Conclusion—Knowledge Vs Ignorance

February 5, 2010

Reaching to conclusions based on certain knowledge and ignorance on certain aspects of life are two different aspects of our life as a human being. When one reaches to certain conclusion based on knowledge, one has some kind of experience with the matter to which one comes to final judgment.

When one reaches to certain conclusion based on bias, prejudice and ignorance could be right and wrong and also could be similar to reaching to conclusion while having certain experiences and knowledge about any given matter.

The difference between such conclusions is on the time and energy one applies in which when one reaches to conclusion with ignorance; one might not spend time and energy where as when on reaches to conclusion on knowledge based aspect, here one applied time and energy before reaching to any conclusion.

When one reaches to conclusion on knowledge based aspects, and the conclusion is correct, it will be useful and necessary to have it since the next generation could get certain information and learn from such experiences so that mistakes could not be committed and could save their time and energy.

Here one has capacity and skill on how transfer on conclusion since one has some sort of practice and experience on matters one has derived conclusion where as when one reaches to conclusion on ignorance based there is nothing that one could explain since one has no experience of the matter.

Hence there is no such thing called theory without practice, in which every theory has some sort of manifestation to the outside world and what could be different here is that the size and recognition every theory obtains from the mass; and the method one applies in reflecting and practicing too.

There are theories that come to practice like as soon as they are known and there are theories that could take more time and space due to their potency and the methods they were promulgated in which they could need more time.

Few theories are organized and have forms and could have certain followers so that they could be advocated to the mass and their coverage may be like in wider areas and great numbers; where as others could be practiced to small size and small number of populations and the like.

For every theory is come to existence from observation and inspiration which do have some sort of manifestation in our lives in which when it has some sort of positive impact on our lives it continues to become our life principles.

For example, the science of engineering has some sort of practical manifestation to this objective world, to making of houses and buildings,but the theory of telling people do not give money to beggars have no visible manifestation as that of engineering, but has great influence and impact on our daily interactions and both could be useful but their degree of reflection and manifestation to this world is different.

The point here is that when one reaches to certain conclusions like when you are asked “not to give money to the beggar”you are prohibiting to beg and in such cases, one’s real and practical world should be carefully taken into consideration. In another condition, you are asked to be generous, I don’t see the existence of generosity without giving and you give for those who are needy, beggars and the like. One could say generosity could be multi-aspects such as time, knowledge or whatever excuses one could have is also related to money.

When one lives in areas or countries where many poor people around, this kind of practice could be considered as kind of being greed because they are not the ones who created begging but centuries and ages vicious circle of problem that put the in to this shape,this does not mean that they are encouraged to beg. NOT. However this is a process that could take even centuries after this to stop.

Although the theory sounds very nice, but its practical manifestation to this world depends on what type of society one is living in if you live in the West, this could work since there is plenty of opportunity to work.

When theories are formulated based on hopes and wishes, they create profound visions on our lives which could have positive influence on our thinking, but theories are one thing, they should be compatible with the objective reality in a way they should not create stress and distress on our present world.

They have to understand the gap and vacuum so that their future could be vibrant and positive otherwise they could end up being maidservant of few homes or single house, they could not escape from their surrounding in which they were originally brought up; in such case they may need some sort of.

Theories could be of two types—useful and harmful—in which there are certain theories that could tell you to make right to left; and you would end up in the middle of nowhere at last islands, there are theories that could help you in your daily interaction so that you could integrate with your daily routines.

While such drama of life is going on, one has to use one’s heart and mind to think and rationalize; one could need an eye that can able see what is beyond an ocean and a heart that can feel what is behind every mountain.


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