Paint and Painters

March 31, 2010

Have you ever talked to those individuals who think and claim that they are painters, in which they paint something on the board and claim that this is my abstract sensation and expression of something and people organize exhibitions, and the like.

One day I went to an art exhibition here, and was watching many paints of someone at the gallery, and most of the paints are like full of chains and dark things, and they sound they are talking about FREEDOM in boards and the like.

And I went to the painter and asked about the ideas behind the paints, he said painting is not like literature; see and take whatever things you want to go and go; this sounded to me rude; I was just trying to understand him that what he painted and tried to deliver are in conformity with what I understood; and this sounded to me rude; and I said to him…I am not looking for your approval, but was just checking on what the stuff wanted to deliver.

These people are like one of the most up-surd people in many cases since they think that Nature has called them for mission and purpose and think they are people of abstract sensational, the type of people who can express thing in best and most articulative way, and try to neglect others as if they are deprived of the best gift nature has to deliver.

There are wonderful and imaginative painters this world has treasured; and there are painters in which none has a clue on what they are doing, and in some cases the wall paint in your house could tell and give better feelings and thinking than what they paint and the like, and in fact when you ask them on what they paint, they try to answer in attitudes like those who did excellent job in the scope, which sounds so silly.

It is commendable to have a model for your scope or profession, but when one imitates those who are like pioneers; this could need moderation and care, to what extent one has to follow them. When one takes the form or shape of those pioneers, such trends could lead us to wrong ends, in cases.

For example, I could be the best painter in town, and I could have excellent gifts none could have; and I could have my own personalities like,taking opium, smoking cigarettes; making my hair like Bob Marley, and the like, and most tend to be like me, and instead of copying what I do—Paints—they could be attracted to the personalities I develop smoking part, hair drilling part and the like. In this case, they give more priority to the least aspects of copied personality. They take the form than the spirit.

What I observed in the younger generation of the paint world here in most cases, in terms of expressing oneself to others, and personalities, they are like copying the form part than the spirit and the like, and they tend to have some sort of direction in terms of their thinking and personalities.

They tell you, this color is so loud; this is to express their dissatisfaction and displeasing aspect of that given color; they try to create a connection between sound and colors; they tell you, this color is disturbing…they try to connect colors and feelings here, and the like, they are just expression created by them so that they could communicate nicely and the like, and have their own island of uniqueness and special gift stuff.

One day an old woman asked the painter who was rented in her compound since she thought that he has better know how on colors and the like, and she wanted to make her house wall’s with nice paints and colors and she told him the color and the type of things she wanted and the painter replied, that color you think is very loud and the like in his own jargon and she was confused and she told him that she will bring another person who knows meaning of such expression since it sounded to her that that painter is kind of abnormal person.

The point here is that when one addressed certain jargons in such worlds, the expressions like relating sound and color are not customary in the contingent world, in such cases one needs to use layman words that could make you communicable to others than pretend as if others are ignorant and you are smart since you do abstract things on the boards. This is a sickness the field is suffering due to imaginary feelings and thinking they create to themselves.

How can I explain it to you, this is something abstract and the like, there are many thing that could be expressed; and there are things that could not be expressed due to the nature of incidents and lack of experience by others, which is true; but there could be more things that more people could understand and share on what you think like I am the only one who knows this matter.

Unless and otherwise you lack skill and capacity to explain and express, such things could be communicable and express-able to others; here one should confess one’s incapability or inadequacy than blame other’s capacity or inadequacy and the like. Find words and expression in way others understand you than think that you are like something and as if others are idiot.

Art is a combination, coordination and result and accuracy and precision of both senses—Inner and Outer—in which the inner senses develop thoughts and the outer senses support with their practical translations that could give meaning and understanding to others. When both are well organized and coordinated, they come up with meaningful insights and pleasant paints so that whoever passes by, look at them and tell; YES; this is a real paint!!


Heaven and Hell

March 30, 2010

Why do many people follow certain form of Religion? One of the major reasons besides the quest most have is the desire to go to heaven and hell. Heaven and hell the primal core of every religion in which they are centers and cornerstone of every form, which are used as standard for collecting many followers.

