.

The funny thing here is that few words have certain ownership like cars, homes and the like and in this case, few people are heard complaining about such aspects of our life in which such trend is going in way that one can not use certain words since the are entitled to ownership which is very strange. In reality words are natural property of societies and in this regard, why few are forced to mention names of few individuals along using few words and the like.

The interesting aspects of our life in this regard, we can entertain any idea without publishing them since we are asked to mention names of individuals whom we do not like and do not consider their findings since such findings are already know by others in previous centuries, they stole idea from Greek, and claim in today that they have messages from God which is indeed ridiculous. Since we think that they copied from others, such as Greek Philosopher talked about Idea and Shape and here they say about form and spirit.

Knowledge has no complete outward and perfect translation to this objective world what one could observe in this objective world is its assumption in few peoples mind and understanding. Any idea is perfectly translated by shape or form in which shape is an abstract and complete manifestation and translation of any given idea as Greek thinkers formerly claim.

The point about knowing and correlating certain words with certain individuals is not clear, idea is universal and could be shared by many, which does not necessarily could be attributed to certain people which indicates and expresses how certain people shaped us and this does not mean, discrediting achievements and accomplishments is not important, but when such trend is widely spread and people ask us to use their name for silly things, one could go for disregarding them since such practice lead to colonization and monopoly in this aspect, such as words and concepts by attributing only to the few.

To be more clear, I could think about something, without referring any book or someone, but in case I wanted to express myself and used that given idea in my own way and understanding, in this case, others refer and tell me that I plagiarize but in reality not this is not something I took from others but what I originally think since they know other people I am considered as bad, which is wrong.

However in matters related to God, none knows anything and none knows everything, for GOD is unknowable to all; but all try to persevere, to know, which is according to my understanding, the only thing on this world, which is impossible to know here is GOD.

In such case, the lay lay man could know better aspect and realities than the  professor since there is no such definite recipe to know God due to the fact that such matter is unknowable aspect which is agreeable to everyone.



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