February 10, 2010

Nowadays most people talk about the global warming thing which does affect the entire globe. In fact it is our daily routine to observe on how the weather changes so quick and we observed dramatic shift in that aspect.

Human beings character is like the weather. They change as the mood goes and shift from the minimum to the maximum in dramatic manners. Is this about money? Is this about things we do not know? Is this because we lack confidence in life? Why do we change from one mood to another in dramatic ways?

Character is a reality that comes to existence as a matter of the interaction between four elements of human reality such as material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual ingredients whose combination could result in different characters.

A very calm and serene person in the office could have a different image in the house in which, office work demands certain personalities and home factors do need other types of personalities.

Certain places require certain characters which could be useful, where as in one given place they could facilitate our needs; but in another conditions they could put our life to fire. Why do such contrary needs exist in our lives?There are also certain characters that maintain the balance of our life to function at normal temperature in everywhere.

Basically when one interacts with others, attitude and character plays vital role in creating conducive atmosphere in the workplaces and thus it is necessary to adjust one self with others, creating space to accommodate others.

While such drama of life is going on, it is useful to have a mindset ready for CHANGE, a mind capable of accepting new things in life and being compatible with new environments and social dynamic, whose transition could be frustrating and devastating, but could be inevitable.

Let us assume here that I had a vision to create a certain community, and in that community I want to create I put to margins, meaning two approaches on how I can form a community that I want to come about.

The first one is the Minimum—Minimalism—in which the vision could work out by putting certain practices that goes in conformity with what I already visualized, which is formed, ism, the tribalism or ethnic-ism  I could form that.

The second one is the maximum—Maximalism—in which I could form, if possible to form the universal-ism, based on the first -ism, which is the target in such case I have to practice the first to the maximum and based on that I could reach to the GOAL. How can I do that. Here I need the help.

In this particular vision, where there are different individuals that do live there, there is one thing I observed there, dramatic shift in behavior and attitude of individuals, they had no clue on why they behave like that, some of them cry, some of them laugh and the like.

The point here about character is a reality that is affected and judged by others, and this depends on how others perceive you; they perceive you with their own biases and prejudices since they have colored eyeglasses.

If you have clean eye glass, you see both bad and good since you can see things clearly; but if you have deformed eye glass, you see same way if you have eye strains and wear eye glass, you see both strains and sheets together and claim that you have seen very majestic stuff, but nothing is majestic in reality there.

In a world there is not perfection claimed, one said, a perfect eye sees perfection, and how can perfect eye exists in imperfect world, this sounds funny, and there is no perfection in here even if there is, this depends on the eye of the beholder, which is relative and subjective; here you are telling me your own emotions and biases.

What one sees affects in one given character if one claims one has perfect machinery and one thinks that one is doing and becoming perfect and one could lead to belittling others contribution and others personality, which is the main characteristic of every group in this world.

Character has three facets;one is at individual level; the other is at institution level; the other is at society level; when I see the entire human race, it is at Youthful age and when I see certain communities, they could be at childish level.


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