Do heaven and hell exist? Are they imaginary worlds created as way or means of propaganda? Is there such a thing in which some one keeps track of everyone’s transaction and tell one is going to heaven and the other is going to hell, based on the balance one performs and accomplishes? How are such things measured and who is going to do the calculation and the like?

One of the interesting aspects here is taking the poor to heaven and rich to the hell, in which those with earthly possessions are, kind of deserving hell since they do more sins. This as I think is wrong assumption and thinking, in which we see many poor people committing grievous sins than those rich, which needs quite thorough revision in our attitude and thinking about such aspects of our life. Poverty could not be considered as fortune, but rather as disgust.

This depends on how one perceives this world as I think. If one perceives this world as training room, in which there are other worlds that awaits us for better things and the like; or there are assumptions that considers other worlds in which the good survives in good place and the like. Perception is important here.

None has been to the next worlds, what is underlined here is we speculate that existence is a continuum reality in which based on our experiences and assumption we think that there are other worlds, which we do not know, but hope that they exist and are like places where our accomplishments in this world are measured and given meanings and values. WE do not know in fact.

As far as my understanding is concerned, I could not tell you they exist, but there could be other worlds that do exist but the explanations about heaven and hell which we read are figurative and could have different reality and faces when one goes to other worlds which we do not know.

Assuming the world of humanity as a being, humanity have passed different stages of evolvements and development, and those texts in the past reflect inmost cases the childhood stages of humanity in general; and I this case how do you express abstract concepts to a child? Figurative and parables help those children to understand abstract reality so that one could pass the right info to protect the entire mass from the dangers due to failures.

This is just like that for a person who lived in mansion, with abundant fruit and the like, heaven will be a repetition and will be boring, and for a person who lived in desert or icy places, hell will be a repetitions, but by telling those generation of the past in the things which they like and hate, one could pass certain information and truth with understandable and meaningful ways and means.

How could you tell a child to practice good deeds unless you tell the child, if you do this, you get this or that, but the moment that child becomes mature, what you tell or gives examples for making the child practice good deeds will not be necessary, but the child understands that those imaginary matters were used for the good of the child than deceiving the child.

We live in a time when anyone does not care about the next worlds, but rather everyone is committed to certain goals in this world, in which many people are not that mindful and are negligent about the type of thing they receive after they die. This indicates something. This shows one great thing.

Every one starts becoming mindful about this aspect, when ages are old or sickness comes to verandas, and they like. Ina time and moments none could explain the situation one is, everyone submits to the idea of heaven and hell. They become a part time thinking places where one becomes more mindful in certain situations and circumstances, which sounds “I am not alone”.

The point here is that do such a thing exists or just imaginary places created so that many people could behave in this world before they assume going about the next? I do not know!? None knows about them except submitting to figurative realities and understanding submitted about them.

There are certain things one could tell about since one has experience and information about them; there are certain thing one could not explain since one has no information and knowledge about; and thus SILENCE could be the answer. When no information is available, one could just speculate and say nothing.

Heaven is considered as place of delight, in which delight is subjective and relative concept based on one’s experience and same is true for the hell, in which what one considers as something awful could be something tolerable or good which depends on one’s personal experience and exposures in life. However they could give us good conceptual frameworks about next worlds, if any, in which by thinking about them, one could develop certain life framework.

The Sin and The Sinner

March 28, 2010

Sins are defined as breaking religious laws; displeasing God and the like, which indicates the unpleasant aspects of few deeds that create some sort of disappointment on the side of the doer and other people around and the like. Hence, it is customary to label oneself as “sinner” or claim oneself in front of the audience,”I am a sinner’ and the like.

Presumably, when one clicks such matter in further details, one could pop to religious stories in which those Founders of religions or Writings, have showed exemplary life style to those who follow them, and those who do not practice and follow their footsteps are considered as sinners and spiritual disease that is contagious and the like, is this statement true? I do not think so.

Spirituality and Religions are two different causes and realities, in which Religion is one of the instruments that help to acquire spirituality, and thus those different laws that exist in different religions are different kind of nutritious that could help us interaction and communication, when one stops one form of religion and follow another, it is like changing food style or restaurant or way of life too.

