February 1, 2010

We live in a world where paradoxical events are going on in every second of our life. This could happen due to many reasons; but one of the major reasons could be most of our interactions and communications we deal are affected by external factors and elements and things might not go in a way one expect to go.

Hence it is not only a choice but also a duty to accept certain matters even though they go beyond expectations. Why do things go contrary to our wishes and plans? Why do things come to our life without our choice and plan?

Life is not like picking things up like “box of Chocolates from department stores”, it is a matter of choices, efforts, and the like. In such cases many people could pop up into our lives and disappear like clouds in the sky.

Basically there are different types of people who visit out life and we categorize them according to their contribution in our lives. Those who are dear to us, we call them friends and those who are like dull to us and then we call them enemies.

Assuming that one lived in a desert for quite few times and got thirst of water, in such case if one finds any water one could drink any kind of water one could get there,bad or good, you jut drink since there is no option.

When one drinks bad water, it could satisfy the thirst one have, but later could cause other kind of parasitic diseases, in such cases when one is in the process of drinking, one could be satisfied without giving attention to further consequences, illness, complications and …problematic conditions.

There could be individuals who come to our life since the option one was delivered at one point of time was like that then there could be no other alternatives than them in such case they could be considered like the above condition.

If their impact was like for few times, then they are like chewing gums, they cannot last longer and influence us no more and in such cases we respect their company at one point but this is not something that one could treasure for the future and to the rest of one’s life.

There are people who influence us and we seek their company now and then due to the precious values they share to us, such people are like the food we eat,  we need them now and then they are our dear friends and we give a call to them, we go to café together,we go to clubs and the like. and these are FRIENDS. One is not lucky to have such people. since there is none compatible with what one think and need in life to date.

There could be other type of individuals whom we need their company whenever we like them to have, they are like going to a restaurant and picking up a kind of food we like to eat occasionally. They give us comfort, but occasionally.

All kind of people have some sort of values to us, both good and bad, are lessons and we learn from them and we learn from mistakes and every day is learning day. Here, life goes on like that.

I have no special criterion for friendship—everyone is equal to me—I interact based on my instinct and other peoples action and reaction and thus I end up in saying that I have no enemy, but there are people who think good on me, as there are people who think bad on me too.

Friendship is a journey, its spice is sacrifice. When one sacrifices for the other, it should be free from any kind of future recompense; the moment I try to take advantage on you since you are close to me, here I am becoming like a businessman and commercial than being more intimate to you.


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