For example, in the New Testament we read that and it is said Jesus Christ, he replied, there is none good except the Father, he considered himself as bad, which indicates that no one escapes living within the city of being sinner.

In the Holy Quran, it is also stated that, ”do not say to anyone you are a believer” which indicates as I understand that, none has the right to judge and qualify anyone like you are like good or bad, meaning all are in equal position, so what is expected from you is to be on what the Book says, which is to be a good person.

The point about sin is interesting that it is considered today as escape goat in which many use it to escape the bad things they are doing on you, and try to calm you down after they ruined your house and function in their own respective religion, which sounds nonsense and stupid and needs correction.

If anyone commits a sin, meaning if this is the underlined fact, why do they bother categorizing and classifying individuals as bad or good, meaning if the book is the standard they follow, where is this classification of people come from, and what is the necessity here, except to use it for political motive and purpose inside the religion itself—the usual behind agenda stuff?

This aspect of sin—breaking religious law—could need some sort of revision, in which if religion is used for friendship and unity , and if any one commits sin is a universally underlined fact, this area sounds futile except being a mere game. However, it is not possible to create real unity by committing sins since sin is destructive force that create disunity among the human ind since it is wrong act.

The other aspect of Sin is displeasing God; and in this regard we have to know first God whether a specific act displeases God, in which we trend to claim in one aspect that God is forgiving and in another aspect we label individuals as sinners, what is the balance, we do not know even who wrote the writings or texts in a world mischief makers and forgers are in abundant, except the belief and faith individuals have and the natural urge humans have not to have faith.

When Martin Luther started the movement of Protestantism from the former church, he use to belong to the Catholics, one aspect of disagreement was this part, how could one pay money as ransom for the sins one commits as it is natural to sin and then based on this and other aspects of disagreement, he protested and come up with such huge congregations in Europe and now all over the world at large.

The point here is about forming and creating a kind of evolution, this is about identifying practices and thinking that goes in conformity with our thinking and reality, in this case the idea of sinner thing is one of the most funny thing in this world where we claim we are sinners and but also claim those who do not belong to our group are like more sinners than us stuff.

There could be different categories of sinning in religions, those who have significant and fundamental question on the fundamentals of religion and are not obedient [few people do that since they have questioning minds], those who commit acts that do not go in conformity with the law of every religion.

In such cases, it is not possible to stay in any religion since one follows the truth, not the form or the congregation. When questions are answered, people can stay and live up to that given congregation, but as there are questions are floating over the sky, the purpose of one’s life is to seek the truth, not to belong to any system and way of life.

When people are thinking, and they ask certain fundamental and significant questions, but they labeled as sinners since they are assumed they have broken the law of God which they claim. In this case, there are two types of sinners. The first ones are those who do wrong acts which the religion forbid and those who ask and challenge the authority and integrity of that given religion.

Doing wrong acts means such as sleeping with woman without marriage, which is okay as far as one is not married and is looking for woman, and there are people who question the integrity of that given religion and system of thinking. Both are violators in any given religion and system of religion.

When one lives in such given city, one cannot stay in any form of religion since one seeks the truth, not the act, since the truth is the balance , not having or sharing bed with woman. However, most people, as they enter as follower or member of any given form of religion, they have submitted their freewill and thinking to that given system of religion, and they cannot escape from that given programmed thinking and belief system since they are daily injected the doctrines and requirements of that given system on daily basis.

Here they put themselves under big jail they cannot escape or tied up; they willingly submitted their freewill to certain authorities or idols they create in their own minds, they live under prison house to the extent that they are not even aware that they are tied up in big chains that put their integrity and freedom under big question marks; their nobility and human reality is programmed under certain thoughts in which if they get out from that, they think everything is dark, and there is no other world that could exist after what they follow. May their God help them?

Definitions and Meanings

March 25, 2010

The renowned sociologist, August Comte, categorized the different stages and progresses of the human mind in three stages, which are theological, metaphysical and spiritual, that indicates changes and progresses in perspective and outlook that human minds have experience in their search for the Truth.

According to definitions in a dictionary, Theology is study or system of religion.; Metaphysical is defined as spiritual of the human spirit or soul; of the Church or religion; Religious folk song of black Americans; Metaphysics is defined as a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of existence and of knowledge and these give us a brief look on what they mean.

Accordingly one could click to one’s mind, and on the quest one could have while looking and searching for something, there are many things that could pop to one’s mind and go away and the like without giving further attention and research, in which in them could lie many answers on the quest one have.

When Albert Einstein was writing on a book about “Scientific Religion”, he was somehow was discontent on the existing religious communities and ideologies since he believed that science and religion should integrate and those who lived as advocators of both fields were kind of fanatics and extreme opposite.

This does not mean that he was correct or true; but he some how reached to his own personal conclusion that both needs integrated and harmonized environment so that there could be less stress and confusion on the fields about their own nature and how they should integrate in our life too.

Science believes in creating accurate inner models of reality as per scientific methods, in which one could have faith after one has proved something working on the practical world—after Experimentation and Testing. Reason comes first and then faith goes to the next level.

Where as Religious Truth requires first proofing centers of authority and then obedience to what they say. Authority here needs to be checked at first and then one should be trustworthy to what they say, which is very tricky here. What if one finds out something different thru time and questions the authority here?

Meaning if I accept someone as center of authority at age 20, and since mind and thinking are progressive due to many factors, I could not accept to the things I assumed as true at age 20, could be found fake and false at age 3o; in this case I could decline, since reason and faith are progressive and subject to change.

Obedience is not acceptable in here since ques is integral part of human nature and seeking answers to the possible quest people have is a duty and a responsibility everyone should undertake since independent investigation of the truth does not stop even if one follows and is programmed with one given system due to the fact that questions are life giving aspects and realities of the human life.

Religious Truth are like mirage in the asphalts where one could see at distant that there is a kind of water thing, and the moment you reached the spot, it is not water, but the asphalt and optical illusions caused by the writings and one’s own interpretations and understandings of texts too.

In case of Science, its findings and truths are objective and something that goes in conformity with truth and reality otherwise anything cannot be considered as science because it failed to be accepted and qualified as science and the like.

Scientific methods are related to linear aspects where as religious truths tend to be spontaneity, which requires further methods and approaches to testify and accept as legitimate. Science is more of reason first and faith next and Religion is more of faith first and reason next. How can they get integrated?

The harmony of Science and Religion here is based on accepting and respecting gaps and contradictions on their approaches and methods, one tries to harmonize based on the gaps they have like in certain cases there are times we need to accept certain things without proofing them since we cannot proof them; there are cases we accept certain things with proofs and testimonies too.

Reason tends to incline one to be more of , how do we know stuff? It requires proof , and the like, which tends to mislead and lead to wrong conclusions in which if one can not proof, as if something is wrong or does not exist,  such as as can one proof human emotional feelings and the like if I made you hurt, can you laugh, but if I could try to experiment, laughing stuff while one is sad, it is too much reasoning could lead one to such aspects, which could be futile. This is just to indicate.

Hence there are two types of realities in which one could be proven in the labs and there are certain realities that cannot be proven due to human mind’s inadequacy, and thus mind has limited way of perceiving realities to date which could indicate that there are many realities going on but not accepted as legitimate due to human mind’s limited way of perceiving matters.

With regard to religious matters, here, there should be clear distinction and demarcation that should be made between texts and institutions, the institutions are interpretation of texts in human way, in which the texts could have different and other meanings and translations other than the institutions which depends on one’s understanding and interpretation capacity and methods.


March 23, 2010

Why do people misunderstand and misinterpret with each other besides the ignorance and arrogance they have in their respective worlds? In most cases it is the question of faith and trust…since they do not trust with each other that is why they prefer to dwell on the other side and aspects of life—Suspicions.

Misinterpretation and misunderstanding between people of same background and diverse background arise for many reasons. Besides the culture and family backgrounds individuals could have, the other major factor is due to contradictions they could have in their daily routines.

If I hate you due to certain cases and reasons, the probability of understanding you or accepting you on what you say and do will be close to zero. Hate and bias are poisons that kill the powers of reason and thinking.

Trust is an element that comes after experience and practice, meaning if two parties do not know each other, how can they trust each other? In this case, they should check each other based on giving opportunity, but if the case is no trust to give even an opportunity, this is something else, which could have another motive behind.

In fact, we have seen what paper ink and those who hold it are doing and what they think everywhere if they trust on paper ink thing, here they are in trouble. Leaders should see the behind based on the seen and manifested and they should discover the undiscovered based on the discovered ones otherwise it is just being like the manager stuff.

I know the big problem here in reading and understanding people and society correctly which in most cases are wrong and disappointing for such matters need capacities besides the envy and jealousy factor here, however it is my firm conviction that if God [my own perception] permits nothing will prevent anything from happening, individuals are just kind of tools, they do not go beyond being tools as there are correct tools, there are also faulty and bad tools too.

Those people who have translated their dreams to reality are like ordinary people at the beginning and once they got proper opportunities, and their dreams come true, they become GIANT FIGURES in the planet; for everything has a start and then an end; I do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure such things out. And this is not about writing the autobiography of others but rather this is about figuring out what is going on, in which everything has its own way out.

At this point of time, many people could agree that there is something lacking and missing besides the things we are doing,education, religion, family, entertainment and the like which they practice in their lives and life could not be complete, and they complain a lot for many reasons since there is something missing.

Life is not created complete and perfect, but it is up to us to make it complete, which sounds formidable to achieve, but as far as we keep on different and constructive things, we are making it complete and interesting in this case we need to see different approaches and perspectives; otherwise we could end up by being slave to the settings we are just shaped to accept that could bring boredom and kind of uniformity to our reality.

Life and its components are not something we find kind of formula in which it is not something one could say it is okay, it is enough, but we have to be open, inquisitive, and know more, knowledge is infinity and continuous process, it has no stop, we keep on thinking and knowing more since priority is in cases a subject of controversy like, and it is subjective and relative and depends on contextual matters.

For a person who is hungry, food is priority; for a person who has like 10,000 monthly salary, getting married could be the priority; for a person who has daily income of 1,000,000, having investment in Zanzibar could be the priority, for a person who is sick, going to hospital is the priority and the like and thus contextual matters define what priority is .

In country where thinking should be the priority in which more thinking books we could need and the like; and thus priority here relates on the way and how we define ourselves and our reality too and here we could need how we correlate and define things.

The Concept of Contradiction

March 22, 2010

The idea and concept of Contradiction came to my mind while I was having cup of coffee at the Hillel Café at Haifa, Israel. I was writing a book on the body and the soul in which there were certain ideas and manifestations of both which were not clear to me. And I was kind of meditating on this subject.

The first idea was the concept of Freedom to both the body and the soul, in which our physical body needs many things, and the soul as recommended by religious law needs the opposite, bounded by laws and all kind of do’s and do not dos, which put some kind of quest to my mind. This was a kind of puzzle to me.

And I used to ask my self on this concept of Freedom in which body needs pleasure, needs comfort where as soul needs happiness, but needs to pass thru grief and difficulties and I used to ask, why both need like opposite things?

I was in the middle of this writing which is my first book, and I just checked on the followers of that system of belief in certain place, all of them looked at me with series look and in fact considered me like I am enemy of their religion since I wrote against their belief.

And then rumors went on and I was like harassed and stigmatized since they think I am writing against their religion and they tried all possible things to destroy me there and here. However, what I wrote  was the reality which I think and believe in based on personal reflection and observation of many peoples of diverse background interaction and communication. I still believe that way. Nothing can stop my thinking.

The idea of Contradiction that exist between a given individual in any part of the planet in which any given individual has a body and a soul, whose interaction and communications creates another ENTITY—CONTRADICTION—needs a perspective and dimension. This exist at individual, institution and society level since all have this dual nature and are integration of such entities.

The Book has more than 101 pages, since it is revised while after being in here and other thoughts are added to it, which deals with on how this contradiction comes to exist and goes up to how one reconciles such contradiction. It deals with the challenges and opportunities that exist and delivers on how to tackle such difficulties and offers another dimension in certain aspects. The book is not an insult or belittles any institutions, but gives a perspective on how one could deal with such Contradiction based on practical experiences.

In a very fact, since every ideas is progressive, currently I am making another revision on the book so that I could publish it with refined thought and style; and I am currently re-working and re-thinking on the book so that I could publish it with better views and editing. This could take like 2-4 years after this. The Original manuscript is found in London, a publisher that agreed to publish it there…but I keep on hold of that idea of publishing for the time being…

What is wrong with writing and publishing a book though it negates and disagrees with what you think and do not like? Why does the world keep an eye on those who write the hidden truth? Can we call this maturity or ignorance or what else…what else this could be…?

The world we live in is like THE MATRIX. Just to mean that, it has some kind of boundaries which we do not know, and there are certain touchstones that exist as imaginary and tangible boundaries—there are also physical boundaries whose margins could be based on imaginary lines and dictations.

These boundaries have basically four limits, in which they are all based on human perceptions and thinking, that do affect our perceptions, choices and decisions we make in our daily routines. These are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects. They govern our past, tell our present condition and forecast our future as well.


March 16, 2010

What is equality? There is a constitutional statement that goes like, all men are created equal but does that mean all are equal in practical terms, meaning why is there any difference in intellectual grasping capacity of human beings, material possessions, emotional aspects and the like.

Of course, there are conditions related to such aspects like family, community, country, opportunity, efforts, choices and the like, but with all these cumulative effects, can’t we find individuals who are like less intelligent than those who are deprived of such favorable conditions and environments in many aspects?

For instance, an Ethiopian who lives in the United States for like more than 20 years could think a view which is less smarter than a farmer in Gondar in a very fact I had an experience of a person who left to US like 30 years ago there and bought a house there and made a phone call here and told them I have bought a house sent money here to make a party on his behalf. And after few years he got sick due to paying of mortgage loans.

There was another men who lived there for more than 20 years such men who lived abroad who have English accents like they speak English in Amharic tone and style this does not mean that they are wrong and the like.

This is not to blame anyone but the type of changes that come about on individuals in which environment could have no significant impact on human beings in few cases, but there is a big factor, Choice and Efforts, but Choice matters.

Why do few people become more intelligent than others are still a process of research underway, but speculations could be there; which tries to reconcile and resolve this matter in convincing approaches.

Can virtues have an impact on our intelligence capability, meaning when one is truthful, honest, do such aspects or matters affect our Mind capability to have a stronger thinking ability and capacity, meaning can such aspects of our life be measurable and be known, on the effects and influences.

The reason I mention this aspect here is that intelligence can be used for bad and good purposes as there are cruel individuals who lie, deceives, mislead.but have higher level of intelligence in which our world sounds is captured under such minds and thinking and this the power of virtues on our thinking ability looks very foggy and dark and that is why such stuff is overcoming others.

For instance, in investigation process, investigators uses false questions to bring or come to the truthful aspects and this sounds or looks tricky but they could reach to the point they want to reach and they use such methods which can be useful methods. For me it is mostly related to the capacity of investigators since they lack truthful information and facts and the like, they employ such methods which do help. Such people lie to reach to the point of truth.

The point of equality between human beings is a concept of relative and subjective aspects that do require and take into account many other factors, but by looking the way things are it is very hard to claim that all human beings are equal. All human are equal but few human beings are more equal; this is the reality where objective world demonstrates.

The other aspect of equality is between sexes, meaning, man and woman, are they equal? How? We know that differences does not signify inequality as sameness does not signify equality too; but depending on efforts and choices, both sexes could reflect both aspects—equality and inequality.

In few cases there could be a common virtue or ability all share since they are like men or women; in cases a single person could show different capability than the rest then one here deduces that this depends on choices and efforts. People share things in common as they vary too.

One day I was watching TV program on female capacity in which they try to present themselves as if they are more intelligent and smarter than men and they said, we can do multiple things at a time but men cannot do that. And it is our knowledge that there are part of them who cannot do a single thing forget about two things at a time. This kind of view leads to extremities, which lacks facts and conformity with objective reality for everything depends on choices and efforts.

There are intelligent females as males do and vice versa; we live in a time where we cannot question, but this is a time where everything is proven in action and we do not need a theory or concept for such matters for Reality is speaking the truth and everyone is working everyone’s job.